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Download: Bionic ARena Scavenger App for Original DROID

As many of you have pointed out, the Bionic ARena scavenger hunt app will not appear for you to download on the original DROID.  While we could go off for quite some time on how unfortunate that is, we’ll attempt to move on and have instead given you the .apk file to sideload onto your device.

So you know, this runs pretty rough on the OG and is probably the reason why they won’t make it available in the market to owners of it.  You’ll get some force closes, but you can also get it to work if you are patient with it.  It may not be pretty, but it should give you a chance to compete to win a new phone.  After all, you have been waiting for 2 years – you deserve something for that.

Download:  com.mf.DroidBionicARena-1.apk

To install – download the file from above to your phone, tap on it when it finishes and install.

  • Bansheecyal8tr

    i got my bionic through my company from verizon. I saved over verizon’s prices!! i also do upgrades at 22 months if your under contract! jpz.acndirect.com

  • Cazador7907

    I, like a lot of other people, have been waiting eagerly for the Droid Bionic.  What I’m having a problem with is that when the designed their scavenger hunt program, they didn’t program it to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the original DROID).  It’s bad programming and even worse planning!!

    • Anonymous

      it works just fine on my OG

  • Anyone reason as to why it doesn’t let me start the hunt? I’ve built the bionic about 20 times now, and it still tells me I need to build it to start the hunt.

    • Nevermind! I just opened the playerprofile.data file and edited the “mCompletedTraining” string.
      Hope that helps anyone.

      • Anonymous

        What program did you use to edit the file? I ask because for the 4th guardian, I can’t find it at all, my phone doesn’t show it on the screen but the icon keeps floating on the grid. 

  • Still no-go on the Droid Eris, I think this app just uses more memory than I can spare.  However, the game can be played without the app via Google Maps.  🙂

  • I simply needed to thank you so much all over again. I am not sure what I would’ve worked on in the absence of the actual pointers provided by you directly on such a field. Entirely was an absolute daunting case in my view, but looking at a specialised mode you resolved it took me to leap with joy. I’m thankful for your service and even hope that you are aware of an amazing job your are getting into training men and women using a site. Most likely you have never got to know any of us.

  • Anthony Etter

    FU vzw/motorola/MunkyFun  you should be supporting the OG droiders, because we have waited nearly two years vs. those who have the charge and x2 and incredible 2 and droid 3 since they haven’t been out for more than a year. anyways the apk works, but it doesn’t let me build the droid. It says scanning for signal.

  • Someone

    I can confirm.  I had SS 5.5 I believe (the newest one) installed and it would just close on the splash screen every time.  I have installed a fresh copy of GPA17 per a few peoples comments and I can run this ARena app without a problem.  I grabbed all 4 guardians or whatever they are, and was able to enter my email address in the setup part.  It is running smooth on GPA17.  I did overclock the CPU in CPU Settings to 1Ghz.

  • Djstar2k2

    again this why i dont get vrz and mr moto slight of droid-life in this contest!  kellz is always on time and holds the droid fam down even the ones with too much Sense, NO WIZ for TOUCH, and the BLURRY.(does anybody know what lg skin is called?)  but if one rumor is true i hope that uncle googs really wants to snag up all the og droid owners that didnt jump on the droid 3 and get back to what droid does that the icrap slime(5) dont like keyboard and that sweet vanilla with now tech

  • Lanza_david

    I cannot find that link to “Don’t have an Android device.”The app is forcing close on my OG a lot. I am able to grab the guardians, but then it does not activate the Hunt. help!

  • Timrod

    Thanks, I had to start it three times but it works. Love my OG but its about time I Upgrayedd.

  • J. Zack Hoffman

    running fairly well (no crashes yet anyway) on my og droid with gpa17

  • foamman

    So…Let me get this straight. If you have a phone that’s more than two years old (and can really use a new one) you aren’t able to run the app but if you have a newer phone that is under two years old the app works. That makes sense?!?

    • Anthony Etter

      Thats verizon wireless epic fail for you.

  • Anonymous

    i was able to download it on my OG

  • Anonymous

    Seems like your Droid has a bit of bumps and bruises, but its still kicking! just like mine!

  • docking

    What about the code number?

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone complaining about Bionic posts?  Kellex is doing what his site is here to do–and has always done–AND is the reason we all love this site….give us the correct info about all things Droid as soon as he gets it.  I’m sorry for you that you don’t want to get the Bionic, but there are people that do, and there are plenty of people (like myself) that read about plenty of phones they don’t care about, can’t or won’t ever get.  Give it a rest.  You should know there is going to be Bionic stuff all over the place on this site for the next TWO weeks because there will be all kinds of info up to the launch date and reviews after the launch.  You should be so lucky to have a dedicated person (and team) like this that wants to write about stuff you want to hear about….and doesn’t charge you a penny to view it.  Keep up the EXCELLENT work Kellex, most of us value you.

    • Anonymous

      You are awesome. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        No, you are, thanks for all you do….OK, this is getting a little sappy.

      • EC8CH

        Just keep it coming once the Prime hype machine starts lighting up.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll get it started right now.

          It’s Prime time baby!

      • NO..you’re the awesome one….@securityNick he’s iiight..lol jkjk

    • Anonymous

      The best ever!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here http://tini.cc/B8

    • Oh, wow, my perspective has been totally rebooted. Thank you. Bring on the Bionic posts!

  • Squevie

    So, even if you can’t get it to work on OG, or don’t have an Android phone, you can still play.   Straight from the “Terms and Conditions”

    “To enter for free and/or for non-Android device owners, to enter visit droiddoes.com/bionic (“Sweepstakes Site”) and click the link entitled “Don’t have an Android device.” Input your location within the Google Maps interface from your personal computer. You will then use Street View Navigation to find/collect up to 4 virtual devices/prizes during each 30-minute game based on location entered, each of which will earn you one Sweepstakes entry for the corresponding device/prize. During each 5-minute segment (“Hunt”) of the 30-minute game, you may capture up to 4 devices/prizes. At the end of your first Hunt where you captured at least one device/prize, you will be prompted to submit your email address and complete age verification to receive an entry corresponding to the appropriate device(s)/prize(s). If you did not capture all devices/prizes during the first Hunt, you may play in additional Hunts within that 30-minute game (if available) to capture any remaining devices/prizes.”

    • Lanza_david

      I cannot find that link to “Don’t have an Android device.”The app is forcing close on my OG a lot. I am able to grab the guardians, but then it does not activate the Hunt. 


      • Anonymous

        click the download link and then the “don’t have supported device” link

  • Anonymous

    Force closes upon opening on my Eris running 2.3.5

  • Djlowproz

    i Dowloaded this app from the market yesterday on my OG droid and it worked zero problems, but my droid is stock rooted tho

    • Legoturte92

      The same thing for me. My OG is stock and it works without a hitch. The only time it’s a tad slow is when I close out of it.

  • Urugami

    Thanks… Running it now
    How long does it take to load past the splash screen?

    Oh.. it seems to be done

    • Urugami

      No, it just brings up the browser and goes to the last page I was looking at.

  • Mctypething

    I knew it had been too long since a Bionic related post.

    • VageenLikeSleeveOfWizards

      Yes, it had. Lets see another one please! How about a picture of a random UPS truck backing up to a Verizon store? 

  • Anonymous

    Are people gonna start bitching about another Bionic posting???  3…..2…..1…….

    • EC8CH


      • PissOnPrime

        HHHHHHHHHHH what the hell is a prime? 

        • EC8CH

          Prime’s your Daddy.  He traveled back in time and looked up your Mom.  Now show some respect.

  • Mineral21

    Yeah, i was able to download from the market on my OG Droid yesterday, but the app just crashes.  I’m rooted, running Liquid Gingerbread which has all kinds of camera problems.  so that’s probably why.  *sigh*

  • john patterson

    I read the ttle wrong. I thought it said “download Driod Bionic rom on original droid”

    • Really? How did you get “ROM” out of  “ARena Scavenger App?”

  • Mmurph42

    I was able to download from the market yesterday as well.  However, can’t seem to get anything to happen on the “build bionic” page.

    • Lanza_david

      Same here. I grabbed all four but it still says must build bionic 🙁

  • Digthistrash

    Ran just fine for me on Pete’s latest gp17 @ 1ghz. Got it from the online android market. Fwiw.

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Its working fine on my OG Droid, I’m running GPA17 from Peter Alfonso and i have no trouble with it.  I’ve already  grabbed the 4 AR guardian things to build my bionic

  • Anonymous

    You’d think that since most people lock into 2 yr contracts they would have considered the people most likely to be upgrading at this time.

  • Anonymous

    I installed it on my OG from the market yesterday. Did it get taken down, or was I just lucky? Mostly just crashes though.

    • I downloaded it also.

    • Same here, is this not the same app? I want to know before I download and overwrite what I already have.

  • R6pokey

    hmm i own a rooted OG droid from the firts batch release model. i’m running Jrummy froyo kangerade V5.0.9 and i could install directly from the market. its possible that it will work for others

    • Jsnoffke

      I am also rooted and was able to download it from the market yesterday

    • Jsnoffke

      I am also rooted and was able to download it from the market yesterday

  • EC8CH

    “you have been waiting patiently for 2 years – you deserve something for that.”

    I’ll take a phone with stock Android and an non encrypted bootloader please 🙂

    • What fun is a pure AOSP interface? Like having a quad core 6 gig ram, mega video card computer running windows 98.

      • EC8CH

        Have you ever had a really good vanilla ice cream?  It doesn’t need swirls of fudge, or chucks of butter pecan brickle, or even wobbly flying transitions on every screen.  Nope… a good vanilla ice cream is smooth and delicious all by itself.

        • Urugami

          That did it!… I’m picking up some Blue Bell ice cream on the way home.

          • EC8CH
          • Urugami

            It’s the best they’ve got.
            Seriously, it is.

          • Anonymous

            I just had some at an ice cream party at work.

          • where’s Mr.Softie when you need him…oh wait..I think I hear the music

          • Anonymous


          • Tadashi Andrews

            my mom and wife went to the blue bell factory a week or so ago…they said it was like Willy donnas in there…oh yeah, I want a bionic. Og droid still going strong.

        • Anonymous

          It may not need it, but sometimes extra flavors mixed in, make the taste more interesting. I have different roms for different moods running on my phone. I do usually run Cyanogen.

          • EC8CH

            Developer phones like the OGD and Nexus phones have more support from the Developer community resulting in more choices of ROMs and themes.

            So it’s really like the sweet cream ice cream at Cold Stone, you can mix in whatever you want.

            Blur is more like watermelon sherbet.  Sure some people may like it alot, but you don’t get to mix in as much as good ole vanilla. 

          • But the phone having a skin on it or not shouldn’t dictate whether devs create roms, correct?

            If so many people are clamoring for pure AOSP phones, why worry about ROMS?

        • Yes, but I wouldn’t want to eat the gourmet ice cream every single day. How about that super computer running DOS? It would scream, but not very fun.

      • Anonymous

        I can add whatever mix-ins I want to a good vanilla ice cream and get exactly the treat I want. If I buy the Smurfy-mint-chocolate-chip-peach-cobbler-praline-surprise, well, you might be able to add stuff to it, but you’re still gonna taste the mess underneath.

        • Anonymous

          Hey now, let’s not bad mouth the mint chocolate chip please. :]

  • Nice. Thanks.