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HTC Sues Apple, Seeks To Ban Sale Of Apple’s Products In United States

In a slight change of lineup, HTC has now sued Apple for patent infringement. Their claim is that Apple is infringing on several patents that are in use on Apple’s i*ods, i*ads, i*hones, and their wide range of computers (did HTC patent glass?!?). Is this not becoming more and more ridiculous? HTC has not released information on which specific patents Apple is infringing, but we are sure the legal docs shall be released eventually.

What’s even better is that HTC is seeking to ban the sale of these products in the entire US. Excuse me but, “zOMG!” Someone in Washington needs to give all these companies a good spanking for all this craziness. Rest assured, if HTC has a case, this will make national news. Even more news worthy is if they win and Apple has to stop selling their products. Could you imagine that?

What are everyone’s thoughts on this newest lawsuit? Getting a tidbit crazy now?

Via: Phandroid

  • Netpeer

    Are you people f. nuts?? HTC doesn’t have any patents stop this non sense! Motorola and Nokia both have almost all of them, invented phones, strong radio etc. Apple has the lead on user interface, where was google when they came up with their IOS (ipods etc). Apple sucks in radio part and technology itsef and they hav ebeen copying stuff from mot nokia etc …but coem on HTC?? HTC is like the Hyundai of cars…they will never be lexus or infiniti, period.

  • NoahRHPS

    I think all the companies should just stop fighting. And continue producing.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t about winning the case, its about trying to settle with Apple. If both companies present claims against each other, instead of dragging out the battle in court, they’re likely to settle. This is just HTC trying to get Apple off its back with their claims, not to actually get Apple’s devices banned.

  • Anonymous


  • Shanklin07

    I think this is a bad move. Of course I don’t know the legal details of this case but taking the whole recent story of patent trolling by companies like apple makes me sick. It becomes anti competitive at a certain point. Which we all know what happens when competition is taken away, quality and innovation are sacrificed.  Simply if you ask me, if apple sues everyone, fine; but by not shallowing to their level is what makes a company better imo. Hell its what makes this country better. If someone wrongs you you don’t do the same. 

  • i would want HTC to turn the tables on apple for turning the industry into patent troll’s! And even though it would be wrong for HTC to stop apple from selling not only in any country but in there own turf its still wrong no matter how much apple deserves it. I wish that HTC would win then show who the better person is & allow apple to keep selling there products, but have apple pay all the legal fee’s, have apple pay all the royalty fee’s on the S3 patents from before HTC bought the patents & after for as long as they use it also the damages they cost HTC for anything imaginable. The question is would apple let HTC off the hook & would agree to somehow allow HTC to keep there products selling in the U.S. like microsoft did? *made them pay royalty, while apple just wants them to disappear* so should they screw apple if they could or be more passive?

  • Where do you think HTC as well as other companies got their ideas for smartphones, Apple.  Where do you think Microsoft got their ideas 5 years after Apple has implemented them?  Trust me, Apple doesn’t need to steal any ideas or patents from underdogs like HTC.  If anything, Apple does however get many of its features for new firmware from jailbroken phones running Apps made by 3rd parties, as well as the unofficial iPhone Dev Team.

  • Yuvi

    Wondering why the concept of Patent exists in the world !?

  • I’m not sure who started all this patent infringement bullshit, but apple has been pushing the envelope lately — its good to see someone trying to hit back hard.  What apple claims to have patented is complete bs!!

  • Bburroffb


  • Justin

     companies get too sue-happy these days..we cant handle straight competition so we’ll just sue ’em.imma sue DL for printing this article….

  • Anonymous

    ijustine and soldier knows best heads just exploded hearing about the possibility of apple products getting banned

  • Anonymous

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  • Phillip Aleksandr

    “Even more news worthy is if they win and Apple has to stop selling their products. Could you imagine that?”

    Can I imagine? This would be a dream come true. Honestly I cannot stand Apple, as a company. If you want to buy an i”item” then fine, its your money spend it how you see fit. But Apple as a company is so immature, so fundamentally irritating that its greatest supporting cast of fans ends up being hipsters. Please HTC win this lawsuit.

  • Linettnc

    “…Someone in Washington needs to give all these companies a good spanking for all this craziness. …”

    Ummmmm…apparently you missed the whole budget/credit ceiling debate just recently in D.C.right?  You were vacationing on Mars right?

    Mind you, I’d love NOTHING more than to see someone make the Apple disappear from the planet but DUDE!!!!  Really think about what your asking for here – crazy people spanking crazy people!  That’s just wrong…

  • Anonymous

    call it what you want, turnabout is fair play, what comes around goes around, the golden rule….Apple has brought this on themselves. At this point, I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t tried to sue to ban all smart phones everywhere because they invented them o.O

  • Get ’em, HTC. {{-_-}}

  • Dbldwnlnv

    Apple has forced this exact same situation to other companies in other countries, why should they be treated any differently.

  • Hello

    I would love for apple to loose since apple managed to block the  Samsung  tablets sales  over in the UK a taste of their own medicine would be good

  • Cdavis993

    Sounds like awesome idea to me…..Go HTC