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Developer Begins Porting Atrix 4G ROMs to the DROIDX2

Back in July, the DROIDX2 received 2nd-init support – like original DX users had been enjoying – bringing with it the ability to flash custom ROMs.  The only problem has been that there aren’t a ton of developers working on it, so ROMs have been scarce for the most part.  Thankfully, one dev in particular (navenedrob) has decided to start pulling from the massive list of Atrix ROMs and port them over to the DX2.  With both devices running pretty similar specs and chipsets, it shouldn’t be long now before you all have more than a couple of choices.  First up is a stock Android 2.3.4 ROM to get you feeling unBlurred again.

To keep up with the latest ports, follow this XDA thread.

Cheers MistaWolfe!

  • Bal1985

    Will this work on the dx1? There aren’t any good roms for the dx

  • Anonymous


  • Im running the atrix port on my DX2 right now and it run smooth as butter.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Well this is good to hear. The X2 doesn’t get much love…..but it’s still a good phone

  • dj morrison

    any chance this could get ported to the og x?

  • Ashclepdia

    Why would you dislike this?

  • Love it when I make Droid-Life

  • umm

  • umm far from, where the heck is the dislike button for these idiots?

  • Unexpected62

    Is this second-init thing possible on D3/Bionic? Not too familiar with it.

    • yes, but development may be slow as they really don’t have much to port from for the bionic. and no one wants bricks-a-plenty without that special sbf…

  • First!

    • Hsuede7

      When are the idiots going to stop with the lame “first” crap?

      • when first can no longer be obtained