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HTC Bootloader Unlocking to Take Place at HTCDev.com

HTC announced this morning that their site HTCDev.com will be the future home of their bootloader unlocking web tool.  When the first updates start rolling out to phones later this month that will give users the option to unlock their phones, this will be the site to check on for all additional details.   Remember though, that the only phones currently in the plans to allow bootloader unlocking are the EVO 3D and Sensation 4G – nothing from Verizon.  So in order to unlock your Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt, you’ll have to do it the hard, manual, and non-OEM approved way.

There is a small chance that they could add in older, locked devices, but we would doubt that it’ll happen to any of Big Red’s previous offerings.  If you love HTC combined with VZW, you’ll have to look forward and hope that the Vigor gets this same unlocking love.

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  • Anonymous

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  • any chance that they will support the thunderbolt with this tool? i could do it the hard way, but i’m not planning on rooting soon, so maybe by the time i do, i can just use this.

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  • Anonymous

    They think they’re smart, but obviously it doesn’t take much to figure out what they’re doing.  Where is the tbolt one-click method?!?

  • Anonymous

    Moto/VZW, please unlock my D3.

  • is it just me or are a lot of people in the comments mistaking rooting for unlocking?

  • HTC FTW!

  • Anonymous

    At this point i would really prefer for the manufacturers to play the naive card. Just like the first locked HTC phones, it was fairly simple to get around it. Manufactures could spit out these locked boot loaders and have them easy to circumnavigate or just let some crucial details about the key to unlocking it slip out the back door. This way it would keep unlocking available but still “underground”. This would also keep people from doing it and thinking they are hack0rz and then ruining it for us all.

    We already have a sweet deal that the first phones were (generally) easily unlocked and the community loves to support itself on $1-$5 apps (have you seen price for jailbroken apps? MiWi 4.0 is $20!?! ridiculous). Just wish we could keep it a “secret” and let the Manu just look the other way.

  • DroidzFX

    This provides manufacturers a way to validate or invalidate the user and the device. This in turn to reduce the countless claims they get from people who brick their phone. They are providing you a way to do it legally but people will insist on doing it by other means. So when program fails they will go back to locking down the device so tight you cant change the ringtone. Pick your poison.

  • Anonymous

    I would think Moto would see, listen and follow wht the others see as outstanding customer service and loyalty to your consumer base. But, somehow I see Verizon being hardheaded and stubborn, looking at profit first and consumer loyalty on this subject as secondary.  

    • waiting

      i dont think verizon is being stubborn as much as i think they are riding their ego as far as it will take them.

      they know that they are the carrier of choice and they think they can put any limitations on there service they want cause they know they wont loose many subscribers for it.

      much like apple rolling out a new phone every 6 months with 1 or 2 new features so they can charge the full price for the new phone.  they know the fanboys are still gonna buy it cause they think without it they are a nobody.

      however i can see some more valid reasons for this.
      and the main obviously is the wifi tethering.

      • Anonymous

        True, It’s all about the money, hook the consumer with a great phone then tangle the carrot with each device to keep them snatching up the crumbs and leading them down the trail. lol

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “non-OEM approved way” BUT the OEM approved way gets you tracked in the system and your warranty voided whereas the “non-OEM approved way” may be harder and more steps, but can be undone and they would be none the wiser and you can then not void your warranty.

  • While I love that HTC is doing something no other handset manufacturer is willing to do, I think they might be shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to the carriers. There’s a reason why tons of phones are coming with the bootloaders locked…it seems like an initiative from VZW. They seem greedy and sinister enough to do whatever they can to make sure their customers can only tether for $30 a month and do whatever they can to protect that revenue. Look at Motorola’s latest VZW releases…they’re basically Big Red’s lapdog with the way they’re locking down their phones. The Droid 3 hasn’t even been rooted yet, and we’re lucky to have such good dev’s for the DX that we’re able to load Custom ROMs.

  • Lmrojas

    People need to have faith in the android community. Once developers figure out how htc htc unlocks the bootloader they will find a workaround that doesn’t involve letting htc know you unlocked your phone

  • Jason Purp

    Of course the Verizon phone’s can’t be unlocked. I think people should start realizing that it’s not always the manufacturers that lock the phones down, it’s the carrier too. This is such BS.

  • Roberto Taylor

    Looks like they’re going to be doing this online so they can keep track of the people unlocking their phones in case they mess them up and try sending them in as a warranty replacement.

    • I am sure a offline app will be made so you can do it incognito…

      • Anonymous

        or through Google Chrome Incognito Browsing

    • It has already been shown they will have unique ID’s for people unlocking their phones. Tracking hack0rz made easy 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I love that they are making this available and giving the option. However I agree that they will cause problems if you ever have a problem with the phone.

      For this reason it will always be best if you root outside of their program. But this option will be wonderful for those that are hesitant the other way.

      Options are good Motorola …. do you see this?

    • But what if it is hardware not software, then (unless if you overclocked that another story) that has nothing to do with you being rooted. Manufactures should take responsibility for issues that are their fault. I am fine with them telling me they will not replace my phone if the issue is I bricked it (although I do not see how anyone could without being downright stupid or lied to). If the issue is the screen failed they should replace it, end of story

  • omar little

    HHey that TB Auto root progrum works great

  • TheAndroid1

    I would still prefer them give you the option to run stock android from them instead.  Make Sense an Add-on.  But at least this is an improvement.

    • Stock android is plain ugly.

      • htc sense3.0 is the only version of android that doesnt make me wanna throw the phone.

        • sense is getting way to big and “in your face” they need to scale it back….But I do like what htc is doing with the unlocking of bootloaders at the same time kinda sucks they will track you but you take the good with the bad

          • on the contrary, sense 3.0 is awesome. i love the carousel for the screens now so i dont have to go back and forth. leap is awesome, and most of the apps that come with it, like it’s people app, are a lot more friendly, and all the social networking is integrated into contacts really nicely.

  • rather keep my warranty and still have an unlocked device.. i prefer the old/hard method. 

    • Same here. I don’t want HTC tracking my rooted phone.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with this. I have dropped my Droid X1 so many times I’m surprised it still works. Its also rooted.

      Say it had an unlocked bootloader..would that be the blame if anythings wrong with it? Something tells me yes, cuz it will be the easiest and cheapest solution…even tho it looks like someone’s been throwing my phone to the ground.

      At the same time….I would take the HTC way if no other way is available. Oh well…if I want an unlocked bootloader bad enough….so be it.

  • Anonymous

    eye looking at youz Moto

    • Droid eye to be specific 

    • Jeff


      This confirms my decision to skip the Bionic and wait for the Thunderbolt replacement…..

      IMHO, HTC listens to their customers, Motorola does not….