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Nexus Prime To Be Released In October According To Newest Report?

According to the newest development on Google’s Nexus Prime, filed by the Korean site Electronic Times, Google’s first Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) phone is set to be released some time in October. The report also suggests some device specs which everyone had been looking for – 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 720p Super AMOLED HD display, on a 4.5″ PenTile screen.

Do these specs speak to anyone hoping this device will unite the gap between Android’s tablet OS, and their phone’s OS? Is there a spec this device needs to have upon release? NFC? Bigger screen? Or how about the rumor that Samsung is making it, and that it will be available on Verizon? Let us know.

Via: BGR

  • Ryan C

    no pentile ):

  • Buckgrad

    IIs the Pentile screen as bad as people seem to say?

  • Ninekat

    Amen to that, a nexus phone on Verizon would be the best Christmas gift ever

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My day-one DInc account is eligible for updating on Dec 29th… looks like Christmas is coming a few days late!! 

  • Anonymous

    If this comes to VZW I’m getting it Day 1 and never looking at another phone lol

  • I hope It will come to Verizon. i wouldn’t mind picking that up and shelving my Thunderbolt. 

  • Anonymous


  • Did you say PenTile screen?? I hope not…  

    • StillTOcome

      yes the superamoled HD screen is not the plus and is also confirm to be using the Pentile matrix

  • StillTOcome

    1. the nexus will prob go to t-mobile or atnt which for most people suc in terms of coverage
    2, the HD screen will most likely require more from the processors leading to more battery usage, heat, and lag
    3. powerVR 540 is outdated in this case just clocked higher (new iphone has a 543)
    4. HD screen uses pentile and we have yet to confirm if there is even a noticable difference in image quality

    me it seems that gs2 is still better, but what happened to the rumors
    that samsung has another flagship phone with 3d coming by the holiday or
    a higher clock gs2 variant to compete against the iphone 5 or whatever?

  • I think it’s totally possible that the Nexus Prime will see an October release, although I’d rather have them release it in December or January. I think Google should take all the time they need to really polish Ice Cream Sandwich. I know it’s importantly go to market as soon as possible to actively compete with Apple, but in the end, it’ll save them a lot of time and trouble if they just release a more stable version of ICS as opposed to getting it out quickly and have it be buggier. Regardless, the Nexus Prime is gonna be one sexy device that I’ll surely look into…although I must say, HTC’s Beats integration is tempting as well. More on what I have to say about the Nexus Prime and Google marketing on my blog at: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-50

  • Shanklin07

    This is worth waiting for. I wont upgrade till I know if the next nexus device is going to verizon or not. If its not then i will upgrade already but I know not to blow my wadd prematurely if you know what i mean. 

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  • On Verizon at top of the list.

    November release, just in time to grab Droid Incredible customers (I will be eligible for upgrade on Dec 12th 🙂 )

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Well, if the Samsung-made PenTile screen speculation is accurate, wouldn’t that confirm that Samsung is the manufacturer?

  • steveo

    Hmm Samsung is announcing something big via commercial tease (4.5′ screen + Big Red) on September 1st…..Nexus prime?

  • now this phone is worth talking about…….Screw Halloween I want it for Christopher Columbus day

  • Because Google is going to buy Motorola does that mean the the new Nexus Will be made by Moto?? If so that would be hot.. !!! But since An OLED screen is being rumored i guess its going to be a Samsung 🙁

  • Djstar2k2

    a 4 incher w/ a kb and im all over no matter what carrier

    • DBK

      lol I think you mean gb.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Man I hope we get more leaks on this before the Bionic comes out.

    • DBK

      Won’t matter, you won’t see it on Verizon anytime soon.

      • Anonymous

        A man can dream.

        • DBK

          Yes, yes he can. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. Dreams can hurt.

  • Rizzidy

    It’s obviously going to have NFC if it is a Nexus phone.  What kind of dumb question is that?

  • i’m pretty sure its not going to be on Big Red. Moto won’t be making this nexus but possibly the next one. The next Nexus device has probably already been in the works for a year now. …oh yeah all you Moto haters are going to hate life when Google and Moto take over. 

  • If it’s made by motorola, then hell naw

  • DBK

    1) I love how Pentile on a Moto is the root of all evil yet Pentile on a Nexus is a gift from the gods (as if the Moto hate wasn’t already painfully apparent). Hypocrites much?

    2) This phone may be released in October, but don’t expect it to be on Verizon until at least next year, if at all.

    3) The specs on this phone are only slightly better than the Bionic, if that. The only thing that is truly better about the Nexus is that it is stock. However, for some reason, that makes it the greatest phone ever made, even though you can just root the skinned phones to make them stock, or at least as stock as possible (and before people start complaining about the D3 not getting root yet, any phone is rootable, some just take longer than others).

    Seriously, anything coming out this year after the Bionic is nothing but a variation of it. Except for the iCrap 1.5, that will be inferior. The only good phones coming out these last few months will be the Vigor, Bionic, and Droid HD. The SGS2 and Nexus probably won’t happen on Verizon (if the SGS2 does, it will be brutally raped by Big Red), so don’t hold your breath.

    • ^^that 

    • Anonymous

      SO TRUE DUDE. NICE….  :):)

    • Matthew Ryan

      I don’t want to get too deep into this but there’s a couple issues with what you’re saying:

      1. Not all pentile screens are created equal. There are different levels of quality on the variations; this is something there have been numerous articles about.

      2. Baseless assumption. Well slightly based if you’re using the GSII as evidence, but no other carrier has gotten that either yet so that’d be like saying when the Nexus Prime gets released no carrier will have it because it’s taking all of them so long to get the GSII.

      3. Truly better? It’s alleged to have an HD screen, run the biggest update of Android available (which the other phones will get eventually yes), and be ‘ultra-thin’ (Whatever the hell that means). Plus it’ll get all of the delicious Google goodness before the other phones (most likely) as has been the case previously.

      The Bionic will be dated technology once the HD hits. It seems fairly obvious to me that the screen resolution being ‘HD’ will be a base point for these phones after the release of the Bionic. Now how long that will take to come out is a whole ‘nother ball game I’m not interested in playing. I just want my GSII (only if it has 4G) or the Vigor. I don’t know if I can handle another Motorola phone. The last HTC I had was the Touch Pro 2 back in the WinMo 6.5 days and I loved that phone (especially since you can actually sideload Android onto it), Sense is a lot more enjoyable to work with while waiting for root than Blur.

      [Edited for white space]

      • DBK

        1) My point exactly. The bash the Bionic because of Pentile solely based on the previous versions of it, and yet praise the Pentile on this one, which will probably be similar to the one on the Bionic. I was pointing out the stupidity of it.

        2) You read that wrong. They won’t be on Verizon anytime soon because they are stock, which Verizon frowns upon. They will delay it until it is properly screwed with. So even if we do, they won’t be as good as the regular ones. Not to mention that it is just as baseless to assume that they will be on Verizon when they get announced.

        3) Software wise, it will be a little better, but hardware wise (which is more relevant) the Bionic is better. Thinner doesn’t always equal better. And the Bionic will get the same amount of love as the Nexus (Google owns Moto now, remember?) assuming it ever ends up on Verizon.An improved screen doesn’t make the prior phone dated when it’s other hardware will either be equal or still  slightly better. The new Blur is amazing and closer to a stock Android experience then sense (you would know that if you actually tried it).

        • Adam Wiggins

          Hardware only slightly better?  The fact alone that it has an HD screen is a big deal. If it also has a 1.5GHz dual core processor, that’s pretty crazy. Some of the most important specs on the Nexus are clearly superior to the Bionic. 

          The fact also remains, that because the Bionic has Blur it will not get updates as quickly.  Regardless if the new Blur is good it is there and slows development. 

          And, having a locked bootloader is incredibly annoying. It means less good roms. 

  • webby

    This is a larger phone than I like, but if it comes to Verizon, I’ll probably get it anyway.  

    I want a Nexus phone on Big Red!!!

    • it prolly isnt bigger than 4.3 inch phones because it doesnt have any bottons

  • Urmomlikesit11

    If its true it will b coming to Verizon its MINE ALL MINE!!!

  • EnergyAtma

    Does anyone have that green hexagon wallpaper or know where to get it?

    • Simplyrafa8

      Light grid pro my dear friend, it’s on the market 🙂

  • WormDoes

    Nexus on Verizon, I’ll believe it when I see it.


  • Anonymous

    I want it to be on Verizon, with a 4″ screen and 1GB of RAM. No bigger than 4″ because then it’s just getting too large to be a phone.  That’s all that matters to me. 

  • Doubt it comes so soon, more like november/december…

    Let the cry of Pentile begin.

    But it’s Samsung so Pentile is awesome.

  • The chance of a Nexus on Verizon seems to be slim to none. 

    • Pennywise

      Yup, everyone gets pissed at the manufacturers for locking bootloaders. Blame Verizon.

      • Mike

        Why does Verizon sell multiple unlocked or unlockable devices then?

  • PowersUSA

    Please include the simplest of features, a notification LED

  • Fertch

    autobots cousin, Nexus Prime, to be on the market Just in Time..is all i really want for christmas, this yeeeaar!(8)

  • PowersUSA

    I’m getting sick and tired of the pentile resolution claims. There is simply less visual data with a pentile display. 2 sub-pixels per pixel vs 3 sub-pixels per pixel in a RGB display. The advertised resolutions are “perceived” resolutions.  

  • Rob Meyer

    Still cant understand the obsession of a new version of an o/s, especially the first one at that. most phones dont even have gingerbread yet = )

  • Brett

    Could this be something big from Samsung?

    • You might be right

  • Anonymous

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  • hopefully this comes to verizon….i wish droid life would of posted a better explaining post about pentile and the different kinds of pentile because now when people hear pentile they act like its a swear word and codemn it for life…people please read upon screen tech before posting things that are false and causing hysteria … i could say one word and half the readers will go crazy “im not buying that phone” im going to say it PENTILE

    • Anonymous

      Pentile screens have an annoying pattern and inferior color accuracy but it may not be so noticeable with a high ppi in 720p.

  • Jared Kirk

    Please please please let this be on Verizon!  They need a high end vanilla android phone… and a Nexus phone on top of that?  Gravy. 

  • If the Nexus comes with LTE and NFC, i’ll buy it.

    If the Nexus comes with LTE and no NFC, i’ll buy it.

    If the Nexus comes with NFC and no LTE, i won’t buy it.

  • I really don’t know what to do now. I want the Droid Bionic bad but this phone looks just as sexy hahaha. Ive always wanted a Google device so I can get updates first but the Droid line of phones has never done me wrong. What should I do people?

    • Pennywise

      The Motorola Bionic is a Google device now ; )

      • Edensdesign

        I think your confused, the bionic may be made by a soon to be Google company, however it will not be a google experience device, unless they decide to give it a real shot and shock us all… that’d be the day

    • NSBJJ

      Wait a couple more weeks and get the Samsung Galaxy S II

  • FortitudineVincimus

    please be hella thin

  • I’ll be right back…I think I just Ice Creamed my pants…

  • shit, I am due an upgrade the 2nd week of september.  Hopefully they have all of this figured out because if Big Red is going to be getting this then I will just wait until October, Novemeber…shit even December

  • I really don’t know what to do now. I want the Droid Bionic bad but this phone looks just as sexy hahaha. Ive always wanted a Google device so I can get updates first but the Droid line of phones has never done me wrong. What should I do people? This phone is more powerful than the Bionic….how much RAM does it have though, I think that will be the kicker for me too.

  • Anonymous

    If this comes to VZW, R. I. P. Bionic.

    • jimbob

      The Droid HD is already cause to say RIP Bionic.

      • Anonymous

        True. If Moto can break its habit of delay. Let’s hope Google gets them on track.

      • Anonymous

        Given their recent track record, I’m more inclined to believe we won’t see the HD until 2012, even if Jha says 2011.