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Firefox For Android Tablets Now Enters Nightly Status

If you have been waiting to get your hands on Firefox for your tablet, then now would be an excellent time to download the new nightly build that has just been published by the Mozilla team. The browser app is still in development so you can’t expect perfect results, but you are more than welcome to test it out and report and bugs you come across to the Mozilla team to help aid future development.

The major question everyone has for the Firefox app is, “Does it have Flash?” No, unfortunately it still does not support Flash. So don’t go reporting that as a bug. If you really need Flash there are plenty of alternatives such as Dolphin, or even the Stock browser – but Firefox just looks so gangster. Go try it out.

Firefox for Tablets Nightly APK

Via: Android Guys

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  • Anonymous

    Yea many other browsers do have flash but they are al based off the stock android browser that comes with android. Firefox is coded from the ground up and is more of an on going project.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know if its as bad as everyone makes it out to be, i mean if i am going to a site that needs flash i still have my stock browser but the time difference in pulling up a site like droid-life on the stock browser can take forever and then re-render a few times before your ready and then crash out with out even a fc notification (one of my favorite things on my xoom) but the firefox njghtly was like 2 sec to pull up dl and no lag, extra rendering, or fc. and my keyboard doesnt lag in text boxes yay.

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving Opera mobile.The new update for honeycomb tablet makes dolphin browser look lame in comparison.Eventually it’ll replace my stock browser if they keep it up.Firefox needs to step up their game…

  • Anonymous


  • Marnett2005

    I dislike the fact that it isn’t full screen. Tabs up top are far less obtrusive.

  • Granted

    I love Firefox and am thrilled to try this new build! It’s all I use on my iMac and Windows HP Pavilion laptop. Still, because of no flash support on my tablet, I know I’ll still revert to Dolphin for watching videos. If only they would give into popular demand, and support flash, well, I’d delete Dolphin and never look back. Also, I must say, I’m not completely thrilled with offering of add-ons available for the phone or tablet version of Firefox. But hopefully that will change with time.

  • Anonymous

    Still with these Firefox updates?  When will people realize that Firefox sucks?

  • Nicolas Finn

    Just installed it. Besides not having UA String as a built in setting (have to install the “Phony” add-on), it’s very snappy and very useful. I would say that running sites like Facebook is much better with this app. I can’t wait for flash support and slightly better page load (gets that ugly background grid occasionally when scrolling too fast or on too intensive sites). Great job Mozilla.

  • Dan Pease

    do we know if they ever plan on including flash?

  • Slicer1138

    No Flash!!!….If I wanted a crippled browsing experience then I would have gotten an Ipad. 

  • It’s all gravy! Silly Disqus glitches out sometimes 🙂

  • That’s a great way of putting it. I can only sum up my entire retort in the words of an Apple employee who I am great friends with. “Flash kills battery. Duh. Silly Android newb”


  • DroidzFX

    I will give you some Flash

  • I didn’t realize reading the article was harder than posting a comment on said article.

  • I didn’t realize reading the article was harder than posting a comment on said article.

  • “No, unfortunately it still does not support Flash.”

  • “No, unfortunately it still does not support Flash.”

    • Anonymous

      Remember when schools used to teach reading?  I do.

  • Rizzidy

    Firefox sucks.