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DROID Bionic Accessory Lineup Will Include Webtop Adapter for Quick, Inexpensive, On the Go Presenting and Sharing

It’s pretty well known that the lapdock accessory for the Motorola Atix wasn’t a success due to an insanely high price tag and mostly buggy software.  In fact, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha in a Q2 earnings call, commented on adjustments to be made going forward with webtop docking accessories now that they better understand their customers.  The big question remained though, what would their approach be for the DROID Bionic?

We still are not 100% sure what the pricing scheme will be, but we are seeing a new webtop accessory called the Webtop Adapter that will be introduced as a less expensive (“affordable”) option for those that are “curious” about the service.  To use it, it’s as simple as plugging the adapter into the Bionic’s HDMI and micro USB port, and then running an HDMI cable from it to a TV or monitor.  If you want to charge the device while webtoppin’, there is also a slot for a charger.   Not bad, right?

More details after the jump.  

Anyone interested in webtop?  The adapter seems like a great option for quick conference room hookups, traveling, etc.  The HD Station would be perfect for those that sit at a desk all day and want some extra access to their device.  The Lapdock…well…we all own laptops, so I’m not sure who would need this, heh.

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  • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

    PC. Pocket Computer.

  • tomxp411

    I dont get why an accessory is even needed. Why not just allow us to run Webdock with an HDMI cable? sometimes the best choice is the simplest. 

  • Anonymous

    I said it with the Atrix, and I will say it again for the Bionic… the Lapdock is a bust.  Sure there may be a few executives that will buy them to check e-mail or just to show off their toy, but there are just too many tradeoffs to make it a mainstream device that will sell well.  Granted a few more people will buy it now that Motorola realized that their original $499 price was nothing short of batsh*t crazy, but I still expect it to hit with another resounding thud.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I keep wondering, if they can do a “lapdock” then why not get with the times and create a “dumb” tablet with a snap in connector on the bottom so that the phone snaps in flush to the back. The lapdock is neat but for the price it’s limited and I can’t do some of the most intuitive things on it like you can with a touch screen interface. 

    I’d much rather jump all over something like that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/imajinaxn Biggie Quan

      You mean something like the Asus PadPhone?

      • Anonymous

        Something like it but not quite that. The problem with that one is the phone. I’d like to see a design that includes a case system that can fit any number of supportable phones much like Crutchfield makes enclosures for virtually any stereo and car combination. As long as the phone has the correct inputs and software support supply an enclosure for it and let us use any number of phones with the tablet. Regardless, thanks for the info. Didn’t realize this was out there.

  • bionic fan

    Why can’t we just skip the dock altogether? Seems like an accessory just made so we have to buy it.

    • bionic fan

      I mean what does the dock have that the phone doesn’t already? As far as I can tell it is an micro(mini, whatever) hdmi to hdmi converter. I already own a cable that does that.

    • Anonymous

      If you mean the webtop “adaptor” then I wholeheartedly agree… what is that adaptor bringing to the table?  You plug the adaptor into the HDMI and MicroUSB ports, and it outputs to… HDMI (for display) and MicroUSB for charging… what is in the adaptor that makes it worth…well… anything?

      • http://www.facebook.com/Pengwnmastr Mitchell Johnson

        I’m trying to figure that out to..
        Couldn’t I not buy the adapter and get the exact same result?

  • http://profiles.google.com/unzicker.daniel Daniel U.

    BIONIC is cool, but until the SGSII is released in the US and Inc-HD comes out I will be undecided on which phone to use my “new-every-two” towards.

  • TyGamer

    The HD Dock looks like the standard one from the Costco bundle (http://www.droid-life.com/2011/08/26/droid-bionic-and-accessory-bundle-will-land-at-costco-for-just-299/). That bundle makes me want to get the phone more and more.

    • TyGamer

      Also, i’m suspicious about that arrow.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am really liking the webtop adapter.  That might bring me back to Camp Bionic lol.  

  • 1stliberal

    Now why can’t they offer similar *lower priced* accessories for the Atrix users?

  • http://twitter.com/__menthol d

    I might be retarded but what  presentation can you give on a damn phone? And if you’re going through all the trouble of hooking up a phone etc, why not just use powerpoint or whatever else it is business people use? Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s not a phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cgrame Christopher Michael

    What about the sword accessory from the teaser?  Attach bionic and rule all machines?….Guess not

  • http://goo.gl/izyFp Hello Goodbye

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  • webby

    IF Verizon isn’t charging extra for data for the Lapdock, and IF the cost of the Lapdock is reasonable, then I am all over a Bionic plus a Lapdock.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I have not said 1 bad word about the bionic, & am really looking forward to getting it. But, this goes to show how Motorola is not listening to customers. I have a Xoom & love it. I have basically replaced my laptop with it (& Bluetooth keyboard for business apps). But 1 huge accessory/solution that they left off is how to connect to a VGA monitor. Evidently Motorola must think every business in the world has upgraded their projectors & monitors to include hdmi, obviously not the case. Granted, I have come up with a solution, but it’s a little clunky & involves a couple of cables & a power supply. If they want to present these products as business devices, then they need to do more r&d. Looks like they just skipped over all the message boards & feedback that Xoom customers have given. I am not looking to use my Bionic in this fashion since that is what my Xoom is for, but it makes me mad to see that they aren’t listening to consumers.

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately i think that applies to all companies, not just motorola.  the current minimalistic styling trend does not leave much room for additions besides current standard connections in the industry.  you live in a vain society, and vanity comes with a sacrifice.  who wants a fat mobile device right?

      • Unexpected62

        VGA is analog, so that’s a little old….. but DVI is totally doable. Just get an HDMI to DVI cable and then you can connect to any DVI computer monitor.

  • petergrt

    I have the Atrix with the lap-dock, and I love it. Though the lap-dock was indeed expansive, the combination effectively replaces a net-book, if not a laptop. My wife has not used her laptop in weeks – just plugs her Atrix into the lap-dock and while it is charging the phone, she is able to use the full-version of Firefox to do all of her browsing, e-mail and etc, while using a Logitech wireless mouse – the lap-dock has two USB ports.

  • Interstellarmind

    hd station (bundled with keyboard, mouse, and printer) would be the ultimate and true “mobile-ness”.

    hope the htc vigor will have this!

  • Jason Purp

    Gimme that Motoblur desktop theme. Now.

  • Bmos

    I have a question is the vigors processor that much better than the bionics. I thought that the omap 4430 is better than the snapdraggon one that the vigor is supposed to be using. And if so goes the .5 in ghz really matter that much.

    • James_Ever

      Depends on several factors. Is snapdraggon made any advancements in its chipset would be a determining factor I guess. Even so it still may not be as powerful as the OMAP 4430 even at 1.5 dualcore processor. It also depends on how the internal storage is done with the Bionic and if it allocates it like my Droid3. That took a little getting used to in my opinion, because the more you put on the internal storage, the slower the device runs and the Bionic and Droid3 are supposed to have almost identical software. And even though blur in 2.3.4 is great, the bloat that constantly runs and uses up the RAM isn’t. So these things really come down to preferences and what you want in a new device.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be getting the lapdock when I can find one for $200 or less on clearance or off ebay.

    • Guest

      great choice bro

  • Telephoneteck

    Crap, I have to wait until October for an upgrade :^(

  • Anonymous

    How about a tablet dock.  

    • Brian Holmertz

      You mean the ASUS Padfone? http://www.engadget.com/2011/05/29/this-is-the-asus-padfone/

      • Anonymous

        That’s it! It even protects the phone as well. They just have to price it under $200. Anything over your closer to buying a full tablet.

  • Peesa

    what site is this from. any links?

  • Bob

    Funny to see Kellex sh!t on the idea of the lapdock, while hyping the hell out of the phone.  The lapdock is really the only selling point the phone has for me (when paired with Verizons LTE and a dual core processor).

    Meh, to each their own.  I’d defly be more excited about the Nexus Prime or any other brand new super phone on the horizon if they had lapdocks.  The idea of it and implementation of it (especially after being hacked as has been done on the atrix) is pretty cool.

    I’m looking forward to the Bionic.

    • Guest

      Once the others devices such as htc and sammy come up with this feature, moto will have other more great features :) Moto seems to come up with the best technology anyways

      • Granted

        Wow it’s obvious someone is paying you to spam promo garbage.

  • RW-1


  • Brian Busse

    I’ll be getting the HD Station for my TV downstairs and maybe a regular dock for my nightstand, but I, for one, will also be considering the Lapdock as well.   I’d rather have a functional laptop via my phone than a phone AND a laptop.  I posted on AndroidCentral my setup at home (overkill for most) which most folks don’t have, but with 4G i intend on using the lapdock for everything its capable of, which from what i’ve heard also includes a Citrix Receiver which would allow me to use a published Desktop and basically have a full Windows OS at my disposal if I need something the built-in Webtop apps cannot do.    I just hope its not as expensive as the phone since you can buy full-blown laptops for $300 these days,  how could just a ‘screen, keyboard/touchpad, and battery’ cost more?  lol   PLEASE keep the price reasonable :)

  • Teevo0108

    I think I won’t the lapdock, sure it was sluggish on the ATRIX, but that was AT&T, this is Verizon and true 4g. The ATRIX could have been a great phone but over priced and the fact that AT&T slowed down the device it failed.

  • mbanicek

    it took too long. if it came out six months ago, an argument could have been made for getting it. there will be much better phones available soon after it launches. 

    • http://www.agrstech.com Zephaniah

      Well I’ve been waiting to upgrade for 2 months, my Droid 2 is crap (replaced OG after it broke), I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

  • Anonymous

    I heard that webtop on the Atrix was sluggish. Great concept IMO. If the OMAP4 performs noticibly faster than the Tegra 2, it could help the Bionic remain competitive against the higher speced phones slated for the 4th quarter.

    Oh, and this accessory looks like a nice addition. My only wish is that they start making them work from one device to the next. There should be an adapter to allow the Atrix, Photon, Bionic, and TBD devices to all work with the notebook dock at a minimum.

  • Anonymous

    I like the adaptor much better idea. Ninjas sure know their doings

  • http://twitter.com/Scotty_Braun Scotty Braun

    I don’t get how people talk such crap about the Bionic, especially if you are already on Verizon. This is gonna be the best phone that Verizon has ever had to date, and up until any other better phones come out in the future, it’ll stay that way. I know all this Nexus prime an Vigor are supposed to be great, but who knows when they’ll be out. It’s like Damn, how much more do you expect cell phones to do.. You should go back to an old school Nokia an then see how it feels.. 

    • Craigg

      I don’t know if I would call it the best. It depends on the features one is looking for. If one needs a global phone or a physical keyboard then the Droid 3 is a much better choice. The only benefit that the Bionic offers over the Droid 3 is LTE. Other than that no one really knows how good or bad the Bionic will be.

      • Guest

        more ram, let zumo cast webdock, lapdock 1 g ddr2 :) bigger display as well and the new moto ui

        • James_Ever

          But that also depends on how the RAM is allocated with existing apps and if its the same as the Droid3 which it seems more and more a possibility and bloatware running. And it will have the same UI as the Droid3. But it really comes down to preferences. I wasn’t willing to give up a physical keyboard for 4g even though its been in my area for five months.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I always say the best phone is the phone that has the cons you can live with, and the wants and needs you desire.

        One might could call it one of the best….thats if it doesnt have any showstopper issues.

      • Anonymous

        Spec wise Scotty is right, this is the best phone on VZW.  Granted, you are correct that the Droid 3 has some advantages based on your needs, but isn’t this what Android is all about… choice?  It is better to have options than to have a single phone that some guy in a turtle neck told you is what you want… because he knows better than you do.

    • Delayssuck

      Who knows when this will be out. The delays have ruined it for many people.

      • http://www.droidbioniccase.com Bionic case

        It’s launching September 8th…

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Mr.Joe

    Wasn’t that what the $100 HD dock was for?  I know you can get that webtop app that way with the Photon.

    Hopefully this new thing is like $30.

  • Anonymous

    If Verizon threw everything in (I mean every accessory and one case) at $400 on contract I would get it.  But the Vigor and Samsung HD are at the top of my list. 

  • http://twitter.com/QSMinSD Q


    /cant wait

    • Guest

      This phone it is the best. Moto seems to integrate more features than any other phone. hdmi mirror, webdock, zumo cast :) Keep it up Moto you are doing a great job.

  • WebtopisaJOKE

    One day we will look back at all these webtop junk and laugh at just how dumb the idea is. OMG I mean its a smartphone if I wanted a laptop converter I would carry a laptop which is 100x more powerful and cost less. Give me a break MOTO its such a failed idea.

  • WebtopisaJOKE

    One day we will look back at all these webtop junk and laugh at just how dumb the idea is. OMG I mean its a smartphone if I wanted a laptop converter I would carry a laptop which is 100x more powerful and cost less. Give me a break MOTO its such a failed idea.

  • BionicSUKS

    what can I say about the bionic… besides BLEH!

  • Anonymous

    again…what is the point of the webtop if the phone can do it without it after being hacked. is that just so moto can make some more money? or does it add more functionality that I am missing???

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cody-Thompson/1298273397 Cody Thompson

      its called a business. they think people will buy it so they make it and sell it. If you dont want to buy it then dont. im sure a bunch of other people that are not very technologically advanced will buy it.

      • Anonymous

        Sure, but isn’t it somewhat sleezy for Motorola to purposefully cripple the device so that you need to buy expensive accessories so that it can do what it should be able to do out of term box?

        • Brian Busse

          Who gets to decide what it ‘should be able to do out of the box’?    Isn’t that up to the manufacturer?   They give us the features they want us to have… at the price they set.   You then have the option to make it better by buying ‘more’ features.    Obviously i’m in the camp that wishes everything was available day-one for the same ‘low?’ price but that’s not the way the business works.

          • James_Ever

            Actually the carrier seems to have more power over what a phone can do out of box. Bloatware is a prime example and if its running anywhere near like the Droid3. And the Bionic may have a harder encryption code and be the most locked down device ever released. We wont know until it launches. Even with that I believe the Bionic will still be a great device.

          • Anonymous

            Locking the Webtop software just so you can make more money buy selling an HDMI adapter or dock when all that is required is a $2.00 HDMI cable is sleezy IMO. Similar to selling overpriced Monster Cable when something 80% cheaper will do just as well.

  • shr1k3r

    Wasn’t the Atrix developers able to get the webtop to work with just an hdmi?

  • faber

    Oddly, I have nothing negative to say. Its good they learned a lesson and looked at an affordable option

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion they are really blurring the line between devices.  I can see the need for having any one of the above items but then if I bought those all why would I need a tablet?  Or for that matter a laptop?

    I think the manufacturers need to have a specific goal for what they want each device to do and stop convoluting the technology or they risk an epic fail with all their devices instead of having  a successful product.

    • http://davesdroid.blogspot.com NadTwist

      That’s why I’m selling my XOOM when I get a Bionic and Lapdock….  Oh yeah, anyone want to buy a WiFi XOOM?   😉

  • http://twitter.com/JoeyZimbada JoeyZimbada

    What will you guys think of the Nexus Prime if it doesn’t come with an expansion card slot?

    • http://whitemarket.freeforums.org/ Avery Dejuan Herron

      I think its the iphone 5!

  • Droiiid

    There will be no need for the webtop adapter, assuming that we can get the thing rooted in a timely fashion.  Almost instantly after the Atrix’s release, xda created a hack that would allow webtop to be used with just a regular hdmi cable to the tv.  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=980193  I’m sure the same will be done for the bionic.  The hack even turned the atrix into a touchpad/virtual keyboard!  Here it is in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnuS1SmxVnM

    • Dazz1996

      Thanks for the vid I now know I will be getting the droid Bionic this is for me laptop dock and all

  • Anonymous

    So what should i get if i want to browse the web with sound and use wireless keyboard on a big HDTV??

    • http://davesdroid.blogspot.com NadTwist

      The HD Station has HDMI and audio outputs – and use Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse.
      *Actually, since HDMI carries audio as well as video, the Webtop adapter would work for everything… yes?

      • Anonymous

        nice, this will be nice when someone is on my pc and i need to get on!

  • http://davesdroid.blogspot.com NadTwist

    I’m all over the Lapdock and HD Station!  Awesome.  😉

  • http://twitter.com/timothymjr Timothy Moore

    Defiantly getting the Webtop Adapter and HD Station. Anyone else?

    • http://AndroidTaskForce.com Chris Gustafson

      Same, and learn how to spell. 😛

      • Droiiid

        No, I think he meant defiantly…as in his mom said he isn’t allowed to, but he’s going to do it anyway.  What a badass

        • http://AndroidTaskForce.com Timmy

          Wow, expose my ways. Not cool man :)

      • https://sites.google.com/site/barry99705/ barry99705

        Maybe his mom said he couldn’t, but he’s getting one anyway….   :^)

      • BionicSUKS


    • BionicSUKS

      not me it’s sp BLEH

  • Anonymous

    What about keyboard and mouse? Is there a USB plug as well? I assume there is as it would be hard to control the webtop without input devices.

    • Anonymous

      Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will both work on it.

  • MJZ

    The HD Station is AWESOME. 
    Saw it in action at the Radio Shack Summit this past week. 

    I’ll be looking for a deal on it shortly after I get my Bionic!