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Federico Carnales Releases Uber Music, Now As Beta

The Uber Music app by Federico Carnales has now moved out of Alpha, and is now in the Beta stages. The entire UI is now made up of a skinning engine, so you can be sure that you’ll be seeing custom skins very soon for this app. Fede is always looking for people to let him know if they run into any bugs/issues, so let us know down in the comments section if you notice anything.

In my opinion it looks better than stock, has a widget, “lockscreen control”, and now you can make it look however you want. That’s #winning in my book. Is everyone liking this yet, or are we running a different music app? Let us know. 

Download Link | Changelog

  • Charlie

    Can anyone provide me with a way to communicate with Fede?
    I have downloaded every Alpha and Beta version since he put this out, but have yet to get it open. Force Close EVERY single time.  I am on a rooted OG Droid, no custom ROM, and running LauncerPro+. Every other app I have runs without problems, but not Fede’s music app.

    Any (helpful) thoughts or help appreciated in advance.

    • Charlie

      I found the Music App forum at Launcher Pro Support, but if there is a Droid Lifer out there that can point my in the right direction to solve my issue, I’ll take it!

  • Ritesh Tripathy

    Okay, have been using this since Alpha1 (the Zune/Metro UI being the primary reason, I jut love the way it looks and works) and it was pretty basic other than the UI. I’ve used PlayerPro since day 1 with Android and tried every other decent music app on Android but PlayerPro gave me the audio quality of PowerAmp with a much better and functional UI, so stuck with it. That said, the metro UI just blows everything away! The Beta2 brought some stupid UI with it but glad someone already made a Metro skin and put it on Market, so not much lost there. Anyway, there’s no real reason for me to switch from PlayerPro unless this app connects to Google Music and plays lossless audio by itself and well at that. Just a cool interface on top of the stock Android player doesn’t sound very exciting to me!
    Btw, if you’re after absolute sound quality, check out andLess, its on the Market. Absolutely smokes everything else on pure audio quality. Of course, you, at the least, need to use a good pair of headphones to tell the difference. Sorry but those ear-mints just won’t cut it and are a pathetic way to listen to music if you asked me!Oh, I’m a studio engineer if that adds some credit to my opinion.. :)On a different note, I dropped LP+ months ago even though I paid money for it. Nothing even comes close to what GoLauncher EX does at the moment, its flawless and that team is simply amazing. GoSMS, again, the best messaging app on Android, by a country mile!So, I’m just waiting for whenever that LP+ rewrite sees the daylight to see whether it can out-do Go. If it does, then well, I already bought it, so will start using it too..

  • Erasmussen14

    I understand it is a copy of the windows music player, but it is a kick ass music player.  Happy to have it on my phone without having to have Windows 7 running the phone.

  • trevor-kai

    This is the best music app made. Its flawless as far as running goes. Its so smooth. And its gorgeous compared to the stock music player as well.