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DROIDX Gingerbread Bug Fixer is Now Live!

The 11MB update for your DROIDX that should fix a bundle of bugs that were introduced through Gingerbread, is now available for all users.  Head into Settings>About phone>System updates to grab it!

The new build will take your phone to Blur version 4.5.602.

Cheers Jigga_z and to everyone who sent this in!

  • DJ

    This is bullshit. Maybe make software upgrades for phones that the phone can actually handle. my keyboard freezes all the time, already did the whole send back and fix crap. Have had this one for like two months and here we go again, powers up and down when it feels like it. I knew i should have stayed with the blackberry i was using. sadly i use it mostly for work and thought this would be great and was for like 8 months and now it sucks. not like verizon will care….waiting for iphone 5, maybe new service too. If i pay more than $200 for a phone and over that per  month for multiple phones my shit should work.

  • Lilbowlngirl

    I have been on the phone for exactly one hour talking to Verizon and then Motorola.
    No luck. All he ended up saying was he will put this problem “in his notes” to the “superiors”.
    I did not want this upgrade. The phone “made” me do it. Kept giving me a message evertime I cut it on saying it had to be done or I could put it off for 4 hours before I got the next alert.

  • Abe

    Bricked my phone.

  • Angelicrelics

    and we are oh so slow… and always getting HOT.

  • Angelicrelics

    that update sucked too…and I am so frustrated. I can only text one word at a time…every time I hit the space bar it exits.  same in email!!

  • Jtgomez27

    I’m running 2.2.1 and version 2.3.340  I have not been able to update to the new version through system update….Help please

  • DXM

    This update was just pushed to my DX. I sure hope it fixes the problems with this piece of crap. I’m ready to buy the iPhone when the next one comes out. But who knows what problems that will have. Will have to wait and see.

  • Buzzchilly

    I’ve had the update for a few days now and I’m very pleased with it. Issues all fixed- overheating gone, battery life improved, data connection stronger. The phone is snappy like when I first got it. Thanks!

  • Enoch

    Umm ive had Android 2.3(Gingerbread) for about 5 months now, and I just NOW got this new software update 4.5.602MB810. Sooo, I doubt you fixed anything. My Droid X still turns off out of no where!

  • Sports91

    After the update, my battery has been horrible. Ironic? It lasted about 5 hours today, and I wasn’t doing anything more than I usually would. Any thoughts? Please help!

  • Myfacetwitterbookspace

    Just got the update a few minutes ago. It updated on its own. I also thought I was one of a few having MAJOR radio issues. But, too little too late. I’m getting the Bionic on Sept. 8th (if the lapdock bundle is available).

  • Gimike

    My DX is great again after this update. Nothing to complain about here. Reboot issue fixed. Phone also seems smoother and 3g is solid. Bravo.

  • Princexion

    Ive got better 3g signal after update. No random re boots ever. The random notification at night is no longer a bother (not to mention I disabled the full charge notification which is there so u dint leave it on charge all the time). overall the update did what it said.

  • Sheckyesq

    didnt fix the power cycling..just as bad as ever!!

  • Anonymous

    Did they make a rooted update version yet? I’m surprised, it’s been a while since this post…

    • slappynutz

      no word yet.

  • Tony Buss

    the only downside to this update is that it removes root

  • I didnt have many issues prior to the fix with exception of random notification in middle of night for no reason. Ill see if this fix solves that but not many more issue that i know of did i have

  • Virgilio

    Installed this update yesterday morning, so I’ve had it for almost 24 hours.  At the very least, it seems to have fixed the two major bugs that I encountered on a daily basis:
    1)  My phone would routinely reboot when using audio applications (Audible, Doggcatcher), especially when I used bluetooth headphones.  Haven’t had a reboot yet since the update, and I’ve used the audio on bluetooth heavily last night.
    2) My phone was also plagued by the loss of data (edge/3G) problem, and I’ve noticed this hasn’t been a problem either.

  • DroidX_Owner

    Totally spaced on how this OTA would unroot my phone.  So had to spend all night trying to get the TeamBlackHat .602 Gingerbread to install.  If you want to have this update and keep root do this…

    SBF to 340 – Activate – Z4Root – Bootstrap(Droid2Recovery one)

    Format System – Data – Cache – Dalvik – Batt Stats in Clockwork Recovery

    Mount System – Don’t forget this.  Tried for 5 hours till I relized that I needed to do this

    Install 602 AIO that was downloaded from TBH app before you started this whole process.

    Reboot and enjoy the new system and radio

  • Anonymous


  • Eric

    II’m still on 573 and have virtually no problems. Is there any reason why I would want to update?

  • Dka4444

    I’m not getting the update!  Tried and this is BS..

  • chefr

    When is this bull$*#& going to end really. It seems like every time a phone is released that it is going to bug out after a year. This cannot be a coincidence. Everyone is talking bionic now and thats because they are sic and tired of thier droidx or other device being a buggy mess. Weather your rooted or not it seems as if everyone has an issue. these things are ticking timebombs and its time to stand up for our rights as a consumer. Lets organize a march into the google headquarters and demand better products for our money. The ball is in your hands google so fix this!

  • Mr_ewe

    And can I install this with rooted Gingerbread?…

    • Bigsike

      Yep but you lose root.

      • Mr_ewe

        this makes me so sad 🙁

  • Jln_limon

    The update didn’t fix anything

  • Bigsike

    Wow there is really a lack of chatter on this. Is everyone just waiting for Bionic or something? news like this should have sparked hundreds of posts hmmm.

  • Mendelea

    so when????? waiting!!!!

  • Big Red

    After downloading I try to install and as the phone is rebooting it fails. Then when the phone is completely rebooted it has a error message saying the install failed. LOL I guess this update doesn’t like my Rooted Droid X…… Any ideas everyone???????

    • Bigsike

      I came from the rooted last update and had no problems except for the problems in didn’t fix!

  • Johnnyrocket

    Is there a list of fixes that where made anywhere?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t return from miui. Blur is crap compared to it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t notice anything different, except my bootup time seems to take way longer and the bugs I noticed before are still there.

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  • Bob Kauffman

    ok so my droid x is on 4.5.588 and it keeps telling me that my device is up to date

  • Anonymous

    Anyone tried to root this new ota yet?

  • Thesemianonymous

    After gingerbread borked my managers phone, removed all her contacts and generally funkified everything, I don’t know if I can convince her to do this update. Incidentally, does motoblur or ninjablur or whatever they call it seriously screw with how contact management works for anyone else?

    • Anonymous

      if you are dumb enough to change contact storage from gmail to either “phone” or “exchange” (if you ate using that) as your storage location.

  • ReebX

    Hah. Got the update, now GMaps is confused again. Battery life seems to bite still. Guess I’m going to have to break down and install a non-official update so I can get root and fix it myself.

  • Tennessee Jed

    I just called Verizon, and I’m getting a new Droid X…whoopee!

    • Anonymous

      Because you’re stuck on the leak, Jed? Did you tell them that or did you just tell them it isn’t working?

      • Tennessee Jed

        I didn’t say it was the leak, but they did ask if I was rooted, to which I honestly replied “no”. It really shouldn’t be rocket science to handle issues like this, but apparently it’s easier to just give up and give the customer a new phone!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that’s funny.  I guess it’s better to just give you a refurb and then reflash yours in-house.  Keeps their warranty policy more clear.

          • Tennessee Jed

            Well, my company does have a total replacement policy, so it’s not like we aren’t paying for it in some way anyway 🙂

  • Anonymous

    CM7 🙂

  • How can I root this?

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  • ShredTheGnar

    What were the major bugs?

  • Anonymous

    Might be more reliable but its slow. I got spoiled by CM7 and OMFGB.

  • Anonymous

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  • WTH? I’ve got GB 4.5.588 on my phone and wont let me update AGAIN???

    I’m unrooted and more and more I feel the only way to get real updates is to root the stupid thing.

    • Anonymous

      You need 4.5.596. The one before that was 2.3.340. Your 4.5.588 isn’t from an OTA. How’d you get it?

      • Got 4.5.588 from here. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/04/12/how-to-manually-update-to-droidx-gingerbread-v4-5-588/

        Sucks because I’ve been stuck on this version for 2 updates now and searching for updates say’s I’m up to date 🙁

        • Anonymous

          Well, that sucks… I think you gotta roll back to 2.3.340 then move to 4.5.596, then update to the current 4.5.602 from that.

          The 4.5.596 OTA rolled out on June 1, and that manual 4.5.588 you installed from is from mid April. At least you got a month and a half of Gingerbread goodness from it for the trouble now.

          Thing is, the current update doesn’t really matter too much. I personally didn’t see any difference cause I didn’t have the bug problems others had.
          XooMail™ – Android® XooMified°

  • 11knives

    Besides the signal issues and over heating I’ve been dealing with (both that seem to still exist after this update), what other bugs were there?

  • Johanan Gomez

    I installed the update but do not see any improvements

  • Festoon666

    It doesn’t fix the camera problem of not remembering settings for resolution!! no matter what I set it at it keeps setting it back to Widescreen.

    I wonder if taking this update puts us further away from someone rooting this version? 

    • Evolefty

      It works for my DX.

      • Festoon666

        I’m not rooted, everything is stock. I wish this could be rooted. That would fix everything. Then CM7. 

  • Matreyu13

    so how many bugs do you think this bug fix will create?

  • Anonymous

    How timely.  I’m rebooting my phone now because it had just dropped calls/sms again (second time in 4 hours).

  • Anyone have a change log?  The update worked… just wondering what was “fixed.”

    • Festoon666

      scroll down a ways and a few people have posted the changelog.

      • Thats the original GB change log. How about one just for the 11mb update?

  • Guest

    This is still a P.O.S. The phone will still freeze when you type on the keyboard.

    • A family member on my account had this issue.  We seem to have fixed it by using a 3rd party keyboard. Swiftkey X is great.  

      • Festoon666

        Ditto that. Swiftkey X is better for many reasons.

    • DrNet

      This worked for me.  I
      was ready to get rid of the phone.


      Go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications/All (above), scroll or search to your keyboard (multi-touch keyboard) then Clear data.  I lost saved
      words in the dictionary, but didn’t care at this point.  It worked again!

      • Kixofmyg0t

        I have to do this every few days. It gets annoying.

  • Hicks887

    need help, I hit “search for updates” and it is found…It downloads fine and asks to install now or later.  After hitting install now, the phone powers off and it looks like it is trying to install the update.  However, the phone powers back on and i get the error message “Software update failed!”

    Any ideas/ suggestions???

    • BJ P.

      sbf your dx then update again 🙂

  • Mreservices1

    Can I install this on a rooted Gingerbread phone?  Will this remove the root access?

    • Jago

      Yes you can and yes it will remove root access.

  • Anyone know what this does to root?

  • Philkidinasuit

    I made the update, but what has changed?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well I just updated my friends DX to this which was non-rooted and the camera issue is still there!!! It goes right back to WS format after setting it to 8mp. All it takes is for the cache to be cleaned or restarting the phone and it reverts right back ugh!!! Honestly this is the only issue that is really bugging me with mine and if that isn’t fixed then I highly doubt I will even bother.

    • Yep, this is probably the most annoying thing about updating my DX and was really let down that the issue is still there 🙁

  • Scott H

    Please, oh please fix the loss of data issue. Mine has getting worse and worse lately. It went from every 2-3 days to nearly every day. Yesterday I checked for updates in AppBrain with no issues, then about 5 minutes later had no data.

  • Matt Crawford

    I just hope my phone does not get so hot and open pandora randomly, used 5mb last month with less actual time on Pandora etc.    

    • Anonymous

      I can usually cook dinner on mine it gets so hot when I have Pandora open ….just baffling :/

  • Justin

    Is this okay to install if I am rooted?

    • m rooted and it wont install ive tried twice.

  • i just downloaded it but it failed to install twice. 

    • If your rooted, I dont think it will work, I had mine fail also.

    • If your rooted, I dont think it will work, I had mine fail also.

  • I just saw this article and was about to update, but my DX rebooted itself.  🙁

  • antjonz

    My phone still won’t turn on unless I do a battery pull first. *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone gone from rooted version 4.5.596 to this yet? if so what was the outcome?

    • Buckgrad

      I was told you could not receive it if you had rooted 596. I did the sbf back to froyo, then pulled the stock 596 before the update was available. Then was able to pull the new update.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm ok I see it is available for mine but I didn’t know if I should even try to install :/

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  • Gene Turner

    Update still not available. Tried from 3-5 AM and again just now.

  • Anonymous

    Just woke up…looked at my DX…and there was the update message.

    Now 4.5602 MBB10

  • Tennessee Jedi

    I’m still running the leaked 2.3.3 GB…what is the best way to upgarde, since I can’t get OTA official updates?

    • Tennessee Jedi

      And please don’t suggest rooting, because it ain’t gonna happen on a company phone I don’t own.

      • Tennessee Jed

        After the initial 2.3.4 GB debacle, I decided to stay put on 2.3.3 until Moto got their act together, and I vaguely remember some instructions on how to get to 2.3.4 from 2.3.3. back then, but too much of the talk revolved around rooting and such. If I just need to do a clean reinstall, wipe the phone, whatever, then that’s what I’ll do, but if there is another avenue to try, I’d prefer that.

        • Anonymous

          You put a leaked version on the phone but are afraid to root it cause its a company phone… haha you don’t know much do you…. rooted or leaked version you can revert back to stcok at anytime its call sfb

          head on over to xda or df and start reading

          • Tennessee Jed

            Uhhh…thanks for the condescending answer. No, I am not a phone tech geek obviously. I just highly doubt that I’m the only person who downloaded the leaked 2.3.3 and then realized that we would be left high and dry with re: official updates.

          • Anonymous

            I still run the deoxed 495 no need for the update…

          • Anonymous

            If the phone is out of warranty (mine expired a month ago) then there’s no point in not rooting because it can’t void a non-existant warranty.  You need to SBF back to Android Version 2.2.1 (system version .340) before you can try to accept the regular 2.3.3 update that was issed OTA in May/June.  You don’t need to be rooted to SBF but you need to familiarize yourself with how to open the bootloader/recovery menu and download RSD lite on a windows computer.  Google “Droid X Froyo SBF instructions” and you should find some better instructions.

  • Geran Brown

    I am not getting the update???  I am still on the leaked version 4.5.588.

    • John


  • I dont get why the droid x is on 2.3.3 when all other phones are on 2.3.4.

    you would think they would update it to 2.3.4 on this update.

    • I’m stock rooted, will this send my phone in a boot loop? or will it just update it and unroot it?.

      • John

        9 times out of 10 just unroot it. it’ll either work or it won’t. rare chance a small bugfix like this will cause a boot loop

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  • Jim Dandy

    If you not rooted, act like you know 😛

  • My Droid X is always telling me that I’m up to date and its pissing me off…

  • Goatweed

    I have the TBH app but I can only grab the froyo sbf, not the froyo sbf setup as an update.zip – so that means I need to rsdlite the sbf to get on froyo, then z4root, then install droid2 bootstrap and then install the 602 update, correct? Basically that’s what I did to get on the deodexed 596 update so it should be the same here, I believe?

  • Abc

    This is way too little way too late.  The GB update pushed to my phone the first part of June ruined my DX to the point it was not reliable as a phone.  Finally ended up getting rid of the DX and got a Droid Charge on June 30.  I now have a fevice tha works .

  • chefr

    can I install this update even though I have liberty installed? I know ill lose my root but my DROID has been really buggy

    • kuboo99

      I don’t know for sure, but it will probably screw up your phone.

    • short answer. No.

      this update is for the stock rom. Installing this update on a different rom is not a good idea.

    • chefr

      roger that

  • thunderbolt person

    The droidx gets 2 gingerbread updates but the thunderbolt doesn’t   get any thing

    • Anonymous

      Awe… Our Thunderbolts don’t get anything…… Awe….

      If you want Gingerbread…. install it.

      • slabix

        Aren’t you reading these stories? So far, getting updates has been nothing but pain and misery. The first GB update borked a perfectly wonderful phone. Be careful what you wish for. . .

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been running Gingerbread on my Thunderbolt for so long now I hardly remember Froyo. Regardless of stories, I’ve had no problems.

          If people are happy with what they have that’s great, but if they want Gingerbread there is no reason to gripe about it when you can simply install it. 

  • adryan maldonado

    Im going to assume it will but will this unroot me?

    • Splicer78

      Yes don’t take Moto updates if you wanna to keep root access

  • here is what is changed http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/droid_x.pdf

  • Rrr

    What’s the bootloader version number after you take the ota?

    • Chaka

      30.04. Same as froyo bootloader.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Google is already kicking ASS around the office.  That bionic is looking better but I’m still waiting for the Vigor.  

  • Holmesbrandan

    Where is the change log?

  • Bradley

    Wow, Google buys Motorola and we get an update the same day. That’s quick work 😉

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous
  • List of changes: http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/droid_x.pdf

    Even though that list is mostly a rehash from the previous update…it should tell you mostly what’s changed. It’s MUCH faster than before. Things actually WORK. Guess the Moto/Google merger is paying off LOL (kidding).

    • Niteperson

      The only thing I see that wasn’t fixed was the dailer shortcut still defaults to contacts, but that’s a small issue.

  • Anonymous

    download rsd lite and download the sbf the boot to the bootloader by holding camera button, volume down and power and plug it in. then open rsdlite and browse to the sbf file and click start.
    heres the link


  • @shells_guy

    I got the update. I lost my root when I downloaded GB the 1st time. tried to install the rooted version but bricked my phone. I have nothing to lose at this point. But someone needs to hurry with a root cuz I miss my tethering…

    • you don’t need to be rooted to tether. http://www.junefabrics.com/android/download.php let me know if you need help with this. 

    • Anonymous

      I’d bet money you didn’t brick your phone. Have you ever SBFed?

  • Anonymous

    nope it just wont take the update when it gets to recovery or it will just lose root

  • Anonymous

    got the update. its amazing. cell reception is better than froyo, reboots are gone, runs 100% stable. It runs faster than a dx2 i put it up to.

    • Anonymous

      Reboots were my number one issue while playing music.  

  • I have been having some 3G signal loss issue… called it in twice and still data signal disappears and only the reboot will fix it.  I hope that’s fixed! (even though they tell me that it’s not a common issue)

    • Sunonupe

      BULLSH*T.  This has been a problem sporadically and recently this has been horrible.  Last weekend I had to remove the battery 3 times.  Honestly, I thought it was just me having these problems.

      • Matthew Harmon

        There are ton of forum posts around this issue, I ended up getting a replacement phone.  It would be nice if Moto or Google would produce a list of bugs and fixes.

        • Anonymous

          3g reception is amazing now, better than any radio before on the dx. No more reboots no more freezes. take the update and you’ll see. It rolled out to everyone at midnight est not just the soak test

          • Anonymous

            God I hope so, didn’t have much luck running the custom ROMs so this is my last hope for the DX.

    • Anonymous

      That happened to mine everyday for two months. Tech finally sent me a new one and it worked flawlessly.

    • Justin

      I’ve had the same problem with my phone also, every morning I’m not able to make any calls unless I reboot the phone, hopefully this update fixes it

      • I was having the same issues loss of signal completely no text would send no phone calls could be made until I rebooted.  I have the update now so hopefully that will fix it.  I was ready to throw the phone away and get a HTC thunderbolt for the 4GLTE

    • Matt

      Had the same problem… only thing that fixed it was a complete factory reset and SD card wipe. Worked like a charm. Make sure you backup your data first.

      • Sheckyesq

        ive rebooted wiped and stll have power cycling..sux

  • Anonymous

    I am sure you will lose root.  I would [email protected]:twitter and if you have the Team Black Hat App you will probably find a pre-rooted version there pretty soon.  Otherwise it will likely end up on the forums in the next few days.

    • Griff

      It is on TBH but you have to sbf back to .340 to get it to work. I have no idea how to sbf.

      • Splicer78

        In the TBH app is the All In One, AIO for flashing back to .340 w/o using RSD, simply run it in CM recovery. Just make sure you DL the AIO for the update as well so you can do everything at once before you reboot

        • Griff

          So I can sbf from the Droid2 bootstrap loader? Load .340 and then stay in bootstrap and load .602? Is that correct? Do I still need Droid2 bootstrap or do I need the DX bootstrap? Thanks for your help Splicer

          • Johnzenobia

            where is the link?

      • Anonymous

        Just download rsd lite and that sbf file. Run rsd lite and choose that sbf file to use. Btw you have to get into your boot loader first by holding (if I remember correctly) camera button,volume down, then power (while powered off and in that order). You will see a flash on your phone, you then let go of the buttons and a weird screen should appear that makes it obvious you have done everything correctly. Only after that you should plug the phone up to your computer via a USB cable then run rsd as I said earlier. It’s actually very easy and will fix your phone from just about everything. P.s. make ABSOLUTELY sure you have at least 50% battery in your phone while doing this, if you don’t and your phone dies…well..just try bot to let that hhappen.

        Good luck, hope I helped!

        Anything else comes up, I hear that Google is pretty smart at this stuff (the site would be google.com) not being sarcastic just trying to stress a point.

    • his is already rooted.

      • Kixofmyg0t

        So is the TBH AIO pre-rooted?

        I’m kinda stuck ATM cuz I jumped the gun and hit update before remembering that I have a saved txt messege from Verizon(confirmed from my local Bed Red) that I…..for whatever reason….was selected for an early upgrade. I’m saving it for the Bionic. Now I’m stuck hitting “Install Later” every time it pops up…..and September 8th is ALOT of “Instal Later”s from now…..

        • Anonymous

          i guess if it downloads the file to your downloads folder you could delete it.  if it’s in a different folder you might have to dig for it but if you delete it i can’t see why it would keep prompting you to install

  • Typie6868

    Has anybody received it yet?

  • Anonymous

    Got it on my deactive droid x, its really good. fixes every bug. the camera bug, the sound bug, all of the reboots. go to settings and click about then system updates. do not install if you have root or deodex

    • Griff

      Will it un-root the phone?

      • Anonymous

        yes it will. its the same .602 update that p3droid posted so get that

  • hollovoid7

    Got it! Dont notice anything, but I wasent having many issues anyways.

  • Briengerber

    Anyone else not getting the update?

    • I am getting it now

    • Ikagi

      I’m not getting it either, maybe because i got the leaked update a while ago is there a way to fix?

      • SPN

        You will nevah’ get this, you will nevah’ get this, la la la la la

        (cue Borat voice)

      • Bobby

        I have the same issue. Running .588

  • SmellslikeVageen

    Where is the list of bugs this fixes? 11mb can’t be much. 

    • List on VZW’s site: http://support.vzw.com/pdf/system_update/droid_x.pdf

  • Korbyv

    Does this un-root a rooted phone?

    • Anonymous


  • Ray

    rooted no need

  • Malonzo85

    Will you lose root?

    • Anonymous

      More than likely

    • Anonymous


  • z32589


  • Lou

    Cool! Looking forward to it.  Hopefully once Google officially owns Moto,  root will not be such a chore….stuck on DX until I save enough pennies to pay full price for  dual core 4G Bionic

  • Baked14

    CM7 nuff said

    • slabix

      Seconded. Too little too Verizon/Moto. Even in nightlies, needing to patch the camera CM7 is so good, why would I go back?

    • Anonymous

      Is there a good website with instructions on installing CM?  I tried to look around there website but didn’t see the Droid X under supported devices and I didn’t see instructions in the forum.  I’d also like to know what’s still broken ahead of time.  I read that it breaks clockwork recovery – does that mean I’d have to SBF to get off CM if I wanted to go back to .596 rooted?  A lot of work just to try it out but rooted stock is starting to drag for me.

    • Anonymous

      They’re still on nightlies, though; waiting for a stable release before I jump in.

  • Anonymous

    Deoxed Gingerbread=fail! Will not install!

  • Anonymous

    YES! My Droid X has sucked lately I needed this so bad. Bugs like crazy. 

  • Dean Rossano

    Waiting for P3droid to work his magic

  • Tex



    I guess not….

  • Derek Ng

    now waiting to see if this works with rooted droid-x

  • Qeegan

    What about D2 and D2G gingerbread … talk about being left out in the cold

  • Griff

    If you take the update and area rooted. Will it wipe out everything and just be stock?

    • Anonymous

      It may, or it might send your phone into a boot loop. You should de-root first.

      • WAldenIV

        I’m holding out for an update that doesn’t require going back to .340 first.

  • Anonymous

    What is in the update?

    • Bug fixes

      • Anonymous

        For which bugs?

        • Kakashiisagod

          Go to the Motorola Forums, and check it out, its pretty bad, some people more worse than others