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Asurion Out of DROIDX, Offering DROIDX2 as a Replacement

We’ve seen Asurion run out of replacement phones in the past and pick others to take their place, but going from a single-core to a dual-core phone is quite the impressive jump, I’d say.  And according to multiple readers of ours, that’s exactly what is happening to owners of the DROIDX who are making an insurance claim.  With Asurion running out of select devices (as seen in the screenshot above), the DROIDX2 (our review) is the current replacement phone until they receive another batch.  So while we would never tell you to go out of your way to cause damage to your device, now would be the time to look into replacing it should there actually be something wrong with it.

*Note – Yes, I see that the picture is of the DROID2, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Cheers Andrew, app tipster, and everyone else!

  • Mack

    Haven’t submitted my claim yet but I went back to check on it and the device I would receive changed to a Droid X rather than the Droid X2 it was the other day. I might just wait it out to see if i can get the Droid X2, hopefully they’ll run out of Droid X’s again because I really don’t want a refurbished phone.

    • Mack

      I finally had the extra cash for the deductible so I completed my claim yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen I just received a brand new Droid X2!

  • TrueMcKHD

    I submitted my claim yesterday and probably already got my phone today, (although I am at work and don’t know).  I got this same screen, and they told me they would be sending the DX2.  or the DROIDXTWO Standard.  but my sister with the same phone lost it about a month and 1/2 ago, and she got the DROIDX2GB.  They are two different things on the website.  So hopefully when i get home today I’ll get a DROIDXTWO, instead of the 2GB.

    • Mack

      Let us know what you get man. I just lost my Droid X and when filing my claim I was told I would receive a “DROIDXTWO Standard” and people on here have me worried I”ll be getting a Droid X with a 2 GB SD card. Although there are a number of people reporting that they are in fact receiving a Droid X2 with an 8 GB SD card so hopefully that is the case. I haven’t finished my claim yet though as I don’t have the extra hundred lying around (I’m a student).

  • Guest

    weaksauz. Thanks for the infotho:/

    • Mack

      Stealing my name dude

  • Guest

    August 1st and I lost my droid x and got a droid x with an 8gb card as a replacement .. no Droid X2 

  • Guest

    How bout now? X or X^2?

  • Aaaa

    I can confirm about Dx being back in stock with asurion…you guys who got the dx2 got lucky.

    • Aaa

      Called asurion yesterday and talked to a manager….they are sending out a dx2…

  • Thejimib

    They must have gotten a new batch of DX’s in because I did not get an DX2, I assume this perfectly good DX that I put a claim on is now usless and should never be activated again, correct?

  • Anonymous

    I just submitted a claim and nothing about the X being out of stock came up. Unless an X2 shows up tomorrow this story seems to be bogus.

    • Rperez076


      • Anonymous

        Explain how I received a Droid X then?

        • Rperez076

          Guess they stocked back up then. I can tell u tho that this x2 needs gingerbread BADLY!!

  • Jhmurphy96

    Is Verizon replacing the Droid X with Droid X2 on warranty issues as well?

    • Tazdummer

      Today is 8-13-11 and I received. My DROIDX 2 under paying the warranty only not insurance part.. sent new phone straight from the bow new plug battery and everything…….. I was shocked cuz when I saw the order it showed DROID x 2but on screen I kept my mouth shut lol and when it finally came… shiiiiit.. was happy.. but all people saying screen is crappy…. is correct…. same size yes but … quality not as good… pixels noticeable ….

  • How lucky some people are, my DX took a dump, won’t connect (usb) to my PC,etc., so I called ass…u.  A rion & two reps were going to charge me $99. for another DX, used, I flipped, so I called Red & the rep is sending me a DX2 (complete) for $199 (plus tax), w/a another 2 year contract. I know another 2 yrs w/a a phone none of the dev’s have opened up yet.  Oh well , that’s my 2 cents worth today @ least it will have dual core. Hope it’s worth it.

  • Segway56

    Can confirm with the rest. Ordered my insurance replacement yesterday for my Droid X, and got a Droid X2 today

  • DX2

    I CAN CONFIRM – JUST GOT HOME AND ITS A DX2!!! another memory card, another batter…. retail box and brand-spaknin’ new

  • Rperez076


  • Rayzkain

    Just got my brand new Dinc 2 from Asurion with 16gb card. $99 dollars well spent, and i didn’t need to use my upgrade. Did I mention Brand Spanking new!

  • Anonymous

    yup got a droid x2 from asurion

  • Al Heasley

    Got my DROID x2 just now…..all you jackasses that had me worried so much…” its just a D.ROIDX with a 2 gig sd card” can shove it……I had to wait all weekend and Monday worring if iI was really getting an x or an x2…..I was planning on getting a bionic or sgs2 but with this beast…….I can wait longer for a quad core phone to come out……by the time ltd gets to my area they will be out. Thank you asurion….you totally saved my update for the next..next greatest thing…..oh and one last thing. What is all the bitching about this things screen?? ” awww im not getting said phone cause it has PENTILE” screw you to! You also had me worried that this phone was going to have a horrendous screen. Its truly a great screen. Vibrant, bright……not crap like you READ! this thing is going to be amazing when it get gingerbread and some developer roots it and we can overclock it.

    • Anonymous

      the complaining is why you wait til you get to the store and see for yourself, some people just arent happy unless they’re complaining…everytime a new phone comes out i find myself in the verizon store checking it out, before i read anything about it online…

  • Chefmelv20

    Droid X2 received 10 min ago

  • Chefmelv20

    This story is true! I will upload a pic and post as soon as i figure it out. I would have been mad if i paid $99 for a refurbished droid x.
    Cant complain about  a 1 year early upgrade for 99 bucks, Now just waiting for the dev community to dive into this device.
    Uploading pic in a momment

  • joesred

    well….I went throu gh the online precess with assurion….and….no mention of switching DX with DX2…guess I will be getting a DX   for my   DX

    • Lubiwan03

      I received my dx2 2day :-p

  • I can confirm that I got an X2 today after ordering my replacement last night around 9:30pm.  This thing is FAST. Love it.

    • joesred

      did you call in yours or go through the website?

      • Did it through the website. but before i submitted it, I called and she confirmed that it would be an X2.  I was still skeptical, but I went through that night and ordered it anyway.  Worked like a charm. Now to find out if I can still sell my original DX.  I assume I can call Verizon to confirm.

  • My Dx said to me when the DX2 can be worked on – get it.  Developers unite.

  • Angel

    Okay guys hopefully this answers most questions.

    I have a droid X that i lost today on my way to the mall.
    I went to the website and had a representative help me out with the progress. He asked me common questions like Name, account name, address, everything they needed for shipping.
    he said, “Sir, we appear to have ran out of Droid X, and instead we can ship you a Droid X2”
    i asked. “Whats the difference”
    he said “Its actually better because its an upgrade from your lost phone”
    i said “oh mean i’m so lucky” (in my head i was singing [i believe i can fly X)])

    for me it was $99 US dollars and i called around 7-8 06/27/11
    he said my phone will arrive tomorrow 06/28/11
    i will update under this tomorrow to let people know if i get the Droid X2 and not the Droid X with a 2G SD card.

    • Angel

      Okkay guys ijust got my phone from the UPS man nd it is indeed a Droid X2 with an 8G sdcard. I’m really amazed for the speed of delivery I called last night and igot it this mornin like around 11. Acctually typing this with my phone 🙂 I’m so exited!!.

  • Bal1985

    I have regular extended warranty. Would they just send me a regular DROIDX or could I possibly get a DROIDX 2?

    My phone does has problems (the power button does not work for instance) and I have got a replacement before.

  • Anonymous

    Few questions:

    I asurion the Verizon standard insurance company? If so, can I just take my phone into  a retail store and tell them what’s wrong with it?

    I have multiple issues with my phone, and I know I have insurance through verizon… so I’d like to know if I can do this.

  • DXX2

    Got my DX2 last Monday as a replacement!!!

  • for some reason…asurion has been telling me and charging me only 50 for deductable…maybe i’m just lucky

  • Kevin Rose

    According to multiple Asurion customer service reps. they are currently out of DX2. theyre still taking replacement orders but everyone will have a 2 week min. waiting period. 

    • I just called and they said I’d get mine overnight still. No mention about back-order. Question is, do they disable my current phone now if I report it lost?

  • Anonymous

    You’re kidding me. I JUST claimed my Droid X last week and got a new one after it took a trip in my pants pocket to the washing machine, I tried to have them give me an X2 but they said no. And now this happens. Dammit.

  • Brian

    Looks like my procrastination may have finally paid off. I shattered my screen a while ago and was to lazy to file a claim. We’ll see what shows up in the old mail box tomorrow….

  • Anyone actually get a DX2 yet?

  • Just got off the phone with assurion…. They said “I’m not showing the Droid X is available as they are no longer making it. I can replace the device with the droid X2. ME: Is that the newer upgraded version of my phone, the Droid X?  Assurion: Yes it is sir”

    We’ll see when it comes in tomorrow…. Luckily, I had a phone they replaced back in January, and I just complained about the software and it lagging on homescreens, and they replaced it for free

  • Anonymous


  • Dennis Marquez

    Anyone know when that screen comes up to tell you. One of my buttons has been broken and I haven’t done a claim cuz I have an upgrade coming up. Be nice to have a DX2 as a spare. I got all the way to right before it charges your card and that screen never showed up.

  • Apearms

    From around 10:50 AM eastern time today…via Verizon Support twitter account:

    @VZWSupportVZW [email protected]_ This is not true. If you receive a warranty replacement for the Droid X you will receive a Droid X. ^MSF

    • Warranty is different than Asurion.  Asurion is their own company.  They can send a different device if they want.  I was talking to someone the other day who got an X2 as a warranty replacement from VZW.  Those situations are more rare though and not likely unless they are out of X refurbs.

  • Anonymous


  • Rayzkain

    Getting my Dinc replaced by Dinc 2. Cool did’nt need to upgrade.

    • Christian Knutti

      Getting a dinc 2 also, dont really want it tho, my dinc is rooted,with cm7 and a cracked screen. 🙁

  • Damn I’m pretty tempted to have an “accident” with my DX, as I would love to get in on some of that Dual Core/HDMI mirroring goodness, but man, I’m not sure I could put up with that penile display and current Froyo build.

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  • Anonymous
  • Verizonwireless

    I AM AN EMPLOYEE OF VERIZON.Today (Sunday) we got more Droid X1. we ask for more of this generation because we know that this could happen,  tomorrow we will be giving the same device, and for those who are waiting, do not have to worry about your X2 (we will give you the second generation, on the SD card of 8 GB will continue.
    Thank You, 
    Verizon Wireless Support

    • DroidzFX



  • Anonymous


    • ScrewFlanders

       “What would we ride on if we visited San Francisco?” asked the little girl Troll.“Why the Troll-ey car of course.” replied Pa Troll

  • RanballX

    Hate to be a buzz kill but my replacement phone for my DX is just a DX with a 2gb mem card.  I was excited when asurion was sending a DXTwo as a replacement but alas, no such luck. 

  • Rootyourdroid

    Thanks so much for this heads up! My Droid X screen cracked on me and I went to do a claim last week and they wanted to offer me a Motorola Droid 1. Luckily I didn’t go through with it, I was delighted to wake up and see this news! My X2 will be arriving tomorrow or Tuesday!

  • Anonymous

    At what point in the process does it say that you are getting the 2 instead of the 1.  before or after you enter your  credit card details

  • Smelly Belly

    This is the droid x with the 2gb card. Its been like this for a few weeks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And yet I just got an OG Droid replacement. FML!

  • Rhodester757

    I just claimed mine and it is set to arrive tuesday. I will also let everyone know. I am kind of having second thoughts, because there are no roms, and dx2 hasnt seen much development yet….. I am eligible to upgrade now though and am kind of waiting for the bionic/ new galaxy anyways….

    • You won’t get a X2, you will get an X with a 2gb card.

  • Keep the news coming! Have to stay up to date! 

  • David

    Ill let everyone know Tuesday

  • Anonymous

    i just did it and they said they are sending a droid x2

  • I’m pretty sure this is the Droid X with the 2 GB SD card not the Droid X2. If you go over to the Droid X forums you’ll see all the disappointed people who thought the were bragging that they were getting a Droid X2 with Gingerbread (DROIDX2GB) as a replacement to their Droid X. I find it hard to believe that there are more replacement Droid X2’s than there are Droid X’s. 

    So I would suggest not breaking your device in the hopes of paying $89 dollars to just get another Droid X with a 2 GB SD card. If you’re having problems with your device I would suggest calling tech support and getting a free replacement device. All Droid X’s have a couple more months on their 1 year warranty.

  • I’m pretty sure this is the Droid X with the 2 GB SD card not the Droid X2. If you go over to the Droid X forums you’ll see all the disappointed people who thought the were bragging that they were getting a Droid X2 with Gingerbread (DROIDX2GB) as a replacement to their Droid X. I find it hard to believe that there are more replacement Droid X2’s than there are Droid X’s. 

    So I would suggest not breaking your device in the hopes of paying $89 dollars to just get another Droid X with a 2 GB SD card. If you’re having problems with your device I would suggest calling tech support and getting a free replacement device. All Droid X’s have a couple more months on their 1 year warranty.

  • Anonymous

    All you have to do is say your phone was lost, get a replacement, and you get to have a second phone for only $89, and if you say lost then your phone is not blacklisted, if you say stolen it is

  • Anonymous

    All you have to do is say your phone was lost, get a replacement, and you get to have a second phone for only $89, and if you say lost then your phone is not blacklisted, if you say stolen it is

    • Ckoch0125

      Still black listed if you say you lost it trust me I lost a phones once and found it months later and had to call Verizon to say I found it and they had to remove it from blacklist

  • David

    I just hope this will get some custom ROMs out faster for the X2

  • Hamholla

    I literally just had to replace my dx. Like clicked submit on Asurion 5 seconds ago. I wanted to send this in and someone beat me to it… damnit

     Im going to miss cyanogenmod so much.

     Hello again Blur… ugh, this is gona be awkward

  • Digg1tydan

    I filed my claim last night. I see this as a sort of investment. I will hold on to the x2 till the Droid3 or bionic drop, cause I’m due an upgrade, then put the x2 on ebay. Hopefully I will get more than the 50 bucks I laid for it.

  • Digg1tydan

    I filed my claim last night. I see this as a sort of investment. I will hold on to the x2 till the Droid3 or bionic drop, cause I’m due an upgrade, then put the x2 on ebay. Hopefully I will get more than the 50 bucks I laid for it.

    • ScrewFlanders

      “the 50 bucks I laid for it.”

      I wanna shop where you shop. =)

  • nalpakj

    My sister bought an LG Ally (against my advice) a while back and had a problem with it the other day…they were out of those also so she got a Droid 2 in exchange.  That’s a nice trade up.

  • David

    I don’t know about a down grade

  • David

    I don’t know about a down grade

  • Ryanwv24

    Who sent u the x2 vzw or insurance? My keyboard has been doing the samething

  • Max

    I started having problems with my original Droid X shortly after GB was released.  The Multi-Touch keyboard started crashing on me, and Swype was the only one that would.  Did a factory reset which fixed for a whole day, then they sent me a replacement.  It lasted about 5 days.  Since I was having problems with the original Droid X, they sent me an X2 as a replacement.  I have to say, even with the dual core…..its actually a downgrade.  All the bad things you hear about the screen are definitely true.  Good thing I have an upgrade coming up in about 3 weeks anyway.

  • Gee

    HURRAY!!!! I gots me a dual core…. booo this screen sux

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  • friendly bill

    except, verizon’s website shows out of stock on the CPO droid X’s…. so that might mean they are out company wide?

  • JoeInMO

    Some confusion here.  Asurion is for insurance claims only… not warranty claims.  If your device is under the 1 year warranty Asurion is not involved unless it’s for loss or damage or other covered event not covered by warranty.

    If your claim is under warranty the Verizon has plenty of stock on Certified Like New Replacement Device Droid X’s.  Apparently Asurion is the one that doesn’t have any refurbished Droid X’s.

    If you’re looking for insurance then there are several other companies that I would recommend other than Asurion.  Asurion is the most expensive.  SquareTrade and Worth Avenue Group offer better rates.  Worth Avenue pays you CASH in the event of a claim… not refurbished devices.

    • Granted

      Ooooh! Cash is ten times better than a damn used phone! Assuming they give you a fair price, I think I might look into that.

  • rgreene1971

    I just called and filed a claim over my droid x on June 26th, 2011. rep who handled my call claimed they had “Plenty” of Droid X available.

  • Ryanwv24

    has anyone had any luck with this since yesterday? i called last night and they said they have dx back in stock now.

  • Anonymous

    I would rather take a Droid Pro, a Droid 2, or even the OG Droid instead of a Droid X2 with the shit pentile display. 

  • I just replaced my DX yesterday and nothing said I was getting a DX2… did I take the last one lol or is there still some hope that I can receive a DX2?

  • Belanova

    How much we have to pay with insurance?

  • storm34x

    this is the real deal folks. I just talked to my sister who works at VZ and she confirmed this

  • this is sweet. cause asurion new me on a first name basis lol

  • Jim Dandy

    Five sizes all day XD

    • Jim Dandy


  • Ubenzapped1

    Hopefully the replacement for the sgs is the sgsII!!!! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Nah, there are plenty of crappy Binged up Fascinates to refurbish and go around.

  • IvankaHumpHew

    It’s a step up in processor, but a step down in screen quality. The X2’s screen is horrible. 

  • David

    By the way… I’m trusting u on this kellix

  • Ive actually been having some issues so I may switch

  • eat chicken

    It looks to be droid 2 global in the pic. Wonderful device. Has a few issues but it keeps up. Smaller screen than droid X and has a nice keyboard. I bought the extended battery and get good use out of the device. I started with original droid and got insurance replacement. I still want to upgrade but if tiered pricing is coming then heck no. I watch a few youtube videos everyday and look up helpful info and would like a phone with hdmi and less overheating problems.

  • kakapoopoo

    CM4DX better

  • My DX screen cracked last week due to a freak accident.  Unfortunately Verizon doesn’t fix phones (or so they say) so I am stuck with it for now.  I wish I bought insurance :-

    • integrate

      Go on ebay, find a Droid X screen/digitizer and replace it yourself.  Can’t be that hard.

      I replaced the screen on my old Samsung Omnia (WM) and it was easy, without any experience.

  • Anonymous

    I just got a droid x2!!!

  • Wheresrenaldo

    I just ordered a replacement from a Verizon store, and it was free and part of insurance due to software issue. Does that have anything to do with Asurion? Will i get DX2, when it’s delivered?

  • Anonymous

    my husband has been through 3 or 4 Droid Xs since Gingerbread came out…they keep dropping GPS, or now the one he has is Rebooting randomly

    • Anonymous

      That issue is easily resolved, no reason to be replacing phones. 

      • Anonymous

        ok…so instead of just saying “well you can fix it” how do you do so?

  • This is one case where I’d honestly say I feel sorry for those getting stuck with a newer device (in the X2’s current state, at least).

    • Andrew Lind

      I was replacing the X for my sister, she dropped hers in a lake today. She rarely uses it and won’t notice the color difference, she will notice the speed difference tho.

    • Andrew Lind

      I was replacing the X for my sister who dropped it into a river today, so shes not going to notice too much about the screen, she will like the fact that it should be a brand new phone instead of a refurb. It is also faster.

  • Ndobeck

    my girlfried just needed to replace her og driod and assurion replaced it with a brand new droid 2 global

  • Anonymous

    hell no, give me the X  I can root it and run custom roms

  • Anonymous

    I called and talked to them for over a half hour and they assured me that the DX2 has a physical keyboard. I went with the DX with 2GB card and yesterday I received an 8GB card in the mail.

  • David

    Well I just did it and sure enough it said the dx2… my home.key is broke so I need a new one anyway…. so if I get an x2 that’s cool it’s rooted and the SBF just came out…. I’m sure we will get the kernel soon. Plus I wouldn’t mind the duel core…. and if I get the X I’m happy I love it and need a new one

  • bewara2009


  • Mithedhel11

    Be very certain folks. I had a legitimate claim on my dx. I dropped it in water and fried the. Board. Asurion stated that a dx2 would be my replacement phone. I received a dx with a 2 gig card. Asurion did a great job next day replacement even but still dx 2 gig. Thank you so very much for unanswered prayers the cm7 is more than a gift and a grand replacement.

  • Slllllyyy

    I don’t even want an X2. 
    From the bad screen to being stuck on stock froyo.

    Id take my Cyanogenmodded 1.45 gHZ Droid X over an X2 any day.

  • Charlie

    Anyone know what the are replacing the OG Droid with??

    • DroidDoesDallas

      As of last night, they are replacing them with the greatest phone of all time…. the Droid Numero Uno. Did a claim on the wifes and didn’t get the “Would you like a free upgrade?” page. Was hopeing for a DX or D2 for her cause she likes stock… I know, ewww right?

      • Granted

        What is Ausurion, I’ve never heard of it? Is it insurance outside of Verizon or Best Buy?

    • DroidDoesDallas

      As of last night, they are replacing them with the greatest phone of all time…. the Droid Numero Uno. Did a claim on the wifes and didn’t get the “Would you like a free upgrade?” page. Was hopeing for a DX or D2 for her cause she likes stock… I know, ewww right?

  • what is asurion giving out for the original moto droid?  Mines not doing too well.

    • Anonymous

      Motor Razr.

    • Vnvjeep

      Blackberry flip phone

  • Nate Myers

    what is asurion giving out for original moto droids these days?  mines not doing too well.

  • ironick

    If that’s true, I wonder what they would give for my Eris.

    • Anonymous

      Last I checked they were giving out Motorola Razr’s.

  • Belanova

    how much money I have to pay to change it?
    & where?

  • Mikey

    There’s Alotta Hatred On The DX2 But As Soon As A Developer Starts Cracking Away At It And It’s Unlocked With ROMs Everyone’s Attitude Is Gonna Change. I Don’t See Anything Wrong With Mine I Rooted, Froze The Bloat, And Installed The V6Supercharger Script And This Thing Already Flies With Benchmarks Over 2,800. I Can Only Imagine Either The Official Gingerbread Or A Custom ROM On It.

    • Anonymous

      Dang, do you hit shift after every word, or do you have a script that does it for you?

      • Mikey


        • Anonymous

          That’s truly impressive, I commend you on that.

  • Ray

    not sure thats a good thing since the droidx2 is still on froyo and the screen sucks.

  • JustReplaced

    Recently had a Droid2 replaced by a Droid2 Global.  Had no idea that the D2G was clocked at 1.2Ghz instead of 800Mhz.

    • Ray

      just got ride of my d2g if i were u i would want my d2 back

    • Stephen D

      D2 is at 1ghz, D2G is at 1.2. Neither are at 800. Though they feel like they’re clocked lower than 800 :+

    • Anonymous

      Why would you think anything was 800Mhz?  It was the D1 that later was clocked to 800. The D2 was 1Ghz.

      • Ckoch0125

        D1 was. 600mhz

  • Dman27

    YES been waiting for this! 90$ for an upgrade ill take it!

    • Clfluid1

      How much does it cost per month for the insurance?

  • FragDroidX

    I don’t believe they will be giving out the DroidX 2 as replacements. Asurion has two classifications for the DroidX. The DroidX Sixteen for the model with the 16GB SD card and the DroidX Two for the model that now comes with the 2GB SD card. A number of people that received replacements thought they were getting a DroidX 2 but got a DroidX with a 2GB card instead.

    • Anonymous

      LOLOLOL  Kellex is going to get death threats if this doesn’t pan out!

    • Akio Otsuka

      I just replaced my gf’s dx and talked to two different reps from asurion and they confirmed that it was a dx2 that was going to arrive tuesday. we’ll see if it pans out.

      • Akio Otsuka

        $89 btw. free overnight too.

        • Inkster09

          Always looooved asurion. The best at what they do

        • Isn’t it $99 plus free overnight?

          • I’m somehow still at 50.00 and free overnight… it was that way with my og droid too.. we’ll see if that keeps up after I upgrade to the galaxy s2 in a few months..

      • Anonymous

        Well, was it an X2?

    • Dan

      They told me it was a DX2 then when i received it I got a DX with a 2gb sim card. 

      • oh man, i bet the customer service reps saw something like DX2 GB. its still a DX 2GB

      • A sim card? When did this device go global!?


    • SugaShane

      I just got my Droid X replacement, and it is in fact a Droid X2. Bang Bang!

    • NewX2

      No they are giving out DroidX2s. My DroidX “broke” the other day and i went on the website, they sent me a X2 over nighted. Even though i cant run CM7 or anything else right now, im very happy with the phone.

  • No thank you.

  • Oops, I see a lot of DX1’s just broke. {{-_-}}

  • Not sure I’d want a DX2 over the DX consider the screen is god awful and that would mean giving up CM7 for a crappy buggy official froyo build

    • RonsterWVU

      What is wrong with the screen on the DX2?
      I like the screen on the DX one.

      • Anonymous

        a lot of people do not like the qHD pentile screen…but i checked it out and it’s fine with me, unless you zoom way in on something, you dont even notice

  • Rocketjrb

    Does this mean the htc incredible replacement is the droidx2?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve this is happening as well, yes.

      • Anonymous

        looks like my incredible just broke.

        • Jmtmegatron

          My droid x had a flashing problem the X2 comes on tuesday or Wednesday 😉

    • Anonymous

      The replacement for the Incredible is the Incredible 2.

  • mygeek911

    Maybe my phone will break. Naw, it isn’t like that Blackberry that I had to replace four times…

    • Anonymous

      only four? lucky…

    • Jeffrey Kaplan

      Only four?  I went through six in 14 months.  One of them was DOA.

    • Rich Floresjr

      4 Storms and a Tour lol

    • 3 curves and 5 tours within a month 11 within a 9 month period before getting the OG Droid.  Still have my OG Droid that has been going strong since day 1.  I am on a refurb for my DX since the earpiece speaker blew after a month.  Still better than blackberry.

  • Lakers1moretime