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Skype Pours Salt on Our Wounds, Teases Thunderbolt with Video Feature

Thankfully we released a version of Skype with Video that will work on Thunderbolts, but that doesn’t make the multiple sightings of it on Skype’s website any easier to handle.  Since the device is still not running Android 2.3, even though HTC told is it would be ready some time in Q2 (which ended yesterday), there is no official support for it at this time.

Do we have any idea when we’ll get it 2.3 or Skype on the Tbolt?  Not really.  Skype appears to be ready to pull the trigger, but can’t without it being updated to 2.3 – I guess we’re looking at you HTC.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Mxman311

    My skype video worked just fine till the update yesterday…  what the heck!

  • Novalidemail

    worked great WITH VIDEO till yesterday’s TBolt update. Now says “not supported”. Won’t even log in! So much H8…. Gonna go get an iPhone!!

  • Anonymous

    I have 2.3.4 on my TBolt, but i removed Skype as M$ is taking over so I expect it to be gone from android soon anyway… now on GTalk video chats… 

  • Ddamian67

    I have t-mobile G2x w/2.2.2 i don’t understand why this phone is not in the list ti should be compatible wiht Skype w/video.

  • Arcanexvi

    Actually, if you’re rooted on the TBolt, running a gingerbread rom and don’t mind running an edited apk… we have a working version on xda. Just sayin.

  • C4q2k39

    kellex, don’t you have inside people to get answers from these guys? The silence from all the dorid blogs has been deafening on this tbolt gingerbread update.    

  • Anonymous

    While I’m not trying to defend HTC or Verizon for lack of official video Skype on the tbolt, many companies (especially retail) have their fiscal year run February through January. So while yesterday was the end of the 2nd quarter according to the calender year, the end of the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year isn’t until the end of July. We can keep hope alive!

    • LeeInMKE

      Companies do not expect consumers to know when their fiscal calendars end. When speaking publicly about release / launch dates, companies ALWAYS use the standard calendar, NOT their fiscal.

  • Anonymous

    that 2.2 version doesn’t work for me. I’m rooted. is there a different version for rooted 2.2?

  • Christopher Cain
  • Skype, Google Talk with Video, I don’t care, just give me one.  I can Skype on my stock Thunderbolt thanks to Droid Life and/XDA.  I can Google Talk on my Xoom.  They can’t talk to each other, and if I am going to have my family contacting me for video, I only want them to have to worry about one way of doing it regardless of device.  Don’t really care which it is.  Skype would be nice since they already use it, Google Talk would be nice because M$ bought Skype (evil grin), but just give me one for both devices and I’ll be happy.

  • Razrback501

    This crap of releasing certain apps for certain phones (skype, netflix) has to stop. I have lots of friends with Iphones that I try to get to switch to Android but they don’t understand why ALL apps don’t work on ALL phones like the Iphone.

    • LeeInMKE

      Because there’s dozens of different flavors of Android phones… There’s only vanilla for the iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        Not jumping on the iPhone band Wagon or anything…. But isn’t that the flavor of Android that most of the folks who read this site want?

        Just sayin, cuz that seems to be the point that razrback501 was making.

      • Crgggltn

        I am falling out of love with TBOLT so sometimes vanilla is good b/c I can add sprinkles, chocolate, cherries, whip cream, etc and make it pretty pretty pretty good!  

  • Jory121

    I wish we would get a real date rather then a “soon” i feel like ive been waiting forever with my thunderbolt to get what others already have….i love my phone but everything with this phone since its debut at vegas has been put on the back burner, i will stay true to htc and verizon but there better be one hell of an update ro make up for all the problems thunderbolt owners have had….and no not everyone wants to root their phone thanks

  • Attila S

    We can use the iphone it has video

  • franzie3

    Kellex – I got Skype working on my bolt running BAMF 3.0 RC3.  I was able to pull the APK off an XDA link in the Tbolt Theme’s and Apps sections.  Working like a charm

  • I was starting to think that the problem is more with Verizon than with HTC.  Seems a lot of HTC devices on VZ are getting delayed GB updates.  Could this have anything to do with HTC wanting to unlock their bootloaders, and Verizon fighting them to keep them locked?  Then I remembered the last update the wife’s LG Ally received.  LG skipped Verizon altogether and pushed the update themselves using a market updater app.  It seems if HTC wanted to push an update badly enough, they could bypass Verizon and do it themselves. 

  • Anthony Vella

    This shows that companies just make up dates. Expect probably 2 more months for the thunderbolt since it seems all Android developers focus on other carriers products rather than verizons. iPhone screwed verizon!

    • Anonymous

      It’s not other companies fault… A lot of it rests on Verizon… It took the Droid X so long to get 2.3 because Verizon kept turning it down. Gotta have their bloat and other tricks.

    • YoureAnIdiot

      Now how exactly did the iPhone screw Verizon?

    • YoureAnIdiot

      Now how exactly did the iPhone screw Verizon?

  • Glad I didnt rush out to get the Evo *ahem* I mean “Thunderbolt”….

    • Anonymous

      Still whining about that? Wow.

    • Jboogie1289

      Grow up!!!

  • LeeInMKE

    Bah, whatever I totally Skyped last night on my unrooted / stock ThunderBolt!

  • Anonymous

    My Thunderbolt needs love too, dammit!

  • EC8CH

    You see those people…

    They’re laughing @ you Thunderbolt owners 😛

  • Eric

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I don’t think its HTC (Looking at Verizon and smh).

    • SpikedRed

      no Eric, it’s definitely HTC.  They have admitted (just yesterday) that they still don’t know when they’re going to release GB to Verizon.

  • )v(urphy

    I always seem to pick phones with the worst update timeline. Grrr….

    • There’s a non-vanilla phone with a good update timeline?