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DROID Bionic And Accessory Bundle Will Land At Costco For Just $299

Our good buddies over at Droid Forums just scooped up a nice flier from an insider showing a sweet deal that Costco will be hosting. At time of release (September 8th), you can grab the DROID Bionic for its regular price of $299, and also get an “Accessories Bonus Pack”. It will include the standard dock which we have seen float around, a vehicle navigation dock, plus a must have for any 4G device, a battery dock and extra battery.

Looks like there won’t be any reason to stand in line at Verizon, if Costco is having this deal. Everyone get your Costco cards ready.

Via: Droid Forums

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  • Blahblah

    does this price require an upgrade?

  • Maggie

    This advertisement says that you can watch on a 4.3 inch screen.  I thought the new revised Bionic had a 4.5 inch screen…could this be an old, invalid advertisement???? 

  • Guest

    Does anyone know if you can upgrade a business account at a costco? Also I assume costco wont let you pre order ala vzw correct?

  • Charlyzaingel

    That’s an awesome deal!!.

    Received a txt msg from VZW this morning offering $100 gift card if you trade in your old phone for a smartphone with 2 year renewal.  This offer is good thu Sept 31.  I’m holding off on any upgrades. My husbands original Droid’s screen is cracked and my very old razor (which I found somewhere in the house) is tapped in the back.  I have become a true Droidian after the first Droid. 

    Oh…I also went MoPhoFree (Mobile Phone Free)  for six months!

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  • Anonymous


  • Justin

     woop woop, christmas in september for me!

  • droidlvr

    ima be rockin ma bionic and lovin every minute of it, real talk.

  • Repoman

    no waiting for me, i’m already in line since Aug 8th. This phone really needs to get here so i can quit dreaming about it.

  • Blanco325

    Too much hating on these forums these days. We used to give love to all the Android phones now people are going crazy because they have to wait for this phone. This phone will be a beast for me and others while some of you nerds wait on a Rumored phone. Keep waiting

  • Sonicsayz

    i can’t wait till this phone comes out and completely blows.  then we can stop having all these posts about it

  • droidlvr

    bionic will rule

  • MJZ2112

    Shame it’s only the standard dock.. Every Bionic owner will want the HDMI dock once it’s officially revealed. The thing is SWEET. 

  • Anonymous

    this is the reason moto>htc to me.. accessories.. car dock is absolutely crucial for me, and I returned my TB a week afterwards strictly due to that horrific car dock.. well that and the 6 hour battery life vs 24 on my X

    I think I may have to bite… I guess I’ll take a look in person to see how thick it really is

  • Pnicuh

    I don’t have a Costco card… -_-

  • Anonymous

    So hold on, would I be able to do this with my upgrade?

  • stevil

    I’m not convinced that this is “Get everything for $299”. First, no price is mentioned. Second, while it says “Exclusive Offer”, it doesn’t say whether it’s free with the phone or whether there’s a special package price for the accessories.

    Could be bundled for $379, or $299, or it could be a $99 accessory pack when bought at the same time, or any other price and bundling option, for that matter. Who knows at this point?

  • What the Frack?!

    If you’re eligible for an upgrade before your contract ends can you still get it from Costco without ruining anything you already have going for you? 

  • Q

    Give to Radiskull!

  • Repoman

    I’m already in line at Costco. This will bethe best phone to date and with al lthe extra goodies, HELL YEH!

  • Rick Lopez1

    It seems like there are a certain few that are constentaly on here complaining about this phone and hoping for the next best thing. Last time I checked, as will all electronics, you will NEVER have the best for long, EVER!!

    • Granted

      Yes, that fact constantly escapes everyone’s minds. If you go by that mind set, you basically will never get a new phone.

  • Anonymous

    wow if this true, it will definitely justify the 299 price

  • Good bye Android, hello iPhoooo… whoa really a droid bionic with all that for under $300.  I am now forced to rethink my options.

  • lmrojas

    TThe advantage with costco is the bundles, 90 day no restocking fee return policy and 2 year warranty. And they lower the price eventually.

  • Bewara2009

    I am trying to make a Costco account but they say I have to pay to be a member……..WTF

    • What’d you expect???

      • Bewara2009

        Like something like amazon or any other website that you buy things from…

    • Jasonharris42


      • Bewara2009

        • Granted

          Yeah Costco and Sams Club both require a yearly membership. But for the price, if what they offer is worth it, it’sa good deal. I particularly love Sams Club’s cheap ass movie selection.

    • Cmdates2991

      If this deal is online as well. You don’t need to be a member to order. I  just tested it out.

      • Bewara2009

        Thanks, I will look into 🙂

    • Uhh… No Duh…..

      • Bewara2009

        I don’t know much about it, SO STFU 

  • Anonymous

    Plus u have ninety days to return all electronics. This way have the bionic for a cpl months and then grab the prime when it arrives. Its a brainer.

  • Alright, no Costco near Wichita, KS.  Anyone know (or have educated guess) on whether you can do this at Costco.com or not?  Do they give you “new every two” discounts? (I have my last one available).

    • Generalg40

      Ya I noticed that too… Closest one is in Lenexa. Want go on a road trip the 8th with me? I’m in Hutch.

  • Can someone please confirm this?

    I was told by a Verizon rep back in December 2010 that I was eligible to upgrade my phone as if it was my NE2 upgrade (which is not supposed to be ready till November this year) on January 26th 2011. Well its some time later and I have a strange feeling they aren’t going to honor their deal once the Bionic is released. What do you guys think?

  • Mr.Joe

    I wonder if Sams will have one.  I don’t live by a Costco.

  • Bionix

    I don’t have a Costco within 118 miles of me. Damn it.

  • Brian Fernald

    For some reason Verizon gave me an upgrade in February but would not have been eligible for my NE2 discount at the time. I received a random txt msg from Verizon saying i could upgrade. I then went onto my account online and saw that i could get a new phone at the discounted price.

  • Jason Purp

    Oh Costco and their bundles!

  • Lebowski

    I m guessing this isnt valid for those of us buying off contract?

  • Mineral21

    This has “Updated” written all over it.  There’s no way this flyer means to simply include all of these items with the phone itself for free.  

  • Bewara2009

    Let me get this correct if I buy this over at costco for 299,99 I will get the whole package including all the docks? If that is true Than why not..

  • Rob Meyer

    Thats a great deal! I hope the other retailers follow suit cuz i haz no costco membership.. B.J.’s plz?

  • Webby

    Nice bundle, wrong fone.  If it came with a Nexus Prime on Big Red, I’d stand in line for it.

  • While this is a pretty great deal, be forwarned that mobile Kiosks in Costcos are not owned nor operated by Costco themselves, but a third party.  My brother-in-law found this out the hard way when he ran into an issue with his Droid X and essentially had to have Costco management step in in order to return the device within the same week of purchase.

  • Bfolks

    FYI, nowhere on that flyer does it say Costco

    • Bionix

      Good Point. I’ll be looking for another way to get this bundle. I will be getting this phone through my NE2 and I hear that Coscto can’t do NE2 deals and there isn’t one near me anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else like “BUWA?!?!?” about the battery dock?  Not all phones have this accessory and recent posts show ‘above average’ battery life for the Bionic.  Multiple batteries is not a common use case for people, let alone the fact that “IMO” you should not need a 2nd battery for average use. Why was this made again?

    Iono… just raises a flag in my head, maybe I’m just on crack!

    • You also forgot the inductance pad accessory. lol.

      Moto just wants to make damn sure it will be used in the corporate world. Unlike Samsung/HTC’s 3 hours of LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing deal for those getting it on release.

  • I use the standard dock and vehicle navigation dock for my OG Droid. This definitely appeals to me.

  • I am taking 9/8 off from work 😉

  • Rcmartin1

    Does anyone know whether Costco will have a preorder period?

  • tbaybe

    Damn, I wish I had a cosco account!

  • Anonymous

    I could see paying 299 getting the phone and all this.

  • sold

  • NowIwantIt

    do you need to be a member? are there free day pass?  I got my OG droid a BJ’s store and didn’t need to be a member…

    • Anonymous

      A day pass is for just looking. You can’t buy anything.

  • So Sept 8th is confirmed?  Is that a preorder date or an actual release?

  • Anonymous

    Geez that bundle almost makes me want to get the Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    anyone ever have any luck getting an upgrade date pushed up?  i can’t upgrade until mid-october, but my droid is starting to become unusable even for tasks as basic as making phone calls.  i really don’t know how much more i can handle this.

    i know, i know, the nexus prime may be out, or htc vigor.. but i’ll only believe a nexus on verizon when i see it, and i don’t want htc.. i like moto and the droid brand.  if the reviews are good, this is most likely my next phone.

  • Damn, I hope that they are using that same promotion on the 9/15/12, thats when I can upgrade…because I NEED everything there…damn I feel like christmas is 2 weeks away but seems like it will never come.

  • Mctypething

    Is the Bionic black or grey? In some photos it is black and in others it is grey.

    • Anonymous

      Probably similar to the Droid 3 which has a nice dark grey/gunmetal color to parts of it.

  • Anonymous

    Can they just finally make an offical announcement already

  • Make sure you show your Costco card at the entrance.

    • Anonymous


  • Wow… Will Costco get it on release day? I thought they usually get it a little later

  • Mctypething

    No way I’m buying this on day one. Anyone that buys a 4G LTE phone on release date without letting some reviews trickle in needs to have their head examined.

    • fartbubbler

      that’s what the 14 day return policy is for

      • With $35 restocking fee……….

        • That’s the price of radness.

        • Wireless Fool

          If you buy it from Costco and return it they don’t charge a restocking fee

        • fartbubbler

          really?  Verizon charges that?  dang.

    • Malonzo85

      Anyone who would return this phone needs their head examined, this is a sweet deal gtfo here.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone who thinks this phone is worth buying hasn’t been reading this blog for long.

        • Mr.Joe

          Why?  The Vigor or the Prime?  We know nothing about the Vigor outside of rumors and the Prime is just one big ass rumor.  Not only do we know nothing about what’s in it but we don’t have sexy confirm that verizon is even getting it. 

          Why the hell would you give up on the deal to wait for a phone that may or may not come to Whorizon? 

          • +1 for Whorizon

          • Anonymous

            We’ve had some solid evidence of at least what the Vigor’s packing, and that it’s heading to VZW. Remember that German website or whatever? The prime specs have been confirmed by sources to a bunch of different blogs too, so even if it isn’t coming to Verizon the specs are legit and I don’t mind waiting. Would rather wait a couple months after the bionic comes out, and if the Vigor and Prime either don’t come out or aren’t what they’re rumored, I’ll just get the bionic for what will likely be a discounted price (if it’s anything like the Tbolt, it’ll be sold for $250 or $200 by november). The deal doesn’t seem so great, I already have two moto batteries and I can get a car dock for like $30.

            Ah, arguing. Isn’t that how we first met, joe?

          • shadowstewie

            You do realize that the Bionic will have a 1950mah battery right? Which will be a different size so I doubt the ones you have will fit the Bionic. There’s always going to be better phones coming out and what not. You just have to go ahead and pick one and deal with it for a while. You say the Vigor or Prime will be out soon? Yeah, then some other phone with 2GB of RAM in it, or a better front facing camera, or a Quad-Core processor, or some crap I don’t understand how people haven’t realized that by now.

          • Chris

            after the delay on this phone im not holding my breath for those

        • Anonymous

          I read the blog and it’s absolutely worth buying. It’s going to be a great phone. The fact that something better might come a couple months later doesn’t matter. There’s -always- something better coming. It doesn’t make this NOT worth buying.

    • Ummm.. So how can people write reviews for you to read if they shouldn’t buy it on the day of release?  Those same people who you say will need their heads examined, are the same ones you’ll be trusting their opinion of the phone, when reading their reviews.. That Sounds Interesting.

      • Adam Wiggins

        You know every single tech site that has a decent following will review the phone.  Like this site and many others.

    • Is it normal for Costco to not have phones till a few weeks after there release date? I was in Costco this morning picking up a few items and I stop to talk to the phone guy. I asked him about the Bionic and he said they talked to the Verizon rep the night before and he was told it would be another 30days before they get the phone. I got my OG a few weeks after it came out from Costco (because of a bundle deal they had) so I’m not sure if that is normal.

      • Anonymous

        My Costco phone guy told me that, on many occasions, they actually get most phones a few days before launch date and that they are free and clear to even sell them before the launch date if someone asks. I guess I’ll be calling my Costco every day next week. 

        Unfortunately, he also said that sometimes they don’t get the phones until a few days after launch date too. 

        He also let me know that the $50 early upgrade “rebate/discount” in only usable through the Verizon store and not through Costco…  that sucks.

    • Myfacetwitterbookspace

      No disrespect, but…what smart phone has ever been released that didn’t get a few bad reviews do to bugs? Who would buy a smart phone not expecting bugs? You tread the specs, decide if that’s what you want, if so, buy it. The Droid X was a great phone spec wise when released. I returned it in exchange for a new one SEVERAL times. No fee. Just wait for bug fixes, or be one of the people who gold out, then end up on a 3 month back order, and write a blog about “i should have bought it when it was available”, then join the “did you get yours delivered yet” forums. To me, ther people that by smart phones, not knowing the process & history, & base it on OTHERS experience, is idiotic, but that’s just to me! They’re not actually idiots.

    • Myfacetwitterbookspace

      Typo, *held out, not *gold out…

  • fartbubbler

    I wonder if we can still get that bonus pack if we pay full retail?

    • Wireless Fool

      Costco won’t sell you the phone at full retail.

      • fartbubbler

        I’m hoping that Verizon will have this value pack then.

  • Stelv81

    4g battery dock huh…for what? An extra battery? Why do you need that if the battery is awesome.

    • fartbubbler

      dont be a douche.

      • Stelv81

        Sorry Bubbler…it wasn’t a personal attack or anything. Didn’t know people would take it so seriously. Just bored at work here.

    • Anonymous

      I ALWAYS take a spare battery with me when I travel. If you’re in a new city, wandering around landmarks, you’re relying on your GPS a lot and keep your screen on and there’s not usually a place to plug in. Awesome battery or not, if you’re RELYING on your phone to get you around safely in a city you’re not familiar with, an extra battery is a good idea.

      • hkklife

        Amen to that!  Also, that is precisely the reason why I will not be buying the Droid HD or Dinara or whatever it is if it has a sealed battery. I don’t like the fact that most tablets have fixed internal batteries and I am really disturbed to see some new notebooks (that are not MacBook Air thin) having internal batteries.  More $, more headaches, less convenience. 

        I carry a spare in my car and whenever I travel and always have a spare charging at home. 

      • Stelv81

        Good point

    • Rob Meyer

      because even the yoyos that had the D1 were carrying around extra batteries.If you plan to be completely away from a charging source for an extended period of time, then an extra battery is a solution for you.

      • Granted

        Another awesome option is to carry power packs like I do. Even the solar ones that take forever to re-juice are fun. So is chopping of heads.

        • Granted

          Off as well.

    • Mr.Joe

      You can never have too many batteries around.

  • Wireless Fool

    Costco can not do early upgrades or honor NE2.  Also, this probably won’t be an MVM phone and may be in limited quantities so if you want it get there early.

    • Anonymous


    • So you’re saying this is ONLY for NEW customers?  No NE2, really?  Either way, I highly doubt they have this deal on release day…  +1 for the backup battery

  • That beats the typical Costco ‘accessory’ pack which includes a generic car charger and generic leather pouch case-retail value $3.99.

    • Doubtful

      That’s why I’m skeptical of this.  When my wife got her charge her accessory pack was generic screen protector that had to be hand cut, a generic car charger, and a generic pouch.  Hardly the type of deal that is suggested here. 

      • Granted

        Whoa, it had to be hand cut?! I’d just go get some free plastic and some Elmers Glue instead.

  • hatethanet

    Wow, great deal!

  • Anonymous

    Sign me up

  • mtbhk44

    That’s really a pretty awesome deal.  Yes, this is the first positive thing I’ve had to say about this phone since January

    • And it has nothing to do with the phone, it’s Costco’s doing, so…..

  • T Hall

    Thanks!  No pre-order for me now!

  • Legoturte92

    That’s an amazing deal. I think Verizon should do this as well as a way to smooth things over with everyone who was angry due to the delay.

    • Mctypething

      Yeah, I’m sure that’ll happen. Verizon is known for giving a rat’s ass about their customers.

    • Bfolks

      Really, not many people are angry over the delay – just a few nerds like us.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Most of the general population isn’t aware that this phone exists and won’t be until commercials start showing up on TV.

      • Pennywise

        OG owner (still using) – been following BIONIC since the first rumor and I’m not even slightly angry:)

    • Mr.Joe

      Who’s angry?  Only the people that read DL and honestly we’re all mad at them for bootloaders.  Ask your average cell phone user about the Bionic and they won’t have a clue what you’re talking about.  Talk about bootloaders and they’ll just walk away.  Trust me I’ve talked to random people about Bootloaders before and they just look at me weirdly and walk away.

      • Maybe it’s not the topic of the conversation that makes them walk away…

        • Granted

          No, its absolutely the topic. They have relationships to attend to that aren’t their phone.

  • Anonymous

    Thats a great deal!

  • Can Costco honor early upgrades on the primary line of a family plan and NE2?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I’d like to know as well.

    • Brian Fernald

      I’m with you on that question as well. If they do, i have 2 Costcos on my way home from work that I will be stopping at.

    • lmrojas

      No. The advantage with costco is the bundles. The 90 day return policy with no restocking fees

  • Legoturte92

    DO WANT!