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New Android Trojan Can Record Calls, We Remind You Again to Avoid Shady 3rd Party Markets

CA Technologies discovered a new type of Android Trojan that drops a “config” file onto your device after being installed that can record phone conversations.  “ZOMG! The world is coming to an end!”  Yeah, that was extreme sarcasm.  You see, with no major device releases expected this week, we’ve resorted to talking about stories like this.  Stories of random malware/trojans that another security company has discovered in an app from an unknown source that could ruin your day should it get installed.  Of course, you would have to visit another of those shady 3rd party app stores that hawk paid apps for free in order for this to go down, but you already know that.

So what do we make of this?  As we have already mentioned a half dozen times now, AVOID SHADY 3RD PARTY APP STORES.  Support your damn developers in legitimate markets.

Via:  CA, ZDNet

  • Granted

    I’d love for someone to listen in to my phone conversations. I’d also like to see the bill for their therapist afterwards.

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  • Alas, the downside to the open nature of Android OS.  Watch for a fresh crop of anti-virus apps that will become must-haves and eventually become installed stock on new handsets.  It is for the best.

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  • jay

     Too bad we have to look at permissions so closely. We should star this: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=17675 . It should least prevent devs from uneeded access to your phone number.

  • What constitutes a non-shady app market?  For instance, I bought nesoid and snesoid, changed to D3, and ZOMPITY!, no longer in the Android market.  It’s on some market called Slide or something like that.  But can I trust it?  Will I download a virus that will read my thoughts out of my brain!??  Anyone able to point me to legit way to get those 2 apps, which I rightfully paid for!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      SlideME (i think thats what its called) is legit. all of his emulators were/are on there for free

      but just google the name.apk and youll find it.

    • Raven

      If you have already downloaded them to an old phone, then just back them up with an app like AppMonster and move them over and install them on your new phone. (I would have recommended Titanium Backup, but that requires root on both phones.)

  • Anonymous

    Are there any apps that actually let you record calls..?

  • Is SlideME shady?

  • Anonymous

    I actually really like when I hear about these things. People who steal get what they deserve. There is no moral difference between stealing an app and stealing a painting off the wall at a museum.

    • Groover

      Stealing a painting steals it from everyone stealing an app hurts the dev and possibly adds a few cents to his next app. Not justifying it but there is a difference.

      • Anonymous

        You’re really stealing it from the museum though, who pays to insure it and has to pay higher premiums if one gets stolen…

        Okay, you got me there. But at least I was reminded of The Thomas Crowne Affair while typing that comment. Cheers to Pierce Brosnan.

  • J Dub

    I just want some dag on news about the Galaxy S2 already. Freaking A. I have been waiting since May for a worthwhile successor to the OG. It still hangs with the new phones, but it is ready for retirement and shuffle board all day with all the GILFs.

  • I dont have to worry about this because i own the better of the smartphones…. YES I MEAN IPHONE haha j/k seriously tho i dont have to worry about this b/c i dont hawk paid apps for free and i read my permissions 

  • SgsII

    Are you referring to the Amazon app store???

    • Anonymous

      I think Dr. Droid means the Vcrapst app store.

      • Anonymous

        broseph, youre closing in on 10,000 likes.


        • Anonymous

          That’s a sure sign that I have a Droid Life problem. 🙂

          • Lakerzz

            I personally wouldn’t call it a problem, but I knew what you meant. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          That’s a sure sign that I have a Droid Life problem. 🙂

    • Adam Elghor

      no most likely applanet

  • Anonymous

    whats the worst that happens when they record my phone call? they gonna make a phone sex tape and release it to the public? lol

    everyone says read the permissions, honestly, i never do. i just dont. to excited to get it installed.

    and if youre getting it from a “shady” 3rd party, most of them have comments to go along with the ‘free’ app, read those =)

    • J Dub

      Um…maybe if you say call your bank or mortgage company and are releasing sensitive information over the phone. Jackpot. Maybe even ordering something over the phone. Jackpot again.

      • Anonymous

        I wear LifeAlert

        • Granted

          Haha! You’re covered when you break your weak ass hip. I watch that commercial and rewind the part where she calls for help, over and over again, ahahahahaa!

      • Anonymous

        i do neither, so not a big problem lol

        but lets break that down because i dont feel like doing work

        lets say this app is installed by 500 people (thats a reasonable number right) ?

        each person makes 10 two minute calls inaddition to the one 15 min call where they place an order (lets be honest, if youre ordering something it will take a while)

        that’s 10,000 min of general calls + 7,500 min of ‘sensitive information’ calls

        of that 15 min call, only 1 min of it will be your credit card

        so out of the 17,500 total minutes of phone calls these people have recorded, they have about 500 minutes worth of ‘sensitive’ information.

        now they have a sweat shop of people listening to these (assuming everyone is speaking the same language)

        oh no, they have my credit card, they bought $20,000 worth of nuclear weapons and pron…my card wouldnt even let me shop at Shoppers without thinking someone stole my card, but on the off chance they do get it to go through, all i have to do is call and cancel and tell Mr. Bank what happened and get a new card with a new number

        and the chances that someone who would know you can download an app outside of the Android Market would also know how to uninstall and/or factory reset. and the chances are, the app doesnt even work to do what it was supposed to do.

        just my thoughts

        oh yeah, GO HOKIES

  • Anonymous

    ..waiting for iFans to blow this waaay out of proportion………now!

  • are thre any legit apps that let you record your phone calls for personal use?

    • I’m pretty sure that’s illegal without consent..

      • Tornado Rex

        It depends which state you live in.

      • Billyrouth2000

        The law states that as long as atleast 1 party is aware of the recording its ok. It is illegal to record someone Lars phone call.

    • Anonymous

      There are roms that have this feature built right in and it works great. It records every single call that comes in or goes out. Of course you can turn it off if you don’t want to record the calls. 

      Das Bamf 1.8.6 to name one. 

      I really liked this feature, but have had to give it up for the Gingerbread roms. So if you don’t mind still being back on a Froyo rom give it a try… you will like it!

      • Anonymous

        I’m recording calls on cm7 with KangBang kernel and call recorder app ripped from bamf 🙂

  • Anonymous


    They might as well say: App that requires permission to record phone calls has the ability to record phone calls.

  • KevinC

    Anyone who gets this trojan by attempting to download paid apps for free deserves everything they get.