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New DROID Bionic Pics Surface, Full Look at that Sexy New Back (Updated: Front Shot Added)

Up until today, we had only seen a render of the backside of the DROID Bionic, after Amazon posted up a whole batch of accessories for it.  Thanks to one of our fantastic readers though, we now have real pictures of what you can expect come early September when this device makes its way into Verizon stores.

From these pics, we aren’t finding out a whole bunch of new stuff other than the look.  It appears to be similar soft-coated material to that used on the DROID3, which we are definitely fans of.  We’re also getting a really good look at that hump that has for the most part avoided us.  It appears to start much more in the middle of the device than say the DROIDX or X2, but that’s likely for it to house that 4G LTE chip.

This also gives us a pretty good size comparison of it to the DROID Charge.  At first glance our jaws dropped because it looked like it was substantially bigger than Samsung’s LTE device, but then realized it was just the angle of the photo.  Pretty sure it’ll be 4.3″, my friends.

I know that many of you are fed up with having to wait so long for it to arrive and after seeing specs, but I’m really diggin’ this new look.  Your thoughts?  

Update:  And we have a front pic to add to the bunch.  It’s definitely blurry, but that’s how this game works some times.  Could it be 4.5″?  Puppy looks huge next to the Charge…

Update 2:  DL reader @billnewl put in some work on this comparisons to see if the screen on the Bionic really is bigger and possibly 4.5″.  You guys tell me…

Update 3:  We have added a second gallery over at this post.

Cheers ___!

  • Nancyandrob

    just switched to smartphone and got the bionic on 9/9.  as of yesterdsay afternoon, the phone doesn’t work green light blinks at top but other then that, is unresponsive…had struggled with phone prior to full-on failure since contacts were all duped…is smartphone really smart…not feeling it so much and now without a phone altogether…grrr

    • Youllreachus

      take it back and wait for whatever Samsung galaxy variant comes to vzw.  I got some hands on time with sprints epic touch 4g and it absolutely blows the biopic out of the water in screen, smoothness, camera, video, and benchmark scores.  The latest rumors have the Prime coming in about a month and a half.  If you can’t wait that long the htc vigor should release a couple of weeks earlier and should be a significant upgrade from the bionic as well.

  • i guess people are’t to brite nowaday’s, first off the droid charge’s screen size is 4.27 inch’s, while the Droid Bionic has a “real” 4.3 inch screen @ a 16:9 aspect ratio, so the screen will naturally be taller. in the photo up there the pic’s look all stretched & twisted, it’s been officially speced as a 4.3 inch qHD screen…same as photon & droid 3. take a look at the photo of the 2 phone & measure the screen of the bionic on your monitor & then do the same for the droid charge you’ll see they’re about the same. this is BS to get people to jump into lazy poster’s that already know it’s not 5 “

  • Here’s my deal on the SGSII lemmings. You preach about how if that thing ever makes it to VZW it better have 4g, granted a vast majority still doesn’t have full coverage in their area. But there is no way that a 4g radio will be placed in that phone without compromising the size. Plus the one thing I have to say is… isn’t the Droid Bionic sporting the only chip on the earth CERTIFIED by Netflix for HD streaming… imo that’s a big plus when a lot of people including myself are gonna want to use this thing on occasion to watch movies on my television in my room and has been debated as probably the best chip out there for mobile devices. 

  • Wes Watson

    is the bootloader unlocked? yes or no?

  • Yellowdevel

    I prefer the original Bionic look.. before they had to take it back to the drawing board or whatever to fix whatever they had to fix.

  • Yellowdevel

    I prefer the original Bionic look.. before they had to take it back to the drawing board or whatever to fix whatever they had to fix.

  • Mike

    My favorite “leaked” pictures of this phone were the first ones that were released. (WAYYY back months ago, it’s ugly now) http://cdn.androidcommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/motorola-droid-bionic-1294332936-316.jpg

  • thank god they got rid of that hideous X hump on the top… thats the only reason i wouldn’t get this phone well that and motorolas stupid locked bootloaders stand

  • Mikey G

    Those measurements are off, unless both screens are over 6″. A little pythagorean theorem goes a long way.

  • OG Droid

    This might be a dumb question; but it the “hump” at the bottom of the phone? It looks like it is cause of the volume switch on the side.

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t 4.5″. The Bionic’s screen just has a different aspect ratio. 

  • Anonymous


  • Jarid

    It is big. Only thing that I am unsure about is the Power / Lock button on top of the phone is on the left side, I am used to it being on the right side like on my OG droid. Probably not a big deal I am sure I will get used to it.

  • Granted

    Earth shattering news! Post a picture of the USB cord next, that will really get the nerds hard/ and or moist.

  • Illinipoke98

    For non blurry pics just go to the old thread.  Everything seems to match up..


  • Anonymous

    Could it be locked all to hell with blur shoved down your throat? Ill wait for HTC dual core devices.

    • Anonymous

      It will be unlocked in november dumbass.   And you can easily cover up blur with GoLauncher or another home app.  

  • Anonymous

    This will be my next phone…I’m in the same mode that I was prior to the release of the OG Droid…excited.

    • Interstellarmind

      how will you feel when the htc vigor comes out four weeks later?


      • Anonymous

        Who the hell cares about a device we know nothing about?  HTC sucks to me.  And remember everytime you buy a phone something better ALWAYS comes out a few weeks later

      • Anonymous

        No different than when any other new phone launches.  I still think this is a beast of a phone and despite Moto’s short falls from release dates, bootloaders, blur, etc, they still make very high quality products.  I dislike HTC’s and Samsung’s Skins they put on their phones as well, and I’ve seen too many HTC phones with screens that have shattered from not too far of drops.  I can’t tell you how many times I dropped my OG Droid, face down on concrete and the only thing that happened was the bezel got scratched up.  Like Kellex said, new stuff always comes out, you can’t avoid it.  But, make the best decision at the time and generally you should be happy. 

      • Anonymous

        The Vigor is to the Sensation as the X2 is to the X.

  • RW-1

    No, it’s not how it works sometimes, it’s called “Amateur cam users who don’t know how to use macro mode on their cameras,  either mobile or handheld”.

    Anything not needed to be seen to prevent identification can be edited out, so that excuse is mute for blurriness, anyone who needs to use that excuse should get out of image submission all together.

    As for the phone – meh, moto, locked loader, pentile screen.

  • Anonymous

    4.5″screen + Pentile +qHD = No thank you.

    • what is your preference then, all knowing durangojim

      • Anonymous

        Easy, get rid of the pentile matrix, or make it a 720×1280 screen.  A pentile screen of that size will look like crap.

        • Anonymous

          LOL.  I laugh because obviously you can produce better phones?   Dumbass

          • Anonymous

            Go back to your mom’s basement, fanboi, and let people who can think for themselves post here.

  • It has been floating around since some time now. When are they gonna release it actually?

    • brandon brower

      sept 8

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  • Mckoi76

    finally found a phone worthy of an upgrade for the OGD,
    so because of this,
    anyone want an invite to Google+ cause of this?
    leave a comment with email, illl see what i can do 🙂

  • Sheabyrd1

    Anybody wanna venture a guess on the pricing of this thing? I don’t remeber (maybe here) but I thought I saw a possible 299.99 WITH 2yr agreement. Would this be a deal breaker for some of you? I hope I am wrong and a 199.99 w/ 2yr is what the prcing will be. Or can somebody school me as to where i can find the price? Thanks.

    • kq

      seeing how it has considerable hype and 4g, i would guess: 75% – 299.99, 20% – 249.99, 5% – 199.99

    • Anonymous

      Im guessing $249

  • Anonymous


  • droidlvr

    if you have nothing but bad things to say about the bionic just leave, we all know something better will come out after it, me? im gonna enjoy the upgrade from my og droid to the bionic

  • Larizard
  • Anonymous

    4.5” would be great, if the bezel weren’t so huge..

  • Hmmm Lookin’ pretty sexy as of now! 

  • guest

    If that’s the volume rocker, does that mean the camera is at the bottom rather than top of the phone?

  • Anonymous

    “That’s no moon….. It’s a space station.” …….wow, is this a phone or a radio telescope? whew, I like em big, but the droid X is about the limit.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember the bogus ad two weeks ago? Funny how the actual device has a lip below the home keys when everyone said that was an obvious photoshop job of the D3 mixed with something else based on the lip.

  • Tabe

    The hump is for the camera AND possibly the LTE radio, which aren’t exactly small at this point.

  • Tabe

    True. I think that a majority of the motoblur haters are basing it either off their own experience with the early blur or just what they’ve heard about it. The new motoblur is actually quite nice.

  • Tabe

    How do you know where the antenna is? And also, i think you mean LTE radio?

  • Tabe

    With many dual cores? There aren’t many dual cores out there!

  • I’d say about 5-7 months (including August), unless the next Nexus or iPhone is quad-core.

  • Tabe

    Kellex said the he thinks the specs are accurate. He doesn’t know 100%

  • Tabe

    The new motoblur is actually rather nice

  • What’s wrong with MotoBlur? Especially as of late?!?!

    • DBK

      There’s nothing wrong with the new Blur, at all. Haters gonna hate, that’s all.

  • Q

    CAINT WAIT /bart scott

  • Anonymous

    another oddly tall phone like the x.

    • droidlvr

      your loss is our gain, keep waiting for the best.

  • I agree… it has a lot of the same features of the other Moto phones. 

  • Izak69

    Does this phone have a keyboard?

    • Anonymous


    • No.. it is a candybar. 

      • Anonymous

        Like a Twix? 😮

  • Youllreachus

    That’s really interesting that the hump is on the bottom

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, really need a confirm on the 4.5 speculation if it is I am back in for sure!

  • Anonymous

    that “photoshop” seems inaccurate. I doubt the screen goes all the way up to the logo. Nice work, but it seems a bit embellished. 

    • DBK

      As you can see he made it brighter to see exactly were the screens ended. Seems pretty accurate to me. The screen goes up to the logo on the D2 and the D3, so the Bionic should be the same.

    • Youllreachus

      It goes up to the logo on my D1

  • Anonymous

    Release the damn specs already Verizon!  Enough playing games.  Other phones are calling my name.  

    (sounds like a country love song) 

  • Mrhug3

    I would love for it to be 4.5″ but, could it be because of the aspect ratio that moto uses?

    • impact

      I was thinking this same thing.  I have looked at two of my friend’s phones.  One has the EVO 4G and one has the Droid X.  The Droid X screen is a little narrower and taller whereas the EVO is a little wider.  I don’t think these tweaked pics of the Charge screen compared to the Bionic are completely accurate and the Bionic doesn’t really look that much bigger.  I hope it is 4.5in but I’m thinking it is just a different aspect ratio :/

      • Mrhug3

        Either way, I will have it.

  • It looks like a Droid 3 without a keyboard to me.

    • DBK

      *Hand over a pair of glasses*

      Here, I think you need these.