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Evolution of DROID: Original DROID vs. DROID2 vs. DROID2 Global vs. DROID3

We just received confirmation that the DROID3 will launch July 7 for direct fill orders and hit stores on the 14, but wanted to also pass along this chart that shows the evolution of the slide-out DROID brand starting all the way back with the OG.  Pretty amazing to think that in under 2 years, we’ve gone from 600MHz to a 1GHz dual-core processor with HDMI mirroring, 1080p recording, a front camera for video chats, and an extra row of number keys yet managed to lose some thickness.

Too bad they couldn’t slip in a 4G LTE radio though…

  • Dccop58

    I just found this site and would like to know if anyone else has had the problems I have with my Droid 2 Global. I keep it in my uniform shirt pocket and frequently when I pull it out and try to use it, the icons will fail to respond to my touch. Or the whole screen will start vibrating, jumping around to different screens as if some invisible finger was pressing icons. I traded the first one in, under warranty, and the “new” (reconditioned) one they sent me does the same thing. I mentioned that I keep it in my shirt pocket because the only thing I can think of as to why two different phones had the same issue is possibly due to being effected by my body heat. Just yesterday I had the third phone activated, and I haven’t yet had the same issue, but then I haven’t been back to work from my weekend, so who knows what will happen when I once again store it in my shirt pocket.  

  • Still rocking OG, still waiting for BIONIC…

  • Anne

    I live in a Droid vs iPhone household. I’m one of those who prefer the keyboard. I can tell you in a side-by-side comparison, in places where Verizon doesn’t even officially admit to providing 3G coverage, the iPhone picks up a signal while the Droid is playing solitaire.
    Does anyone have a clue whether the Droid3 has any different technology that will allow it to pick up 3G better?