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Verizon About to Offer HTC Thunderbolt for FREE in New Promo?

If you’ve been following us on Twitter or saw this new DROID3 360 degree post today, then you know we’ve been poking around on Verizon’s website, discovering goodies.  This next one though, could be something pretty big if it actual happens in the next week or so.  How does an HTC Thunderbolt for free sound?

Verizon’s website is about to undergo a series of changes and part of the kick to those changes might mean a new set of deals which could include the Thunderbolt for free and others like the *cough* i*hone 4 for $150.  There is no telling when this could go off, but with the current $50 gift card promo for the Tbolt ending on July 4, we’re thinking it could happen shortly after.  

Anyone interested in a free Thunderbolt?  It may not be dual-core, but it’s unlockable, 4G LTE, and has an amazing dev community already.

Cheers 0mie!

  • Migueldgk

    Im very interested in a free htc thunderbolt 🙂

  • Tom

    <—-T-Bolt HW 0002. rooted. running my own cleansed version of the stock verizon froyo rom. all the bloatware apps i ripped out. blockbuster.apk RIP. i can get up to 25 hours of life on a full charge with lite use and dim screen, no live wallpaper. i leave gps and lte on. use free tethering apps from google code.

  • Justin

     are the bugs and reboots included in the bloatware?

  • Okay Android users, my husband is still with the original droid and now we are about to replace it with a (free)TB since verizon keeps sending us these broken certified like new phones.  Everyone I have spoken to loves the TB but the con is battery life.  My husband uses his phone a lot.  I told him that I did not want to pay for a phone that will only give him 3 hours of usage time with the way he uses his phone so I finally agreed to do an upgrade on my line if he could get it for free.  Is there another phone out there that is close to the TB that has better battery life?

  • EJ

    Wow what a broken record

  • EJ

    Says the silly sheep that keeps talkin

  • EJ

    Keep talkin Ishill

  • Anonymous

    Knowing how greedy Verizon is, if this sale is indeed legitimate it will happen 7/7 or the day unlimited died… =(

  • Rmaybach

    Hmmm, still no news.  Interesting…

  • Mscottie

    Anyone heard anymore about this yet?

  • Deardean

    I can’t imagine Verizon going from $249 for a Bolt down to zero. I can imagine, with the release of the Droid 3 by all acounts on July 7th, that they might cut the price of the Droid x2 in half, down to $100. That would make my day as I plan on getting one in August.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Would take one even if they gave me one contract free. 

  • Anonymous


  • Earleepa

    No thanks I’m waiting til the end of the year

  • Anonymous