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DROID Bionic, HTC Vigor and New LG LTE Device Land on Verizon’s MAP List

Just when we thought August was going to be a slow month around these Verizon parts, we get slapped with their latest MAP (minimum advertised price) list that includes some pretty major players.  The first one we’ll talk briefly about is in position 1 as the Motorola MOTXT875, which many of you may know as the brand new DROID Bionic.  But since we’ve been told that it won’t be out until September, let us quickly move on to devices that could be out before it ever sees a store shelf that are also on the list.

I’d say that the most important and intriguing device that we should point out is in position 3 as HTC ADR6425, which many of us were first introduced to last week as the HTC Vigor.  To refresh, this would be the device with the 720p resolution, the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and the brand new Adreno 220 GPU.  Yep, if those specs actually do come true, then we’re looking at one of the most powerful and impressive devices on the planet.

The next device we should take a look at is the LG-VS920 which could be the follow-up to the Revolution (already).  The original Revolution is model number LG-VS910, so this easily seems like some sort of a new build.  It has received it’s Bluetooth certification already and definitely has LTE capabilities.  Revo 2, anyone?

And the last device to point out is ADR6330, which we know nothing about.  What we do know is that the model number sort of matches up to the Incredible line, so it could be the silver and white edition that we saw this morning?  Well maybe, except that the Incredible 2 that you can buy now is ADR6350.  It almost seems to be a device below the Incredible 2, but what could it be?  We’ve heard rumors of a new HTC global roaming device with a keyboard similar to the Merge – could this be it?

A lot of questions for a bunch of devices, that so far, we don’t know much about.  So when should we expect some of them to arrive?  MAP listings aren’t necessarily good gauges for a release, but they are at least a sign that we should see them sooner rather than later.  With no current plans that we know of for August from Verizon, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see at least one of these in the next few weeks, before the Bionic drops.  We’re hoping to know more very soon.

Should get interesting…

Cheers ___!

  • Jimmy Everly

    The Vigor might turn out to be a game changer…but lets be honest people.  When was the last time Verizon did anything right?

    • Anonymous

      well they did get the iphone lol jk

      • TheCastleGuard

        OK maybe he should have said “When is the last time Verizon did anything right for people who don’t buy a phone just to be cool and fit in?”

        • Well said

        • Anonymous

          More like people who buy a phone because it has a half eaten fruit on the back of it.

    • They launched the fastest network in the US, even faster than landline internet.  Thats when they did something right,  and recently the demoted the CEO and promoted Lowell McAdam to CEO.  He seemed better for the job anyway, Ivan was a douche.

      • Samuel Sanders

        Lets make a little comparison here

        Verizon’s 4G Network = Dayton 500
        Verizon’s 4G Handset Selection = Go Carts

        Just saying, having a nice fast track and all is cool, but if you don’t have anything to go fast on the track with, pretty much makes it a worthless turd.

        • this

        • I don’t know about you. i love my thunderbolt. i get about 1 day and 15 hours out of the battery and i have no problems whatsoever

  • Bionic who?

  • Wow maybe Verizon is getting it act together and finally getting phones on it’s network. Maybe the new CEO is working out better then ever!!!

    • Anonymous

      We can only hope that is the case. Because lately they have just been screwing customers(no 1 year contracts, no NE2, no longer unlimited data) this could be a step in the right direction to get a phone that goes toe to toe with some of the other carriers super phones

  • VZW, PLEASE release an LTE dual-core slider phone! I’ll still take that rumored LTE version of the Epic 4G though to replace my Charge!

  • Wiz

    If I was a betting man, I would put my money on the Vigor being a tablet because of the resolution of the device. Verizon is highly unlikely to be the first to come out with a phone packing those kind of specs.

    • Mrbrooks418

      That’s a handset model number…..

      • Wiz

        I would love to be wrong – I just am very skeptical given Verizon’s track record with selling second gen tech most of the time. =)

    • it’s replacing the thunderbolt. it’s definitely a phone

  • I bet none come out thus month…didn’t moto just say bionic is the first dual core lte…

    • Anonymous

      They also said the xoom would be first LTE tab and we all know how that turned out. I think the Bionic WAS supposed to be the first dual core LTE and launch in like may, then it kept getting pushed back and now verizon has these other phones ready to launch.

      • We no nothing about these phones there would have been leaks, accessories, anything so I doubt we will see anything this month

        • Anonymous

          We dont know much about the bionic either. Technically we know about as much as the vigor as we do with the bionic since no final specs have been released for either. Just saying

          • are you kidding accessories are showing up…Bionic number is showing in verizon systems, best buy systems we know a lot more than the vigor chris.. Your better than this to feed in to the vigor when we have absolutely no evidence of its existence….The bionic is gettting leaks dont confuse your fanboyism with facts

          • Anonymous

            I was more talking about the LG with it passing bluetooth and what not. I still dont think we will see the vigor until probably november unless it is indeed a tablet like some are saying.

  • No MAPs?

  • Kellex, Keep us posted as soon as you get new Vigor info.  This sounds like the HTC device to get this year if its out that is… before its obsolete.  R.I.P. Bionic

  • Anonymous

    If any of these are dual core lte and do come out before the bionic that could spell the end for moto. I mean first the xoom fiasco then not being able to get the bionic out before other dual core lte’s. It will be interesting to see how verizon handles these phones and releases.

    • Well October will be COMPLETELY reserved for the iPhone, its the same thing they did when the iPhone4 launched in February, nothing good came out until March

      Hopefully one of these comes out this month, i’m pegging the LG LTE phone to be this month or another LTE phone, I mean, we only have 3 LTE phones right now and Verizon’s LTE market has been expanding every month, I’m sure there are a LOT of people that want to get there hands dirty with some 4G using upgrades.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you I think that most likely the LG would be the one to be released this month and the HTC be released maybe late oct or even november since the specs seem just a little to good to be ready right now. LG could be going with a similar phone to the g2x or even a 3d phone that they are ready with now and that would be a good phone for this month and get some more people locked into contracts.

      • virtualhuman

        Difference was last time the i*hone was only coming to VZW at that time. Now that it’s hitting everybody at once, VZW has no reason to hold back Android phones.

  • Prickee

    Bionic whaat lol.  I prefer HTC anyways coming from OG Droid, DX and now Inc1.  Saving my upgrade for this Vigor but man by the time it comes out I might want something else haha.  I feel like I’m on a yo yo

    • Anonymous

      Every week we are getting new info about some phone that is rumored to be coming. Then again I would rather verizon have a lot of lte phones to get a good selection rather than having to settle for their current lineup.

  • Anonymous

    OK so I just went from the Bionic to Vigor!  I need to see the final specs first but its not looking good for the Bionic!  

    • Tarsis Brito

      the bionic will be better the only flaw it will be the display that many people are complaining

  • Anonymous

    Lets hope if it is dual core lte from htc they got a little better battery solution or include a 3000 mah battery atleast lol

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t the followup to xoom get map over a month ago?

  • ItJustMe

    I know this is a stupid question, but I will appreciate if someone will answer my question.. Will the HTC Vigor have the same interface as the HTC thunderbolt, HTC evo 3D etc.. 

    • Anonymous

      Nobody knows for sure but most likely it would have sense 3.0 like on the evo 3d just maybe not the 3d effects.

      • ItJustMe

        Thanks, makes me more excited 🙂 

    • More than likely, the Sense 3.0 UI is reserved for dual core phones as well as the Gingerbread tablets.  Honeycomb we DON’T know what the UI will be like on those so we’ll ignore those since this isn’t a tablet, or atleast we HOPE it isn’t lol

  • Chris Phillips

    my god, i HOPE the vigor is a dual core and not a single core 1.5, with LTE.  I’ve been hoping for an HTC dual core with LTE phone all year, and was resigning to the bionic, which may be a blessing in disguise that it was delayed this long, for this information to leak.

  • Anonymous

    If verizon got an lte version of the g2x I would be all over that. That would be a beast of a phone on verizon.

  • Anonymous

    So what exactly does this mean since there is no prices or anything. Any idea of release dates or anything or do we just get to look at this piece of paper speculating like when the bionic would come.

    • Minimum advertised price or MAP (also known as resale price maintenance, or RPM) is the practice of a manufacturer providing marketing funds to a retailer contingent on the retailer advertising an end customer price at or above a specified level. Such agreements can be illegal in some countries when members and terms in the agreement match predefined legal criteria.

  • looks like Verizon is getting ready to finally get its dual core phones.  If any of these come out before the Bionic, the Bionic is going to be sent to an early grave.  The Vigor is ON my list along side the Galaxy S2

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. The geek attention span is a short one. VZW is not going to hold off phones forever while Moto gets their act together. As well, we wont wait (I personally wasn’t) for it either.

      • Anonymous

        I think verizon is getting tired of the moto fiasco and just wants to get some more phones out there whether it is before the bionic or not. I mean people are waiting for something better with LTE and they have alot of people waiting with upgrades that they could get to lock into a contract if they had something a little better. And since rumors are now saying the i5 wont launch til oct it makes sense they have a few phones to release before the iphone launch.

        • Exactly, its perfect timing to get ahead of the game and get some none-iPhone fans locked into new contracts with there upgrades.  And seeing how we’ll have zero phones in August unless the Galaxy S2 or some other phone launches, the Bionic is so far off thanks to September.  

          I just hope that if the Vigor does launch that they DON’T take forever and let it get obsolete before its released.  So far it would be the most powerful smartphone on the planet, rivaling the EVO 3D and the HTC Sensation.

          maybe it will have NFC too,  we can dream can’t we? lol

          • Anonymous

            I agree verizon wants to lock people in and they know that with their current lineup most people are waiting for something a little better that they feel is worth the upgrade.

        • GalaxySII

          Exactly, great comment. I’m still stinng on my OG Droid upgrade from almost a month ago, necause there is nothing good out yet. I would have considered the Droid 3 if it was 4G, but since it’s not, I’m just waiting for the SGSII (in white) or maybe now the HTC Vigor…

          • Anonymous

            I have been eligable for upgrade for six months now! I’m so tired of waiting for a decent next gen device. I would buy the Vigor in a heartbeat.

    • Dam i thought they already had dual-core phones. The droid 3, The DroidX2 what are they?

      • Droid

        Yes, but not dual core & 4G LTE.

    • Charlie

      I really hope your not let down when the Vigor ends up being a tablet…. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well maybe it will be a dual core lte lg?

  • Mrhug3

    I would be all over this vigor.. But, I seriously dislike sense. Guess I’ll wait and see.

    • Sense haters = Root and use CM

      Sense lovers = Enjoy there device for what it was intended

      Sense 3.0 is so much better than the older version

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t even sense that is the problem it is the poor battery life that htc is known for. If they fixed it from the tb then great but after my tb dying on me in 3 hours not using it on lte I can see the vigor being even more of a battery hog.

  • Droidl

    b!tch slapped!

  • There were talks of HTC sensation global.. But more than likely its a different colored Dinc 2, or Bliss maybe?   Maybe the LG one will be Verizon version of the Thrill.  But I hope that Vigor is true, I’ll have to drop the Bionic and go towards that.
    I have one upgrade ready, another upgrade ready Aug 10th, and my new every 2 on Aug 10th for both lines.. Yay!

    • HTC Sensation with NFC also.  Its possible you might be right, the Vigor has a 720p screen which can be close to a qHD screen, which the Sensation has.

      Verizon has yet to get a 3D phone

      • Anonymous

        Yeah an lg 3d lte that could be a big seller.

  • TomHolmes

    If God has a phone, it’s a Vigor.

    • And then 4 months from then, he’ll have a quad-core phone!

      • TomHolmes

        God has a family plan all spaced out so he can upgrade about every five months. He gives his hand-me-downs to the angels. Micheal has the Thunderbolt. Gabriel got the Droid 3. 

        • nessa

          gabriel got the D3 for the keyboard. inputting thousands of names, ages, locations all day on a touch only phone would be “hell”

        • antjonz

          And Lucifer is still waiting for his Bionic. lol!

  • Anonymous

    “To refresh, this would be the device with the 720p resolution, the 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and the brand new Adreno 220 GPU and 1 hour talk time, 2 hours Standby”

    There…fixed. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      i really hope they fix battery life…

    • n_350z

      the snapdragon processor in the vigor is suppose to be the one that has 75% less power consumption, 4G will be the big battery drainer…..but im not worried ill just turn off the 4G radio when i don’t need it.

  • ADR6425LVW – LTE device

    ADR6330 (keep in mind that its going to be under the Incredible S/2 because of its model number)

    ADR6300 – Incredible 1
    ADR6325 – Merge
    ADR6350 – Incredible 2/S

    ADR6400LVW – HTC ThunderBolt
    ADR6425LVW – HTC ThunderBolt upgraded with a dual core and possibly a keyboard?

    i THINK the ADR6330 is the HTC Bliss, the Green HTC phone that was leaked a while back for Verizon and targeted towards women.

    NOTE: HTC devices without the LVW designation will NOT have LTE

    • Anonymous

      So, you are suggesting this is merely a Thunderbolt refresh??

      • It MIGHT be but its also possible its from the same family of devices since its so close to the model number.  

        The Merge took some cues from the Incredible’s design, the Red/Black look and the size of it show this.

        The 6325 has a QWERTY, the 6425 might also have one. (this is only speculation based off model numbers and the pattern HTC seems to be using) but we know that LVW has only been used for LTE phones so far.

        But we definitely know it will have LTE

        Its VERY possible, like another poster said, this could be the Global Sensation coming to Verizon since it has a qHD screen and a dual core.  Could be an upgraded Sensation with a newer processor.

        Isn’t the 1.5ghz dual core the “Krait” processor Snapdragon model by Qualcomm?

        • Anonymous

          Hmm. HTC’s history of battery concerns me. As well I am still holding out hope that the SGS2 will have LTE in tow.

          All moves so fast doesn’t it…

    • Anonymous

      Doubt it will have a keyboard if they do have LTE then it would be really huge and people already complain the thunderbolt is to thick.

      • Say it with me.  S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.  thats all I was doing lol

        • Anonymous

          And that is all I was doing.

  • I’m waiting for a dual-core LTE slider. That is my perfect phone right now!

  • ” Just when we thought August was going to be a slow month around these Verizon parts, we get slapped with their latest MAP (minimum advertised price)”

    Ok.. So where is the minimum price posted then??

    Secondly, after hearing the negative comments regarding the pentile screen (which the Bionic is supposed to have)… The Bionic is becoming an afterthought.

    • Anonymous

      Agree all this says is the model names I dont see any prices or dates anything like that.

    • gman69

      The pentile screen gets negative comments because most people haven’t even seen one they go off of other peoples comments. Go to Verizon and look at the droid 3 it is not anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be and this is coming from someone that can notice if someones hdtv is not hooked up right within a few seconds of watching it so I should notice. The pentile screen also gets better battery life so you can either have a screen that is good with good battery life or great with poor battery life not both, at least yet.

  • Anonymous

    vigor needs 4g. or else

    • LVW indicates this, it will have LTE

    • Anonymous

      Also needs you to hook it to your car battery to last half a day lmao

  • Rob Meyer


    Too little too late.. It was nice knowing you, but theres something brewing on the horizon and its no longer your bionic.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt we will see the HTC vigor before october.

  • Abc

    heh…moto simply missed the boat by coming out with too little too late.  Sounds just like they handle updates……and tablet features.

    • Bert336

      Motorola……i believe it’s time to pull the Binonic back in again and re-work on it to match/surpass HTC’s Specs! 😛

  • HTC Baby

    Hell yeah bring on the HTC Vigo, sorry Moto you had your chance 5 months ago. Can’t wait! 

  • radyoactive

    As much as I’d like to wait for the Vanilla Android Nexus Prime, if this releases before the Prime, I might have to jump on this.  My only concern is battery life, HTC’s track record sucks.  My TB is a perfect example.  Unplug at 7am and by 1pm, i’m at 31% left. 

    Bionic…old news!

  • Ven727

    Yes the Vigor does sound like a beast. Would be nice to be the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    No way we are seeing the vigor THAT soon

    • Anonymous

      I tend to agree with this sentiment.   It’s just recently been “rumored” and nothing remotely concrete as far as specs are concerned and people think it will be out in August/September?!?   I’m all for a “super-smartphone” finally hitting VZW (I have an upgrade to use this month and will be on the best option) but I’d say the chances of this unknown HTC device being anything like what’s being speculated are pretty slim.

    • Granted

      Of course not.. Kleenex just likes to spew shit to get more traffic. The companies that pay him to constantly run a commercial on here, love seeing all the little boys and girls, pissing their panties, over some new damn rumor. I mean look at the history of his posts. They hold integrity like a virgin holds her legs closed, on prom night. One week he says “oh guys! Check this cool shit out! You know you have to have this!”. Then a week later he says “Geez, aren’t we all tired of this by now!?”. His posts hold as much integrity and water as a cum filled sock, in the Sahara.

      • Anonymous

        i say that because when we see these reports USUALLY the phones are a month or two away, i just cant imagine it would be so soon since actual spec listings/leaked shots havent surfaced….unless these companies are getting really good at keeping these types of things to themselves which i doubt it

  • Vigor or Nexus Prime? Vigor or Nexus Prime? I just can’t decide…GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why is the galaxy 2 s not on there?


      I won’t wait forever. With my luck it will be the Bionic all over again.

    • Anonymous

      Because it isnt coming until next year 3 months after the sgs3 has been released lol.

      • Anonymous

         Well at least the Sprint version has cleared the FCC. Why is it Sprint and T-Mobile are getting all the good phones this year so far?

        • Anonymous

          Tmo and sprint got everything to lose they both are losing lots of customers and they want to get a leg up on the big two(vzw and att)

  • Bring on the Vigor

  • Anonymous

    Well, I for one am looking forward to seeing a little refreshing of Verizon’s Android lineup!! They have some decent phones right now, but it’s been a while since they’ve had a truely groundbreaking super-phone!

    One way or the other, choice is a good thing! So, please Verizon, hurry up and release some fresh tech!!


    Vigor…please replace my thunderbolt! I don’t hate my thunderbolt…just the vigor looks like a spec giant.!

    • I feel the same way.

      • Anonymous

        me too.

    • Granted

      The minute you get a new phone, it’s obsolete. People can’t be happy with anything they buy. Everybody on here sounds like two bit crack whores, fiending for that next fix. I wonder how many of these people who buy retail, every time a new phone comes out, actually give to someone besides themselves?

      • Seanvdodge

        That’s why people love iPhones…you know it will last…in the world of apple…

  • Isn’t the 6425 the “ThunderBolt Mini” or Slider?

    I mean the 6300 was the DROID Incredible, the HTC Merge was the 6325. So if they continue their numbering system, the 6425 will be a slider too. 

    • Anonymous

      All we have to go off of is that Nenmark benchmark from last week.  I mean who knows, it could end up being the slider that we’ve heard about and not this beast that we have been led to believe.

      The Thunderbolt is ADR6400 though, so a huge jump up in processor on a slight model number change does seem unlikely. Hoping to know more soon…

      • Yeah its odd. I have heard that there will be a HTC phone for Verizon with LTE and Global radios though, so this could be it. 

        Any idea what the MAP for the DROID BIONIC is?

        • Anonymous

          MAP pricing isn’t out yet, just this list of what will be on it.


    GOODBYE BIONIC… HELLO VIGOR! It looks like sgs2 has a new phone to be compared to 🙂

    • Vanilla Ice

      And running vanilla Android. Awwww.

  • Hellovigor

    Why hello Vigor…


      cause it’s a beast of a phone if the info is true!

      • he’s just saying hi to the Vigor

        • DROID VADAR

          oh good catch… I should have known with the name he posted with haha

          • nicotinic

            thought you guys were going to do some cool back and forth….why hello vigor, cause it’s a beast of a phone if the info is true/what’s up htc/motorola is scared the king is coming what f you gonna do…sorry

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the HTC Vigor comes soon. I have had enough of Moto screwing me with the X and the Xoom. My Thunderbolt may have “last years” specs but it is running amazing with its cracked open bootloader. And if HTC puts their phones where there mouth is on bootloaders then this WILL be the device of the year.

    • Anonymous

      Just hope they dont choose to lock down the bootloader like the evo3d/sensation. Then again they already got them cracked so who cares lol.

  • Duray3

    i just want more information on the vigor 

  • Anonymous

    So no more reason to get a Bionic basically?

    • palomosan

      HTC Vigor for Christmas, I like that.

    • F the god-damned Bionic. 

    • Anonymous

      For real right? I mean why go with the bionic now that we know an htc phone shortly following it will be better. I am patiently waiting to upgrade. The way things are going I don’t know when I will ever upgrade lol. I mean as soon as a good phone is leaked and almost ready to be released, a new more awesome device is leaked! What the heck am I going to do!? 

      • Anonymous

        With ICS coming this year there will hopefully be a new standard for Android Phones set and the Bionic will be left as the best of last generation so I will just stick with this POS thunderbolt for now

      • While I can understand this, every HTC Android phone we have had I have hated, the Eris, the Incredible, the Thunderbolt…  Different reasons for each phone, (my wife had them, I had the OG Droid, DX, and now the Charge, waiting on the Bionic), the Eris sucked because well, it was the Eris, enough said.  The Incredible just had issues all the time, we had it warranty replaced three times.  The Thunderbolt couldn’t hold a charge for more than a few hours.

        The DX is my favorite phone that I have ever had, I honestly regret getting the Charge, and I am hoping that the Bionic continues the experience that I had with the DX.  I will not be getting HTC again.  My wife downgraded from her Thunderbolt to a Droid Pro…I know…that’s a big downgrade, but she is so much happier with the phone…

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you man. My DX was by far the best overall phone I have ever used. I am using my Droid 3 now and patiently waiting for some root goodness.

        • Dominick7777

           Ditto on your sentiments on HTC devices. I really wanted to like the Thunderbolt, but in so many ways it was a downgrade to my Droid X, which I still use and like. The ONLY way it was an ungrade was via 4G, which took them a week of having no service for me, to get it the phone to activate at all.. and when I got 4G, it could only work outside.. close the door, no 4G and crappy signal. Needless to say, I sent it back after the replacement couldn’t get activated either.. Wasn’t going to go through another week with no service.

        • Anonymous

          A few of my friends have HTC phones and they are filled with bugs and issues. and some of me friends have DX’s and they are running great. A friend of mine has the D3 and it’s very impressive, in fact I believe it’s just a glimpse of what the Bionic is going to be. I’m sticking to the “Droid” name by Motorola. Moto makes great hardware and is built to last like the D1 that started it all. Any other Droid by any other manufacturer is not an OG…. IMO  I truly believe the Bionic is going to surprise us all and allot of people are going to regret not waiting….

    • Anonymous

      Bionic is a little too late for the party.  That new HTC dual core has me interested for sure.  I’ll be buying it.

    • Droidey

      Wait, what are the prices???



  • Anonymous

    HTC Vigor – ICS here I wait!!! 

  • The Dave

    HTC Vigor is intriguing as hell. Cant believe it will hit before Bionic….

    • Anonymous

      We don’t know that for sure, just speculating. 😛

      • i dont get what you’re basing this on.. can you please elaborate a little bit?

      • The Dave

        Yeah, just saying if a device fills the void it likely wont be that monster.

      • Tarsis Brito

        the vigor will be good but if bionic put the hd display the vigor will just have more speed nothing else

        • The Observer

          The Bionic will not have an HD display.

      • Anonymous

        any word on a follow up to the droid pro or a similar BB-style phone?

    • HTC Baby

      I hope it does come before the bionic shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      •  ANYTHING will come out before the f’ing Bionic.

  • I almost want to say fake…almost…