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Netflix Receives an Actual Update, Thunderbolt Support is Indeed Included

Netflix teased an update to us last night when they tweaked their supported device list to include the Thunderbolt, Bionic and others.  Unfortunately, everyone that tried the service on their phones quickly ran into issues just like they always had.  Well, it looks now like that description change last night was a little premature, as the app just received an update that indeed allows the HTC Thunderbolt to enjoy Netflix content.  Streaming through 4G LTE, something that should have been available from day 1.

Market Link

Cheers 0mie, Bryan, JDub and Pete!

  • mrdoon

    It’s about time!  I’m glad I saw this because, when I had the same old problems, I uninstalled the app from my phone. 

  • This almost makes me forgive the lack of a proper Gingerbread update.

  • This almost makes me forgive the lack of a proper Gingerbread update.

  • Lancemagana

    so have any of you been able too see a whole movie with out killing the battery or having it pluged in and sitting at a weird angle??  just  want to kno wha im in for..

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  • Anonymous

    The Thunderbolt is finally getting the attention it deserves.  Netflix with 4G LTE and I couldn’t be happier!!

  • Netflix beat Skype!

  •  everyone that tried the service on their phones quickly ran into issues just like they always had.  Well, it 

  • Anonymous

    and it…wont let me enter my username and password :

  • Anonymous

    Being a ThunderBolt owner myself, f*ck yea!

  • Anonymous

    This post definitely made my day!

  • j2d2

    THUNDERBOLT!!!!! One down, Gingerbread to go!

    • Anonymous

      I just got the TB last Friday, great phone. love it. I had the first Droid prior to the TB. Major difference in speed

  • Moto must have called Netflix and asked them, politely, to remove Droid Bionic from the devices list. DAMN YOU MOTO!!! |-(

  • gamecocksROCK

    Not time the most awesome phone on the market gets this update now for ginger bread!

  • Ryanwerts

    It is also working on my stock R2D2 Droid 2.

  • We got 4G LTE here today AND Netflix for my ‘Bolt!  Woo hoo!!  (So CA – Inland Empire)

    • Anonymous

      Lucky. I’m in Richmond, VA and I have a feeling we’re going to be one of the last ones 

      • Well, Drox, unfortunately the 4G ended at my office and hasn’t made it to my home.  It needs to go about 20 miles east, then things will be much better.  However, it was darned awesome to see that 4G LTE icon show up on my phone, even if it was at work!

        • Anonymous

          Well I look forward to the day when the 4G LTE icon pops up on my display bar

  • Les Prince

    A GREAT day for the Thunderbolt in Augusta, Ga Netflix and 4G a day early all in the same day ;>)

  • Maansova

    Works great on my THUNDERBOLT 🙂

  • Steelhand

    The latest update from Netflix today fixed things and now able to run on Droid 3

    • Yep, works great now. Also works on a rooted Nook color, didn’t expect that.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Here is the bs app we promised. This should ease the pain of a 60 percent hike. To bad I cancelled already

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY works on BAMF 1.8.6!

  • working on my rooted Droid 2 with leaked GB.  Official update notes also list DInc2 as supported – so I’ll have to put it on my wife’s DInc2 (with rooted GB) and see if it works for her.  So far, the leaked one I had would open, manage que, and stream, but with no video.

    • Adam

      It works fine on my wife’s stock D2.

  • Adam

    will the iphone 5 be 4G LTE? atleast netflix works on the iphone

    • Ror1997

      Who cares its an iphone

      • gamecocksROCK

        Thank u

  • Anonymous

    W00t!  Works perfect on my TB running CM7!

  • Adam

    netflix is slacking. it says it supports the fascinate but i can’t even pass the login page

  • Netflix now works including streaming video on the Droid 3 with this update.

    • Anonymous

      Not on mine. Green, scrambled video and a force close if I try to play.

  • Anonymous

    I still get the DRM License Required Error!!

    • Jeremy Gentry

      ME TOO!!!!! 🙁 FFS!

    • Jeremy Gentry

      I just off the phone with NETFLIX and they are saying that there was a
      whole bunch of phones that was NETFLIX ready released this morning,
      UNFORTUNATELY the official list does not have the TBOLT on the list yet
      for TSupport. So….they are stating that its a connection issue and 3g
      might bounce you back off. So for trial and error purposes, try it via

      NETFLIX is well aware of the fact that if wasnt compatible, it would not
      show up in the market to be available. So they are stating that it
      might have leaked a bit early and its not officially up and running.

      • Treknologist

        The issue with 3G seems to be true.  I just downloaded it (I’m at work) and tested it and, while it starts the connection, it throws me back to the home page before it starts to play.  There is no 4G were I work, so I can’t test it with 4G.  I’ll try out at home later.

        • Jeremy Gentry

          check and MAKE SURE you are running the latest netflix, my issue was the market gave me an outdated version so i had to go back into the market and update the app after i installed it 🙂

          • Treknologist

            I have version 1.3.0 – Build 246-91.  Is that the right version? 

          • Treknologist

            I have version 1.3.0 – Build 246-91.  Is that the right version? 

          • Jeremy Gentry

            not sure, i haven’t looked. just go to your apps in the marketplace and if there is an update available for netflix then you are out of date 🙂

    • MD69

      Try to uninstall reboot phone and reinstall app.  make sure netflix version is 1.3.  I did this on stock TB and am now streaming in 4G.  About Freaking Time!!!

      • Jeremy Gentry

        thats what my problem was, the version i downloaded from the marketplace was out of date! LOL

    • Jeremy Gentry

      ok i figured it out, for some reason the version i got from my marketplace was out of date. so i just went back into the marketplace went to my apps and install the update. everything works fine now! 🙂

  • Calvin Singh

    Not working on the Droid 3 properly….
    Starts the movie/show and just crashes restarts the whole phone. anyone have the same problem?

    • Eyeymnepo

      I have not had this problem on my d3 and no one has mentioned anything but good reports on droid forums.

    • On the previous Netflix app version yes. This 1.3 version though, it seems to work fine.

  • The Observer

    Doesn’t work on my rooted Tbolt. I get a ‘DRM Notification: License required’ message in my notification bar.

    • Nevermind. An additional update became available shortly after i installed, and all is good now.

      Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog is streaming beautifully now.

  • Anonymous

    The Fighter is streaming? Great movie

  • Hallelujah!  HTC Thunderbolt has become even more awesome now

    • Anonymous

      Yea thats right!!

  • No longer working on my rooted DInc….

    • confirmed. uninstall and reinstall. can change queue, but cannot watch movies. CRAP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Until it’s on the Xoom & other tablets, YAWN!

    • 0mie

      It is available for XOOM and other tablets 😉

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    figures… 1 week to the day after I cancel my Netflix account…. at least I have BlockBuster’s app installed out of the box… right?


    Ok then.

  • Nao Nozawa

    Works on my Droid 2 Global now!

  • JDub

    Too bad I’m going to get rid of my Tbolt to get the Bionic. HTC has really dropped the ball on getting gingerbread out.

    • DouchMcGoosh

      It’s not like Moto is doing any better for any of it’s existing devices — they pick a favorite (droidX) and give it extra preferential treatment.  But, the grass is always greener…

    • Anonymous

      I love software as much as the next guy… But that is the most ridiculous reason for wanting to leave a couple month old phone. Surely that is not the reason you want to leave.

      I am running Gingerbread on my Thunderbolt and while it is nice its not a big enough deal to get excited over.

      If you didn’t read these boards would you even know about or care about “gingerbread”?

      What exactly is it about gingerbread that you want so badly?

      B.T.W You could install it if you really wanted to.

  • Peter Bartholomul

    i just creamed my pants

    • Anonymous

      I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  • my droid x with justice rom is not working now… it loads but when it goes to play the movie it stops and reloads the app… wtf

    •  Did justice fix all the camera and video issues that CM7 had?

      • I have reapplied the update and it still does not work.. this netflix update must have changed something again..

  • Watch the Gingerbread update mess something up and it stops working. That is, if the Thunderbolt gets it anytime soon lol.

  • Shepherd Jared

    The ATRIX is now supported WHOOHOOO

    • leoniv

      Word.  I tried it 3 hours ago and it was the older version of Netflix which had the usual overlay issues and green bar at the bottom on the Atrix.  I just checked and there’s a market update for it now.  Downloaded it and everything is perfect.  I think Netflix just jumped the gun and announced it before the code hit the market.  I was afraid Tegra2 devices would never get it b/c of the DRM requirements.  
      At least it’s finally here.  

  • Anonymous

    Amusingly they REMOVED the Bionic from the list. Someone got yelled at, oops.

  • Samsung CHARGE is working now too!!  😀

  • tjhrulz

    So all those sarcastic comments I made last night about CM7 are for nothing now? 🙁

  • Dj

    Just need transformer update.

  • Eyeymnepo

    droid 3 now works!

  • I uninstalled it on my DInc.  With the price changes, I dropped the streaming because I don’t want to be stuck watching movies on a phone or PC, and we actually prefer the DVDs by mail.

  • Bethany Parris

    Yesss! It works. Stock HTC Thunderbolt. I’m in love. :]

  • You might want to point out the the Charge is also now supported as well.

    • Does it only work on gingerbread builds of the Charge? I can’t get it to work on stock.

      • Works great for me. My Charge is rooted stock.

        • I got it working. there was an additional update to the one this morning.

  • Anonymous

    Bout freaking time.

  • I’ve been enjoying this for a few weeks now, ever since I took the root plunge

    But its nice that they finally got their act together 

    • Stephanie9557

      Just bought a Motorola Xoom with the newest Flash.  Netflix is saying that the Xoom is not supported.  I downloaded the apk and got that running, but the log in screen for netflix keeps saying my account information has changed.  It won’t let me in even after I changed my password on my computer.

  • Kevoskee