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Motorola Prepares to Fix the DROIDX Gingerbread Bugfest, Soak Test Set to Begin

DROIDX owners, your are about to be fixed.  Well, your Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update that caused so many frustrating problems is.  The Moto support group has started sending out invites to another “soak test” that we’re assuming will be the massive bug fixer that you have all been impatiently waiting for.


First, I need to thank you for your participation and feedback in the Gingerbread update test we conducted in May. I can’t begin to express how valuable the details provided have been.

In the event that we have another update, are you interested in providing feedback? The project we’re lining up will not be as involved as the one we conducted in May. It is confidential.

If you are interested, please click here to take a short registration survey. Please respond as soon as possible if you want to take part as we are working against a short deadline.


– Matt
Motorola Feedback Network
Motorola Owners’ Forums

Clearly there aren’t many details in that email, but what else could it be?  Everyone ready (finally)?  We’ve heard from a number of users that have jumped ship from the DX after having to wait for almost 3 months for this to be released.  And maybe now the other devices like the DROID2, Pro and Global will feel some love?

Cheers Scooby, Jigga_Z, R, M, and A!

  • Giuliana Santos

    Terrific… you need a fix for the fix!!
    I wasn’t having any issues with my phone until I was prompted to install the update. What am I supposed to do, now, that my apps freeze, the phone lags, gets REALLY hot, reboots randomly, and is slightly off with the touch calibration… and that’s what I’ve noticed so far. I’m annoyed… oh, and the battery life is ridiculous -_-

  • I put down my GB DX for an HTC Trophy of all phones..and haven’t looked back. It practically rebooted ANY time I played audio. It takes forever to boot up and even performs at extremely sluggish levels at times. And this was SOMEWHAT of an improvement over 2.1 for me lol.

  • Orlyg1521

    So fed up with the GB, phone takes up to 40 seconds to start a call form when I hit the number, Launcher Pro freezes and restarts just about everytime I drop out of an app. The spontaneous restarts have decreased but still happen.

  • Howiestevens

    Instructions are up on Verizon’s website, so it will only be a couple of days before it will be pushed or available OTA.


  • Anonymous

    Thank god, I’m about to trash my DX.  If I weren’t so lazy I’d SBF and never look back. Losing the ability to call out once or twice a day is EXTREMELY frustrating…

  • neodark

    They NEED to fix the 3G/WIFI isue.   

    This is a MAJOR problem…   This past week I received a call as I got to work.  (On work phone).   It was my GF who had just fallen in the shower.  She sounded terrible, I thought she had seriously gotten hurt.  I basically told her to hold on that I would be on my way…  Ran out to my car and tried to call the paramedics as I hurried home.  Well, the &%$#&^%& call would NOT go though.  I then tried calling her again and had the 00:00 call issue happened, where the phone immediately hangs-up.   It took two reboots before I could make another call or send a text.   I almost tossed the phone out the window because I was so pissed off.

  • Julian

    What I don’t understand is when they came out with the DX2 that it still doesn’t have a front facing camera.  Why is that? Also I’m seeing commercials now the Verizon is by one and get one free for the DX….Whats up with that?  I think it usually means they are fazing  it out.  I love my DX but i’m very disappointed with the new DX2.

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  • Marcus

    -Random reboots (probably once a day)
    -3G/2G toggle (even in parts of NYC…)
    -Not being able to talk using the microphone & listening through head jack (I used to be able to do that)

  • hollovoid7

    hmm, looks interesting, dont have any issues with mine so will be cool to see what it improves!

  • I’m not sure if I’m in the minority or what, but my Droid X has been nothing short of fantastic since the GB update.  I have yet to experience a freeze, loss of signal or data, or anything else that seems to have borked the phone in order for Moto to roll out an update.

    To be honest, I’m a bit hesitant to download this update, in fear that it WILL bork my phone 😛

  • Andrew Peavey

    I got sick of the issues, I couldn’t wait any longer for the update or root to backup my apps, and installed CM7.  My biggest issues were the radio switching between bands and just stopping working all together, that pissed me off to no end.  CM7 has been wonderful and glad that it can finally be ran on the DX as I have been jealous since I first heard about it when I first got into Android a little before I got my DX,

    However, the update still can’t come soon enough.  My wife has been complaining about “this crappy gingerbread” I put on her phone for a long time now.  She is getting most annoyed with the keyboard that will randomly stop working (it just requires a data cache clear for the app, but of course, I have to do it).  Hopefully this update will fix all of the issues she is having so she likes her phone again.

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  • meth feld

    now that goog owns mot maybe things will happen faster

  • Anonymous

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  • faber

    Running cm7, oc totally stable at 1.2ghz; flashed camera fix/etc….not one problem I’ve seen yet at this point. (as far as how I use mine. Def no reboots blank screen what ever stuff.

  • ReebX

    Why do they need to soak test the bug fixer? It’s not like a soak test helped much the first time around…

    • Anonymous

      I paid $23.88 for an i Pad 2 32-GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumiix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.41 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 635 which only cost me $ 61.74 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it al from,

  • Finally. hated all the rebooting randomly. Also i get times where my screen wont turn out. my DX will respond when i tap any of the buttons cuz they light up but the screen just doesnt turn on. lets hope moto got their update right this time

  • Klostehroff

    I haven’t had any problems. Good to see Moto fixing shit though. Funny to see people bitching about Moto yet don’t they have the most smartphones with Gingerbread? Dx, dx2, atrix, photon, d3. Did I miss any?

  • Ray

    From the announcement to actually receiving the update feels like a freeeeeakin’ eternity. Don’t you guys wish that they announce an update when it’s seconds away from going Live? That however would only be a dream.


    Rooted DX running Apex 2.0 RC2 Without any problems. Also installed the V6 Supercharger HTK & Bulletproof. This thing is a BEAST !    FTW !   

  • Anonymous

    DX running liberty. No fc or other issues I can think of.

  • Jason Purp

    Does it have the new Motoblur?

  • Myndmelt

    Thank god, my phone has been so crappy lately, I even did a reset. Im running stock 2.3 (its a work device) and there are all these slow downs, random reboots and force closes, tons of time the GPS sits on waiting for GPS, a few times a week I stop being able to make calls or send text messages, which is very frustrating because I could be missing calls. I have to do a total turn off and turn back on. No I dont run a bunch of crap apps or any of that either. I need fixed badly!

  • Anonymous

    dont know if it applies to all droid x phones, (i have the stock gingerbread) if i unlock phone and turn volume up really fast or lower volume down as soon as i unlock phone..BOOM!  Reboot occurs 75% of the time! 

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t experience any major bugs on my non-rooted Droid X with gingerbread. Unless sluggishness is a bug. They could really use some performance enhancements as my girlfriend’s rooted Droid Incredible with CM7 runs much faster.

    • Anonymous

      also would like them to fix the locked bootloader bug too. kthnxbye

  • Anonymous

    Hey, maybe my D2 will get gingerbread soon. Or I might just jump ship to Cyanogenmod.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, I just paîd $21.87 for an îPad 2-64GB and my boyfriend loves his Panasonîc Lumîx GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS.I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy.
    Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://BidsFirst.com

    • Sketch2000


  • Antr82

    Thank God, So tired of having to reboot my phone every time because I leave my house wifi and my 3g doesn’t turn on

    • Anonymous

      This is the “killer” for me as well.  I’d like the camera fixed and other such things, but the 3G issue is one that is really in the “did they test this?” category

  • Therobotcow

    3 months later? screw motorola, i love their hardware but they suck ass with software
    im glad im running cm7 on my d2g i dont have to deal with stupid blur or motorola’s crap software

    • Anonymous

      I know… I mean, they issue Gingerbread… AND fix the issues… how dare they take longer than a week, right?  I mean look how faster HTC got Gingerbread on the Incredible, a phone that came out at the same time… oh, wait… well, look at how sleek Gingerbread looks on the Charge… I mean… well the Thunderbolt is rockin’.. uh… hmmmm… well… they should have just thrown another “fix” out there, they shouldn’t have spent time testing it.  right?

      • SmellslikeVageen

        They have not fixed anything yet! 

  • I had a lot of issues with Gingerbread when I first got the OTA, but my DROIDX seems to have stabilized since then. The only issue I’ve really had since upgrading is slow to wake; the screen comes on but seems to take a few seconds to recognize presses and loads apps slow. But I’m happy they’re still working on making even better.

    • Guest

      fast reboot pro highly recommend it u will see your phone running smooth remember our droid x and droidx2 its just 516 of memory that application will reclaim your memory automatically

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    Mine has already been fixed by CyanogenMod 😛

  • How does one sign up for the soak test with Moto? Just curious.

    • Anonymous


    • SmellslikeVageen

      Go to Moto’s mobile site and look for feedback member. 

    • Anonymous

      go to google and search Motorola feedback network

      or go here

      and do what it tells you. but you have to have an account with motorola owners forum

  • Ben

    Hopefully that means the D2G update is coming soon.

    • Anonymous

      D2 deserves it before the D2G.  We’re all still feeling a little screwed that the D2G exists in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm I’m not seeing any bugs on my Droid X running Gingerbread… Oh right I have MIUI. 🙂 Which by the way is awesome.
    I did like Moto’s stock GB, until it stopped saving pictures from my camera.

    • UW_Chadwick

      Seriously? MIUI has so many bugs it’s not even funny…

      • Anonymous

        Okay, yeah it does but I find it way easier to manage than GingerBlur. I did have the annoying random reboot issue in last week’s update but it’s been really stable since I flashed the new one.

  • Aspectratio

    The biggest bug for me was the compass and all compass related apps were not working in gingerbread…I’m a cinematographer and NEED the sun tracking software for work…I had to force an older version of android onto the phone to make it all work again. Heres hoping they fix that soon…

  • Buckgrad

    So, if one has the rooted 596 gingerbread instead of the ota gingerbread, can one still get the soak update?

    • Kahlua

      Am wondering the same thing.  How about from stock froyo?

      • Anonymous

        Nope you have to take the update to gingerbread and wait for the update to the second gb. you can go back to froyo if youd like after taking the update. all you need is the froyo sbf

    • Anonymous

      Nope you can’t take the update. it may download but it will reboot, try to install and be blocked by cwm. 

  • Wow they did Gingerbread bug fixes all before the Thunderbolt, Charge, Fascinate and Revolution even got Gingerbread. Motorola receives a lot of hate but they issue updates in a timely manner.

    • Yeah kind of surprised at that myself, here’s the DX getting updates and some phones haven’t even had GB yet, same dealeo with the DX2

      • tjmonkey15

        Maybe all these bugs are the reason why many phones don’t have GB yet.

        • Tarsis Brito

          check third party application first trust me it can mess up ur phone

        • Sheckyesq

          duh..the fix didnt fix my x

      • John

        ya but the first vers of the DX sold a shitload of units

    • SmellslikeVageen

      There has been no update to fix the bugs released. 

    • Tarsis Brito

      i feel there are people having problems with gingerbread on droidx but sometimes it has to do with third party applications imo.im was messing my phone and i thought it was gingerbread i am using ebuddy on droidx2 and it is fast no problems i love it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I assume this is a higher build than the .602 TBH is rolling out?

    • Anonymous

      it’s .603

  • Delwyn77

    I just got rid of my x. Couldnt take it anymore.

  • Madcow06

    The bug I hope they fix is the reboots. Always happens to me when I’m at work with a terrible signal and try to send a text, it if doesn’t send if I go to hit resend my phone reboots about half of the time.

    • Anonymous

      Reboots are fixed, signal issues are alleviated with the new radio, which is actually stronger than the froyo radio, so you will have better reception than on froyo. text issues are gone, camera issues are gone and almost every other issue is gone. 

  • Just Add Water

    Already jumped ship. So pissed that I went to an iPhone. Much better platform.

    • Madcow06

      wait for it….

    • Rayman411vm

      To each their own

    • slappynutz

      and when apple makes your iphone like a brick because they are very stupid when it comes to upgrading. hint iphone 5 is faster than your 4 it will come to a slow brick. just wait.

      google 3gs slow as a brick.

    • Anonymous

      No one cares.

  • 11knives

    WOW… about freakin’ time!

    • Guest

      moto its doing good second gingerbread in all phone nesus being the first and now with the update gb where is the gb for thunderbolt feel me

  • Bunie

    I claim 2.3.5

    • Anonymous

      nope its 2.3.4

  • Spickle

    i didn’t take the stock GB update.  i installed the pre rooted GB so i’m not sure what the bugs are that they are fixing…

  • Akowal

    Can someone link me to a list of the bugs? I have a dX with gingerbread and have yet to see any bugs..

    • Bug #0: Blur.

      In all seriousness, the only blindingly obvious one I’ve seen is with the multimedia dock.  If you put it into night mode while it’s in the dock, the home/back/menu/search button LEDs stay on at full power… all night long.

      Granted, this is my wife’s phone, so I haven’t used it day-to-day.

      • Stephen

        havent seen this bug at all. my multimedia dock with GB works great. only bug i have seen is where when it goes out of 3G service and then back in, it never really does and gets stuck in 1X. have to reboot to fix.

        • Matreyu13

          i have the issue with the MM dock if i have a speaker plugged in and I undock the phone it goes into speakerphone mode. the only way to get it out of speakerphone (that I know) is to place a call and quickly turn it off.
          plus i have a lot of FC and still the camera/video gives me issues of locking up, FC and even rebooting.

      • I really like the new MOTO UI (blur), is awesome, Im not saying better than others custom UIs but runs very fast and more useful!!

        • Guest

          sense just have more 3 d animations than the new blur that’s about it and maybe a little faster fast reboot pro and the new task manager specially for droid x 2 will put ur phone so fast and smooth

      • Andrew Dilks

        I have this same problem… turn the screen off and back on. and BOOM no lights

    • Guest

      Keyboard…freezing all the time!

    • Tarsis Brito

      you probably are not using a third party application that is messing up the ur phone