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DROID Incredible 2 Gingerbread Update Rolling Out Now

The DROID Incredible 2 Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update that we first reported on from Friday is now rolling out to users.  If you haven’t already been prompted to accept it you’ll want to do the following:

Menu>Settings>Software update>Check new

The update is approximately 116MB and will take a while to download, so be patient.

*If you are rooted and wish to remain rooted, it is recommended that you DO NOT accept this update.

Anyone else able to pull this?

  • Sashazur

    Anybody know if this update killed the locked bootloader? (Not that it matters a lot since root has been achieved with the original version which was locked).

  • David Lu

    download failed wtf?

  • I can’t send messages after the update. Is anybody else having this problem?

  • Anonymous

    Never buy a non-droid android phone from Verizon. They never get updates.

    Examples- HTC thunderbolt, Samsung fascinate, lg shit, etc.

  • j2d2

    When they release Gingerbread and Netflix for the TB, what will we talk about then? I probably won’t come here anymore! sorry Kellex! hahaah

  • Ryan

    So, here is my question.  I updated my DINC2 using the RUU update to 2.3.3 from the site.  I did a factory data reset and my phone still shows the version as 2.3.3.  Would the factory reset put me back on 2.2 or when I reset  the phone, did it pull the 2.3.3 update?  The biggest difference seems to be the dock app, but I can’t find it.  Any advice?

    • Sashazur

      If “About Phone” > “Software information” shows Android Version 2.3.3 then the update was successful.

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  • Inboy81

    Gingerbread. Is worth waiting dont get to excired to download it. If i could start over on my X i would have rejected it. Its full of bugs keyboard delays as you text and force close android programs. Verizon makes every excuse and come up with lame fixs cause they don’t know.
    It works great for a couple days or after a battery pull or a hard reset but it goes back to the normal buggy operation. 2.3.3 is a joke

    • jeffrey morin

      I would think that’s Motorola’s fault and not Verizon, since Moto is the one developing the updates.

      • Inboy81

        Hello Verizon signs off on it .

        • Jason Naylor

          Just because it sucked on your X doesn’t mean it’ll suck on the INC 2. 

          • Inboy81

            Ok do what you wish but do your research before you decide

  • Romma1

    Got it on my new Dinc 2.. I think I am going to download, and hope for root after. I think I need a break from flashing roms for a while.  I downloaded nearly every nightly on my ODinc from CM… Plus a bunch of Synergy nightlies as well… Oh, and Miui!  Anyway, here goes!

    • Romma1

      I hope I don’t regret this…

  • Jim

    Help!!!! I rooted yesterday. I didn’t realize what this would do. Now both of my phones are locked up. What can I do?

    • Anonymous

      So, in other words, you bricked one phone, and then went ahead and did the same thing on your second phone? You need more serious help than this forum can provide.

      • Jim

        Doing both simultaneously at 4am. Am new to this. Didn’t realize it would happen. Sorry if I offend by my ignorance

      • Anonymous

        Or at least more help that you would ever provide. Someone needs to dump this idiot.

    • OreoMan

      Have you tried to pull the battery, and then do a factory reset on both your devices?  It may not work, but it never hurts to try.

  • Luckyr1981

    F you Verizon and htc, where gingerbread for the Thunderbolt?

    • Anonymous

      If you were dumb enough to get a TB, you should be on Eclair. lol

      • d-roids

        the t-bolt was bound to run into problems but how is the person dumb for buying the phone? and why are you attacking everyone you reply to? why are you so mad?

  • BlackbladeX1X2

    I got mine! Downloading now.

  • Droidguy86

    where’s the gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt? epic fail HTC.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t about you or your pathetic TB, troll.

      • JDub

        That’s cute, the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it an epic fail? They are working on it and want to make sure it is right. You know they are working on it because there are several leaks out already and I have been running it for some time now.

      Just imagine how people like you would be complaining if they rushed it out and there were problems.

      If you want Gingerbread just install it like many others… it is very simple. If you don’t want to do that just wait a bit longer till the official comes out. 

  • xwera43

    Is it 2.3.3 or 2.3.4?

    • Chrisbkl26


      • xwera43

        Thanks… Kind od surprised it’s not 2.3.4 though.

  • Anonymous

    Just got it here in bay area / west coast.

  • Guest

    I like how it states “Data Charges May Apply” when it is a software update!

  • OreoMan

    Pulled the update on my wife’s phone! Rocking GB

  • Chrisbkl26

    The update lets me download the rest of the HTC widgets that I couldn’t download on 2.2 which is good. so far im liking gingy

    • Chrisbkl26

      There’s a new clock widget with facebook, a friend channel for friend stream, and a trends widget.

  • Cjl1092

    this is so annoying. here i am with my thunderbolt and my sister sitting right next to me with her inc 2 and she already has gingerbread. this is ridiculous! and the worst part is i dont know who to be pissed at; Verizon or HTC?

    • Mike

      Don’t be upset. If you live in a good LTE area your Tbolt with 2.2 will blow away any dinc 2 with 2.3 when it comes to download speeds. Use this site as a head to head experiment.

      • tjhrulz

        I will laugh if he loses 

    • Anonymous

      How about being pissed at yourself for getting a TB with Froyo.

      • Giovanni Gomez

        Better yet root your TB and quite wasting time with stock, CM7 blows stock out of the water on the new MR2 radio

    • Anonymous

      I am going back to my OG1 and selling my TB – I am done!!!! 

    • Yourself. Throw CM7 on it.

  • Anonymous

    I walked into the Verizon store 2 months ago, wanting the HTC Incredible 2 cuz I’m a teenager and the ThunderBolt looked too big, but I ended up getting the ThunderBolt, I’m regretting it atm lol.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t regret. I have the Bolt and my daughter has the Inc2. Both very nice phones but the Bolt is much faster with the 4g. My daughter and I will start the same YouTube video and mine plays flawlessly while hers stutters trying to keep up and cant.

      The Bolt also is fully unlockable and you could load Gingerbread now if you wanted. But all that is here nor there since the Bolt will get it soon also. They are working on it and there have been leaks, but I’d rather they got it right instead of just rushing it out.

      The Inc2 is nice because of its size, but if you wanted the speed and larger screen you did just fine.  No worries!

  • Kunal

    I got download failed after I hit ok? Any thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      Did you download it via wifi or ota?  If over the air, I would try downloading via wifi connection.  It should be faster too.  Also make sure your battery is fully charged before installing.

      • Dave Small

        Unless they changed it just for the Inc2, all OTAs force you to download over 3G…because it’s coming from their network.

      • Sashazur

        It downloaded via 3G even though I had a WiFi connection. I think it’s is pretty typical for Verizon updates. Not sure if it was charging me for that data, but I have unlimited data.

    • SaMSa

      downloaded on alpharev X version 0.2pre5 phone and it failed as well. the phone wasn’t even rooted yet.
      got the blue android and the “!” when it reboots. now it reboots by itself and tries to install over and over. Pulling the battery is the only way and rebooting will turn the phone on back to 2.2.1 and then after a few moments it will reboot by itself and try to update again and fail. – I then used alpharex to fast boot and install clockwork and then root. I think it has stopped trying to update. I would love to know the location of the 166mb update file so i can delete it…. and maybe try again..

      • Rampancy

        I have this SAME issue. Reverting back to my backup pre-root post S-OFF did not help. I just reverted back to factory and re-downloading. Hopefully this fixes it.

  • Eddie

    I’m running gingerbread now!

  • Professor X

    Annnnnd installed!

  • Anonymous

    It’s forcing me to download it over 3G when I have a great WiFi connection. Good thing I have that great unlimited data plan!

  • Anonymous

    Wife’s DInc2 is downloading it now… thinking it might bench faster than my new D3!! Not that it worries me, but the DInc2 was already a nippy little bugger with Froyo.

  • Qbanito1967

    Is this the same as the leaked file from a week ago?

  • Jax7

    I’m a bit torn, I saw the score of the OC Incredible 2 and it make me really want to root it, but going through and unlocking the bootloader is something new to me and I really don’t want to mess up my phone, Gingerbread is something I want but if I upgrade is there any hope to root after that? 

  • Anonymous

    Only thing that could make this better is an update to sense 3.0

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Downloading Firmware Now…

  • Mr. Joshua
    • 0mie

      It works 🙂

      • Mr. Joshua

        Thanks, I will be checking it out today!

  • dinc2er

    sweet… is there an easy way to root for windows users?  thanks

  • Anonymous

    Sitting here Watching it download like my phone giving birth. Baby gb.

  • jose guerrero

    Just got it. Salem OR

    • Sashazur

      Salem OR here too, got it last night when I did “check for update” in settings.

  • I’m able to pull it in NY, but declined. I dont want to loose my newly acquired root 🙁

  • Now this is BS no TBolt love from HTC or Big Red. 🙁

  • Hershelvest

    whats with droid x2?

  • El Patrick-o

    And the HTC Incredible awaits its day..

  • Madcow06

    Was just able to pull it, nice

  • Michael Rango

    If I upgrade it to gingerbread do you guys think that CM7 will ever be available for it?

    • aren’t there already CM7 nightlies for it? Doesn’t matter if you upgrade or not, all that matters is that you are rooted, as it overwrites the stock ROM. CM7 is 2.3.4 already too.

  • Chrisbkl26

    Downloading right now :]

  • Anonymous

    my sister just got it!

  • I just rooted day before yesterday. I’l pass for now. 

  • Like I said before…. HTC has given up on the Thunderbolt.

    • Anonymous

      LOL… Poor Thunderbolt that is a couple months old… 🙂  Given up on and never to be heard from again…. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

      Let’s be serious guys, Gingerbread is being worked on for the T-Bolt or we wouldn’t have the leaks that we do. I have it running very nicely on my phone and if you would like it also it is very simple.

      Let us not cry about being forgotten at least for a year or so.

  • Jonathan Rose

    pulling it now

  • Professor X

    Downloading now!

  • Will the Droid Incredible 1 ever get Gingerbread?

    • Anonymous

      Yes it should, probably this month.

      • what about thunderbolt

      • Daniel Archibald33

        Is the thunderbolt ever going to get gingerbread??

        • 0mie

          There was a big bug in the update, that’s why it was delayed…but it should be fixed by months end 🙂

      • Felixnolasco

         should i root kellex?

        • I’m not sure if Kellex is rootable. 

          • Anonymous

            Ha! +2

          • Felixnolasco

             lol…why would you want to…he’s a beast. just got the inc2 so should i root it or run gingerbread?

          • tjhrulz

            Of course he is, unless he came with a locked bootloader. Then it my be tougher 

        • Mr.Joe

          No need.

          I’ve already rooted and unlocked his bootloader 😉

    • Anonymous

      CM7 or MIUI 🙂 both definitely better than sense gingerbread!

      • CM7 or bust!

        • Anonymous

          Broken GPS for me on both CM7 and another distro I tried.. same with the leaked Dinc 2.3 update from a while back. Ugh.

  • Brad_mlln

    Just installed it on my wife’s phone 

  • tjhrulz

    My mom was able to pull it on her’s

  • Yep, pulling it now. 

    • vanilla ice

      Congrats dinc 2 owners!

      • Kobeonradio

        Awwwww yeah I got it!

  • Anonymous

    “Anyone else able to pull this?”

    Will tell you when my wife gets off her phone..