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Nexus Prime GT-I9250 Support Page Found on Samsung Site

What you have in front of you, is a support page for the Samsung GT-I9250 which has been rumored for weeks to be the Nexus Prime.   Confused after reading that?  Oh, because the rumored “DROID Prime” is listed all over the place now as being SCH-i515?  Yeah, this isn’t going to be easy to explain, but we’ll try.

Our opinion still basically reflects what we said throughout a variety of posts yesterday.  The device that is headed to Verizon may not actually be a Nexus, but still could be the first stock Android 4.0 device on the planet.  Just like Verizon did with the XOOM (and 3.0) and original DROID (and 2.0), they could easily release this device and not make it a Nexus which is why you are seeing the Big Red-esque SCH-i515 model number.

This GT-I9250, which matches up much more closely to say the Nexus S as far as model number goes than the Verizon version, is more than likely the next Nexus.  That make sense?

Now, that’s all speculation on my part, but the theory at least matches up to history.  The good news is, that even if Verizon releases a non-Nexus version, there is a chance it could be completely unlocked, just like the XOOM was/is.


Via:  AndroidGuys

  • Eric Peterson

    Truthfully, I want a Nexus phone on Verizon. But I know there is a good chance that it won’t happen and the best alternative would be a DROID Prime. I mean seriously, wtf really cares when you have a team like Cyanogen bringing sh*t to the table. My Incredible had GB last July because of Cyanogen. I’m really not worried about bloatware or anything other than it being locked down.

    And I’m pretty sure deep down, you guys feel the same way. You want a Nexus but you’d take a DROID Prime vs any other phone on VZW. Right?

  • Leave it to Verizon to convince consumers that a Droid Prime is better than a Nexus Prime.

  • Leave it to Verizon to convince consumers that a Droid Prime will be better than a Nexus prime.

  • If Verizon releases this Samsung as a non-Nexus device, why would it be stock Android? It seems to me that only the forced restrictions of the Nexus branding would make VZW release a stock phone in this day and age.

  • Droid

    ^ Is considering an iHone because it’s display simply shits on every other phone I’ve toyed with. #UglyTruth

  • honestly i don’t think that it will be NEXUS branded, unless verizon (wireless) and google inc have made a $$$ deal. Think about it, both the Nexus 1 and Nexus S, both released on networks OTHER THAN verizon (wireless). VZW is very picky about their phones, and they HAVE to have their own spin on every phone, adding bloatware..etc, which is good because that is creating jobs (hopefully in AMERICA). 
    My guess is it will be DROID branded, but there is a possibility that it would have google’s NEXUS branding on the name. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY PEOPLE!

  • Anonymous

    whats with the i9220 that engadget reported about last night (wifi cert)??  One could be the Nexus Prime and the other the Droid Prime-i9250 (same phone with VZW bloat and Verizon logo on front?)

  • Anonymous

    im condused… i just wantt a stock android phone already, i dont care if its called the smelly fish sandwich surprise with a dash of chocolate. Put good radios in it beefy specs and at least a 4.5″ qhd display and ill be a happier camper than this guy right here:

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  • I really hope vzw doesn’t bloat this to death.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So will the non nexus/nexus/ics phone get all the new updates first like nexus devices do? 

  • Anonymous

    So will the non nexus/nexus/ics phone get all the new updates first like nexus devices do? 

  • Zebra

    Not a Nexus? Just an excuse to let them fill it with bloatware

  • Anonymous


  • Tnvprofen

    As long as it is stock and will never be bloated up I am game! This is what will make me leave my iPhone

  • Comment

    i want to buy the droid 3 because it has a keyboard but i am confused because it not 4g so im afriad it will be outated. Does anyone think its worth it?

    • No.  Why buy a phone that cannot use the fastest network.  A keyboard is overrated.  I bought the OG Droid.  Ever since Swype, I have never used the keyboard.  Get one of the 4G phones and call it a day

  • Tyler

    So…wait. Verizon looks dumb to me.
    First they pass on the SGS2 because their Droid Prime is gonna kill it. Fine. So Verizon has 0, the other carriers have the SGS2.

    But now the Droid Prime will be released as “exclusive”, but the Nexus Prime, be it the same damn phone, will be on all the other carriers.

    So now its Verizon who loses because while they have the Droid Prime, every other carrier gets the Nexus Prime, and they each also have the SGS2. Lame.

    • Anonymous

      to Verizon, the Bionic is their Superphone for September.  No other carrier will get the Bionic – at least i don’t think they will.  It definitely looks like the rumors are pointing to VZW getting Droid Prime (i9250-aka the SCH i515) and everyone else getting Nexus Prime (i9220) a bit later.  Only difference being that VZW will put their logo on the front and will fill it with useless apps.

  • James Pollard

    As long as we finally get a stock android device on verizon I dont care what its called.

  • Anonymous

    I can almost guarantee that a Droid Prime will be full of Verizon bloatware. Even though Verizon has countless other Android phones to sell us their crap on they will never give us geeks one single vanilla Android phone. I’m so disappointed in Verizon. 

  • As long as it does all the things a Nexus would, they can call it “don’t buy this phone” for all i care

  • Daniel

    Supposed to b a gsm and cdma version of this phone… Hence the different model numbers… Calm down peeps

  • I really don’t care what it’s called to be honest. Specs are what I’m interested in.
    Also going along with model #, anybody else think the naming conventions are similar 
    Samsung “Charge”….”Prime”?

  • Anonymous

    the bionic is so last month

  • Booboolala2000

    HATE to say this, but I could live with this. If it is lte equipped. Prefer a nexus, but who are we kidding? This Verizon we are talking about.

  • Booboolala2000

    HATE to say this, but I could live with this. If it is lte equipped. Prefer a nexus, but who are we kidding? This Verizon we are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanna see that screen…BOI!

  • David

    Yea so I’m up in the air was gonna get the bionic but I’m gonna wait to see what’s up with the prime… if its unlocked then there is no competition need something to last me 2 years… prime all the way


    Simple: If this phone is release before the end of October it’s mine.  If not, I’ll be the proud owner of a Bionic.

  • This is the GSM version model number. 

  • i think this is fake

  • P5stover

    OG Droid contracts are done early Nov. so verizon needs to release something special before then or im jumping ship!

    • Anonymous

      No most have been up for an upgrade for awhile now.

  • The i515 is an updated Charge, not a NEXUS type phone!

    • Mike


  • Anonymous


  • Br_hermon

    It had better be a Nexus device! I want all the Nexus perks. (First in line for updates straight from Google because its a “developer phone”, vanilla android, no bloatware, etc)

  • Yes. That’s one argument I’ve had.

    Why VZW would name this one Droid when the Bionic is also a Droid, and release both phones within 90 days of each other, is beyond me; it would diminish the impact of the name from a marketing psychology standpoint.

    • Anonymous

      Umm.. Droid, Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Droid X all come to mind. The first two were very close, weren’t they?

      • And the Incredible and X came out with five weeks of each other, as well.

  • Grasshopper239

    Yes, it won’t be a Nexus. They have to bloat it up with all their crapware. How else will they sell VZ Navigator?

  • Anonymous

    If it’s true that Verizon isn’t getting the Nexus then I take back all previous statements about buying the SCH-i515. If it’s a stock Android device, great. Not interested though, not enough of a reason to drop my DX just yet.

  • Anonymous

    If it is a Samsung it won’t be locked down anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Kellex, why can’t you just tell us that your omniscient sources have confided in you that the Nexus Prime will come to Verizon on time in October? None of this “it might be similar to the Nexus but not be it,” and “maybe it will be unlocked,” etc. It’s as if Verizon is just trying to let me down, again.

  • EC8CH

    Here’s my thoughts:


    Pretty simple

    • John

      i concur with your thoughts

  • Tacoman

    Verizon WILL NOT HAVE A NEXUS.  Period.  I read a long article about them never releasing unlocked phones as it would be very irresponsible of them to freely let “rooters” tether to their hearts desire and cause Verizon to loose a lot of money.  Which again, is all there care about.

    But if they wanted to be awesome and do that I’d buy it……kthxbai !

    • Kris Brandt

      OGD was unlocked, wasn’t it?

      • Chris K

        No it wasn’t unlocked. Just unencrypted i believe

      • TAchomanboi

        Yup, and every phone since then for the last two years?  Yeah, locked.  They learned the hard way.

        • Anonymous

          None of the Samsung were locked not to mention HTC wasn’t either until recently and they can still be easily unlocked. Same with LG. Shut up with the Verizon never allows an unlocked phone bs.

          • TAchomanboi

            Excuse me, should have said.  “A phone worth buying” LOL

          • Anonymous

            They had plenty of phones worth buying. You are just one who likes to bitch and moan about everything. They could get a nexus and you would still bitch. Why not switch carriers if you hate verizon so much?

          • TAchomanboi

            Definitely not, love Verizon.  When I said a phone worth buying, I was thinking about a high end phone with zero flaws (which I’d say most of us are looking for).  Just disappointed all these giant companies, Google, Moto, Samsung, Verizon, etc. are collaborating and still can’t put out one outstanding Android phone that sets the bar, with everything the consumers want (hate to say it….apple does it with the iphone every year or so).  

            I’d just say I have very high expectations, nothing more.  Seems like every phone has a weak point, whether it’s battery life, screen, network, non 4G, etc, etc.  The sgs2 would have been perfect on Verizon, but now I guess the next hope is the Prime.  I’m only being so picky as I’ll have the phone for 2 years.  Besides, it’s just my opinion buddy, nothing against you.  If the Nexus comes to Verizon I’ll be in line with everybody else on here.


        • and they’ve had unlimited data for the last two years.

      • Pennywise

        No. It was a secure device that Verizon didn’t want anyone tampering with.  Like any good arms race, the dev community developed OG-armor-piercing rounds and Verizon had to step up the security.

        The only unlocked Android device on Verizon has been the XOOM.  I do not foresee Verizon allowing ANY unlocked, un-secured smartphones on their Network.

        They are concerned about network security, about charging for Tethering and charging for Hotspot, and want to protect the ‘bloatware’ interests (which are essentially partners).

        IMO, Verizon will not see ‘a Nexus device.’  And if they do get a ‘stock’ device, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be locked up just as tight as any other smartphone on Big Red’s network.

    • MetalPhoenix79

      Except Verizon now has tiered data. If they tether they will get nailed to the wall with charges.

      • EC8CH

        you would think that would be enough to satisfy them

    • Stabbedintheface

      Oh, well if you just read a long article then it MUST be true!

      • TAchomanboi

        Yeah, because that’s what I meant….:rolleyes:  It makes sense doesn’t it?  Verizon is a business.  Their only objective at the end of the day is to maximize profits.

        • EC8CH

          Wonder if VZW made any profit when the OGD was released?  Closest thing to a Nexus we’ve ever seen on VZW.

          • TAchomanboi

            They made BANK.  They even spent $100 million on advertising.  I guess that is why the jumped on the Android ship so quick haha

    • Anonymous

      You guys are forgetting that Verizon said they would allow unlocked devices when the how open movement went full strength.

      • They said they allow unlocked phones.
        They didn’t say they will sell unlocked phones.

        • Anonymous

          Umm if they would allow unlocked phones on the network why wouldn’t they sell them? That’d be pretty stupid….

          • It’s not linked in any way.

            You can sell locked phones. If someone finds a way to unlock it, you don’t even know if they did. It’s impossible — on the carrier side — to tell if a phone has an unlocked boot loader, or is running a custom ROM.

    • If att can stop people from using there jailbroken phones to tether im sure verizon could do the same. Verizon would be stupid not to release at least one nexus phone moving foreward. If motorola made one i would almost guarantee Verizon would get it.

      • The only advice I could give you guys is never take the ota updates..ever

        Wait for a developer to release their rooted version.


    • Lanlee212

      Verizon said they wont release a Android device too.

  • Ven727

    Still want the Nexus branding. Even being vanilla the OG stroll played second fiddle to the nexus in terms of getting updates. Samsung could later release an update with TouchWiz embedded. They can’t with the nexus. Just my. 02

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. A big draw for me to the Nexus line is the timely updates straight from Google. No negotiating with OEMs or carriers.

    • EC8CH

      exactly… Nexus or Bust

      • Madcow06

        I’m holding out for a nexus and if verizon doesn’t get one then Droid HD for me, that thing looks sexy.

        • EC8CH

          I’ve heard its possible the HD won’t be LTE… don’t know if that would matter to you.

    • I agree, and it’s a good point – but if it’s truly unlocked then you don’t need to wait for OTAs and deal with WizTouch, root the Prime and be done with it.  Just my thoughts…

  • Thank you, I was in the process of writing a guest post to explain this…

  • ramifications

    I just want one of these or the HTC Vigor to come out already. My broken Incredible needs a rest!

  • pezjono

    Isn’t it also possible for both devices to be the same hardware (except radios), but called two different things? Verizon could name theirs the DROID Prime while others the Nexus Prime and they could be the same hardware specs and software. Maybe just a timed release if Verizon coughs up the cash?

    It is still all speculation at this point. We could continue to come up with new stories every day though!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but why such variation in model number? Usually the same phone on different carriers are close in model number.

      • Anonymous

        Verizon would want their own version of the model number for their “exclusive” handset. The Nexus version would have the original Samsung model number, since it unlocked and not tied to a carrier.

        • Anonymous

          Never said they wouldn’t but if they were similar they wouldn’t have such a variance in model number. Just saying

          • Anonymous

            Samsung’s own model numbers are very different from Verizon’s own model numbers. It’s two different systems.

          • Anonymous

            You aren’t getting what I am saying. Check out the galaxy s us variants and their model numbers. 4 different carriers yet pretty similar model numbers. That is what I am talking about.

          • PSU_DI

            Sure it matches up in the us but not the European numbers. The Verizon galaxy s was the fascinate its model was the sch-I500 yet the european variant was the I9000

            so here we have the I9250 which could be the European nexus prime and then we also have the sch-i515 which would indicate a Verizon exclusive model number. What ever it is it will be the next Samsung smartphone to land on vzw.


  • Angryunibrow