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Monday Poll: Must Have Android Apps Of The Last Month Are?

It has been a month or so since we last asked you what your current app obsessions were.  Since that time, we have seen a number of impressive apps, like A.I. Type keyboard (that I personally can’t get enough of), HD Widgets for tablets, return of ESPN’s fantasy football app, new Swype, SimplePLAY’s song swiping, and so many more.  Anything in particular though, that you just can’t seem to get enough of?  Discover an older app that you wish you had known about from the beginning?  Maybe an app that we haven’t covered at all?  Let us know!

  • kuboo99

    At the moment Android Overclock for me. And whats with T-Mobile taking over?

  • Anonymous

    Geico’s Brostache App

  • Anonymous


  • Mlerota

    Go keyboard is the best keyboard for me.

  • Djenks24

    CamScanner mixed with google docs is awesome. I usually ask the store to throw away the receipts after I scan them right at the counter.  Ive been using invoice2go for all my invoices and estimates for my business.  These apps are getting awsome.  Soon, I won’t need to constantly do maintenace on my windows computer anymore, it will all be done on my phone.  Sorry about the spelling, havent figured out how to use spell checker on my Google TV (Revue) yet:)

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  • Englilish Paper

    Go launcher! I can’t believe people say it’s not smooth. seriously, wtf? t has smooth as a transition effects setting! It’s smooth as a baby’s tookis! Look through the settings! Tweak away! It is also updated regularly, more stable ths launcher pro, and flexible. The team that made this app is dedicated, it’s not an neglected for months and months at a time.

    • skeezicks

      Kellex et al, what a great conversation you’ve got going here. Particularly because it inspired me to try Go Launcher. I’ve been a devotee of ADW, which is one of the best designed launchers around. It’s been glitchy on my OG Droid for the past 6 months or so, however, and the developer doesn’t often update his work. Launcher Pro is an excellent alternative — nearly as nice as ADW’s design, and much smoother, in my hands. I was startled, then, to see how Go Launcher combines elements from both that I admire. The design is sweet, its operation intuitive, and it runs like a total charm. I’m an instant convert!

    • skeezicks

      Oh, and I wanted to say, +1 for the Homestar Runner reference.

    • Dude, I’ve tried it multiple times, and it’s laggier than ADW and LauncherPro (for me at least) any day.  And before you say anything, I have my launcher bulletproofed so I never get any redraws.  I want to love it (so many great features and customizations) but the lag kills me…

  • Anonymous


  • Zepius

    touchpal keyboard. the newest beta is awesome. i think its better than swype

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile Ads just took over Droid-Life! But seriously looks like an update is being made. Lagging hard on Chrome with good hardware. What gives?

  • Dogman123

    What is with the HUGE T-Mo ad on the site?  I think I’m gonna switch to another site for my new if your going to sell out the site to TMo or something stupid like that.

  • Anonymous

    ADW Launcher. Enough said.

  • Jim Dandy

    Sixaxis Controller.

  • Anonymous


  • David

    PDANet, Tweetdeck, Pandora, GTasks, and Simple Calendar are my tops.  

  • ChaynesUSA

    I’m really diggin Peel.

  • Screw launcher pro ,for my money the best app is the GEICO BroStache 

  • Anonymous

    SPB Shell 3D!!!
    Ridiculously overpriced, but is by far by favorite launcher!
    And I have and use GoLauncher, LPP, and ADW EX.

    • Anonymous

      have you tried regina launcher 3D? i believe its free

  • Wakesk8er

    Droidzee. Best yahtzee app on the market!

  • Jbonics

    MusicJunk is by far the best. You cant get it from the market anymore though. Hee hee. I’m gonna have to get a bigger sd card

    • WormDoes

      apk please? mp2 music downloader doesn’t work for shit lately

  • Marc

    What about Dungeon Defenders for tablets? The best game EVER!!

  • Anonymous

    Pano, hands down. I installed it on the way to going out of down and let me tell ya, it works incredibly well. Probably the best Pano app available on Android.

    Just wonderful.

    • I put the X’s stock camera with panoramic stitch up against any app.

  • jack sanchez

    There are more important things that you must have instead of an app for a smartphone. Electric in your house is among that long list. Without electric in your house you can’t charge your phone therefore that “must have app: you speak of will become useless within a few hours. But if I had to choose then I would choose a home replacement app ir a texting app

    • Anonymous

      “Without electric in your house you can’t charge your phone”

      LOL, I can charge my phone anywhere. I can charge it at the McDonalds across the street. 

      • Jack Sanchez

        Yes but u cant charge your phone in your house while sleeping. Ever try charging your phone over night without electric? It doesn’t work that well. If u dont believe me then try it yourself. Tonight before going to bed unplug your phone from the charger. It will give it the same effect. Then in the morning see how much the battery life went up. Unless u have permission to sleep on the McDonalds floor over night so u can plug in your phone and use it as an alarm clock. But when the entire neighborhood loses power that McDonalds u mentioned won’t help u that much. Lol.

        • Anonymous

          i didnt know electric could charge your phone…i thought they had to send electricity to your residence in order for that to happen

    • snooginsguy
      • Jack Sanchez

        Any suggestions that cost less than the price of my phone?

  • Anh

    DeskSMS! I use it all the time!

  • Anonymous

    3D clock widget
    Go KeyBoard and SMS

  • webby

    Go Launcher (much faster than Launcher Pro), Thumb Keyboard — the best for tablets, but terrific for phones when on landscape.

  • Anonymous

    AndCAD – if you are a CAD professional and have the need for a REALLY good drafting application on the go, then I highly recommend this. It’s a little on the spendy side, but since the release of tablets, it really has become a valuable tool.

  • thesaber2000

    Dolphin pad,wizz wigets, HD widgets, all tablet apps or course. swiftkey x for my phone. havent broken down and bought it yet on mytablet, might have to cause im still getting lag with thumb keyboared

  • Tapatalk. Without a doubt.

  • Anonymous

     The Droid-Life App of course =D!

  • 1fall

    Baseball Superstars 2 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Is it just me or is Baseball superstars too easy and 2 is borderline too hard?

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds

  • Adblocker. Just wish it could block background T-Mobile ads…;)

    • KevinC

      I’m sure the developers you’re ripping off appreciate that.  Scumbag.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t get it?

        • Anonymous

          me either, they’re still getting money for the ads, and i don’t click in-app ads anyway (who does?)

      • Christephor

        you must be a dev cuz that comment made you look like a scumbag you douche 

  • Gas Buddy

  • Victor Amador l

    whats app and talk box saved me while out of the states and kept me in contact

  • palomosan

    How about Racing Moto, free and it can be played on Tablets.

  • GO everything! Go launcher, go sms, go  weather, and go contacts are the best.

    • Anonymous

      Handcent SMS is better than GoSMS IMO. 

      GoContacts is awesome though. 

      • Anonymous

        im the opposite. i love gosms but dont like gocontacts lol

  • PageOnce – I like that I can centralize all of my online accounts from my bank, credit card, loans, investments, cell phone, power company, facebook, airline miles, insurance accounts, and more.

    • WAldenIV

      That will be great until it’s hacked and you have to file an identity theft insurance claim and cancel all of your accounts.

  • theme manager from nexgen

  • Sam Shedd

    Loving the update to the google reader app for my XOOM.

    Also been using google docs a ton since school started up again.

  • babadush

    I can’t live with out launcher pro. Well I probably could but I don’t want to

    • Anonymous

      LauncherPro should just stay at the top of these lists permanently. If google was smart they would just buy it and put it in Android. The default launcher sucks. 

      • Anonymous

        Whoa. No way. After months of using stock roms with the basic launcher, I don’t think I can ever use Launcherpro again. If anything, GO launcher is the only thing I would consider.

        • Anonymous

          +1 for Go launcher. Has everything LPP has but it is a bit snappier and sexier IMHO

          • If I am installing a third party launcher, I am using ADW EX. 

          • Anonymous

            Same here.

          • +1. But GO does rule the free launchers.

          • Anonymous

            Same here.

          • Benjamin Mackie

            Third that motion

          • Does it have the widget seriously that is the only reason I use LPP anymore, if someone could find me as epic of a calendar and facebook widget I would be game

          • Try android pro widgets.https://market.android.com/details?id=com.rdr.widgets.core&feature=search_result
            for calendar I use android agenda widget

          • Anonymous

            This. These are the widgets I use with Go launcher. Similar to Sense or LPP widgets with more customization…

          • Anh

            Yes, most of their recent updates have been about widgets.

          • You know what would really fix the issue, that LPP rewrite 

          • Ritesh Tripathy

            It does have calendar, fb, twitter, messaging etc. scrollable widgets with beautiful transparent themes. I used to be a LPP loyal, but GO EX is just too good for anything out there right now. Been on it for over 6 months now and don’t see a reason to switch. Btw, whoever above said it looked cartoonish, hasn’t heard of “Themes” I guess.

          • Anonymous

            I tried GoLauncher…it doesnt feel as smooth to me. And it feels a bit more cartoonish for some reason. 

            I use GoDialer and love it though. GoDialer is an awesome contacts replacement. 

          • Anonymous

            i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here, EgoWìn.com

          • Anonymous

            Cartoonish because it has more effects than lp?

          • Anonymous

            Change the theme.

          • Mike Robertson

            I agree, I used to be loyal to LPP, but I’ve been on GO for a few months now. 

          • mikeym0p

            I just started picking up with go launcher, it’s a little sluggish on the Dinc, but on dual core handsets and higher end handsets it’s unpredicented

          • Anonymous

            It seems go launcher won the battle, when it comes to launchers

        • babadush

          Does go launcher have the cube?

          • Real 3D app drawer. Nice.

          • babadush

            I am using it. It’s smooth as butta

          • babadush

            I am using it. It’s smooth as butta

          • yep, and tons others

          • babadush

            That alone has convinced me.

          • shr1k3r

            it has an effing sphere!

        • Jacob Bowen

          I am a convert to go launcher from Launcher Pro… I never thought it would happen but…. GO is amazing!

          • Anonymous

            Could not agree more

        • John

          Go launcher lags & has its issues. LP has become pretty damn stable over time.

          • Anonymous

            IIRC, it has also began to lack development over time.

          • John


          • Ritesh Tripathy

            Don’t know what you’re talking about but GO EX is miles ahead in stability, speed and functionality. Its smoother than LPP too. LPP is just stuck in 2010. That LPP Unlocker in my app drawer is just sitting there only because I paid for it last year and then it went down the drain.

          • John

            ya i bought it before that stupid locker was introduced. i prefer GO apps over most, but their launcher was just all sorts of acting up. it was great for a few days, but then it like did a 180 & kept hanging FC’ing out of no where on me etc

          • Anonymous

            Not at all.  LP is noticeably faster than Go on my Droid.

        • Anonymous

          Go launcher is it very fast, it also has more effects than go launcher and adw launcher.

      • greg

        LauncherPro has way to many redraws.  Go Launcher continually updates and has seemed to fix most redraw issues.  

      • Anonymous

        Negative ! Launcher pro can compete with go launcher

    • You have not used Go Launcher I see.

      • babadush

        Nope I’m willing to try it. The cube is my favorite thing. Although launcherpro seems slow on gingerbread

        • Yahoo Fantasy Football app. YAY FOR FOOTBALL :p

        • Give Go a try and set the Effects Setting/Icon Setting to Sphere. Really cool.

          • babadush

            I shall. Thanks for the heads up

      • Anonymous

        I have had it installed for a week. I never use it. Launcherpro feels smoother. And I like LauncherPro’s dock better. 

    • Raven

      Once again, it looks like we need a full, indepth, unbiased article comparing Launcher Pro Plus, ADW EX, and Go Launcher feature for feature.  Please someone (Kellex) write this and post it on this site.

    • ShopDroid

      On the tablet (HC), I still prefer the stock launcher.  It just looks more updated and cooler.   I don’t mind taking that little bit of performance hit, which is un-noticeable anyway on my TF overclocked to 1.6ghz.

  • Bobby Moufarrege

    GrooVe IP – i get no reception at my house and this $3 app has saved me from having to pay $29 a month in land line phone service in my house. 

    • Anonymous

      I like the idea of Groove IP, but it hasn’t seemed very reliable to me yet.  I’ll have to give it another try.  My hope for it was to use my old OG Droid as a phone again.  Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Groove IP used to log out all the time, and made it a real hassle to make a phone call. There was always an intermediate step because it wasn’t logged in. The new update has a ton more features, and stays logged in.

  • Anonymous

    MP3 Downloader, my favorite thing about Android is free music! 

    • Ameer

      Fyi… I was able to download a few using mp3 ringtone maker.

  • FEMA

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Everyone knows THE must have app is H8BIONIC. 

    Seems like plenty people here already have it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I downloaded this…it is indeed awesome. Finally a simple podcast player that works and is intuitive. 

  • fartbubbler

    umm……something’s wrong.

    I’ve read and re-read this post, but I can’t seem to find the words “Droid Bionic” anywhere?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    syncSms and dancingBear haha

  • Mediiafly for tablets and Tetris for my phone