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How to: Root the DROID2, DROIDX2, DROIDX, and DROID3 Running Gingerbread


Actually, this method should root just about any Motorola phone running Gingerbread.  So not only will it work on the DROID3, DROID2, DROIDX2, and DROIDX, but it should also work on the DROID Pro and D2 Global when they receive an update – hopefully the DROID Bionic too.  We were inspired to write this for the simple fact that the D2 received Gingerbread last night finally, and within 5 minutes I was rooted.

Thanks to Framework43 and psouza4 for putting this together.  It couldn’t be any simpler than this method right here.  

Download:  MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip


1.  Make sure you have Motorola drivers installed – [Download Drivers] 2.  Download the MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip file from above and unzip it to your Windows PC.
3.  On your phone go into  Settings>Applications>Development and check the box for USB Debugging.
4.  Plug phone into your computer and select “Charge Only” mode.
5.  Navigate to MotorolaOneClickRoot folder and run MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe.
6.  Follow the instructions in the command window.
7.  Your phone will complete 3 steps, rebooting along the way.  When it finishes, you will be rooted.

Full support can be found at this thread in case you run into issues.

  • Kyle

    tried to root my droid x 4 times it says it was successfully rooted and everytime i check for the root it says it wasnt rooted what am i doing wrong?

  • Kio

    Does not work for Droix X Gingerbread 2.3.4. It “seems” to work (everything successfull and all reboots) but afterall it doesn’t root the phone.

  • Tyler

    didn’t work on my droid x, tried it twice.

  • aracely

    I tried this but unfortunately it didnt work for me ( droid2)
    what other method can i try any advise is helpful

  • rob

    dident work on my droid x


    Didn’t Work on stock Droid X 2.3.4 Sep 13, 2012. Trying to figure out doroot.bet thing now.

  • I tried this oneclick on my D2 w/ 2.3.4 ver4.5.621.A955…everything goes thru the 3 steps fine. Says I have rooted phone, yet does not install SU, any ideas as to why? seems I am doing everything correct, assuming this works on my vers phone. I am not technically challenged 🙂 I just never rooted before, thought i would have a bit of a go while waiting on my new phone to arrive 🙂

  • dwinkle

    Ran fine, but had no effect on my Droid2.

  • Nia

    How Long Does This Take ?

  • Josh

    Ight well, i’m in August of 2012, would this still even work for me? I have Android ver. 2.3.4 for the DROID X but uh.. mad scared to try this.

  • lewone

    Why would anyone root with anthing other than Zergroot? I mean it is the fastest and most idiot proof method. O mean I just don’t understand running any that have possible problems.

  • Lau ra

    doesn’t work for android 2.3.4

  • Abe

    I ran the motorola one click root program and it ran flawless and said my phone is now rooted with the warning disclaimer but when i checked for the superuser it wasnt there and ran root checker it said my phone didnt have root access any ideas?

  • thepianoman777

    how about unrooting it? i heard its just as easy as rooting it

  • pcon38

    lost use of my headphone jack after root…anyone else have this problem?

  • Sterling

    For some reason my droid x2 is not able to download the needed driver mentioned above. It tells me that the content is not suported on my phone. Any help would truley be appreciated since this problem is stalling me from rooting my x2, thanks Sterling

  • Freelancemuse

    I can’t wait to get the stupid default music player out of my hair (in addition to the bloatware), since it chooses to start up on its own.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on 2.3.5. It said my phone was rooted but when I try a root app it says I don’t have su. Help?

    • Anonymous

      Droid x2 2.3.5*

  • Warez_Hacker

    Didn’t work on Droid X.. Will try in command prompt…

  • dharvard7887

    i ran this 5 times following directions everytime it does what is is suppost to but nothing happens to my phone once completed no new files or anything im running android 2.3.4 and did not work on my droid x please help me if possible

  • Matt

    I tried using this program and it said my phone was rooted, but I ran a root checker and it’s not . I can’t seem to get any root apps to work on my Droid X 2.3.4.

  • Muhammad Ichwanuddin

    not work with my droid x2 2.3.5

  • southern girl

    i’ve had my ph rooted for quite some time now but my ph just did a system update yesterday and now when i try to do my wifi tether it wont work it says i need to be rooted. yet my shows that it is rooted so i dont know what to do…

  • maddzz

    where is the motorola one click root folder? phone? or computer?

  • Michael

    Nope.  It started to look easy but got to Step 3 and just stayed there.  After an hour I unplugged the USB and then the message came up saying I was rooted.  But, I’m not.

  • Jeff

    Can’t get this to work on my Bionic—— what am I doing wrong?

  • Joshua0808

    So I keep getting the message “This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.” I am using a macbook with Parallels Desktop.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Genesisoeb

    just downloaded the gingerbread app for my droid x2 and no internet connection …..help

  • wow thats so simple! <3

  • Mine

    worked droidx

  • KM

    Didn’t work for me

  • droidx2_user

    How do you unroot the droid x2 after rooting it using this procedure? My phone has become so much slower and I am afraid that it is going to break.  PLease help! I can’t afford for my phone to break!

  • This worked for my Droid2 running gingerbread.  It was a little weird, though.  When I ran MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe, it went through the first steps OK but when it came to “Rebooting your phone”, it didn’t reboot.  I had to pull the battery and the USB cable to force it to reboot, which is scarily similar to a hard reset of the device.  After I did that the first time, the program said it had completed the first reboot and was now rebooting again, so I knew I was on the right track.  I proceeded the same way for all three reboots.  Root Check Basic confirms I have root access, as does Got Root?  Titanium Backup Root installed and ran a full backup, so all is well.  Phew.

  • Jvette

    Does this work on Droid X running 2.3.4

  • droid639

    its not working on my droid x . i did it and it did the rebooting and all that good stuff but i looked at it . and it doesnt look like its rooted like i dont have super user .. nothing.. help . please

  • Chad Canning

    Wow! That was almost too easy. This was my third attempt at rooting my Droid2. The other two softwares did absolutely nothing. Kudos to Framework43 & psouza4. 

  • Ck

    Not working for droid x2 running Gingerbread

  • i have a droid 3 global and works

  • Vampi2

    Great Great Great, this was soooo easy, even i could do it.

  • Johnandjanelle69

    worked awesome for my droid x2 thanks so much 

  • acnovak

    How do you unroot the droid 2? It keeps shutting off my 3G.

  • Jason Kent

    Hi, after rooting the droid 3, will we be able to use it on a different network like at&t or t-mobile.

  • Jason Kent

    Hi, would rooting the droid 3 mean that we will be able to use it on a different network? Ive seen some people selling a droid 3 on ebay who say they have rooted the phone and it works in t-mobile or at&t sim cards?

    • jay

      only unlock phone can be use on different network but at&t and t mobile r GSM network so only those phone can be use on there network

  • Trevor

    I tried it on my droid 2 global and it dosent work like it says its done and everything but then i dont have busybox or anything please help

  • Adamabdullah62

    ok so i rooted my fone and for some reason it said root successful but tht root explorer thing never came up people i need heelp 🙁

  • Janbro

    I tried this on my droid x v2.3.4 but nothing happened. I went through all the steps, and my phone rebooted all times, but when i try to use a root access app, it says i need to root my phone…

  • C02subarufreek

    please help!!!!ive tried this 3 times and each time it goes through all 3 stages of the process. says that my phone has been successfully rooted, but then i look on my phone and nothing 🙁 i run the rott checker app and it says soor , this device doesnt have proper root access. any advice on what i may be doing wrong?

  • Alterno

    Thank you so much for this simple and useful information!!!!  Rooted my Droid X2 within minutes.

  • josh

    I have been trying to root my dx 2.3.4 and can’t seem to get it. I want to be able to use it for internet access while traveling for work without having to pay for my internet plan twice. Is there anyone in the miami area that could give me a hand setting this up?

  • Kotolski

    Does this work on 4.5.621?

    • Acurtis83


  • Makeitsnow16

    i just rooted my droid x2 now what do i do?

  • Panocho11

    ok i did everything now what ? i see the super user app on it but nothing happen.. i need the freaking hotspotttttttttt

  • Ironhead

     it didn’t reboot … by itself =

    • Panocho11

      is yours root and working?

  • Morganrpcps

    I have rooted my droid x now do I step it up to use it as a hot spot with out being charge by my server?

  • Drtbkerm

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are amazing!!!!! I went through hell trying to root my droid 2 with pre-loaded gingerbread and you guys solved all my problems!!! I have had three droid 2’s now and the first two had froyo so all i had to do was install my pre-rooted version of gingerbread but the pre-loaded gingerbread was proving to be a nightmare until now…. thanks guys!!!

  • Bradley Bonds1

    it says i neeed to install a version of NET Framework: V2.0.50727

    • Bradley Bonds1

      how do i do this??

  • Mathisarnell

    Can someone please tell me how to unroot this? I just followed these steps and the root was successfull. Right after I realized my phone won’t charge anymore, tried several different chargers. I need to unroot as fast as possible before the phone dies. Anyone know how to unroot from these steps? I will be forever greatful!

    • Trevor

      Just factory reset it


    Will i loose any data on my phone?

  • Ghostlux10

    Please help! I installed motorolaoneclickroot on my Droid x2 only and after I opened the file my screen went dead black, I keep trying to reboot phone but screen still not showing up, please is there anyway I could get it back to work?? My phone was already factory reset so I had no other rooted apps, just clean as brand new

  • guest

    please help.  I am rooted.  My laptop and iPad see my Droid 2, but can’t connect successfully to wifi.  How to reset password?

  • Apresto1252

    How long should this take?

  • coyote

    I am at the command screen, and it says “searching for the phone”… how long do you have to wait for this step?

  • Anonymous

    It just keeps saying looking for your phone….please help! I followed all the steps.

  • Kbarfels

    i downloaded the superuser but how do you sue it i cant figure out how to delete vzw apps i dont want

  • Icepicc23

    It wont let me download the driver.

  • Vla1572

    Anyone having trouble, try Pete’s Motorola Root Tools at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=17713512

    Tried everything here, but this was the only one that let me into Titanium Backup with root and the Autostarts program (let me change settings).  I have Droid X with Gingerbread over the air update with 2.3.3.  This one REALLY WORKS!

  • Fennarian13

    i cant seem to get it to work it finishes but it doesnt seem to do anything. what do i do?

  • twinszo

    will this work for Gingerbread 2.3.4

  • Droidx2

    This is a awesome site. Worked on my device. Have a Droid x2!

  • Droid 2 user

    I have a droid 2 version 2.3.3 and its not working.  I put on charge only, USB debugging, and each of the files have correctly downloaded.  It just gets stuck at Step 1 of 3 (Rebooting your phone . . .) and nothing else happens.  Just waiting and waiting.  It sits there FOREVER until eventually my phone dies and it says the battery is to low to continue.  Any advice?

  • Franchesca

    Will this hurt your droid??

  • Rjmartins77

    Tried on my Droid X 2.3.3. Thought everything was fine and dandy!…. when i open up superuser on my phone. “Root Explorer” is MIA!?….. if anyone knows why that would be awesome…

  • Travisryoung

    do i download the driver to my droid or computer. when i download it to the computer a message comes up and wont let me after i hit run

  • Richard Ryan Grove

    This process is flawless, worked amazing on my Droid X.  I just did as instructed then installed Titanium Backup Pro and was off making my phone a whole lot better. 

  • amp

    I have the Droid 2 Global and am running 2.3.3 I did everything in this description and in the program and am pretty sure I did it all right.  The program said it was done and my phone should be rooted, but when I went to titanium backup it said it is not rooted. I went to busybox to see if I need to install that and it said no root access. Can anyone help me?

    • Ozhart2

      I also ahve the Droid2 Global,2.3.3 and it worked great with mine using Win 7 Utimate 32 bit.

  • Cocojo69

    Worked perfectly on my Droid X2 so happy!! I was looking around at a couple Droid forums and you got these hardcore programmers writing in Chinese on how to root your phone by making the thermal nuclear ions of the central data manipulator congruent to the vertices of the matrix. This was incredibly simple and took no more than 5 minutes. A++++

  • monkeyman

    for some reason when i run the oneclick its saying searching phone connect now and its already puled into my pc 

  • monkeyman

    why would you need the drivers to download ?

  • Aznracer35

    why does it take me to bootloader when it restarts? droid 2

    • Tropwen1789

      It’s booting into safe mode. Pull your USB cable, reboot manually, and then plug it back in while it’s still booting up

  • Aznracer35

    any body knows why it goes to bootloader blah blah battery ok when it reboots?

  • Mavlax1

    i just rooted it im pretty sure, how do i know for sure that it is rooted, and what are some things i should do now that it is rooted? Please reply

    • Paul Garcia2345

      which droid do you have ??

  • yanks0202

    One time i tried to root my phone but i didnt use this site…anyways my phone went to a black sreen and it wouldnt turn on it had words but i didnt remember the words if i tried to do this would that happen to me again

  • Nickdize

    Droid x 2.3.3 not working need help!!!

  • Jogn

    How long does this root take? My phone has been rebooting for about 50 min now

  • Atony

    how long does this root take? mine is still going and its better about 30 min

  • Traehflow1

    Thank you… just rooted Droid X today and finally got rid of Madden and now working on BLockbuster app

  • Christianiije

    Didn’t work For Droid X running 2.3.3. And yes, I did it right.

    • anthony

      Did you ever get ur phone to work ?? i wanted to root my droid x but didnt know if this would work

  • Mitchc247

    yeah so i went through all the steps and such, no problem. Well nothing happened after it rebooted, the phone seemed the same as usual. So I rebooted it again but now it is just stuck on the red and white Motorola symbol. I have a droid x2 thats only 48 hours old….if i hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time though it brings up the command thing. But if i select anything, it never loads. Please help!!!

  • Kogrady

    Just finished it. perfectly flawless on my droid x.  I made sure i had the completely up to date drivers.  Im not sure if they drivers are on this page.  i checked a few ( rootwiki) if im not mistaken, but i used this “one click app”  very well written. an i was to chicken to do it a few months ago.  i think im going to be very happy.

  • Kogrady

    Complete noob, as far as all this goes.  my droid is rooted.  no idea where i want to go and do now haha.   so as far as the hard part, im hoping ive gotten it all done and out of the way.  SSOOO now what do i do now that my phone is rooted? suggestions?  i have titanium backup pro already installed, as well as some great stuff by a developer called 3c. (battery, and phone manager)


  • Pyle2 0

    Should i download any apps or take any other precautions, “pre-” root?   anything i have to do before i root my phone to insure i can make it factory again, or that would make it easier once it is rooted?


  • Ty James Marshall

    I am running into an Error message that states that I am lacking the ADB.exe part of the file. please help?

  • doesnt work on my droid x 2.3.3

  • Anonymous

    Went through the 3 steps but it didn’t seem to work.

    -Droid X running 2.3.3

  • Koonabro2

    followed instructions and phone said it was rooted but root checker and barnacle think otherwise… Where is the doroot.bat file located?

  • GLobal

    i have a droid 2 global, i had it rooted with z4root and then when it updated to 2.3.3 it unrooted and didn’t work again and this did not work, i’m not amazing tech savvy but i know i did nothing wrong so why is this not working?

  • Fordoya

    it wont let me download the end user file droidx2

  • Bigby

    how to uninstall this root

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so hard. Finally got my Droid X re-rooted just in time for me to backup my apps and get my Galaxy Nexus tomorrow.

  • Glitcher

    Sweet, thanks guys, it helped a lot, and for users not knowing how to do this, if it goes to the black screen and is stuck there with the white letters, just unplug the phone when it says rebooting phone, turn it off, wait for the motorola logo, plug it back in, it should turn it back on and run step two and when it starts to reboot again wait for the same screen with the white letters, unplug again and manually reboot and it should have added the superuser app in your application list 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Heyy, to anyone having issues downloading the appropriate drivers from the provided “[Download Drivers]” link above, use the link i have provided below. It worked for me and i am runnign windows 7. Droid x was immediately recognized after installing the drivers and i got to rooting! 🙂 Hope i have helped some people out!

  • Wilbert917

    just rooted, but no busy box??

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Gingerbreak did not work on my Droid 2 Global. Why does Facebook need to start when my phone does? Why does eBay need to run when my phone turns on? Why does Google Shopper, Square, Pandora, and all the rest need to auto-start? Why do all these apps think they are the most important app in the world and slow me down? Not only that, but they autorun when network changes, so going through the subway, where the signal cuts in & out 100 times makes them churn violently and drain your battery! I use Gemini App Manager to turn off autorun for nearly every app, and fix the Bluetooth button to assign it to only one app at a time.

  • Ramosj

    If I were to root my phone can i unroot if I do not like it?

  • Jcarlton1590

    I keep getting a warning error saying that every time I run the files. Why is this so? Is there another way?

  • Guest?

    how do i know it worked?

  • Tutorial on how to root on a Mac. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWXnsq4s9eo&feature=g-upl

  • Zipss

    How come anytime I try and root I get an error message saying…”you are missing ADB.EXE which was packaged with this program.”…….but it looks like I do have ADB.EXE in the file?

  • If it didnt work for you its because you need the drivers and “kellex” only posted the drivers for 64bit windows. Genius. Here are the 32bit drivers installation.


  • mr g

    thanks worked quick droid x 2.3.3

  • Does this root work with update 2.3.4?

  • Jim4418

    Would like to say thanks for the root. New driod x2 rooted great. Have been trying GingerBreak with no luck in rooting. Ran this as it says and whala its rooted. There again thanks….great people

  • I used this root andi tried uninstalling vz navigator on my droid 2 global as well as a few other apps, none seem to work, what hv i done wrongly? or need to do?

  • Lilcarlos16

    how long does it to for step 1 to reboot ur fone for a driod 2

  • Galvanalejandro13

    I am having touble doing my wireless tether on my moto droid 2 I already did the root but it won’t work. what am I doing wrong?

  • BrainAssembler

    worked perfect! good man =)

  • Here is how to root these devices on a mac. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb2h9-naxjI

  • Ptrckhnsnspm

    I am a total noob and have never rooted anything!  I have a Milestone X and NOTHING was working… Had recent 2.3.5 update, think all the exploits were patched.  THIS, however DID work, just wanted to share!   http://rootzwiki.com/topic/9325-how-to-root-unroot-droid-razr/

  • Deathtapp

    should i reset my phone to factory setup before doing this?

  • Anonymous

    how do i flash roms on this? i used to have it memorized before the gingerbread ota but  will that way work with this? like the dx/2 bootstrapper app? 

    • Anonymous

      got it rooted to, just need to find out how to flash roms and such….

  • It worked, just had to pull battery for it to complete the reboot. Droid X

    • Acetroubleshooter666

      what do you mean pull the battery. I get stuck at boot loader screen.

      • Chachasuperman

        You pull the battery out

  • Rhino

    Uhhh… so I just pretty much ran head first without thinking and followed the steps above and rooted my phone… Now what? I’ve did quick research and all I hear is Bootstrap and ROMs. It might as well be in a different language because I have no idea what they’re talking about.
    Can someone direct me towards some links and help me by telling me what I need to do to get wireless tethering and how to change the digital cosmetics or themes of my droid?

  • If your want to do it on the mac check this out:

  • Nh_golfer

    Hello everyone that owns a Droid 2…  I spent countless hours trying to root
    my Droid 2 (not Droid 2 Global)…  The crap on this page didn’t work… 
    However, I can now happily say that version 2.2 of SuperOneClick worked…  If
    you want to try it on your Droid 2, set your browser to




    Scroll down to SuperOneClick v2.2 


    Click on the “Click here to download SuperOneClick v2.2


    Save the file…  Extract…


    Plug in your phone to USB port…  Put phone’s USB into PC Mode


    Run SuperOneClick (from your extracted directory)…


    Click on Root button…


    Wait 3-4 minutes…  Phone was ROOTED!!


    (I tried the crap on this website at least 5 times before finding
    SuperOneClick…  I even tried to debug the MS-DOS batch file to no


    Good luck!!


    • Synquest

      SuperOneClick hangs on a WIN 7 system and an XP system. Droid X is unaffected.

    • Dynamowow

      Yesss! thanks Nh_golfer I too have the original droid 2 updated to 2.3.3 and this was the only one that worked

  • Andrewsteel366

    Doesnt work on milestone x2 running 2.3.5


    I don’t know wtf I’m doing wrong, but it absolutely will not recognize my phone (Droid X). I tried this one, as well as Pete’sOneClickRoot. Absolutely infuriating for a phone that has been infuriating me for far too long as it is.

    • devky

      I had the same problem until I installed the driver it has you download. Then I closed MotorolaOneClick, reopened it, and everything happened as it should.

  • Kwhatley456

    AWESOME!  First program that did what is says!!

    Thank you!!!

  • Disclosed

    lost my droid x….resorted to my old droid 2 wasn’t happy because it was kind of glitchy AFTER the gingerbread update and THIS download im back to where I wanna be!!!!! tried 100 different ways 1st wasted hours of my time did this in easily under 20 minutes!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  • Alchemist3ioc

    Simply easy and beautiful

  • Nh_golfer

    This didn’t work on my Droid 2…

  • Littlesarmiento1

    it says it didn’t initialize properly??

  • Tim Sanders

    I followed the direction and it appears to have worked… how do i access the hotspot? I use to use barnacle before gingerbread release. It doesnt worl any longer? My concern is that i do not wish to accidently enable verizons gimme cash hotspot! Thanks

  • Tim Sanders

    do i need an app top use or do i do it through the hotspot on droidx

  • Mu4nolife

    wow, i have droid2 standard. i use to have root excess until the 2.3.3 update. now i tried this root and it did not work. it went through all the steps but it did not give it root excess

  • Codystbes

    It never finds my phone and I have it on “Charge Only”

  • Droid x2

    How do you Unroot?

  • Droidx2

    Great Procedure and App. I looked for a long time for a root program for my Droid X2 Gingerbread 2.3.3. I even tried the gingerbreak and that did not work for me. Thank you so much guys I appreciate it.

  • Ralph

    What pleasant surprise…  Piece of cake… Worked great on my Droid 2 running 2.3.3. 

  • Stalls at “SEARCHING FOR PHONE…”. DroidX Ginerbread 2.3.3

  • Shocker_614

    For some reason, it isn’t detecting that my phone is connected. The computer recognizes it but the program doesn’t.  Wtf?

  • Echelon699

    If I take the OTA update to 2.3.5, will this break my root access? 

  • dope101

    it won’t let me download the drivers.. why???

  • Outsidemedic

    worked great for my Droid 2. Thanks! Just make sure that if you are running it and have the updated 2.3.3 that you put the phone in charge only mode. That made all the difference for me and disable any antivirus on your phone too. 

  • Zackyboy44

    anybody use this method on a mac running lion?

  • Sean

    This information is great! I successfully rooted my Droid 2 with this information. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey Schmidt

    I’m new to Droid and just got my Verizon Droid X2 and am unable to root it, I follow the link to ‘http://vulnfactory.org/blog/2011/08/25/rooting-the-droid-3/’ but don’t understand how to “Log in to the device using “adb shell”. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Robert Heck

    What did you do after finished this? can you install custom roms?

  • It worked on my droid 2, 2.3.3

  • chey

    didn’t work for me.

  • Alex

    will this wipe any data off your phone?

  • Rich

    Thank you soooooo much Kellex 🙂 

  • bwils

    I have to ask…what is root-ing? And what exactly will it do for/to my phone?  I have d2. Thanks

    • slootiy

       yes. i have the same questions. anyone can help.

  • Me

    Will the Gingerbread 2.3.5 OTA update on Verizon break root on the Driod X2?

  • Inthedump

    Stuck at step one.  Bootloader screen.  Nothing…

  • Thecoolmankyle

    Will this wipe my phone? Do I need to back up data first? 

  • F Dupre Jr

    drivers wont open on my system.any ideas?

  • Not a ginger

    I just rooted my phone (droid 2, gingerbread 2.3.3) using this…now the 3G mobile hotspot app (which has always previously stated that charges would be incurred should I activate it) just activates! Am I actually getting a free mobile hotspot, or am I just incurring charges I don’t know about. (Verizon scares me)

  • Jpikuritz

    Says im missing the adb file?

  • Fritters

    Didn’t work for me.  Told me I was rooted, but root required apps and Root Check tell me I’m not.  Stumped.  I had been rooted before 2.3.4 with z4root.  Worked fine.  the upgrade broke that.  Restored to default.  Saw that SU was still on the system (which didn’t make sense to me).  Tried this method 3-4 times.  No joy.  Trying to remove SU completely.  Root explorer works (somehow) so used that to delete the SU.apk.  Then tried to uninstall the program.  Have been unsuccessful even using Android System Info app.  It Returns “unsuccessful”.
    I’m stumped.  Not sure if the remnant of SU is screwing up the root.  Strange that Root Explorer (which I believe requires root access) works.  But Quick Boot, Titanium, Juice Defender don’t.  HELP!

  • Zeroxsolace

    im getting stuck at step 1 when i run the file.. says its rebooting but my phone turns off turns back on then at the top left it reads bootloader do.11 and about mid screen on the same side it reads that my battery is ok, ok to program, trasnfer mode: usb

    • finally

      Zeroxsolace: I had to unplug the cable and power off then power back on (for all three steps).

  • Micron 6

    help, does not work on motorola droid2 2.3.2

  • Anonymous

    Man, that could NOT have been any easier.

    For those complaining that it doesn’t work on 2.2, maybe you need a refresher on the names?  

    2.2 = FROYO

    If you want to root 2.2, get z4Root from Amazon App Store.  

  • It was a really good post… works completely perfect on droid 2 global running gingerbread!!! thanks a lot!!

  • Newchemist

    gets stuck on step one

  • Mjthomas1639

    My Droid version is 2.3.3.

  • Liuji5353

    It does not work on Driod 2.2.2 version

    • smelly

      It’s for Gingerbread. (2.3.3)

  • Mario20781

    how long does it take to reboot it has been more than 15 m.

  • Mjthomas1639

    I thank you all for helping me to re-root my droidx after the upgrade.  My problem now is it won’ allow me to tether because the verizon mobile hotspot is activated.  Can someone help me?

  • droidx on verizon

    My Droid X got and OTA update 2.3.3 and tried this process to root it. It went through and says it is rooted but the apps do not run and the superuser is still the old one that used to be there. What else can be done?

  • Nice ! 
    Thanks guys !
    Worked 101 % on my Droid X.

  • Mailforjoel

    Worked Great on my DroidX.  Ran just as expected, and then used Check Root to verify root.  Been using Root Uninstaller to get rid of the bloat…or freeze it actually.  Thanks to all those, who make this stuff so easy for us users!!!!

  • CBRXX03

    I have a simple newbie question. I would like to root my new (to me, but used) Gingerbread DX. The main reason is to remove all the Motorola and Verizon bloatware. If I root, does everything I do have and want on the phone then have to be reloaded?

  • Hey! It rooted my Motorola Droid 2, finally. None of the other “one click” methods worked. 😀

  • Sooo Happy!

    I had rooted and made my original droid amazing. Then someone stole it. My new Droid X has sucked but I am sooo happy that I can finally customize it. THANK YOU!

  • Steviebeatz91

    everything works fine it just doesnt root my phone! droid 2

  • Josh

    OH MY GOD IT WORKS!!! i’ve been looking for a successfull application to do this for months now! Droid x running gingerbread is now Rooted! 😀 😀 😀

  • joseph simpson

    tryed this more than once and did not work on my droid x2 any help would be nice

  • Tom

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • it’s not working on droid 2! )’:

  • Billcommons

    This wont work for me. Is it because I am running Windows XP?

  • Run the file on this website, let it reboot your phone twice, run the do root.bat on the other website. You should be rooted now.

  • If anyone is having issues, I just discovered that if you run this root, it will install the super use program, it will not root your phone. If you use the root files presented on this website, which I have used to root my Droid 2, which I am using, please run the “doroot.bat” file and you will be able to root. I just tried it and I verified root access via the app, root checker.


    Keep calm and chive on

    • Flash Point

      Ran doroot.bat and bam! root access on Droid 2 running Gingrbread. Thank you!

    • This worked for me too, on both the DX and D2.  Ran MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip and then the doroot.bat and it worked  

      • Alvarefr

        Where is this doroot.bat file that people keep referring to? The OneClickRoot.zip does not include this file.

    • Koonabro2

      Where is this doroot.bat file?

  • josh has a DROID X

    after the first attempt being unsuccessful (it stopped and didnt say that i was rooted in the command prompt), i attempted once more, and it said in the command prompt “congratulations you are now rooted” so i pressed a key to exit that, as it said it was done. after doing so i unplug my droid x from the computer and i go straight to trying out my wireless tether app (which worked just fine before i updated my droid x) and it says “unable to start tethering. is your device rooted?” so i am completely clueless once again as to what i do next. (the wireless tethering app is the only way i can play xbox live)

  • josh has a DROID X

    i had to update my droid x to the 2.3.3 gingerbread, and prior to doing so my phone was rooted. as upon rebooting after the update on the running system, i tried opening my wireless tether and starting it… and it said i wasn’t rooted. so i try z4 root about 5 times and every time has been unsuccessful. i come here and go through ALL the steps listed above and it still says it is not rooted, i have no clue what to do from here…. any help would be appreciated!

  • Scott Johnson

    This was BY FAR the easiest way to root my new 4.5.602.  Z4Root 1.3 did not work at all – just endlessly cycled or simply popped back into the desktop without having done anything.  Gingerbreak 1.2 was likewise useless.  MotorolaOneClickRoot seemed to finish in at most three minutes.  Don’t waste your time with anything else — ESPECIALLY not the sbf back to 2.3 procedures.   I’m sure they work but seem very complicated and easily mishandled.  This by contrast relly is one click.   Amazing and effective.

  • Romurdroid

    Nees help rooting your phone visit our web blog very easy to get you rooted Roms etc. http://rooturdroid.blogspot.com/

  • Jamesroa76

    is not working on droid x

    • DSChris

      Working on my DX, just did it now.

      • Robelder7

        how did u do it im about to root my droid x but i wanna know exactly how to do it

  • Dchatma2

    camra not working

  • Chrisg222

    worked for like 4 days now its not working.  any help would be great

  • Chrisg222

    it worked great for 4 days now its not working on my droid2.  any help would be great

  • Danb18c

    didint work on droid 2

    • Lemonfugu

      it worked for me. i have a droid 2 with gingerbread update 2.3.3

      • PC-YodaMaster

        Worked Great on my D2D2 Limited Edition Droid 2 with Gingerbread update 2.3.3!!  Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          What’s Gingerbread update?

          • j-thug

            This is just for you- do not root your phone.

    • Nopisk8er

      my wifes droid 2 is a 2.3.4 maybe yors is the same!!

      • Krunkciti2013

        Does it work on Droid X2 2.3.4

        •  tried couldn’t get it to work DX2 2.3.4

  • need.help

    I used the method and it worked, but i have to su apk’s on the phone (one left over from froyo) and i think its conflicting. I can use bloat freezer to freeze apps, but any new program isnt recognized, and thus isnt givin root access.. how can i fix that?

  • Anonymous

    accepted the .605 update on my droid x without even thinking about it…this came to the rescue…thanks!

  • Jakerusso1862

    When i go to download drivers it says this download may harm your computer.  Should i do it anyway?

  • Jadebaker73

    Has anyone successfully done this on the droid x yet? 

    • Anonymous

      just did…accepted the .605 update about 10 minutes ago, which unrooted me…and this re-rooted me in no time flat…

  • DXrob

    How do you unroot DroidX and remove the superuser?

  • Rory Tighe

    if i use this root method is it ok to use my linux disk to un root?  

  • Rory Tighe

    if i use this root method can i use my linux disc if i want to un root? 

  • Gesswho39

    ok so i follow all of these steps… my phone reset 3 times and the program tells me it is rooted but the phone looks and feels no different.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

  • Scur

    You should really edit this to say “When it finishes, you might be rooted.” I’ve heard about quite a few people this doesn’t work for. Including me.

  • anged

    I have a question! I have AVG mobile installed and when it rebooted and it scanned the new programs, it said there was an infected file? is this a virus?

  • Jviper6000

    Fuk them greedy bastards at verizon trying to charge 20$ a month  to enable wifi hotspot, thats on top of the
    150$ a month that I pay! How greedy! now I gots it for free!

  • Jviper6000

    youuuuuuuuuuuuu da man!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zgreenthumbz

    doesn’t work on droid 2

  • Rockstar7384

    I rooted my r2-d2 droid 2 under 2.2 with no problem. This morning I got the ota 2.3.3 update and executed it, phone rebooted 3 times and says its rooted. When I access Barnacle wifi tether it says I need superuser permissions, I have the superuser app installed but I’m stumped as to what to do now. I even did a factory restore and started fresh with the same results… any hints? Oh and yes usb debugging is enabled

  • YoungAndroid

    Will this work on the Droid 2 Global with the leaked gingerbread running on it?

  • Timmyv


  • Timmyv

    it rooted great but when i ran wireless teather then opened phone browser it would only oped to verizions moblie hotspot wanting me to buy it

  • Ham____

    Rooted OTA Gingerbread in less than 4min. THANKS!!

  • Awesome, thank you so much!  Gingerbread was finally pushed to my phone last night and I installed it today, and, of course, had to re-root.  I’d used z4root, but that doesn’t work for my phone yet with 2.3, and I didn’t want to wait!

    Thanks again 🙂

  • tigerman

    Tried this on the Bionic and it works!  


    Hi I have droid X (running Gingerbread Stock), PC is running windows 7.  I followed the instructions but it seems to be stuck at the ‘Waiting for your phone to be connected’ step.  My phone is connected, Debugging is on, it is in charge only mode….please advise???  (thanks)

    • JUNKMAIL434

      nevermind!  I had not actually RUN the file with the drivers (i had downloaded but not run it).  Once I did that, the process ran as described. sorry about that.

  • Just got done rooting my D3.  Thanks for the simple article

  • Tlaughw

    Doesn’t take on D2.  Verizon’s OTA Gingerbread 2.3.3 update.  🙁

  • Kandygirl235

    Oh MY! Step 2 of 3…it’s almost there….I’m getting so excited! I’ve been waiting since I had to send my phone in and get a new one….only to have it come back with Gingerbread OS. Wasn’t happy when I couldn’t root my phone!!! Oh I hope this works! thank you so much!

  • Bakerscake44

    ok noob questions comin at ya: after doing this “root” i should be able to “back door tether wifi” righ?
    also if i rootedmy OG Droid could i use that to tether or would i have to reactivate it?

  • Krunky

    does not work on droid 2!

  • TCalz

    This worked like a charm on my Droid X! And they said Gingerbreak was easy…HA!!!  🙂

    Thanks again!

  • Droidxskywalker

    I tried this, but out only downloaded superuser to my X. With me being a self taught Droid tech, you would think I would know how to do this.i

  • does this also work on 2.3.3?

  • Rustedfenders

    First time rooter and a success!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hurleygirlie05

    Can anyone tell me the best way to root my DROID 2 (non global) running on Gingerbread? If I have to do an SBF Recovery, I don’t mind, but I can’t figure out how to do that either! I need Wireless Tether to get internet at my house so I need root access. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • Vral81

    my Drod2 standard (not global) is stuck on BootLoader for whatever reason.  It won’t go any further…poeople using Droid2 don’t run this program.

  • Jackmd94

    Will the Droid X Bootstrap work for this new root for .602?

  • Linehand79

    Works perfect.  I was nervous about it saying it did 2.3.4 when my droid 2 is 2.3.3 but it worked perfectly

  • Undmp

    how do i give my wifi tether app su permissions using the superuser app?

  • Ichristian96

    Thank you! 😀

  • This didn’t work for me 🙁 I have the X2

  • Riccal25

    Are there any custom roms that work with this build? And is there any work around for wifi tethering

  • David Fraser

    this root worked perfect on my droid X i only had to unplug and replug my phone once it rebooted but im now rooted. but does anyone know how to bypass the verizon hot spot block???????

    • Linehand79

      TBH had a fix for it.  It worked on the gingerbread leak.

  • Justin Everett

    Yeah…i’ve tried the instructions above, then the ones at the guys website about 4 times now and i can’t get it to work for my DX.
    Specifically i follow where he says to run the win XP one click root to step one to try and get # on adb shell, but it never works, i am stuck with $.
    I also tried the win7 one click (i’m runnin win7 64bit) and it says successful, but my root apps (specifically titanium backup) says they do not have root access.

  • joe1138

    Really?  I followed instructions and did’t have to do anything special extra and it worked like a charm.  Maybe I got a late enough revision of the script.  Who knows?  All I know is I have root back and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Thanks!!!

  • joe1138

    No, it does not.

  • joe1138


  • Anjama

    Will it work on a mac?

  • Ian Ramsbottom

    My droid 2 just stops at :-  Battery OK, OK to program, Transfer mode, USB,
    Help please

    • ABakersDozen

      i’m having the same issue have you found any way to fix this?

  • Nathanial Hackner

    Does this wipe your phone

  • Nathanial Hackner

    does this wipe your phone

  • Nathanial Hackner

    Does this wipe your phone?

    • nicotinic

      Yes. The internal memory will be wiped. Your SD card will be alright.

  • geust

    thx a lot. looking for rooting for a long time

  • Isac417

    how long does it take to reboot? 
    my DX is stuck on rebooting

    • Peter Souza

      Read the notes at my website — DX users have to do extra stuff like yank the cable (you reboot into recovery for some weird reason).

      • Isac417

        it says error: device not found

      • Isac417

        did all it said. aint working

      • Hurleygirlie05

        Hi- I am having a hard time finding anybody who specifically had problems with their Droid 2.  It says it will work with the Droid 2 Global, but I just have the standard Droid 2.  I ran through the whole application, it went through all three steps, rebooted three times and said press any key to continue.  I am assuming it was successful.  I tried rebooting my phone four times manually and my wireless tether is still saying my phone is not rooted.  Any help I can get will be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks so much!

        • Same thing happens here

        • Yodalp6

          Try Barnacle Wifi Tether, the WiFi tether program I think you are using has problems with the re-rooted gingerbread OS.

      • spunk1064

        What’s your website address? I found http://www.petersouza.com/ but I don’t see any notes on this issue (unless I’m looking in the wrong place?)

    • Hep_panthers44

      all i had to to for mine was un attach the usb cable from the phone and manually re boot it then reconnect the cable as it was turning on

  • Peter Souza

    Newest version (full rewrite) available at http://www.psouza4.com/droid3 — enjoy.

    • Topher

      This site doesnt say that it will work with the D2 and its 2.3.3 update. Will it?

  • Jaylundgreen

    LMAO!  I waited and waited for a way to root.  Assumed there never would be.  So I did hours of reading and spent HOURS of time flashing my DX back to Froyo and then flashing to a pre-rooted version a GB.  If I just would have waited.  Lol.  The bugger is that in the process my phone was wiped completely clean and it’s been a bit of a hassle.  Too funny.

  • hurrycane

    nvm fixed it.
    dun no y, but had to restart phone to get it working.

  • hurrycane

    nvm fixed it.
    dun no y, but had to restart phone to get it working.

  • hurrycane

    ok, i can’t use “martket” after rooting and restarted the phone…
    saying connection failed.
    also, someone else having trouble using the market?

  • Anonymous

    F’k yeah. I was holding off for an easy method (no SBF) and here it is 😀

  • Mecevans

    Awwww yea! Rooted my Droid X running OTA gingerbread.

  • Anonymous

    DX Ran the program, all went well and it does nothing at all.  Any ideas?

  • Done and done quickly, but I, too am unable to use wireless tethering (really the only thing I would have wanted the root for).
    Yay…but: BUMMER

  • I enjoy you because of each of your labor on this site. Betty really likes working on internet research and it’s simple to grasp why. Many of us learn all about the lively form you create invaluable information through this website and as well as increase contribution from others about this theme and our child is without question studying a lot. Take pleasure in the remaining portion of the year. You have been doing a really good job.

  • DEI

    OMG … people, READ! right in the article it gives a support thread link, go there for assistance, and all of these other questions …. don’t any of you know how to search? Google had been around for quite a while now.

  • Phillip Purcell

    You guys are AWESOME!  I was literally about to SBF back to FROYO so I could get root on the latest update.  Now I don’t need to!

  • Travis83

    I attempted to do this but I have been waiting at the searching for phone screen for about 15 minutes now…. any ideas?

    • Travis83

      Disregard I was able to figure it out. Need to toggle between pc mode and charge mode, working fine now.

  • Topher

    it says in the command line that it works with the cliq, cliq 2, droid 2 global, droid 3, droid pro, droid x, droid x2… but not droid 2. it also says in the top that its for gingerbread 2.3.4 and the version of gb i just downloaded on my droid 2 is 2.3.3.
    My question is… will this work with the D2?

  • BigTJY

    This is why I love this site. You can do anything to your phone as long as you have patience..This is also why Droid-life is my home page on all 5 of my android phones, my home office, all my laptops and my work office computer. Thanks Droid-life and P3Droid and anybody else that had anything to do with this one-click rooting method. You guys are most of the reason why Android devices are #1.

  • Droid X Rocks

    Sorry to be a noob but once I’ve done this then what. Do I need a special file explorer to remove bloatware and is there any file types I should avoid deleting and what are some things that are done once rooted to make a machine smoother and faster?

  • Gregorypickering

    I hate to be such a noob but I am going to be.  I want to do this and root my droid X. Out of 3 Droid phones this will be my first root.  I am curious, once I do this what EXACTLY would I have to do to get it back to its pre-rooted state?  

  • detailphreak

    My DX went through all of the motions just fine, have re-booted it several times (after the program did so) and still I’ve got nothing.  Any ideas?

    Even went through the scripts, still nothing.

  • DX its sitting at searching for phone……Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  • Seanman99

    wireless tether??

    • Joshyz73

      None of the tethering apps are working for me.  Computer sees the SSID, but won’t get an IP.  Also, the built-in tethering app (the one that Verizon charges for) comes up indicating that tethering is detected.

  • Anonymous

    So you don’t have to install adb for this? (if no one answers i’ll let ya’ll know later.

  • Anonymous

    getting rid of bloat is awesome, even with the blur my phone is buttery smooth

  • 96mn12

    Doesnt work on my DX on latest OTA Gingerbread update…

  • Djsantos

    I am getting an error message when ever I try to download drivers. ” This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor”. Any help or ideas? 

    • Poolgod

      depending on which version of windows you are running you might have to download a different driver package.  The link on DL is for 64-bit, whereas if you go to the “full support” link it will give you the option for 64-bit or 32-bit.  Try 32-bit and that should solve your issue.

  • Hsuede7

    Does anyone know after using this method how to get clock work recovery installed? In rom manager is it Motorola DROID x or 2nd init?

    • Hsuede7

      Nobody? Lol

      • DaveIsAwesome

        Google it?

        • Hsuede7

          I have but I’m not finding an answer anywhere.

    • DEI

      Answer: are you installing a 2nd int ROM or keeping stock.

      • Hsuede7

        Keeping stock. Does that mean I wouldn’t be able to run cm7 at some point if I wanted to?

  • BJ P.

    can anyone write an instruction or a link how to sbf droid x2?

  • Doesitwork

    Can you do this on the OTA Gingerbread for DROIDX?  Does Wireless Tether still work?  Wireless Tether is my biggest concern…I am still on 2.2 because of it.

    • Kris Ray

      Use Cyanogen 7.1 nightly builds – Wifi tether works great and you are on android 2.3.5.

      • Anonymous

        is there a good website with instructions on intalling CM?  I’d like to know what wasn’t working and what 3rd party apps I might need ahead of time.  Also, how do you handle back-ups with CM?  I heard clockwork recovery didn’t work in CM.

    • Seanman99

      i am curious as well. 

    • Eddier455

      It worked for me.. Ota Droid x…. It took 5 minutes to install

    • Free Wireless Tether does NOT work on Gingerbread.  If you want to keep Wifi Tether, DO NOT UPGRADE  to Gingerbread.

  • OrlandoBob

    I will be purchasing my Droid 3 this weekend.  I wanted to wait until they were rootable.

    • Peter Souza

      This is an old version… I’m releasing a whole new one-click later on.


      I’ll be keeping my site updated, or check out my thread over an XDA.

      • Topher

        This site doesnt say that it will work with the D2 and its 2.3.3 update. Will it?

  • Sketch2000

    Windows is gay

  • Ultim8gamr

    Tried this on the .607 GB leak for D2G last night with no luck.  Busybox installed fine, but none of the apps could be granted su or root access

  • matt

    does this have a unroot method too?

    • Anonymous

      just sbf. there are plenty out there.

  • Zarni


  • StaticDroidX

    Gee this would of helped 2 months ago when I was forced to SBF to be able to root….

    • Adam Wiggins

      Tell me about it.  At least it’s available now. 

    • SBFing isnt so bad. Better to know how to do it so when you really need it youre not scared

      • Hurleygirlie05

        Can you please let me know how to sbf my phone?


  • that would be awesome if it works on the Bionic also…one can hope anyways

  • does this work on the .602 update?

    • Mike

      It’s working on my Droid X with the update.

    • DEI

      Hmmm, this will work on gingerbread … gee, is the 602 update gingerbread, or did you get a hidden version of ice cream sandwich?

  • Anonymous
  • Ray

    Is it possible to do this on a Mac? If so, how?

    • Mack

      Click on the link to the support thread at the bottom of the post. You will find a copy for Mac.

  • If your X reboots into the bootloader screen, unplug the usb cable, power on manually and replug the cable when you see the red M logo. Repeat as necessary.

  • OG Droid

    I know somebody that will be getting all the crapware off his phone <—— This guy!!

  • OG Droid

    I know somebody that will be getting all the crapware off his phone <—— This guy!!

    • Anonymous

      The best ever!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here http://tini.cc/B8

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    i wish wireless tether works..*HOPE*

  • Flip74k

    Hope there’s a one click app on the way. My comp past away recently.

    • AdamDanger

      Did this just happen, or did it happen in the passed?

      • GigmanX

        As an English major, I have been appreciating the spelling, grammar, and mechanics corrections on DL lately, despite the sarcastic and sometimes belittling means through which those corrections are being presented. 🙂

      • digsoreos

        Your such a stickler for grammatical correctness. *Waits to see if you bite at the “bait” I just placed on the hook. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Any good web sites that show how to Root “OG Droid” ?

    • OG Droid

      superoneclick; google it. Its everywhere

      • Anonymous

        Thank you !!!

      • We tried this on my coworker’s phone and it didn’t work due to his version of Froyo. 

        • StaticDroidX

          Umm durrrr… hence why it says ‘running gingerbread’ lol

  • Man thats easy, I remember when I rooted my OG, the instructions alone took 5 minutes to read 🙂

  • Justin Everett

    Could it finally be a non SBF way to get root on my X?!?  i hope this works, cause i really did not want to have to wipe my phone.

    • Mike

      I rooted my DX with this method the other week, it’s working great. Bloat-b-gon.

  • Anonymous

    YAY for ROOT!
    Bionic….not so much!

    • Topher

      almost yay for root of D2…
      it says in the command line that it works with the cliq, cliq 2, droid 2
      global, droid 3, droid pro, droid x, droid x2… but not droid 2. it
      also says in the top that its for gingerbread 2.3.4 and the version of
      gb i just downloaded on my droid 2 is 2.3.3.
      My question is… will this work with the D2?

      • Ozhart2

         I would like to know also. Is this method still thw to go?

        • DX Again

           I just purchased a stock GB DX. It has .605 ..  I was expecting issues because of the latest updates, but I was so awsomely surprised that it worked without a hich the first time… I thought it didn’t work until I pulled the battery and rebooted, now I have full root. Now to mod the radio…

  • John

    :::::::::::::::::::::,/… “~~–,,,__,-“… … .|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,,-“”~~—,,,___
    ::::_______,-“… … … … … … … ../::::::::::::::::::::::::::_,,-~”… … … … …,/
    ::::… … … … … … … … … … …. :::::::::_____,,-~”… … … … … … ,-“
    ::::::… … … … … … … … … … … “~–~”… … … … … … … … …,-“
    :::::::… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .”-,,,________
    ::::::::’… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .”~-,,
    :::::::::/ … … … … … … … …______,,,,,,,,,,,,___… … … … … … … … … … … …/
    :::::,-“… … … … … …_,,–~”’. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “’~~~—,,,_… … … … … … …_,/
    :::,/… … … … … ..,~”___,,,—~~~~~~~~~—–,,,,__. . . . . . . . “’~-,,… … … .._,,~”
    :::… … … … … … “~,,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “’~~~–,,,__. . . “~-,,_,,~”
    ::::’… … … … … … … ..”-,,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .”’~~—~,”
    :::,-“… … … … … … … ..,-“._,,,,_________. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,~”,,-~~~-,,
    ,-“… … … … … … … .,-“. ,/:::,–~”;__;;)::::::¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯,~”`”`”~,~~–,,_.,-“,-“. ._,,_. . “-,
    |… … … … … … … .,/. .,-“:::::”~-“:::::¯:::::::::::::::::::::”–~~-,,_)::::::::. “. ,,-“~,::::,. .
    “-,…,~~–“`”-,… … …/. .,/:::::::::::,,-~”`”’-,::::::::::::::::::::_,,,,_:::::::::::::::,. …. ..”~-|. . .|
    :::.(_. . . . . “-,_… …/. ,-“::::::::::::”–~~—“::::::::::::::::::(__,,,_’:::::::::::::::. …. … /. . ./
    :::/,”_,_. . . . . . .”~–“. ./::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::___:::::::::::::::::¯::::::::::::::::. .|… ../. . ./
    :::¯¯¯”-,¯¯”~-,,_. . . . |:::::::::::,-~-,:::::::::::,-“;;_;;;”-,:::::::::::::::::,,-,::::::::::::|. |…,-“. . /.”-,-~-,
    ::::::::::::,… … .¯”-,. .|::::::::,-“;;;;”-,_::::::::”~”::::”~”:::::::::::::::_,”;;;”-,:::::::::|. “~”. .,-“–~”. .~”,
    ::::::::::::::… … … .|. .::::::::”~”,;;;,-,_”~–,,,__::::::::__,,,–~”_,,;;,-,,”:::::::::/. . . -~”. . . ._,-~”
    :::::::::::::::|… … … . . ::::::::::::;;;:::”~~–,,,_¯¯¯¯__,,,–~”:,/;;/:::::::::::::/. . . . __,,-~”
    ::::::::::::::|… … … ..’,. .::::::::::::,;;”-,::::::::::::¯¯¯¯::::::::,-“;,/:::::::::::::/. .,-~”’.
    :::::::::::::/… … … … .’. .”-,::::::::::”-,_”~-,,_::::::::::::::_,,-“;;,-“:::::::::::,-“. ,/_…
    :::::::::::::”~~–,,_… … …”-,. “-,::::::::::::”~-,,_”~~—-~”;;_,,~”:::::::::::,-“. ,-“:::::”~~—“
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::”~-,,_,,~”:”-,,. “~-,,:::::::::::::¯¯”`”`”`”¯¯:::::::::_,,~”. ,,-“..”~–,,_____________
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::”/. . . . “’~–,,,__::::::::::__,,,–~”. ._,,~”… .”~–,,… … … … … ..|
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/. . . . . . .,~-,,__¯¯¯¯¯_,. . . . . . … … … … .|.OH YEAH!!… ..|
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|. . . . . . ./::::::::::¯¯¯¯¯:::. . . . . . |… … … … |____________|
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,,-~”. . . . . . .|::::::::::::::::::::::::|. . . . . . “-,,_
    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,”. . . . . . . . . . .)::::::::::::::::::::::/. . . . . . . . . .”~,
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::”-,,__. . . . _,,-“:::::::::::::::::::::::,_. . . . . . . ._,,-”