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Download: New Android Market Version 3.1.3 – New +1 Button and PIN Protection for Purchases


A new version of the Android Market has unexpectedly started rolling out to handsets this morning as version 3.1.3.  The update includes a couple of nifty new features to add to this already snazzy new store – most notably is the +1 button in app pages and the ability to set a PIN to prevent unwanted purchases of apps on your phone.  A nice feature for those of you out there with little ones who like to grab ahold of your phone and frantically hammer on buttons.

Download:  com.android.vending.3.1.3.apk

To install, simply download the file from above.  When it finishes, tap on it from the notifications bar, tap “Install”, allow it to replace your current market.  Enjoy!

Cheers to Mike and everyone who sent this in!

  • Adam

    Running VERY slow on a Huawei Ideos U8150. Horrible, I just want my list back.

  • Theflcracker

    I have a DX running stock gb unrooted and when I click on “My Apps” it says I only have 2 Apps installed. I have alot more than that. Even tried rebooting the phone, but still the same.

  • Monickac1

    now its asking me to add an account to the device to continue how do i do that?

    • Monicakc1

      Sorry i forgot to add when i push yes it just closes where do i go from here.  Please help thanks!

    • Monicakc1

      Sorry i forgot to add when i push yes it just closes where do i go from here.  Please help thanks!

  • Monickac1

    now its asking me to add an account to the device to continue how do i do that?

  • Thanks for the New Android Market 3.1.3 Apk! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I hate the new market. I can hardly use it. It is S L O W. I find myself using Amazon’s App Store more and more.

    • Anonymous

      People complaining about the market being slow need to reveal what device they are using. I’m running it on my Thunderbolt Cyanogenmod7 RC 1.6.1 and it’s running smooth as butter.  Couldn’t be happier with the layout.  It reminds me of Xbox’s menus, which is winning

  • Anonymous

    at least it’s back to saying if an App needs a Manual Update, which is nice.

  • I love the way this update brings better explanation of all the permissions! Nice job Google

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully a few bug fixes too. The last version of the market was a bug-fest.

  • Josue C

    I downloaded it for my Droid Incredible on VZW, and now I’m getting Sprint’s recommendations instead of Verizon’s market picks, anyone know how to fix this issue?

  • jimbob

    Updated, worked fine.  Oh, and to update apps, hit menu while on the main Market screen and select My Apps.

  • Coleayres

    i like the new markets look , it is slower though

  • RonsterWVU

    This won’t install on my droid X? Am i missing something my dawgs?

    • TyGamer

      Try redownloading it. Sometimes you’ll get a bad download.

  • Anonymous

    I want the Manual Check for updates back!  

  • Obscura

    It’s weird! This new market (3.1.3) automatically installed itself on my galaxy tab p1010 when i turned on wifi…

    • Hence the term, “rolling out?”

      • Obscura

        I’m just confused why would sites have to put up download links if it’s “rolling out”?

  • Alphabets13

    not working on DX running Shuji.

  • Brent Farago

    Does anyone else wish there was a way to manually update the Market?  It seems like you either need to rely on a news site or know some magic trick to get it to download.

  • Mike

    Maybe one of these updates they can make searching for apps easier???

    Searched for “Facebook Messenger” and my options to d/l were Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and 2 books on Facebook

  • Drew Dennis

    I personally love the new Market layout. It’s more consistent with the Honeycomb version, and the graphics look more modern and fresh to me. 

  • I like it, runs smooth on my D1 with Simply Stunning 5.4

    Has anyone installed on a Honeycomb Tablet (Xoom, Transformer, Iconia)?  

  • Blood

    Any sign of a music store?

  • Jager07

    So which one of you guys (or gals) also +1’d the Access Fund’s app??  🙂 

  • You should also point out that this update comes with some bug fixes too. Manual Updates is back as a display category, and updates work better in general. Some of the lag issues are fixed, although not all.

    • Anonymous

      I dont see the manual updates, where is it hiding?

      • Anonymous

        If an app has new permissions, it will appear on a separate line from other apps needing updates. And if you click into it, it highlights the new permission so it’s easy to find. I like it. Now if I could just get the new market to show all my installed apps.

  • docking

    Lets hope this thing is better than the most recent update.  The format has been terrible.  I want to see all new apps, not be told what are the top ones / editors choice / etc.

  • well I guess its probable a good thing that my phone wont install the new market anyways.  Going to call verizon customer service and complain.  None of my apps are updating they all say failed installation and thats with the old market also

    • Factory Reset. Save yourself a trip.

      • Drew Dennis

        Factory reset won’t work if he replaced the market .apk already existing on his phone. It will just see that as the default since it’s in /system/app. Factory reset only wipes /data

  • The app updating has sucked donkey nuts ever since the new market came online.

  • Howiestevens

    Still didn’t fix the problem I’m having with the new market. It doesn’t list any of the apps I have, so I never know if there are updates available. All my apps came from the market, but they don’t show up in the list ever.
    Come on Google……get it fixed!

    • Belatu

      If you open the Market app, press Menu key, and press My Apps, it gives you a list of all your installed apps, and will tell you if any have updates.

      • Harry Manback

        No, see, that’s the exact problem. My friend’s Droid X has the same issue. Only 4 apps show up under “My Apps” when he clearly has many more than that.

    • Agarrard21

      I’m having the same problem. I go to settings and my apps but all the apps I installed before the new market came out don’t show up. They are still on my phone and work fine but i don’t know if any updates are available. The apps I’ve downloaded after the new version show up. I’m using the Samsung galaxy s for Tmobile.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This does seem to lag just a bit. Plus. I find these last 2 layout to be pretty horribly disjointed looking in terms of good GUI layout.

    I see no +1 button on my Droid.The PIN is of no value to me.I wish they had the ability to turn off sections. For example, Books and Movies and Games are of zero value to me. I only want to see Apps.

  • Looks like the resolution was changed as well… a little more display area.  I’ll take it!

  • Ryan

    For some reason with this version and the previous version that was published on DL, I don’t have an Upgrade option when my apps show that there is an update available.  I only see a button for Open and a button for Uninstall.  I’m using a DInc2 with GB.

    • I notice that sometimes it won’t let you update the app right away but later on it will.

    • Village idiot

      It was listed on their site as a known issue – basically false update notices. They claimed the false notice would clear after several hours, but mine never did. Workaround was to delete the market app data to force it to re-scan the available updates – but then you also lost anything you had for filter settings. Any list of bug fixes on the latest release?

      • RedOne1

        This happened to me and ever since I download it I can’t update or download any apps from the market and its pissing me off!!!!! I even uninstall the update and nothing has changed.

  • Kelly OBrien

    Didn’t work running apex 2.0 RC two on my droid X. says application not install . I’m sure a fix will be in the works here soon.

    • Anonymous

      I’m getting the exact same problem.

  • updates are always a welcome

  • Jason Harter

    Has anyone tried to install this on DX running Liberty GB .9?

    • It is not working for me on my DX but I am on Shuji ROM

    • Anonymous

      The new market would not instal on Liberty v0.9 when I had it. So I’m assuming its a no go for this one as well. We’re gonna have to wait for them to add it on their next nightly…

    • It needs to be put in a zip file and flashed via clockwork.  I’m running Libery .9 and this was the only way it worked for me for the last update.  It’s only a matter of time before someone does it.  I’m pretty sure it’s the only way it can be updated on ROM’d phones.

  • Isaiah PEz

    i dont have +1 in the new market update

  • Anonymous

    +1 for Google. +2 to Dr. Droid for not saying “PIN number.” 🙂

    • Big C

      hahahaha PIN number. It’s a pet peeve of mine

      • It’s like saying lazy mexican.

      • Bret

        I agree!  Like ATM Machine and NIC Card.

        • Peeves

          +1 one on all of those.  And, somewhat unrelated, hot water heater.

  • nice!

  • Mctypething

    The last update to the market was awful. The UI looks like a bad Super Nintendo game.

    • And the fact that it’s laggy as balls.

      • John

        balls are laggy?

      • John

        balls are laggy?

        • FortitudineVincimus

          no, but they are saggy

          • John

            true. except in cold water

      • Anonymous

        Works fine on my DX with Cyanogenmod. In fact I noticed increased performance.

    • Anonymous

      I assumed I was the only one that hates the new market… It’s god awful.

    • Really? I think the new Market looks very nice.

      • Mctypething

        Why? I think the new market is a good reason why you constantly hear the complaint that apps in Android just don’t look as good as iOS apps. It’s a bunch of random boxes with different colors and no consistency. It looks like a 10 year old kid created it in app developer. Totally unpolished, not user friendly, and just overall looks bad. What about it do you like? The previous update to the market was really good, not s ure why they changed it. Google should be embarassed for this new one.

        • Amen

        • DaveIsAwesome

          For the same reason Pulse RSS reader or windows phone (compared to windows mobile) looks nice. More pictures and less text. Also I like how I can skip threw a really long app description and go straight to the last 3 reviews more easily.

        • TyGamer

          I personally like the market. Yes the first page sucks but the only reason I don’t like it is because it displays various data i don’t care about (like books). It is much faster then the last major version and added a lot of useful features. Overall, it is the best market app we have had imho.

    • Anonymous

      i think it’s quite nice…   

  • PyroHoltz

    wow, another Market update, nice.