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HTC Sues Apple, Seeks To Ban Sale Of Apple’s Products In United States

In a slight change of lineup, HTC has now sued Apple for patent infringement. Their claim is that Apple is infringing on several patents that are in use on Apple’s i*ods, i*ads, i*hones, and their wide range of computers (did HTC patent glass?!?). Is this not becoming more and more ridiculous? HTC has not released information on which specific patents Apple is infringing, but we are sure the legal docs shall be released eventually.

What’s even better is that HTC is seeking to ban the sale of these products in the entire US. Excuse me but, “zOMG!” Someone in Washington needs to give all these companies a good spanking for all this craziness. Rest assured, if HTC has a case, this will make national news. Even more news worthy is if they win and Apple has to stop selling their products. Could you imagine that?

What are everyone’s thoughts on this newest lawsuit? Getting a tidbit crazy now?

Via: Phandroid

  • HTC most definitely does not expect to win. This is not a court case that is winnable, no matter how much evidence HTC has.

    This is HTC’s defense against Apple. It will require Apple to pull up anything that HTC might be infringing upon, and cross licence the patents. Therefore, with an attack my HTC, they are guaranteeing to be out of Apple’s sights for the foreseeable future.

    At the very best, this case will also demonstrate that the patent battle is indeed ridiculous, and cause more caution in companies due to exasperation of the court systems.

    • Anonymous


      Apple banned the Galaxy Tab in Europe for a week, and they had no good reason.

      If HTC actually has some valid reasons, it might not be permanent, but it could happen.

  • Scott Willenborg

    In a related story I am now suing all phone manufacturers, software creators and EA* as well.  I have an a$$ and it’s patented, now they’re all being a$$’s as well and I don’t like it.  My lawyer released this statement just moments ago:

    “My client definetely has an a$$ as anyone can clearly see.  That fact that these companies think they can just go around being a$$es is ‘loodacrus’.  My client has had an a$$, and has taken care of it himself, for over 40 years.  These power hungry conglomerates think they can just start being a$$es when ever they want?  We’ll see them burn in hell before we allow that to happen.  Or until we get paid.”

    Anyone who calls me an a$$ again (or in this post, I smell some a$$-y comments coming) will be served papers.

    * I included EA just because I hate them in general, theres no relation to this post.

  • ScottH

    This is a bargaining chip, nothing more.  If they have a strong case then Apple will drop their lawsuits against HTC and they will cross-license the relevant IP to one another.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is theyre gonna make some kind of claim that iTunes synching violates some HTC Sync patents.

  • Anonymous

    This made me LOL

    HTC is kinda being a bitch doing this, but Apple deserves it.

    • Guest

      LOL like the jealous girlfriend who just got dumped.  Still would love to see them win.

  • Pennywise

    But… without white, glossy badges of ‘hate me’ in the hands of those who suck, how am I going to easily avoid (upsetting) interactions with these hipsters??  Apple. must. live!

  • Samantharey80

    I want HTC to win. I am so sick of Apple’s bullying nonsense. 

  • Finally. Justice. Lets go HTC. 

  • EC8CH

    Let’s see if HTC has to alter evidence to make it happen.

  • jimbob

    Frivolous lawsuit vs frivolous lawsuit. Gotta love it.

  • Anonymous

    This would be the biggest blow towards Apple IF they ban them in there own turf (THE UNITED STATES)..Id love to see this. If HTC does win, i hope they reject a settlement offer and follow threw.

  • UncannyValley

    MEh, I’m tired of this crap already,both of them should focus on making better devices.

    • + gazillion!

      This is madness. But, Apple started the crapshoot and hence the return fire was quite expected. I won’t be surprised if Moto+Google now file a nasty one against Apple too.

  • UncannyValley

    MEh, I’m tired of this crap already,both of them should focus on making better devices.

  • If crApple has to stop selling its products, they can send a text message for a Flash Mob to jump off a bridge.  80% of users will do so because they do not think for themselves.  They are simple lemmings eating the poisoned fruit.

  • If crApple has to stop selling its products, they can send a text message for a Flash Mob to jump off a bridge.  80% of users will do so because they do not think for themselves.  They are simple lemmings eating the poisoned fruit.

  • tter is that HTC is seeking to ban the sale of these products in the entire US. Excuse me but, “zOMG!” Someone in Washington needs to give all these companies a good spanking for all this craziness. R

  • pezjono

    If HTC wins, then how will Apple afford to harvest the organs of hobos and orphans necessary to keep Jobs alive?

  • Anonymous

    Good go right at apple if apple wants to try and sue/ban everyone why not do it to them too?

  • awesome!!!! 

  • “Cut their F—ing balls off” lol waterboy reference.

  • Man, this is crazy. But it did not all of a sudden become crazy because of this, it has been crazy for a while.  And now it is just getting so immature, IMO.

    These “big” companies don’t realize it but they are setting a tone and an example for the future generation of business people.  Young and upcoming businessmen (and women) are watching and taking notes.  Frankly I think these “big” companies should be ashamed of this behavior.  So elementary.

  • Yes please.

  • Devin

    if this goes through it would be great for android phones. but if they are in fact banned from selling ALL apple products in the us. then it will really light the fire for chrome OS, windows will never go away because most businesses and manufacturing companies use it. But apple computers have always been kind of a novelty. I could see apple taking a bad hit on this. Watch you stock people!!! haha

    • RW-1

      It would only affect those devices that infringe on the patent(s), it would not be a total ban on all apple products.

      I’d love to see this happen for a week or so, just to give them pause. Don’t think it can’t happen because … if they prove their case like apple did (with fase data), they could issue a ruling stopping the sale of those infringing products.

      In that case they would appeal, and it would be up to the courts to decide if continued selling could occur while litigation continued.

      Basically though, the general opinion is what goes around comes around … IMHO, somewhere, somehow, some company could and should take this shot at apple, it might slow down their own patent crap aqs they now have to mount a defense.

      Bravo Zulu HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Come Apple pay them already.- 7,765,414: Circuit and operating method for integrated interface of PDA and wireless communication system – 7,672,219: Multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing – 7,417,944: Method for orderwire modulation 

  • Adam

    These companies suing each other left and right, it’s legal extortion. Mark Cuban was asked days before Google bought out Motorola what the biggest threat to the economy is: lawsuits, he said.

  • I can’t see how HTC is going to win this one.  The earliest patent is from 2008, and all of them describe things Apple has been doing before then.

    Remember, wishful thinking doesn’t mean HTC will win. Especially not when it already lost an ITC case earlier.

    • RW-1

      Doing is one thing, having the patent to do it is another ……

  • that would be hilarious actually…

  • Anonymous

    Ummm…anyone who thinks Apple is going to stop selling ipods in America isnt thinking clearly AT ALL. It just cant happen. Literally, it cannot happen. If somehow HTC makes something of this, Apple will just change w.e parts they “infringed” upon and no one will know the difference. Apple is too big to just be gone from the US market. Our government wouldn’t allow it. Simple as that.

    • RW-1

      Hopefully it will cause the resolution of your device repeating posts ….

      • Anonymous

        First off, i made that post from windows 7. Second, i didnt double post. Third, nice try.

  • You can bet your bottom dollar Apple will pay out the ass if they have to, so they don’t have to pull the products from the shelves if they lose.  Its refreshing to see the bullied stand up for themselves against the bully for once.

    • no HTC is probably hoping to have a cross-licensing agreement which, much like Sony and LG did earlier this month with the PS3., stops the lawsuit and gives them access to money and tech.

  • Anonymous

    All I can think when I see that picture is Achmed the Dead Terrorist saying, “Silence, I keeeeel you!!!!” Bwahahaha.  Somebody give that poor man a cheeseburger already.  

  • RW-1

    Not crazy at all, and I’m certain that HTC won’t use false data in its claim like apple did.

    It would be just awesome to see them actually get a ban in place, if only for a couple of weeks.

  • Cgmartin33

    Lmfao! Good for them! Apple got some advertising for a couple hundred thousand dollars in attorneys fees when they sued HTC and tried to tarnish their reputation…now the tables are turned. If by some miracle they won and apple had to stop selling products in America…goodbye fruit factory!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it “crazy” only when Apple gets hit with a suit?

  • Anonymous

    Why is it “crazy” only when Apple gets hit with a suit?

  • Both companies will come to an agreement outside of the court rooms.  Neither case will ever reach a trial.

  • Nate

    I wish people would post something original and not ” give them a taste of there own medicine” and yes almost every1 who posted that used the wrong there.

  • Jose Nissan240

    I have iphones,ipod,but have them all for paper weight like better my Droid Charge f..k apple…..

  • Anonymous

    GO HTC!!!

  • Anonymous

    Turn about is fair play.

  • Meh, we need apple.  Otherwise we could only make fun of MS’s mobile attempts.

  • Anonymous


  • Oh, and one more thing, I hold the copyright on the expresssion “One more thing”. I will see you in court Mr. Jobs.

  • Interstellarmind

    i may be completely wrong,b ut wasn’t apple the first one to start suing companies?

    if that’s true, then, serves’em right. fight fire with fire, right?

    if it is NOT true… then this is a bad showing on HTC’s part (or perhaps they’re thinking a good defense is a good offense?)

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t Germany so falsified nonsense won’t get an injunction.

  • George Moundroukas

    wtf htc is being little pussys they don’t want apple to sell in the us because there kicking there asses htc is being a bunch of 5 year olds

    • Um, what?

    • RW-1

      Apple troll, never mind it, and certainly don’t feed it.

    • Umm, Apple’s market share is continually dropping (due to them falling behind their competition in just about every way except looks), while all the Android phone makers are constantly growing; that’s why Apple started suing people, they have lost their edge and are quickly losing their relevance in the market.  They hope they can just kill the companies and not have to innovate or compete.  HTC is defending itself, defending competition, and hence – defending YOU. Don’t be a sheep, look at the big picture here.

  • 95% of all cases settle.  there will be no winner. If I’m Apple, I counterclaim.

    • Correct, this is a counterclaim in order to kill Apple’s attempted injuction against HTC from a couple months ago.  In the end, both are probably going to back down and we’ll get back to normal.  It really depends on how desperate Apple has gotten from watching Android’s market share eclipse them.

    • so you’re sayin theres a chance? *dumb and dumber reference*

  • Mario Lo

    Someone should watch “My name is Earl”

  • MJZ

    this is awesome. 
    give Jobs a taste of his own medicine. 

  • Jack Sanchez

    This is too good to be true. I hope htc wins to get rid of apple. The only apple product in America should be from a grocery store

  • finally there getting a taste of their own medicine!