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Both Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Nook Make Today’s eBay Tablet Deals

Yesterday, eBay tossed out the Motorola XOOM WiFi 32GB for $499 and are back again with two additional Android tablets on the cheap.  You can pick up the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for as little as $444.99 or the Nook Color (which has a ridiculously large dev community) for $189.99.

I know that many of you are having trouble deciding if you should buy a tablet now or wait for the next batch of quad-cores, but there are some pretty solid deals out there to be had.  The good news is that in the next few months, we’ll probably see the current crop of Tegra 2 devices drop substantially in price while the new big dogs are introduced.

Buy:  Galaxy Tab 10.1 | Nook

Cheers George!

  • I’m gona wait for spring when it will drop

  • max

    i paid 499 for g tab now im pretty mad

  • Mmmmmmmmmm. So sexy. 

  • WCM3

    Just looked up the Nook page and it said they are all sold out..

  • Haha, he’s referring to the deal – it’s dead on ebay now. I had to go back and re-read it as well. And yeah, I’ve learned since getting married, you keep the peace by asking to buy toys. If she approves it, less hassle!

    • Philip Van Luke

      especially since just two weeks ago I just bought us both unsubsidized T-Bolts to lock her into unlimited data, and so we could video chat. her very next sentance was “I dont want to hear about you wanting a tablet for a while now” lol

  • Bought a Nook Color earlier this week. Flashed CM7 onto it, worked fine. Got stuff installed, worked fine – then it started hanging on me, was rebooting every 5 minutes. Flashed back to stock CM7 again, waited to see if it was an app issue…lo and behold, 20 minutes later it starts freezing again. Used the stock kernel with CM7 the second time as well, first time was using a 1.2Ghz kernel, still hung. Tried other ROMS, same exact issue and said the hell with it. Bought a CPO Tab through verizon for a buck fifty, perfectly happy with it (even though ive flashed to stock twice now, but those were my own screwups trying to convert to ext4. The verizon tab bootstrapper in the market is crap. 

    • Dat

       I am doing the most recent CM7 RC on the NOOK and it is great.  No issues and several from the 7.0.2 that are fixed and improved.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or is the galaxy tab 10.1 smoother than the xoom?
    I have played with both and the galaxy’s frame rate on the homescreen is much higher…. 
    I want whatever quad core samsung device or htc device (which would be 3 years) comes out… glow ball was just too awesome to pass on

  • Jacob
  • WAldenIV

    The Nooks are factory refurbished…

    • Dat

      Factory refurb is good as new.   Definitely not the same, but as good since it carries the same warranty of 1 year from BN.  You need not worry since even the BN eBay seller is as good at Customer Service with Ebay sold NOOKs if you have any issues.  I know from first hand experience.

      • WAldenIV

        That’s good to know.  Some warranties on refurbs are 30 or 90 days.

  • Philip Van Luke

    I was gonna beg the wife for a Nook but alas its already dead. Good effort Droid Life.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know which is worse: that you have to get permission from your wife or that you referred to her as an “it” when she died. Probably the latter.

      • WAldenIV


  • 受教了!

  • Oh nm there it is. Blonde moment. Forgive me…. 🙂

  • Why can’t I +1 your page 🙁

  • Guest

    If you’re waiting for the next gen tablets but still want one, then the Nook is perfect. At $190 it won’t break the bank, and you’re still getting a great, highly modifiable device. Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but put CM7 on there and it a good bang for your buck.

  • Is it just me, or has Samsung suddenly become the OEM to beat in the mobile world?  It seems just a few short months ago, the Android community was lambasting them for not updating their devices, and it appears that they took that to heart.  I’m seeing Samsung updating their devices fairly regularly now, get the first Droid-branded LTE handset, and release a new Honeycomb tablet that appears to have become the benchmark for all others to live up to.  All this while not just fending off Apple but fighting back as well. Seems to me they have really stepped up their game this year.

    • Yes, looks like Samsung finally realized what people need from mobile devices.

    • Yes Samsung has made a change. I still don’t like their plastic phones though. Now if Motorola would listen to their customers.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for the next round of tablets is a fine choice if you are okay with nothing in the meantime. It’s really simple, if you want one, you should buy one. If you don’t want one, then don’t. There is no rationality to waiting, as if there is some end game. There is always something better on the horizon.

  • waiting on xoom 2 still

    • Anonymous

      I’m waiting on the Xoom 3. When that comes out, I’ll be waiting on the Xoom HD. But, then, by that time the Xoom MegaHDXLS IV 6G will be on the horizon, so I’ll probably just wait it out.

  • I just have to say I’m really impressed with what a nook color can do. It won’t compete with the larger Honeycomb tablets, and it lacks cameras, but really, it’s incredibly solid, and you’re right – the dev community is pretty amazing. And under $200? I paid full price and feel justified, so that’s a sweet deal.