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Monday Poll: Suggestions for the Name of the Next Version of Android?

Cupcake. Donut. Eclair. Froyo. Gingerbread. Honeycomb. Ice Cream Sandwich.  J….

What could possibly be next?  We still have a few months to go before we even see ICS on a device, but you have to think that Google is already planning the version to follow it.  And since we’re all assuming it will start with a “J”, we wanted to ask that DL readers give some suggestions. Will it be Jawbreaker?  Jelly Bean?  Jolly Rancher?  Unlike the letter “I”, there are plenty of options to go with.  Let’s hear some!

  • Jello…. Its ALIVE

  • Zero

    Jalao dominicano.

  • Anonymous

    JAVA   <————–FOR THE WIN!!!

  • jello

  • jello

  • Jell-o?

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  • Anonymous

    If Google wanted to stretch the bounds of their naming scheme, I could see them going with Juice. It would be good from a marketing standpoint, if not a logo/statue one.

  • Normoid

    TechMex 3000

  • Anonymous


  • Tanner Matthew49

    Android Gumball

  • Mark Day

    Jelly Roll

  • Mark Day

    Jelly Roll

  • Guest

    Just Desserts

  • AndroidLovers

    Juju Beans!

  • Stankyleggg

    Jucier Kisses

  • Anonymous


  • Stinkygirl

    Juicy Kisses

  • Mwec

    meanwhile, at google….” hey, anyone figure out a name for this yet? No!? well get down to the cafeteria and find one!”

  • Nick

    Give me cheesecake

  • Anonymous

    I like Jelly Bean

  • Ab

    Ju Ju Bee

  • Shayne Jardine


  • Stevenl72163

    Jelly Donut

  • Falexander2

    Jelly Roll

  • Andy Stetson

    Jelly Donut?

  • ViciousKing

    WHO CARES ABOUT “J”!!! We need to start putting our brains together for letters like Q and Z and BEYOND!  What are we going to do after Android Zucchini Bread is outdated?

  • Blootzm3

    oprah’s va “Jay Jay”

  • Josesim2002

    Rice cake. Humbry. Googlu. Tunasalad. Humory. Porgu. Prod. Coco

  • well all the updates haven’t come out in a chrono-phetically order soo? if its with a J i say “Jalebi”  Vic Gundotra. (isn’t he Indian?)

  • Barlog


  • It wouldn’t be jolly rancher because that is a brand. Alo, Jellybean is not really a dessert in my opinion). It is too bad Donut is already taken,because they could do Jelly Donut

  • Anonymous

    I rally like jawbreaker

  • Anonymous

    Why not just call it Juice? with all this food we’re gonna need something to drink eventually, and you’re crazy if you think I’m waiting until W for water.

  • Elaine Rudis Jackson

    Ju Ju Be

  • Jellyroll

  • sooo many comments.  Didn’t read them all but did anyone say Jello?  That might actually be trademarked tho

  • Anonymous


  • Spencer9663

    I took the Bionic and I threw it on the ground!


  • izzyxD

    what happen to A, and B?

    • Anonymous

      I always wondered that

  • jellybean is cool. , cant be jelly doughnut(already went there), or jello (copyrights, it would have to be gelatin but thats a different letter).

  • Mxrider321


  • Brandon Lee


  • mysticdarkhack

    I think Jello will probably make the cut!

  • mysticdarkhack

    I believe it will be name or I could be wrong, Jolly Rancher, sweet…

  • Anonymous


  • Jelly Roll


  • juice box

  • jello favored GingerHoney…. num

  • how about “Wait for a year or two before seeing on your phone” or is that too long?  like the wait for the last release for my D2G