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Seven+ Releases Notification Bar Changer, No Root Required


The Seven+ crew that has worked countless hours to try and port some of the minimalistic Windows Phone 7 apps over to Android.  We have seen the calculator along with a UI changer in the past, but today’s release might be the most influential yet.  StatusBar+ allows you to change the style and color of your device’s notification bar without having root access, something that to our knowledge, has never been done before.  You can set it to start on boot up and even change the colors of notifications and the background.

*Noteon my Galaxy SII and Bionic, I was able to set the StatusBar+ as my notification bar, but only the clock will show.  I’ve reached out to the dev to see why notifications and signal icons will not show on these two devices, but I suggest you check out the free version to see if it will work correctly on yours before buying.

*Note 2 – and I’m an idiot.  Just tap on the notification bar and will display all of your icons.  Fantastic app.

*Note 3 – the signal strength appears to be broken.  There is no way I have full 4G coverage here.  A bug that will likely be worked out.

Oh, and they have opened sourced the project, so I’m sure we will have some snazzy alternatives with similar functionality in the near future.

Market Links:  Free | Paid

More info can be found at this blog post.

Via:  UltraLinx

  • Davros

    Pretty good. Quick and easy to change status bar to match whatever theme im running that day. Just dont forget to disable/enable to make your changes stick.

  • Does anyone happen to know what the live wallpaper on the first image is called? (and where to get it…)

  • Does anybody happen to know what the live wallpaper is on the first image? (and where one can get it…)

  • Still nothing that makes a Cyanogenmod-like status bar widget without root though?

    Not that it would do me that much good, rooted as I am, but try to explain root to some people and their heads explode like in Scanners. But that status bar widget is still the best thing I’ve put on my phone that wasn’t originally on it.

  • Thanks for linking back guys!

  • Horrible. Nothing works. Droid X.

    • Anonymous

      It works on my DX (running cyanogenmod7)

  • Br_hermon

    I like the idea but it’s still pretty rough. (Then again it IS still in its alpha phase). I don’t like having the click the bar to get icons to pop up, I’d rather they be persistent. I have no options available to me (color, boot, etc) The only option I have is “Select to toggle custom status bar” So its not really usable right now but I can’t wait to see 1.0 version!   Moto Droid stock 2.2.2

    • Jimingo69

      What he said.. Droid x

  • Anonymous

    I’m always nervous about things like this that don’t require root because I feel like it typically makes the phone process the original bar and the new bar, which leads to conflicts and lag.

    • i was wondering this too…. lag, ugh. Just root people. 😛

      • Hiker

        Really you pro-root people, do you not realize there are plenty of non-tech savvy Android users who would rather not void their warranties, and or expose themselves to security vulnerabilities that rooting exposes you too? Additionally, many of us don’t want to lose access to Netflix, Googles Movies, etc. which you would if you root. Sigh.

        You guys make Android seem so complicated for non-techie types. That’s really a bad way to push it to the masses.

        • Ummm, you’re completely lost my friend. I am rooted and I still have access to Netflix, Google Movies and anything IF NOT MORE then a non rooted phone. I can UN ROOT anytime I want therefor bringing back my warranty. There is plenty of 1 click root methods out there for the “non-tech savvy” people. It’s really not that complicated at all. Unless of course, you’re a complete moron.

          • Ralph Moore

            Really, if you want to change people’s mind and show them that rooting is not such a scary process, belittling them is probably not the best way to go. It would be better if you actually spent some time explaining what rooting does, and does not do, without the name calling. That just makes you sound childish and immature.

            Egerwgg4 below did a much better job. Larry also has a good point, if non-techies don’t understand about rooting, or how it works, what makes you think they are going to do it, and then treat their new power responsibly? I’ve seen plenty of discussions at the Motorola Forum where some person or another, being a non-techie, followed a friend’s or internet person’s advice on rooting, not understanding the implications of what they did, and decided to delete bloatware from their phones, only to find out later that they needed that same bloatware if they wanted to update their phones from froyo to gingerbread.

            Of course, I’m generally against 1-click root methods for this very reason. In order to ensure that only people who know what they are doing do it, rooting should not be made this easy.

        • Anonymous

          to root your DX you download an app and press a button that says “root” to unroot you open that app up and press “unroot” …. sending a picture within a text message will sound like rocket science compared to the ease of these rooting apps these days… anyone that still talks about rooting + voiding warranties in the same sentence is completely clueless

        • [email protected]

          Adding to what ABerry said about voiding warranties, the “security risks” you associate with rooting are nonexistent. I’ve yet to hear of an instance where somebody rooted and had their phone or personal information somehow compromised by rooting. Sure, every few months an app comes along on the Market that contains malware, but guess what? You don’t need to be rooted for it to affect you! You root, install apps that don’t come from seedy underground sites, and your phone thanks you for it.

          I do understand the argument that rooting makes Android seem complicated for the masses. However, as Andrew stated, rooting is not complex at all. Really, it’s the complication is on the shoulders of the device manufacturers and carriers. Phones should just come pre-rooted since anyone who wants to root can root their device anyway. In instances where an app wants to use root, there’s already a prompt, so it’s not like having someone’s phone pre-rooted would inherently expose them to more risks that they may be unfamiliar with.

          • Larry Mao

            Isn’t that part of the problem of suggesting root to people who are not techies though? They don’t understand the process, what it does and does not do, what you can and can not do with your phone, so recommending it, is akin to telling an iPhone user “jailbreak.” In other words, it sounds ominous and difficult, even if the process is actually quite uncomplicated. It’s for this reason that I generally chose to not recommend rooting to most of my non-techie friends, even if I know it would make their Android experience better. If they don’t understand it, and unless you are willing to support whatever screw ups they make (like deleting bloat instead of freezing it) then it’s better not to even bring it up.


    No workie here either, time only. Droid 2 w/stock GingerBlur

    • Anonymous

      does tapping the status bar make the other icons appear?

      • GOTSOOT

        Just tried it, yes it does. But like Kellex said in his update, the signal indicator doesn’t appear to work on mine either. Stock notification bar = 2 bars where this one is showing 4 bars.

  • Anonymous

    After going through all his applications..Why doesn’t he just buy a windows 7 phone?lol

    • Anonymous

      because it wouldn’t be able to use other android apps

    • Anonymous

      Because he wants a real market?

      Because he doesnt want to be locked into an Apple-like gilded cage?

  • Gthomsen0529

    Its just the time but I get battery signal and 3G to bounce down by tapping the notification bar, they bounce back up after 5 seconds though

  • Zebra

    Haven’t tried it on my X, but something tells me this is just an app that does something like overlay on top of the actual status bar if it doesn’t require root.

  • Andrew Poeppel

    I just get the time on DroidX.

  • AtanRaca

    Only getting the time. Droid X2

  • I really wish Google would implement some sort of theming system for Android without root. They should just implement the T-Mobile theme changer that’s in CM7 and I’d be happy. Not that I’d ever be without root, but it’d be a good option for non rooters.

    • EC8CH

      I’ve been saying the same thing for 2 years.  We need themes for Android just like your themes for Chrome.  Make it happen Google.


      Yeah I want to theme my bionic and didn’t understand why Moto hasn’t done this. They have to know that not everyone is going to like the blue color they went with. It would be awesome to have a color scale for their theme that you could just change anytime you wanted. STILL LOVE THE PHONE THOUGH.

    • Goblueboy

      Or how about just eliminate root altogether? It does sound difficult because something could go wrong. How about just the stuff you need to root for that isn’t overclocking and flashing custom roms?

  • Cool I always wondered when this would be done, first widgetlocker for lockscreen and now this, while I may be rooted at least this gives options for nonrooted

  • Ray

    this is really cool for everybody but mainly the goons who dont want to root.

    • Anonymous

      goons? I sure hope that’s short for goonies because that was an awesome movie and we’re people too.