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Download: New Skype for HTC Thunderbolt with Working Video, Other 2.3 Devices Too

Skype with Video was finally announced this morning, but the HTC Thunderbolt was unfortunately missing from its list of supported devices.  Thanks to our buddy 0mie though, Tbolt owners are now semi-supported.  Our devices are all running Android 2.3 (which is a requirement according to Skype) and work flawlessly, but  that doesn’t mean 2.2 phones will work.  So to those of you unrooted, stock and on 2.2, please test the file below and let us know if it works.

Download:  TBolt_GB_Skype.apk [mirror]

And let’s not forget that the 2.2 Skype with Video that we leaked should still work.

*Works on Galaxy S II, Charge, EVO3D, Sensation and Thunderbolt running 2.3.

Cheers 0mie!

  • Anonymous

    i’ll download it .

  • Romaan

    hello. i got my new htc sensation. someone guide me if i should dl the skype on the pc and transfer to sensation or dl directly on the phone? thanks.

  • Jgr992003

    It keeps saying there is a parsing problem on my htc TB….plz help!!!

  • Jay

    HTC sensation – works perfect..cheers dude!

    • Romaan

      hello Jay, can u help me download. my email is [email protected]:disqus .com

  • Fad5580

    Doesnt work

  • Stock HTC Thunderbolt works for basic functions, but no video chat sadly.

  • L.Chang

    I downloaded this file and was able to pull it up and answer with a voice call but whenever I try to enable the video call or answer with a video call the application crashes. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it continues to do this.

  • Adamkhan87

    can someone tell me how to download skyp on ma htc sensation that i can make video calls to because the one i hav got i cant make video calls on :S

  • Gerritsen_wolf

    How do you install this app?

  • Anonymous

    Working very good on sgs2

  • Lamontlavess

    DO NOT UPDATE YOUR TB! I had Skype with video for months working perfectly. After VZW reboot fix July 11, 2011 my Skype won’t work, also all won’t reinstall. If there is anyone who can help me get it back I would really appreciate it, my fam in Jamaica would too.

  • No

    skype not working after update from verizon

  • thebusy0001

    omie you are the best!!!!! my htc sensation is running well with video calls on skype GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    • Sokchorn

      Can you tell me how to get it on sensation? I have downloaded for my lovely sensation, but when I installed it said: the application is not installed. Please help.

      • Sokchorn

        working now.

  • heisjorDamn

    I installed the app on my Thunderbolt and tried to make a video call via laptop to phone, vice versa, and the app would close automatically with an error message. Do you know what’s going on?? Help!

  • Kingx2c

    it doesnt work on thunderbolt after update…sucks pretty bad im startin to hate my thunderbolt and android all together

  • no longer works with 1.7 update on TB

  • Anonymous

    Well the new S/W update did NOT fix the rebooting issues, and now the
    video no longer works on Skype Mobile! It won’t even let me log in. It says “Not
    compatible with this device”. Ugh! Just about ready to get an iPhone!! Why does
    some apps only work with some Androids, but ALL apps work w/ iPhone? So much H8
    to HTC & Android right now!

  • Novalidemail

    Worked great WITH VIDEO, until yesterday’s TBolt update. Now says “not supported” can’t even log in… So much H8…. So sick of all the BS, gonna go get an iPhone!

  • Novalidemail

    It worked great, with video, but with yesterday’s thunderbolt software update, it does not work at all. Won’t even log in. Ugh! Here we go AGAIN!!! So much H8 right now!

  • Rudeman7

    Unable to install because it says “problem parsing package” I don’t know how to instal over SD card through my computer, please help

  • Sam

    works like a charm in my galaxy s i9000 with 2.3.4

  • Moreprivate

    Which one did you mean worked with the Charge?  The TBolt one or the 2.2 Skype one?  And are either of these the version that makes Skype work but then your text messaging app  no longer works?  I read a comment about that about some patched Skype file, but don’t know if one of your above linked apps is the one they were talking about?

  • Brm

    thank you droid. Itz working on my samsung galaxy s 2 yippie yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Dodgesityballer

    I wonder if this version works on the Incredible 2? Anyone know?…

  • Xnghiax

    Works on my Sensation and also MyTouch 4G (rooted running Faux123’s 2.3.4 AOSP Nexus ROM ver.1.2.7)

  • Gagz

    It works on Samsung Galaxy 2… why can’t Skype themselves do it … SHAME ON THEM!!

  • Gagz

    It works on Samsung Galaxy 2… why can’t Skype themselves do it … SHAME ON THEM!!

  • Lausbua

    Does not work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ with the Original Standard ROM 2.2

    • Digi1

      Phone-call with Galaxy Tab 7″ works, but video-call (in – out) skype does FC.

      • Works after the gingerbread update. Video is great

  • izak

    It doesn’t work on normal thunderbolt not video or calling I think the last was better lol

  • Nomad

    It crashes at log in on a Stock Acer Iconia Tab A500

  • Chops1586

    The apk will install and the app will run, but no calling or video calling ability, just IM capabilities running das BAMF 1.6 Thunderbolt

  • sidsixseven

    Who is this 0mie guy?  I’ve been following this since yesterday and the original source appears to be theos0o who is posting in the below thread on XDA. Credit where credit is due please.  He’s even updated it to the most recent release on the market 2.0.47 not the 2.0.45 version linked on this site.


  • mobileserver

    It’s a no-go for stock Thunderbolt 2.2.1.
    Click on the video call icon caused it to do nothing.
    Incoming video call caused it to force close.

    • mobileserver

      Skype when to landscape mode when click the video icon and will not go back to portrait mode after that.
      Thunderbolt stock 2.2.1 unroot.

  • Anonymous

    No go on the TF, app crashes after typing in password.  🙁

  • Mariobros27772

    So this doesn’t work on a regular Thunderbolt?

  • Mariobros27772

    So this doesn’t work on a regular Thunderbolt?

  • Mgsunshine

    Works gerat on my Flyer…thanks.

  • Aqueeb

    Just tried it on my Nexus S from Fido in Canada and it works flawlessly!!! I uninstalled the official version first and then installed this one, quickly signed in and called my wife and it worked!! Now why could not Skype do this???