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Madden 2012 Also Available on Android Today

Anyone headed to a store this morning to pick up Madden 2012?  Or have some of you already gone 2-3 hours deep into your first franchise season?  Or did some of you have to work today? (I say that because this is like a holiday for gamers)  If for whatever reason you had to and are not able to plant yourself firmly on a couch, you may want to grab the Android version of the game that was also released and dive into a season from your desk.  It will run you almost $8, but that could be well worth the time spent discovering who will be this year’s unstoppable force.  

Market Link


Via:  Phandroid

  • Dantheman

    Looks like it might not work if your rooted. … Droid X Froyo/Stock/Rooted muhahahahha

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  • Madden is meant to be played on the Xbox 360 or a playstation 3. Not a phone, or a tablet.. 

  • Mrlamotte87

    Can’t wait for this to hit my Acer!!

  • Anonymous

    I think calling this a “holiday for gamers” is a bit strong. Most hardcore gamers don’t give a rat’s ass about sports games, especially Madden. I, for one, have zero interest in such things. Mass Effect ftw (though ME3 looks to be a disappointment).

    • Jlaksjdfawerw23423

      well then you’re just gay

  • Blake Buchanan

    Is it worth it my Tbolt or is this more tablet geared?

    • john patterson

      I downloaded it on my tbolt and it looks great and works great. the funny thing is that around the time the 15 minute refund period ended the app started freezing. phone works great still but only that 1 app keeps freezing. I only tryed it a few times though so I restarted my phone to see if that helps.

    • john patterson

      nvm. After restarting my phone the app still works great and looks great also. deff worth the $8

      • Blake Buchanan


        • john patterson


        • john patterson


        • john patterson


  • john patterson

    Really good graphics. Haven’t played it yet to be able to say if its good performance. The $8 price isn’t a big deal since the game cost about $60 in the store. but I just wish it wasn’t 305 mb of data to download.

  • Says compatible, have a feeling it won’t work anyway…..

  • not compatible on any of my devices wtf!

    Droid X
    Droid Eris
    Droid 1

  • Anonymous

    Thought this years Madden 12 for Android looks great, I have a PS3 for a reason. 🙂

    But I might get it for when I am away from home. 

  • I got a little triangle with and exclamation point saying it could not install on my SD card (Thunderbolt), I get the same notification when I try to update Dolphin HD. Any idea why this is?

  • Anonymous

    If you are seeing that your device is not compatable, double check the version you’re looking at. The link Kellex posted goes to the Netherlands/B.V. version of the game. Here’s the US link:

  • Anonymous

    Compatible with my Droid Pro, but not with my Transformer.  Good job on being shortsighted EA.

  • Am I the only one who enjoys the NCAA game more than the Madden game year after year?

    • Speedyrulz8

      My friends and I all play NCAA over Madden. Though NCAA this year is buggy as hell and still not fixed.

  • Jer85008

    Madden 11 was horrible, I could run the same play over and over and score a touchdown every time. I’ll pass on this (pun intended).

  • Anonymous

    Not compatible with my First* 4G Tablet?!?

  • Pac

    Anyone else think that Vick deserved the cover over Hillis?

    • Fggh


    • marlo

      Vicky already had one. Hillis is a cult hero. Brady should have got it doe.

    • Anonymous


    • John

      Vick was 21st in passing yards, 16th in passing TDs.  Ok season when supplemented by his rushing stats, but no.. he didn’t deserve the cover/

      Foster on the other hand, probably did.

    • Jim Dandy

      Hillis was the biggest fantasy sleeper last season. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Aaron Rodgers or James Harrison.

    • Jack Sanchez

      Whose Vick? U mean the cough medicine?

    • Sruel3216

      easily. hillis is boring as hell to watch

      • Vick sucks and won’t do anything this year.


        He’s already been on the cover and broke his leg. lol

    • Pennywise

      Props to Vick for his rehabilitation, but convicts and felons are not great for marketing your brand.

      • Anonymous

        The e-girls don’t seem to think so.

    • Smr561

      I’d rather see Brady on the cover… and hope the curse is true.

  • any info on if this is tablet compatible?  I’m not interested on my phone, but on my Transformer… YES PLEASE!

    • It showed it could be installed on my nook color, but i didnt try it yet, as I dont have it with me.

      • Just checked it out on the online market and it is NOT compatible with my Asus Transformer.  Bummer…

  • Anonymous

    so when this will be free on the amazon appstore?

    • When is this going to be available to my xoom?

      • Anonymous

        Early March, when you get upgraded to 4G LTE

  • This game should be free or discounted for Verizon customers since Verizon is the wireless sponsor of the NFL.

  • marlo

    …wait a second…did you just use that Madden cover image without the expressed written consent of the NFL?!?!

    • This isn’t Apple we’re dealing with so he should be OK.

    • Anonymous

      Rumor is he has implied oral consent…

  • marlo

    Only a sucker would buy this. These kind of sport games…they’re not practical on our phones. They’re too elaborate to play without a controller. Ultimately they’ll only hurt Madden brand equity.

    • Ssplawson

      Your an idiot most of us don’t have time to be sitting in front of video games systems all day so we gotta are Madden fix some how

      • marlo

        No no, you’re an idiot. So go ahead and pay $7 and act like it can hold a candle to the Xbox.

        • Anonymous

          No one says they hold a candle to a console version, but they’re still pretty darn fun in their own right.  They’re great higher-end time wasters while on the go.

          • Jim Dandy

            Needs to have Dualshock compatibility, plus a online feature. 😛

  • silverkorn

    It is actually only $6.99 and available here for those located within the US:

    • yea and its funny that Madden 11 still costs $7.99. a dollar more…and i paid $9.99 from verizon…sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…can’t install on my Droid Incredible. The market says it’s not available in my country. Where else would you be playing NFL games?!

    • Your device is too slow probrably put the wrong error message up.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    backbreaker is about all the android football goodness i can handle…. lol

  • Mike

     Isn’t this the same “bloatware” that everyone bitches about Verizon forcing on their phone?

    • EC8CH

      VZW preinstalled a TRIAL version.

    • Rich

      yeah but madden is something most everyone wants or plays or plans to, when you get crap like vzw navigator or rock band or some tunewiki bs then yes it is bloatware…

      • Anonymous

        Madden is more popular than some other apps, I’m sure, but I don’t think “most everyone” wants to play it.  I know I don’t.

      • Calvin Williams

        I was looking at hoe stupid the apps that came with my Droid charge and just wanted to look at tunewiki.. and I actually enjoyed using it. I actually installed it on my Droid 2 since I took the charge back so I could get the bionic or nexus

    • Anonymous

      They actually allow you to uninstall the games.

  • John

    ‘This app is incompatible with your Verizon Motorola DROIDX.’

    wtf ea. madden ’11 worked great

  • Anthony Domanico

    Hey man, you may want to update your story.  Phandroid got it wrong on the price and market link. They linked to the Netherlands version of the game.  The US version is $6.99.  I’m too lazy to link, but I’ve got it up on Android and Me.

    • Anonymous


  • Rayman411vm

    I smell a video review

    • Adam Elghor

      rly? all i can smell are cookies.