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Thursday Poll: What Does HTC’s Partnership With Beats by Dre Mean to You?


The new partnership between HTC and Beats Electronics just seems like such a fun gathering of two of today’s most popular tech companies.  Beats by Dre headphones have this massive following with the youth, and HTC’s phones are selling in record numbers almost every quarter.  With these two aligning themselves, the level of media and audio combined on a smartphone won’t be equaled by anyone else, and that should get you excited.  Whether you think Beats headphones are of the highest quality or not, you should be at least a little thrilled that a company of HTC’s magnitude is looking to upgrade the audio of their handsets – something we hope catches on with other handset makers.

Clearly we’re excited about this deal, but what are your thoughts?  You ready to see a Beats logo at bootup?  (Something the Vigor should have)  Are you now hoping that other audio companies come forward and look to form partnerships with another phone manufacturer, like say Samsung?

Let us know!

  • The audio quality in all the phones are neglected from quiet sometime. The music industry and the artists will be overwhelmed with the technology development with respect the audio quality as it will reach to their fans the way it was intended to be presented. Thanks for the mention.

  • Big Red

    I agree that HTC has to do more then that to get me to buy… But I will say this is ultimately a good thing anyway that you look at it… It will mean that most if not all cell phone manufacturers will make devices with better audio capability!!!! WHICH IS A WIN WIN!!!!!

  • Not bad in my opinion, its better then their now speakers.

  • John Geiser

    As far as criteria for deciding on which phone to purchase, this is pretty much on the bottom of the list.

  • Pennywise

    Low quality headphones with low quality… phones? I’m stoked.

  • Jmanin

    Don’t think Beats are top tier but am glad they are looking to improve sound quality.

  • Somebody needs to BEAT some SENSE into HTC

  • Linuxwitch

    Not a bloody thing!  Beats are the Monster Cable of audio.  I root my phones and use Sennheiser.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Jes396

    BEATS=$300 Million

    Equates to $750 Thousand per letter thanks to Daniel Webster wait is this word copyrighted… hmm.  HTC got robbed slap on your own Beats and make it the best in the market.  WOW

    • Jes396

      OOPPs my math is off that’s $600 Thousand per letter

  • Jes396

    Beats= 300Mill

    Each letter worth $750 thanks Webster 

  • Apfire21

    Damn! I never knew so many people hated Beats! Hey I’ll admit they are a little pricey. I have Skull candy, Bose and Beats and love all three of them. Hey people listen to what ever brand makes u happy. I’m excited cause any upgrade in sound with a smart phone in a freaking plus for me. Lets get realistic image is what sells things now a days, that’s why its happening.

  • Jes396

    HTC ear-gasms, don’t count on it…Hey Dre I am with research and development send me the new phone

  • Jes396

    Only in American and whats so funny half of us will get it to say we copped it with no benefits.  Wait maybe for Dre.  Can you say Dre Day….

  • Pointless.

  • Pointless.

  • Swedgen

    zero, zip, zilch 

  • Nothing, got my 280€ Cowon S9 for Music, dont need bad sound on my phone and shitty power drain 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “the level of media and audio combined on a smartphone won’t be equaled by anyone else”
    Since when did “Beats” become this high quality product?

  • Cracjmonkeys4hire

    I don’t mean nuffin, know what I’m say’n

  • Rats ass

    doesnt mean shit to me

  • Dr. Dre is a great rapper, producer, and headphone maker, but why do we HTC owners have to just remove another piece of bloatware off our phones? I have the in ear beats and they are very good but does anyone care that a new app is on a phone to make them better? Boo!

  • absolutely nothing… they shouldve paired with sennheiser, klipsch, etc.

    beats are socially relevant…so good business move…but poor audio move.

  • Anonymous

    Just means I am going to wait to see if the can top the Bionic plus a beats audio chip

  • Just a marketing gimmick to get the younger generation to by HTC phones.

  • Anonymous

    Yea this doesnt mean much for me or anyone who probably reads this blog.Means a lot for levine and dre though. Just another way to make money off the sheep – give me a pair of headphones from a walk man from 1980 and my DSP manager is all i need

  • nelamvr6

    If anything it makes me think less of HTC.

    Beats simply could not suck more.

  • Anonymous

    I would have rather seen HTC spend $300 million on a partnership with Canon to make a truly badass camera smartphone.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    I think the acquisition of this name brand shows a commitment to occupy the mp3 player space and give the iPod and iPod Touch a run for their money… a lot of people will be quick to comment on the sound quality… but here’s the thing — any over-the-ear headphone is immediately going to be a marked improvement over the buds, even a pair of 20 dollar RCAs… so I don’t care if you have Sennheiser’s.  These things need to compete not just on the function, but on the style… many (read: most) mp3 players sound better than iPods… but iPods have the style thing working for it.  That guy/girl/child has white earbuds… they must have an iPod… everyone knows it.  So this is a direct assault on the cult of personality Apple has created.  And I hope it works.

    Attacking the mp3 space is probably the second most important thing manufacturers can do…. right after wising up and creating a global brand name for their devices.  Like, I dunno, the Galaxy S?

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  • HydroRadio

    Here’s what I would like to see these two mega companies come up it with… A better way Android phones handle music. Meaning, the ipod touch is magnificent at the way it handles your music library.

    A universal HTC car dock that has both line-out and a FM module built-in. Take a look at the XM Skydock.

    A great sound processor is always nice so I’m definitely with that. The only reason I still have my ipod is because my phone can’t do those two things. I love my TB and HTC and for a company that made the first 3-D phone, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    • HydroRadio

      And add the satellite option in that dock too. I forgot to a put that in there…

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      A few things…

      If you have Sirius… you can just use their app… It’s completely dog-shiznit… but it works.

      If you have a line-out built into the dock, which is just as great idea as the HTC car-docks finally having a dedicated charging port (awesome!!!) so you no longer have to dock it, then plug all kinds of things in, it needs a very important thing added to it… an amplifier!  Most simple 3.5mm line-ins that cars employ these days are un-amplified… so you need to turn the media volume all the way up on the phone, and then on my 0-60 numerical volume as an example, you need to put it well up over 35 to begin to hear audible noises.  An amplifier would be HUGE. Though by the time that happens, I’ll have forked out for the in-car bluetooth which is amplified instead of my visor bluetooth that’s treated me well for a few years now…

      Oh… and to totally audiophile the dock… how about a remote?  Fast Forward/Rewind… that’d be enough for most people.

  • Anonymous

    Means absolutely nothing

  • napes22

    Beats headphones are more image than quality.  I’d much rather buy a pair of Sennheisers or Etymotics.

  • mean nothing really. still getting a HTC phone (if at all possible) when my Droid 2 dies. I dont really need a set of $.50 headphones that are going to break that sound the same as any other stereo headsets.

  • meh; now if it was Motorola and say…Klipsch…that would be bad-a$$

  • Djstar2k2

    being a dj for the past 12 yrs im intrigued by this.  while beats are a tad pricey they offer sound reproduction like no other brand.  especially in the club where the sound system is blaring you  also have crowd noise to contend with.  now as far as this deal go i feel its a great win for both companies esp if it doesn’t raise the price of the handset too much.  htc could you some elevation in audio and beats some exposure globally.  i all in for an android made mp3 player that runs sense made by htc say like a wildfire sans a cell radio with beats tech.  wow!  the galaxy player hasnt hit the states yet and i will not support icrap anything and all other mp3 players are dry and cant sync up with with my google stuff

    • “while beats are a tad pricey they offer sound reproduction like no other brand” From this line alone I can tell you know NOTHING about sound reproduction. Beats have nothing on brands like Shure and
      Senheisser, Ultrasone and AKG. They are for punk kids wanting to be black.

      • Djstar2k2

        sure those brands are nice but most deff not for a dj or mobile jock its seems your and akg is crappy and dont last long no durability.  so unless you have rock some parties get your comment is lame

    • dude what are you even saying? beats sound like garbage,

      • Djstar2k2

        and i guess your a dj as well?  and i guess you also have used beats in the club?  prob not just going by the pair they leave out at best buy.  but hey im not mad at you for not having real world use on a product.

  • Alexa White

    Don’t care.  I have too much music to place on my phone, and if I’m going to stream it, I probably don’t care about the quality much anyway.  I still use my 4 year old iPod for my music due to the hard drive capacity.

  • It means HTC probably lost my business, unless they release equal quailty high-end phones without the Beats added. I have no need to pay extra for something that means so little to me. I’m one of those that can’t tell the difference between audio encoded at 128 vs. 320… Anything less than 128 and I do hear the difference, but no above. Most of the time I run audio through AUX in my car anyway. No need for Beats to try and enhance what I don’t notice.

  • Fjkh

    HHonestly stop playing with see and gimme some Xmas cookies for my thunderbolt.

    • Fjkh

      That’s dre not see…fix that too HTC lol

  • I could care less..  I would not be caught dead waking around with giant head phones on so I can listen to music on my phone.. Maybe if I was 12 and in middle school again. Dumb though, who wants to lug those around.. People complain about a big battery, let alone enormous head phones! and from reviews Ive read, seems like alot of people said the sound wasnt all that good on the HP laptops.

  • Anonymous


  • Firelight

    Beats are like Monster – brand & beauty and not much else except for a higher price.

    • Exactly. $99 for a HDMI cable? hahahahahaha. $2/Ft for speaker wire? hahahahaha.

  • viewthis66

    i don’t care. this will not persuade me to buy one phone over another.

  • Jd

    worse audio hardware built into htc devices or a bad default eq that sounds all boomy and shitty.

  • Stelv81

    I hate to say it but I think most people could care less about this. Dre is still the man though.

    • Anonymous

      dre is da man 

    • Dre was the man, in 1992.

  • Anonymous

    a bunch of hype over nothing.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t understand the hype.  please tell me.  old ass dr dre and htc have a partnership…droid life is excited by this?  why?


    by default, this means I’m ditching the GSII for an Htc…

  • Sarrants

    Absolutely nothing. 

  • that motorola needs one

  • doesnt mean a damn thing other than HTC has now found a way to up the price on phones

  • I’d much rather see bootloaders unlocked permanently and timely OS updates.  To me, this means nothing.

  • Murphy

    …that it’s going to be a slow news day…

  • Anonymous

    HTC making such a huge deal about this almost makes me want to buy their phones less.  Did hp sell more laptops because they partnered with beats audio?  I dont think so and they’re crap.  I could think of a million better things to partner with other than beats.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t care less. Give me a phone that works as it is advertised with all components stepping up to the hype.

  • Its good for HTC since their audio sucks horribly but as a tech enthusiast I would of liked to see them announce a phone a long with it instead of just saying coming in fall…So the announcement was underwhelming but this should be good for HTC….But damn next time there is a big announcement please let it be a super phone 

  • Anonymous

    I’m down for better speakers in my phone.

  • J Dub

    As long as the boot loader is unlocked so I can get rid of all the crap I don’t care.

    • what does a bootloader have to do with this article??

  • FortitudineVincimus

    [x] It does not mean a f****** thing to me

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I think this could be good. Hell I wouldn’t mind paying an extra $50 for my phone and getting a pair of Beats headphones with it. Thats a great deal.

  • Gnavar1231

    Nothing :|To much money for me to buy one pair of Beats headphone and beside I don’t take very good care of my stuff. =/

  • Gnavar1231

    Nothing :|To much money for me to buy one pair of Beats headphone and beside I don’t take very good care of my stuff. =/

    • Die_Hard_Sucks

      There are headphones at a third of the price that will destroy beats in sound quality, but the 14 year olds won’t think you are cool. 

  • Jr56

    Not a damn thing! Keep of the bloatware already!

  • marmz

    hopefully it means im going to get a sweet new pair of headphones when i fork out $299 for the vigor.

  • Imns

    What does it mean to me?  It has exactly the same relationship to me as the one between Lonestar and Dark Helme:  Absolutely nothing!

  • Anonymous

    This is great news, the current audio system is sub-par on all of the smartphones I have used thus far.  I won’t even answer a call unless I have my headphones nearby to plug-in.

    The bad news is that our devices already have 3-4 logos (HTC, Google, service provider, and 4G LTE) on them, and now we’re going to have beats too?  Major sigh…

  • fuhaterz

    Means good audio for HTC Devices, honestly will be a nice feature to HTC

  • Chip Chipperson

    Only MORONS buy those overpriced crap cans..
    Now, Audio my Mcintosh, B&O, or Grado..and actually had “real” hardware, now we talk.. 


  • Anonymous

    I could really care less.  I very rarely actually use my phone speakers as a listening device.

    To me this is just another bullet point to help them justify higher prices.

  • Rp780

    to be frank….NOT A DAMN THING

  • Unless they are giving me a free set of these things at no cost to me, then I could really care less

  • Has anyone actually listened to these headphones? Even the “Top of the line”, “Studio Quality” pair sounds tinny and cheap compared to my $50 set of studio quality over the ears. Sure theres loads of bass crammed in there, but bass alone does not a good sound make.

    People today blasting 2+ 12-15″ subwoofers in their trunks think they have good sound systems…just no. Good sound is created with good balance, no where in a pair of “beats” headphones does that exist.

    PS. Give me a decent set of in-ear headphones with my HTC phone with in-line mic and I would actually be happy about this acquisition.

  • Anonymous

    What it means to me is that I’ll have to be more careful when carrying my HTC phone next time I’m in Compton. I generally prefer to avoid that part of town…… now they’ve given even more reason.

    • demorock

      Your a racist , nigger water. Watch your back white honkey slime

      • Die_Hard_Sucks

        “your a racist”? It’s you’re you ignorant douche bag. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m watching… Nope, nothing yet. By the way, learning to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling will get you far in life. You might look into that.

      • lol “nigger water” what does that mean 

        • That’s what comes out of demrocks b-hole after the brotha’s are done with him.

  • gorexinfx

    It means that it will be over priced with ok quality. We all know there are headphones that are half the price that have the same, if not, better quality than Beats.

  • Anonymous

    I could care less about these headphones but if HTC wants to give me a pair for my already purchased Thunderbolt I’m not going to complain

  • Anonymous

    The most it will mean is louder, less tinny speakers and that there may be some overrpriced, over hyped Beats headphones that have audio controls that work with Sense/Android phones. And Sense will probably get even bigger.

    Quality wise it will mean nothing. Beats headphones are the current generation’s Bose: a name that doesn’t translate into quality. Sennheiser headphones will provide better sound quality for less money.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I was going to say. This is all marketing, and I don’t care at all about this brand of headphones. HTC could have done better things with the money they’re pissing away on this campaign, but I guess marketing is money well spent.

  • Anonymous

    absolutely nothing

    all the youth i know (i’m 21) think the dre headphones are RETARDED

    • Peter Bartholomul

      I agree. As much as I love music I would never wear headphones as big as the Beats headphones I’ve seen. But I dont think they mentioned anything about headphones. I could be wrong but I think they specified “handsets”. So they are probably going to improve the speakers built into the HTC phones since some if not all the HTC phone speakers suck. That would be alot better and make alot more sense then making a partnership with Beats just to toss in a pair of their headphones into the box

  • Clearly we are excited? Who the heck are you kidding? No one cares. Overpriced over marketed crap Ala Bose.

  • Magman117

    It means absolutely NOTHING!!!! Just update my damn Thunderbolt already!

  • demorock

    Why is it everyone here are just a bunch of complaining bitches. Stop being such pussies. Atleast HTC realizes that Apple includes headphones with there phones. From a sheep perspective this make great sense.

    • Well you are complaining about others, so your a bitch too I guess, right?

      • demorock

        Oooh, your a bitch too. Whatever pussy.

        • I am what I eat, so that makes me your moms pussy, boy.

          • demorock

            Internets fight…fuck your coach nigger

          • demorock

            Internets fight…fuck your coach nigger

  • It means about as much as the Droid Bionic..NOTHING!

  • Anonymous

    How could anyone not be happy as long as their price points stay in tact?  Right now all OEMs seem to treat audio as an after thought, something they must have but spend no resources improving.  While this sounds good for phones I think it’ll add even more value to tablets so they start getting real speakers.  Then video games and media experience will improve without the need for headphones.

  • nothing more than another red b logo on HTC devices….


    I swear kellex you’re the biggest hypebeast Android could partner with crack and you’d be like…..o yeah this is great we’re so excited for this lol…cmon you hyped the xoom…FAIL…thunderbolt or should I say BLUNDERBOLT…FAIL…like cmon bro.calm down get laid or something….FUCKING DORK

    • Anonymous

      You must be lost, let me re-direct you.


    • Anonymous

      Ah yes and I’m sure you don’t jizz all over yourself with each little i*hone 5 rumor thats “leaked” everyday…give it a rest man and go back to the cave you came from

    • Peter Bartholomul

      It doesn’t matter if a few android devices suck. Even if only 50 or 100 out of 200+ android phones sucks that would mean 100 or 150+ phones were good. Thats still more then 5 Iphones that all look and work exactly the same with a few minor improvements. Yea the Thunderbolt failed and I admit it. But even a failed Thunderbolt is better then every Iphone. Even a failed Xoom is better then the Ipad. Its because of the open source technology. The only apple product worth buying can be found at a grocery store.

    • Peter Bartholomul

      It doesn’t matter if a few android devices suck. Even if only 50 or 100 out of 200+ android phones sucks that would mean 100 or 150+ phones were good. Thats still more then 5 Iphones that all look and work exactly the same with a few minor improvements. Yea the Thunderbolt failed and I admit it. But even a failed Thunderbolt is better then every Iphone. Even a failed Xoom is better then the Ipad. Its because of the open source technology. The only apple product worth buying can be found at a grocery store.

    • my thunderbolt makes the iphone look like a childs toy.

    • T Hall

      You are not wanted here.  

    • other than the obvious kickstand design flaw.. What’s the reasoning behind a fail tag on the Thunderbolt?  I picked up the phone a week ago and really think it’s an upgrade over my droid x..  explain please.

    • Anonymous

      GTFO HERE, I think this time it is appropriate for my comments against this DL hater, and kellex wont flag them

      • Anonymous

        Your comments should always be flagged for your name alone.

    • i see what you did there… 😉

  • MathisM

    Nothing. It just means that HTC will charge a higher price for something that most people could care less about, even as they ignore or forget to support their phones, like the Incredible, which they now claim won’t even get Gingerbread….F*ck HTC!

    • Guest

      couldn’t* care less about

  • if the next HTC phone included some “Beats” in the box, I might consider it as my next phone. (of course, hoping that the phone is competitive with other choices)

    I’m using G Music on my OG droid, and the sound quality is great, not sure how much difference it will make in the real world. If your speakers suck, that’s the quality you gonna get. Same way ipods + Beats Audio makes no sense, the audio ain’t good quality to start with. (the Zune HD sounds way better, but the device lacks “smarts”, great if all you do is listen to music/radio)

  • Anonymous

    Makes my decision a lot easier as to what my next phone will be.  If this is the direction HTC is going with the Vigor I’ll just stick with Moto and get the Bionic (that is, of course,  if it ever comes out).

  • virtual human

    “Studio-quality music”

    “Highest quality of sound possible”

    LOL. The only way even approach this is to scrap MP3s. The format is too lossy. FLAC or something better needs to become the standard, and we’ll need a lot more storage in our phones, please and thank you. Also, go ahead and rework the whole online music sales industry to support better audio formats.

    Also, beats headphones giving a studio experience? No thanks. Again, not that it matters while we’re all walking around with MP3s in our pockets, but don’t feed me that line. Unfortunately a true audiophile experience can only be had for a very steep premium price — which is why I’m not having that experience with my headphones.

    Unless this parternship provides a lot better software experience than can be had with the stock music app, or packs better hardware in the phone (slightly less tinny speakers?) it seems pretty useless to me. I’m fairly happy with PowerAMP and my relatively cheapo $25 Klipsch earbuds.

  • Art

    no respect for Dre, never impressed with Beats, let’s see what HTC pulls out of there hats for performance and convenience…….for listening pleasure.


  • Trooper

    It means nothing to me.  Could care less.

  • There was one model of his headphones that required batteries. Their own power source…. This won’t be a great partnership if the fruits of it suck on what precious little battery power the phones come with. Decent sound is a definite plus, but I’m more concerned with battery life.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing id rather them team up with a camera manufacturer rather than an overpriced audio company. All this will do is raise prices for something most people won’t notice.

    • Luke

      It certainly will raise the price for *some* of their products but no doubt HTC will continue offering low cost products as well.

      I think this is a smart play in an industry largely influenced by high end expensive brands coupled with marketing hype (Apple much?)

      • Anonymous

        I’d rather them work on other parts of the phone such as camera and internals before charging more for this.

    • Luke

      It certainly will raise the price for *some* of their products but no doubt HTC will continue offering low cost products as well.

      I think this is a smart play in an industry largely influenced by high end expensive brands coupled with marketing hype (Apple much?)

  • OG Droid

    Id be impressed if it was Bose or somebody but like that; the only reason anyone knows who this is; is cause he’s a rapper. And that by no means says that his speakers are the best. Whats next the Rza is going to join up with Moto. Who cares…..

    • Imns

      Beats = overrated, over-hyped and over-priced. Bose = same thing just REALLY over priced.

    • Guest

      lol @ bose

  • Erick

    Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cares…

  • They really thought this was a “major” announcement? 

  • Could careless ….Give us the Vigor early

  • Eric

    Jack sh*t! I don’t care what anyone says the only difference between $10 headphones and $50 headphones is the $40 in my pocket.

    • Anonymous

      More like 200 is what they sell theirs for lol. I’ll stick with 20 dollar skull candy headphones lol.

      • Eric

        Who in their right mind would pay $200 for headphones. These kids today are getting dumber by the minute. smh

        • Peter Bartholomul

          The real gangsters will. They making more then $200 a day if you know what you doing.

          • Eric

            I make more than 200 a day and would never look at them. Also “the real gangsters” as u call them are very uneducated and this just proves it. AIGHT DOGG!

          • Anonymous

            I wonder if real gangsters know how to spell. You don’t… so I bet you “be frontin”.  :rollseyes: 

        • Anonymous

          I agree i saw the price and stuck with my skull candy. For me it can’t tell the difference and saved 170 dollars. People are crazy to pay that much but they think it is cool to have them kind of like that’s what the apple fanboys think when they show their iphone lol.

          • Eric

            True. Just like those dumb bitches with coach bags.

        • Imns

          I own a pair of (roughly) $200 Sennheiser MM400 headphones – they’re stereo bluetooth and have a built-in mic as well.  The sound blows away anything I have heard and actually worth every penny.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been riding the subway and had someone ask me about them.  You’d be surprised how many of them are using beats.  Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Im looking forward to it, as long as it improves sound quality they dont charge extra or some kind of premium because of a logo…maybe dre could work on some sort of music mixing app like garage band for the iproducts…but then of course he’d be sued

  • swoggler

    Hopefully it means that we will finally have some good accessories. Like a dock that works with any HTC phone that is powered by Beats. 

  • Ry


  • Anonymous

    I’m predicting the partnership is going to change the marketing a lot and add no worthwhile features to the device.

    • Anonymous

      Just will increase the price that’s all.

  • Anonymous

    that is something i do miss from back when i was still on the dark side

  • Anonymous

    Nothing…absolutely nothing.

  • shr1k3r

    I think its a solid step forward.  Starting to turn into the laptops with all the name brand speakers

  • WAldenIV

    I could not care less.  Overpriced sub-par audio crammed into HTC devices does nothing for me.

    • WAldenIV

      Besides, I know how to boost the bass on my own.

      • Peter Bartholomul

        You can boost the bass all you want. But if the speakers aren’t powerful enough to handle all the bass they will eventually stop working unless you keep the volume low all the time. And theres no changing that without getting better speakers.

      • Anonymous

        cool story bro

    • Anonymous

      Even if they were worth their price tag, with low quality files/streaming being most common it’s like throwing race tires onto a family sedan and thinking your’re going to see a huge difference in performance.  Most people just care about high quality audio until it becomes easier to access, especially on the go.

    • Bear0013

      Well I honestly just it means that there gonna put quality speakers in there phones ..wich would be nice cause then we get great sound and the phone will be loud …I’m for it guys

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing none of you has a pair…

      • Anonymous

        I don’t either, but between my Shure plugs and my Sennheiser over the ear headset, I don’t care.

        • I concur. I have the beats but my Shures and Sennheiser are light years ahead of my beats..True Story

      • Anonymous

        You don’t need to own a pair of these overpriced headphones to come to that conclusion. Especially in comparison to my Denon’s and Sennheiser my money is where my mouth is. 

        • ………..or where your ears are? 😉

          • Anonymous

            Hey mind your ‘ear-wax’ 😛

      • im guessing you think bose is legit too?

        don draper has you by the balls…

      • RunningAaronDS

        No, but I stayed at a holiday inn express…

        I have tested them at the Apple store (bash me later) using my WAY overpriced Shure earphones and my spare Sennheisers.  The Beats sounded like Skull Candy: very low quality.

        I’m unhappy with the integration of HTC and Beats as I’m sure we’ll have expensive logos with low quality sound.  I hope it doesn’t roll out soon.

    • EC8CH

      Obviously you haven’t considered the ramifications this will have on apps like Fartdroid.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, I couldn’t care less.

    • How are they overpriced if they come free with the phone? Quit being stupid and hating on Beats so much

      • WAldenIV

        You just replied to a year-old comment. This story relates to the announced partnership between Beats and HTC, which subsequently was dissolved as it didn’t work out for either party. At the time there was no mention of providing free headphones with HTC devices, which they did for only the Rezound, and not for the entire life cycle of the phone. All that said, I’m still entitled to my opinion of Beats. You can spend your allowance however you see fit.

  • Negativerxn

    Not a gaddamn thing.

  • Anonymous

    If they throw in some enhanced audio functions at no additional cost for the phone, great.  Otherwise I couldn’t be bothered.  Those overpriced Beats headphones are for rich idiots and self-indulgent audiophiles.

    • Trbasil

      Most audiophiles already have a superior set of head phones and wouldn’t buy a pair of Beats.

  • Anonymous

    good for them but i don’t see the need for this big press conference.  whoop-de-doo.

  • Zeadaplaya

    Dr. Dre: Makes bad music, but good phones.

  • Sweet F**k All, pointless and worthless. Sort out my thunderbolt ya tits

  • Anonymous

    I miss the days where high-end audio products where measured by the sound quality and not by celebrities trying to shove the products down your throats.

  • Chris

    Jack squat. I wish phone makers (and tablet makers) would work on the product, not the extras (Beats, add-on UIs, bloatware).

  • Means nothing to me. I’d rather see innovation in devices, and get some idea on if I should wait on buying the Bionic.

  • ParadingLunatic

    If I were a mindless sheep that flocked to a brand I would have got an iPhone

  • Headphones with inline mic that actually work on an android headset?

    • Anonymous

      that is something i do miss from back when i was still on the dark side

    • pfig

      The ones that came with the OG Droid work fine as headphones and mic for me…

    • pfig

      The ones that came with the OG Droid work fine as headphones and mic for me…

  • Thracks

    It doesn’t mean anything to me. Beats headphones are mediocre and overpriced.

  • jeffrey morin

    nada. it’ll mean something when companies start making their products android friendly like they do now with the iphone and ipod. when i see an andy logo on the headphone packaging, then i’ll be impressed.

  • Anonymous

    That’s simple. I hope it means the audio coming out of HTC phones improve. At the moment it’s pretty bad and I’m glad they are aware.

    My Thunderbolt speaker is the poorest of any phone I’ve owned. Sometimes I have to put the speaker to my ear to hear it.

    • Anonymous

      I went from an OG Droid to the Thunderbolt. I can never hear this thing, it’s pretty pitiful.

      • Anonymous

        The OG was the loudest phone I’ve owned. It’s strange though because my D2 And DX were not as loud as the D1.

        • Anonymous

          I honestly don’t think there’s been a phone speaker as great as the OG Droid. It was practically a shelf stereo!

          • Anonymous

            It’s weird that so many things seemed to have peeked with the OG.

          • aj522

            I think my xperia play speaker is louder then my og droid was.

  • Romma1

    It means nothing to me. Please keep the Bloatware ofa ma phone!

    • Anonymous

      Oh God, please keep it off…

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what it means to me, more bloatware…

  • It means I lost a lot of respect for HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Beats Audio in the fabled Nexus Prime?

  • Anonymous

    I dont really care… I’m not going to buy a phone for Beats.

  • GotSka81


  • Anonymous

    What Does HTC’s Partnership With Beats By Dre Mean To You?

    …Honestly, not trolling, absolutely nothing.