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Thursday Poll: What Does HTC’s Partnership With Beats by Dre Mean to You?


The new partnership between HTC and Beats Electronics just seems like such a fun gathering of two of today’s most popular tech companies.  Beats by Dre headphones have this massive following with the youth, and HTC’s phones are selling in record numbers almost every quarter.  With these two aligning themselves, the level of media and audio combined on a smartphone won’t be equaled by anyone else, and that should get you excited.  Whether you think Beats headphones are of the highest quality or not, you should be at least a little thrilled that a company of HTC’s magnitude is looking to upgrade the audio of their handsets – something we hope catches on with other handset makers.

Clearly we’re excited about this deal, but what are your thoughts?  You ready to see a Beats logo at bootup?  (Something the Vigor should have)  Are you now hoping that other audio companies come forward and look to form partnerships with another phone manufacturer, like say Samsung?

Let us know!

  • The audio quality in all the phones are neglected from quiet sometime. The music industry and the artists will be overwhelmed with the technology development with respect the audio quality as it will reach to their fans the way it was intended to be presented. Thanks for the mention.

  • Big Red

    I agree that HTC has to do more then that to get me to buy… But I will say this is ultimately a good thing anyway that you look at it… It will mean that most if not all cell phone manufacturers will make devices with better audio capability!!!! WHICH IS A WIN WIN!!!!!

  • Not bad in my opinion, its better then their now speakers.

  • John Geiser

    As far as criteria for deciding on which phone to purchase, this is pretty much on the bottom of the list.

  • Pennywise

    Low quality headphones with low quality… phones? I’m stoked.

  • Jmanin

    Don’t think Beats are top tier but am glad they are looking to improve sound quality.

  • Somebody needs to BEAT some SENSE into HTC

  • Linuxwitch

    Not a bloody thing!  Beats are the Monster Cable of audio.  I root my phones and use Sennheiser.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Jes396

    BEATS=$300 Million

    Equates to $750 Thousand per letter thanks to Daniel Webster wait is this word copyrighted… hmm.  HTC got robbed slap on your own Beats and make it the best in the market.  WOW

    • Jes396

      OOPPs my math is off that’s $600 Thousand per letter

  • Jes396

    Beats= 300Mill

    Each letter worth $750 thanks Webster 

  • Apfire21

    Damn! I never knew so many people hated Beats! Hey I’ll admit they are a little pricey. I have Skull candy, Bose and Beats and love all three of them. Hey people listen to what ever brand makes u happy. I’m excited cause any upgrade in sound with a smart phone in a freaking plus for me. Lets get realistic image is what sells things now a days, that’s why its happening.

  • Jes396

    HTC ear-gasms, don’t count on it…Hey Dre I am with research and development send me the new phone

  • Jes396

    Only in American and whats so funny half of us will get it to say we copped it with no benefits.  Wait maybe for Dre.  Can you say Dre Day….

  • Pointless.

  • Pointless.

  • Swedgen

    zero, zip, zilch 

  • Nothing, got my 280€ Cowon S9 for Music, dont need bad sound on my phone and shitty power drain 🙂

  • Anonymous

    “the level of media and audio combined on a smartphone won’t be equaled by anyone else”
    Since when did “Beats” become this high quality product?

  • Cracjmonkeys4hire

    I don’t mean nuffin, know what I’m say’n

  • Rats ass

    doesnt mean shit to me

  • Dr. Dre is a great rapper, producer, and headphone maker, but why do we HTC owners have to just remove another piece of bloatware off our phones? I have the in ear beats and they are very good but does anyone care that a new app is on a phone to make them better? Boo!

  • absolutely nothing… they shouldve paired with sennheiser, klipsch, etc.

    beats are socially relevant…so good business move…but poor audio move.

  • Anonymous

    Just means I am going to wait to see if the can top the Bionic plus a beats audio chip

  • Just a marketing gimmick to get the younger generation to by HTC phones.