Ubermusic Finally Lands on Android Market, Get Your Pretty Groove On


Our buddy Fede, whom you all know from LauncherPro, has made his new music played called Ubermusic official.  You can find it in the market as one of the best music players we’ve used, at least UI-wise that is.  It doesn’t have the ability to sync with your Google Music account, but there’s no telling if Google will ever open up access to things like that to 3rd party app makers.  If you are storing music on your phone though, this is one heck of an option (but definitely not the cheapest).  With its buttery smooth UX and minimalist UI, automatic album art, variety of widget sizes, and scrobbling – we’re loving it.  No longer free now that it is out of beta.   (more…)

Federico Carnales Releases Uber Music, Now As Beta

The Uber Music app by Federico Carnales has now moved out of Alpha, and is now in the Beta stages. The entire UI is now made up of a skinning engine, so you can be sure that you’ll be seeing custom skins very soon for this app. Fede is always looking for people to let him know if they run into any bugs/issues, so let us know down in the comments section if you notice anything.

In my opinion it looks better than stock, has a widget, “lockscreen control”, and now you can make it look however you want. That’s #winning in my book. Is everyone liking this yet, or are we running a different music app? Let us know.  (more…)

Download: Fede Releases Updates to Alpha Music Player UberMusic

Fede released the first alpha edition of his new WP7-esque music app almost a month ago and is already up to version 7 as of today.  After thumbing through it for just a few minutes, you can tell that this is really turning into a solid and light music player (not that we weren’t expecting it to) even if he is calling it UberMusic. (Hah!)  He’s fixed a ton of stability issues, added more menus, tweaked the widget to work properly, and overall has made the experience much more enjoyable.  To stay up-to-date, you’ll want to grab v7 below.

Download:  UberMusic-Alpha7.apk