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DROID3 Pricing: $459 Full Retail or $199 on New Two-Year Contract

The DROID3 by Motorola should be available some time tonight around midnight eastern for direct fill orders, which would be through Verizon’s sales number and possibly online (not in stores though).  We know that Big Red has already uploaded a video walk-through of the device to Youtube that is just waiting to go public and we’ve seen it in a complete 360 degree view through their test site.  So the only things we really need are pricing and a press release – we have one of the two.

The device will go on sale for $459 at full retail and $199 on new two-year contract.  No big surprises there, but $459 is technically $10 higher than similar devices like the DROIDX2 that are available for just $449.  Maybe it’s the front facing camera?

So that basically covers it all.  Feel free to press “send” on that presser, VZW!

Cheers 0mie and Lonnie!

  • ben-jamin

    GOT MINE ORDERED ONLINE THIS AM! 240 some odd after taxes in San Fran, f**king SF taxes

  • LewD1

    just tried calling out of curiosity and it said they are experiencing higher than normal call times lol,  everyone must be trying to order

    • LewD1

      they let me order it and free overnight shipping!!!!


  • Mcneilmoe

    droid 1, droid 2, but now i want this but think i should wait for the galaxy s ii

  • Robtennison

    Damn few minutes too late customer service closed…

  • colby johnson

    I just order mine at 10:30pm here in Indianapolis.  She tried to say it was in the system but doesn’t launch until tomorrow.  I asked nicely if there was anyway we could get done now since it’s only 1hr and half away.  She tried and it worked.

  • ben-jamin

    Mine asked me for a sku. anyone have one for us?

  • Rvrhl_17

    A convo I had with a rep moments ago. Its coming tonight!!!

    Sean: there would be no way to place the order now right? for the droid 3

    Matt: No, it’ll need to wait until tomorrow when it launches.

    Matt: Will that be okay?

  • Anonymous

    hey guys. Droid 3 work global gsm system?

  • DewJunkie

    Droid 3 has officially been ordered.  You will have to inform customer service that they DO have the droid 3

    • Anthonym152

      I see you got it kool man

  • eaglesfan

    just ordered it from delaware.  Clerk said she didn’t think it was available yet and I asked her to do a search for it, she laughed when it popped up and said I was the first person she’d sold it to.  Its definitely in their system just ask.

    • DewJunkie

      Same here.  she was amazed that i knew about it and she did not.

  • ben-jamin

    calling now…..

  • Anthonym152

    Just ordered they have it by phone!

    • DewJunkie

      where are you located?

      • Anthonym152

        Atlanta Georgia

        • DewJunkie

          ok calling again!  Holding for freakin ever tho

          • Anthonym152

            Same here any luck dude lemme know

          • DewJunkie

            I got it.  Had to tell them that they did in fact have the phone.  Lady laughed at me when i told her i wanted the 3.  she thought it was a prank calll then she was amazed that they had it and i knew about it and she did not.  

            Call customer service.Tell them you want to upgrade.
            Tell them you want the droid 3.
            If they give u crap tell them to check.
            If they say they can’t order it… tell them to try because your friend next door called earlier and the rep was able to do it.
            They will then be amazed that you knew about it and they did not.

          • Anthonym152


    • Anonymous

      Told ya! hahahah

  • That full price is really tempting to trade in my Droid Charge for…I don’t see too much of a difference between 4G and 3G, to be honest…hmmmmm the choices!!!



  • Anonymous

    I find the $459 price a joke.  They want $10 more than the DX2, when the camera costs what $10, but they do not give you a microSD card worth between $30-70.  So who’s is gouging who Verizon.

    • Does the X2 record 1080p? Does it have a keyboard? What about a FF camera? As for the SD card, does the X2 have 16 GB of internal memory? IMHO the $10 price difference is more than justified. I actually thought it would be priced much higher than the X2 considering how much better of a phone it is.

      • RaptorOO7

        Well, you got me there.  The DX2 has a 720p camera (same as the old DX), only 8GB of internal memory (sucks to be a DX2 owner), no FFC (Moto was too lazy to build a new shell) and no keyboard.

        However, you don’t need a physical keyboard if you have a 4.3″ touch screen so that’s a mute point, FFC is more novelty than reality since 3G may or may not be the best for Video (depends on where you are) the DX2 did get 8GB internal and 8GB microSD so that puts it on parity.  So in reality the price should have been at least the same $449.99.

  • As an OG Droid owner, I was really interested in upgrading to the Droid 3 until I saw that it was not stock Android.

  • Anonymous

    Just ordered the D3 over the tele, got it overnighted but from what the rep said it may come tomorrow if not definitely by friday. The rep also said that supplies are low already, just a heads up for ya!

    • DewJunkie

      No way.  I called and they said they did not have any information on it yet.

      • DewJunkie

        Just called again.  They informed me that the phone is available in the west but because I am on the east coast I cannot get it yet.  

        • Anonymous

          That’s the same malarkey they gave me when I called…. Perseverance is the key! On the third phone call The rep I spoke to let me do the upgrade for$200 and I paid extra for overnight shipping but due to timing, I may or may not get it tomorrow.
           At first, the rep explained how she may not be able to finish the request for the D3 but I asked her kindly to try and vuala! It worked! All depends upon the rep you talk to just keep trying!

          • Anonymous

            On another note, the second rep told me the phone wouldn’t be available until the 14th and I should just wait till then to get the phone in store, yet the last rep I spoke to said the phone would be available tomorrow…It really depends on what mood they’re in and if they wanna help or not.

          • DewJunkie

            OK I am calling back again

      • Anonymous

        Check over at howardforums, theres a few people that have gotten the order in as well….


        • DewJunkie

          called and ordered.  thank Catinthehat422.  I had to convince the rep that it wasnt a prank call and they did in fact have the phone.  She was amazed that they I knew about it.  Order went straight through.  Should have it friday.  She said overnight shipping was $20 but it still wouldnt get here until friday because it was after 5.

          • eaglesfan

            same experience I had, rep was shocked and just laughed

          • Anonymous

            Glad it worked out for ya!

    • Anthonym152

      What’s the number to call please?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how long it’ll take to get one of these after ordering it via phone or online? Is one way faster than the other?

  • 459 isn’t bad at all. I just bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1…hmm. Maybe I should switch….

  • Don’t care about 4G. Don’t use it that much for data. this will be great for me. Plus who wants to pay extra for 4g

    • Blackmagick20

      Pay extra? 4G doesn’t cost any more than 3G

      • DBK

         As of tomorrow it will.

        • Blackmagick20

          How so?

        • Not it doesn’t.

          Verizon doesn’t differentiate between 3G and 4G. Tomorrow it will be $30 for 2GB no matter if you have a 3G or 4G device.

          Or unlimited 3G/4G if you already have a contract with them. You are grandfathered in.

    • hkklife

      $10 more at full retail than the DX2 and you get 1080p video, (presumably) better quality stills, and a FFC?  And stock Gingerbread and a (presumably) less laggy Blur?  And an optional inductive charging cover and high-capacity battery and slimmer body than its predecessors?  For those who can live with a 4″ screen, not having access to all the  Tegra Zone games and want a physical keyboard then the D3 is a no-brainer. 

      The D3 is definitely a bigger leap ahead from the D2/D2G than the DX2 is over the DX1. 

  • Blackmagick20

    Why is everyone crying about it not being LTE? 4G doesn’t make you send or receive texts or calls any faster. I have the Thunderbolt and I’m getting rid of it for this phone. I can’t stand not having a physical keyboard and the fact that my battery will last me through a day of work. Certain people have certain reasons for wanting certain phones. Some of you people on here would find a way to bellyache over a free steak dinner. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it

    • Anonymous

      I am a big Ruth Criss fan and i don’t see a free $55 coming from them anytime soon LMAO Seriously though i get your point and we’ve had this discussion before. Tell me, does this device lead the way like the OG did?? This device will satisfy someone that doesn’t care about 4g so your’re right. Is it a beast of a device??? IMHO No. Should it have the specs of the Bionic?? IMHO Yes because it’s the follow up of the OG the others failed  big time. And you’re right if you dont like it don’t buy it!!!

      Ask yourself this question ‘Could Moto do better with the D3 and make it a hit like the OG??? IMHO Hell Yeah but they didn’t. Thats all a lot of the OG Droid owners want, follow up with something damn good and listen to your community

    • We obviously have different preferences, but I don’t use physical keyboards and yesterday my Thunderbolt  went 17 hours and was still at 53%.

  • Fd2blk78

    No 4 g which makes no sense whatsoever equals zero dollars spent which is a huuuuuuge letdown for me, I really want the physical keyboard. Guess my hand has been forced?

  • The Dave

    They sure take their good, sweet time on announcing phones, dont they?

    What a pain

  • Anonymous


  • Booboolala2000

    Motorizon is in damage control. That’s what this price tells me. The two debacles that are the LTE upgrade for the Xoom (I have one, love it but vzw 3g makes it painful) and the bionic. My Charge works great on LTE and its only a single core.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Verizon is trying to milk this device for all they can with a non 4g lte device.

  • Anonymous

    If they bionic is too expensive full retail, I may go for this.

    $450 isn’t bad. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I don’t see the point in signing a contract for 2 years with prices around and below $500, even more so when they add another $100 onto the contract for LTE.

      • Anonymous

        Well, it’ll still save you money unless you plan on canceling your contract before it expires.

        • Knightcrusader

           Even then, in some cases, it will still save you money if you go through your contract long enough that the $199 + ETF < Full Retail Price

  • Anonymous

    $459 off contract. Such a sweet price. 

  • max

    sounds like a sweet deal for an awesome phone

  • LewD1

    IF the bionic fails to impress me, this will be my next phone. I have an annual upgrade available and conveniently my NE2 upgrade is on 8/14, ten days after the bionic is released.

    But this D3 is a sexy beast. Its like the OG and the X2 had a one night stand and this illegitimate child, through inbreeding, mutated and grew a front facing camera :p

    • Inkster09

      Droid 3 bionic etc etc they’re all gonna lag at some point. Because its a vzw Sanjay jha team.

      • Inkster09

        Dual core quad core octocore still gonna lag. Why? Because its a vzw Sanjay Khan team.

    • David

      is the bionic coming out the 4th of aug ? and if so were can i get info about the release date ? thanks in advance

  • Raj

    Anyone think there’s a possibility of VZW bringing a LTE version
    of the Droid3 out after the D3 releases? you know kinda like how they
    brought out the D2 Global a little while after the original D2…

    • Mr.Joe


      They’ll launch a Droid 3D model then launch Droid 4G.

  • Anonymous

    Ill pass on this offer had the OG droid they changed my phone 8 times and 3 times Droidx so im done with MOTO

  • Anonymous

    I hope the Bionic is around this price point for retail price.

    • If I had to wager a guess, I’d say $499. That’s purely speculative.

    • Anonymous

      Doubtful.  They’re charging $250-$300 for current LTE phones and the Bionic has far better specs.  I bet it’ll be at least $600 off contract.

      • Anonymous

        Prob 569-599 since that’s what all their lte phones cost

  • Trophynuts

    i think the 459$ is a great price. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah this new full retail price scheme they have going is very nice.  So glad I don’t have to pay $599 anymore for phones.

    • It is pretty good for full retail. Too bad LTE phones aren’t that low at full retail.

  • Johnqg7

    I want it!

  • nessa

    459 is alot better than the 550 the droid 1 was. 

  • Locked Bootloader?

  • RW-1

    Your paying for blur 3.0

    • Mr.Joe

      Things as locked down as a Russian Prostitute. 

  • Unexpected62

    Well, better than $299 like the Tbolt used to be.

  • With LTE phones coming they need to consider lower than $199 on 2 yr price.

    • Not enough people truly care about LTE for them to consider it for initial launch. I know a lot of techie (and non-) people, and out of all of them I can only a couple even have 4G as a considering factor for their next phone. I’m not in the middle of nowhere, either. It’s just not that important “right now”. By the time LTE has matured to a stable form and has become commonplace, most of us will be up for a new phone, anyway. I paid full price for mine so I’m still eligible for upgrade mid-March of next year. I’ll reconsider the LTE priority at that time.

      • Joel

         I know a lot of techie (and non-) people, and out of all of them, most view 4G as a considering factor for their next phone. By the time LTE has matured to a stable form and has become commonplace, most of us will be in the middle of our contract.

        I’d get this phone if it had 4G, nothing beats a physical keyboard. No need for a virtual one taking up most of the screen and having my fat thumbs covering everything.

        • Anonymous

          Most people don’t even know what LTE is.

          • tek

            I bet they know what 4G is: something faster than the outdated 3G their current phone has. That’s enough for many people.

    • PyroHoltz

      Most LTE devices carry a premium on pricing. The Charge was initially $300 and I think the Tbolt was $250. Once LTE is more common the pricing will settle on those devices and 3G phones will become cheaper.

  • Goblueboy

    So much coverage over the D3. Where the hell is everything else?

    • The media sites are covering it so heavily because Verizon has utterly failed to. Verizon and Moto seem to have the Bionic as their primary interest right now and don’t want anything else competing with it for the spotlight. Expect to hear about the Bionic ad nauseam in the next month.

  • Will Vaughn

    Love it!

  • ravenlore

    $459 is not bad.

  • FIRST!! In more ways than one. 😉

    • And the funny thing is, the first thing I thought too was “hmm.. must be that FFC.” hahaha

      • Anonymous

        Great minds… 😛