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Samsung Possibly Outsells Both Apple and Nokia in Q2 Without a U.S. Galaxy S II

Reporting on numbers of Android handsets sold as compared to Apple’s has always been something not really worth talking about since well, there is just one Apple device each year and hundreds that run our favorite OS.  We always stuck to comparing OS activations since that is the true measurement.  When one company sneaks up though and could potentially take down both Apple and Nokia in a single quarter, we thought we’d give it some run as that is quite the accomplishment.

According to analysts, Samsung is expected to announce for Q2 that it sold anywhere from 18 to 21 million smartphones (Nokia 16.7 million, Apple 20.3 million) which is pretty remarkable seeing as they haven’t even released a U.S. version yet (our review).  Once the Galaxy S II hits our shores, you can almost guarantee that these numbers will spike again as one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

Android has certainly come a long way…

Via:  Bloomberg

Cheers tjhrulz!

  • 6 millions SGS II was selling =)

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, amazing. I still think Samsung should have released the Galaxy S2 in April or may tho. They would have really been in the lead. But that is still remarkable seeing that Samsung really didn’t release a blockbuster phone like that yet. Even with verizon getting the iphone in first Quarter and seeing Samsung hold there own is good especially for competition.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I didn’t realize how well Samsung has been doing selling phones. Well congrats to Sammy! But the battle is never finished! We must march on! haha 

  • Here we go again…Another this company outsold Apple. You know again this isn’t true and i love how you write there isn’t a US version out yet, haha. There are plenty of Samsung phones available in the U.S. This report says samsung not only SGS2. With all that being said comparing total devices sold by a company compared to another is ridiculous. Apple sells 2 phones and Samsung sells god knows how many at god knows how many price points, besides all of the samsung smartphones are not running Android so again this story is misleading from an Android perspective. You guys had a nice run and sold a lot of phones and made Android the #2 player in the mobile OS market. Congratulations and enjoy any positive news you can. September is coming very soon. 

    • Anonymous

      Go have a weekend at Bernie’s Bernard!! Get a life, no one cares about September but a fanatic for apple’s balls but you.

  • Stelv81

    I honestly think that HTC is the only good manufacturer at the moment (besides what they are doing with the Thunderbolt)

    Galaxy S1 line of phones, not dependable at all. Horrible GPS and Radios. Hopefully that has changed with S2. Moto has numb skulls writing their software overlays. They have been successful in make dual core phones lag.

    Google needs to step in and get these manufacturers in check, or this “Outsell” will just be a blip in the future.

  • Me

    Well copying Apple has paid off! After all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!
    BTW, own a droid!

    • Anonymous

      Let the courts decide who copied who and get a life!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Move ovver MOTO, there’s a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Samsung!!!! 😛

    I would think Samsung would know that the S2 is old news even for the American market and would think about a launching a S3 or follow up model for the US.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy S2+ LTE+ QWERTY Keyboard would be awesome. 

    The only reason I think the D3 is the best phone out there is because of the keyboard.

    But a GS2 slider? Me likey. 

    Hopefully they don’t make it look cheap like that one from the leaked pic. 

    • Anonymous

      Or is because it’s out on the market?!…… lol…. BIONIC CONUNDRUM!!!!

  • Ryan

    Samsung has the Charge, which is a US version…

    • It is not a version of the GSII phone, which is what he was referring to. The GSII phones have only be released outside the US for now. The Charge is a different model.

  • Anonymous

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  • EC8CH

    and if the GSII is LTE??? 

    What the hell happens then?

    I’m almost afraid of the consequences now!

  • Anonymous

    But with a bump next quarter with the i5 for Apple I have a feeling they’ll stay ahead of Sammy.  If they do manage to best Apple I think it will do much to capture “mind share” that Apple still holds with the media and non-tech.

    • EC8CH

      If Samsung was smart they should do everything possible to release the SGII as 4g as the i*hone5 will still be 3g.

      Don’t know about all the technical difficulties, but THAT would drive sales.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, that would be a show stopper.  However I don’t have high hopes on seeing that in the initial release if it does in fact happen next month.  I think with the SG3 less than a year away we’ll see it then as they’ll by then have less power hungry chip/radio sets to keep their battery life in line with iPhone which obviously their target device to compete against.

        • EC8CH


      • Staticx57

        Sprints original galaxy s is “4G” so it wouldn’t be unheard of.

        • Christephor

          ya but sprints 4g is the same as our 3g

          • Staticx57

            Both sprint and verizon use evdo for 3g. Sprints 4g is wimax so their galaxy s had two seperate radios.

  • Anonymous

    I think the bigger story of the day is Bionic DELAYED YET AGAIN…….

    • EC8CH

      kind of like to boy who cried wolf at this point.

      • Anonymous

        Agree it’s really starting to lose its appeal the more it is delayed there has to be reasons for the delay. I don’t want stuck with a lemon.

    • Anonymous

      wait, what?

      • TheAndroid1

        Delayed to September

        • Anonymous

          Is there any info on reason for delay??? Boot animation reconfiguration???? That is insane!!!

    • We know it’s coming.

  • EC8CH

    still won’t be enough…

    Fapple’s will claim nothing will ever outsell their Jesus phone.

    • TheAndroid1

      I don’t think anybody would argue that android phones don’t collectively outsell apple phones.

      • EC8CH

        ohhhhh they argue 🙂

    • and then sue everyone

    • FeelzGr8t

      truth hurts doesn’t it?

  • GSII with a good keyboard would be a god phone. I’d sell every phone I have to get one with an unlocked bootloader haha. 

  • True I looked here like 25 times while all the other sites were dropping apple post. We love you DL.

  • Chris Cuffie

    sgs2 is old news im waitin for that nexus prime now

    • Im waiting for Optimus Prime.

      • Anonymous

        me too, can’t wait for the tear down to see if it is powered by a matrix of leadership inside

      • DROID optimus prime android device, not only does it transform your thumbs into twin texting turbines, but now transforms itself….

    • EC8CH

      That’s funny cause the wait for the GSII has been so long, I’m almost thinking the same as you now.

      Plus I’ve always really wanted a Nexus phone on VZW.

      • I think I would die if the Nexus Prime was brought to VZW.

      • Christephor

        whats funny is you guys better hope samsung wins in court verses apple otherwise there will be a ban on samsung phones for a little bit in the United states

    • Pcob7

      If it exists…

  • Anonymous

    Finally a post! I spent all morning defending android on posts filled with apple fanboys, it is nice to be back in good company. What an appropriate post too, apple getting out-done again.

  • daniel walsh