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Exclusive: First Pictures of the HTC Vigor

Hello, HTC Vigor.  You have eluded us for the most part up until now, but we are excited to finally get a clean look at you.  With your red accents, big beautiful screen, and black rubbery Incredible-esque contoured back, we would gladly accept you into our everyday lives.

Rumored to be Verizon’s next big 4G LTE device to follow the Bionic on October 6, we can gather a couple of things from these first pictures. It definitely has HTC Sense, but we weren’t expecting it not to.  There is a front camera embedded in the top right corner of the device, above a screen that looks massive.  The device styling overall seems like an Incredible on steroids – something you won’t find us complaining about.  We aren’t seeing a 4G LTE logo anywhere, but also are not seeing a Verizon logo, so will hold off from throwing too big of a fuss.  It is likely just a test unit without any carrier branding.

*Note – While I mentioned that the device looks like an Incredible, a few readers pointed out that the color scheme also hints at DROID branding and a previously rumored HTC device.  Could the Vigor end up as the Incredible HD?  Just a thought.

Other potential specs that separate sources have told us were:  4.3″ HD screen, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Beats by Dre technology.  There are no indications that this device has Beats technology on the outside, but we have been told that it could be software-related.

One more pic after the break.    


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  • Shocker

    Step 1: Listen to insiders talk about how great the next generation of phones will be.
    Step 2: Droid Life starts stirring the rumor mill about what the specs and release date are.
    Step 3: Wait 4 months longer than speculated for new phone.
    Step 4: When phone is ready to hit the market, listen to insiders downplay it because of how great the next gen of phones will be.
    Step 5: Decide to wait.
    Step 6: Start over at step 1. 


    • Anonymous

      I’ve been in that loop since CES. Step 5 should have been: Watch reviews of said phone that insiders downplayed. Then on to Decide to wait & start over. :]

    • Anonymous

      +1 comment of the day right here

  • It will always be a waiting game, something better comes out every few months. Wait for the Nexus Prime and you might as well wait for quad cores. I’m starting to think I should just buy SOMETHING. I literally want to throw my OG Droid at the wall more than once a day.

  • OMG I NEEDS i has incredible 2 and this looks like an Incredible design ~~~~D=

    hopefully it has NFC!

  • I do agree that many of HTC’s recent smartphones do look very similar,
    but luckily the build quality is usually good, which is why people buy
    them still. Besides, the Vigor is supposed to have Dr. Dre’s Beats
    technology integrated, which should be pretty sweet. More on the Vigor
    on my blog: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-4W

  • waiting

    can someone please explain to me (preferably thru links) what makes the vigors 1.5 processor inferior to the bionics 1.0?

    im really having a hard time coming to a decision on which of these two to get. they are very dissimilar with thier pros and cons.

    bionic: pros                   cons
    omap proc                    cant talk and surf on 3g
    battery life                    pentile
    homemade chips          no wireless tv play (assumption)
    firm/ heavy build    
    ddr2 ram               
    hdmi mirroring

    im going to assume whatever specs that were not covered are going to carry over from the thunderbolt
    vigor: pros                     cons
    .5 ghz faster                  poor battery life
    2mp front cam               no hdmi port (without dock)
    3g talk/surf                    losing the kickstand
    possible official unlocking
    ability to play vids and pics wirelessly to my tv

  • Anonymous

    Should be a good 4th quarter for phone buyers. My upgrade has been available since June.

  • Guest

    Nexus not coming to Verizon, it seems that the vigor and bionic will compete to see which one is the best device on Verizon. BIONIC all the way 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i have an upgrade october 5…so i’ll check out this phone and the bionic and see which one does it for me…would prefer not going to HTC, but which ever phone is better…as far as the prime…i refuse to put a samsung phone in my pocket

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  • Anonymous

    Blast the big arsh phones… I remember the olden days when mobile phones were mobile.

  • Jeff Jackson

    the screen looks awfully narrow… 

  • Anonymous

    As long as there isn’t any major problems with the phone upon release I’m jumping on it because I get to enjoy the new sense and when I get tired of it I can unlock the bootloader and load up a custom rom

  • Anonymous

    Man, this really isn’t making my choice any easier. First, I was going to get the Bionic, but after months of waiting and catching wind of the Vigor, my focus shifted to that. Then, Google bought Moto and there wasn’t much info or pics of the Vigor, so I was back to getting the Bionic. Now they’ve went and released shots of the Vigor and here I am drooling for this phone. I wish I could wait for the Prime, but my OG Droid is getting tired. I’m having to pull the battery about 3 times a day because the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. I’m having trouble waiting for September 8th let alone October 6th or who knows after that for the Prime.

  • Anonymous


  • Justin

     why dl, why?i have been wetting myself waiting for the bionic and you throw this at me..
    i can no longer wait for a new phone..it has to be bionic

  • David Parrella

    I like how it could just be any HTC device and the fact that it has a note taped on the back that says “Vigor” magically makes it so….

  • Anonymous

    hope those are the capitative “magic” buttons like the Incredible 2

  • I don’t know. Love the back, and HTC cameras are great as is Sense IMO, but their speakers suck balls “Beats” or not. Not quality mind you, just volume. And then you have the whole battery life thing…. Call me apprehensive.

    • lol how can you say Beats or not. You haven’t heard it yet. My thunderbolt sounds great and is loud as hell

  • Teevo0108

    I think im going to stick with moto bionic, coming from dx and a dx2 Motorola has not let me down yet

  • I want this pretty bad but if the nexus is right around the corner when this hits I may have to wait. Definitely passing on the Bionic though.

  • It’s funny how people get excited about Vigor (ancient Cpu) and Nexus Prime (ancient Gpu).

    Waiting all this time to get stuck with 2009 tech. lol

    • So what is it your waiting for? smartass.

    • DBK

      I agree. It is unfortunate that so many people think that because the Bionic will come out first that it will be outdated when those two phones come out, yet it will be the one with the most processing power, hands down (not to mention that most of the hardware will be more advanced as well). The only two reasons that people give for passing on the Bionic are: 1) It’s a Moto and 2) It’s not stock. Some use the Pentile screen as a reason, but the difference between the screens are really minimal at best. Those that do see it either look for it or are so used to seeing it that they see it regardless

      In the end, people are willing to go to technologically older tech (somewhat) for the pettiest of reasons (or what I like to call Hater Logic). It’s sad, really.

      • last time i checked, 1.5GHz dual-core is faster than 1.0GHz dual-core. benchmarks speak for themselves

    • Anonymous

      the prime has the 4470 so how is that ancient since its newer than the bionic.

    • the vigor has an ancient CPU? lol you’re throwing around ancient a little too much

  • The tester phones have htc instead of verizon at the top. 

  • Michael Chados

    I love it with its sleek exterior, the hard rubber backing and yes the Droid incredible like camera. Me want.

  • Stevewest87

    Goodbye bionic, Hello vaginate or viabrate…….new HTC phone

  • “With your red accents, big beautiful screen, and black rubbery Incredible-esque contoured back, we would gladly except you into our everyday lives.”

    Supposed to be ‘accept.’ Come on!

  • moose

    Call me crazy, but I don’t like it…

  • Anonymous

    I wander if the Vigor will have hdmi-charger combo like the Evo 3D and use add-on cover kickstand as well. Much perfer to have hdmi this go round, if not may skip this phone and see what is available after the new year!

  • dr154

    Hope HTC can get the battery problems right this time, that HTC T-bolt is the worse!… 


    [email protected]:disqus …not seeing any big speaker…if it has beats, i thought i was going to be seeing a speaker like on my bolt…

  • Yeah, I’m going to say WOW I’m impress with it.

  • DanSke

    Oh yay. It looks like an Incredible…this is gettin way old. Seriously? I’ll hold out for the Nexus.

  • are you 100% this is vigor?? cause there’s this image http://www.pocketdroid.net/dutch-retailer-unveils-htc-vigor-image-by-mistake

    • It says vigor right on the phone

    • That retailer admitted it was wrong.

  • FortitudineVincimus


  • Kierra

    Lol I forsee disappoint …

  • Anonymous

    now that this phone is coming out I dont think there is a single person left who is still excited about the bionic

    • What.

      • Q

        You’d be wrong.  After my  HTC Touch Pro 2 and Thunderbolt, Im pretty much done with HTC forever.  These phones have been absolute disasters for me whereas my Droid X was pure awesome.  Moto > HTC..  True story.

        • thats an opinion. i had the incredible and i have the thunderbolt and they’re awesome. i have no issues whatsoever, but it’s personal preference

  • Ray

    I doubt this would come to verizon without 4g LTE it would die

  • Anonymous

    who wants to bet this phone will be ‘incredible’ branded?

    • Anonymous

      Incredible HD is very likely because of the screen.

  • theyre replacing the thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    Ok, but what the heck is the Stratosphere and isn’t it launching with the Bionic?

    • Samsung mid end slider phone

  • Anonymous

    That is one hell of a phone. With all that great hardware it would be a real shame if it didn’t have the LTE radio. Time will tell. Being a Thunderbolt owner there is nothing like LTE. Bring it on Verizon and please don’t forget the new Nexus. Then you will have something to shout about.

  • The grip on the back is going to get all kinds of crap stuck in it.

  • jojo4747

    No beats audio? The back looks like a huge speaker to me

    • Beats audio isn’t speakers, its the way the audio travels from the phone to the speakers

  • P!X3L

    we would gladly *EXCEPT you *accept 

  • Bewara2009

    I really want this, but I cant wait another month for this, so I will just get the Bionic, than sell it for this baby! 

    • You really don’t have the self control to wait for this?

      • Bewara2009

        To be honest I really don’t. I am using a Palm Pixi  and I hate it so much..  

    • Anonymous

      This will be a downgrade from the Bionic in terms of performance.

      • Mrbrooks418

        the HTC Vigor is gonna $hit all over the Bioinc….. Just sayin. 

        • Mrbrooks418

          i dont even think the Bionic can do voice and data at the same time either. only the HTC Thunderbolt can on verizon.

          • Anonymous

            Actually the Bionic can do voice and data the same way the HTC Thunderbolt can, through 4G LTE connectivity.

          • Mrbrooks418

            i couldn’t understand why i wouldnt. earlier reports were stating it didnt have the ability to.

          • Mrbrooks418

            ‘it’ wouldn’t., dam keyboard. lol

          • Anonymous

            Yea but the Thunderbolt can do it over 3G as well as 4G. Probably what he was referring to.

        • Anonymous

          The Vigor is going to be Verizon’s version of the Evo 3D without the 3D and with an HD screen.  Don’t be such a damn fanboy.

          • Mrbrooks418

            fanboy? what ever that is. i might be like the EVO 3d, but has a Faster processor,Sense 3.5, HD screen and the untouchable Verizon 4G LTE network that slaughters Sprints network. So yeah, theres alot to be excited about…….

          • Mrbrooks418

            ‘it’ might be. typo

          • Anonymous

            It’s the same processor buddy, just clocked a little higher.  The OMAP4 is faster, even at a slower clock speed, especially since the Vigor will have to power a 720p screen.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah but won’t be as locked down as moto or the crappy pentile screen.

      • lol get off the bionic, dude. out of all the chipsets available, the one in the vigor scores the highest. Bionic =/= jesus phone

        • Anonymous

          Bionic – OMAP 4430
          Vigor – MSM8660

          OMAP 4430 > MSM8660

          That’s not opinion, that’s fact.  Maybe you people should get off the Vigor and stop hating on the Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      This gives all the bionic fanboys something to talk about now since the sgs2 isn’t coming to Verizon.

  • Alix8821


  • Anonymous

    i love htc and my thunderbolt right now but i am picking one of these up when it comes out and then when the prime comes out i will get that. being young with disposable income is awesome lol

  • Sporty

    Brother…keep waiting for phones,I’ll never get one…..

  • Jason

    Is anyone else liking these prices?  

  • Carmen Diva

    There is nothing appealing about HTC phones at all. From my Droid Eris way back in 2009 to my last HTC Phone(HD7), I’ve owned at least 8 different HTC phones using various OS(Android, WP7 and WIndows mobile) and for the most part they were all the same.

    The device itself looks cool but it just seems as if HTC lacks Any sort of creativity besides this one uniform design.

    • are you going to post the same comment in every vigor thread? you said the same exact thing on phandroid. if you are so unsatisfied with htc aesthetics then why did you end up with 8 htc phones? 

      • Carmen Diva

        I appreciate you following me enough to know where and what I post 🙂
        I guess i feel like posting the same thing then i will.

        and are you stupid? That is like someone saying I Used to be a big fan of Android
        and I owned 8 phones and one day I decided to stop buying Android phones and give
        IOS a chance.

        Obviously, i liked the 8 phones from HTC I owned….and today I choose not to buy HTC products.
        ANything else?

        • Mrbrooks418

          no one has to follow you. all anyone has to do is click on your picture and your whole history comes up.

          • Anonymous

            Ha shes a model you can’t talk to them she already switched to ios so why is she even on an android site???

          • Carmen Diva

            When did I say i switched to IOS? I own a Droid Charge and an Xperia Play.
            I dont own anything apple.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if it has NFC, looking for one with NFC on vzw, I am sure in next 2 years VZW will start that service as well.