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Asurion Out of DROIDX, Offering DROIDX2 as a Replacement

We’ve seen Asurion run out of replacement phones in the past and pick others to take their place, but going from a single-core to a dual-core phone is quite the impressive jump, I’d say.  And according to multiple readers of ours, that’s exactly what is happening to owners of the DROIDX who are making an insurance claim.  With Asurion running out of select devices (as seen in the screenshot above), the DROIDX2 (our review) is the current replacement phone until they receive another batch.  So while we would never tell you to go out of your way to cause damage to your device, now would be the time to look into replacing it should there actually be something wrong with it.

*Note – Yes, I see that the picture is of the DROID2, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Cheers Andrew, app tipster, and everyone else!

  • Mack

    Haven’t submitted my claim yet but I went back to check on it and the device I would receive changed to a Droid X rather than the Droid X2 it was the other day. I might just wait it out to see if i can get the Droid X2, hopefully they’ll run out of Droid X’s again because I really don’t want a refurbished phone.

    • Mack

      I finally had the extra cash for the deductible so I completed my claim yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen I just received a brand new Droid X2!

  • TrueMcKHD

    I submitted my claim yesterday and probably already got my phone today, (although I am at work and don’t know).  I got this same screen, and they told me they would be sending the DX2.  or the DROIDXTWO Standard.  but my sister with the same phone lost it about a month and 1/2 ago, and she got the DROIDX2GB.  They are two different things on the website.  So hopefully when i get home today I’ll get a DROIDXTWO, instead of the 2GB.

    • Mack

      Let us know what you get man. I just lost my Droid X and when filing my claim I was told I would receive a “DROIDXTWO Standard” and people on here have me worried I”ll be getting a Droid X with a 2 GB SD card. Although there are a number of people reporting that they are in fact receiving a Droid X2 with an 8 GB SD card so hopefully that is the case. I haven’t finished my claim yet though as I don’t have the extra hundred lying around (I’m a student).

  • Guest

    weaksauz. Thanks for the infotho:/

    • Mack

      Stealing my name dude

  • Guest

    August 1st and I lost my droid x and got a droid x with an 8gb card as a replacement .. no Droid X2 

  • Guest

    How bout now? X or X^2?

  • Aaaa

    I can confirm about Dx being back in stock with asurion…you guys who got the dx2 got lucky.

    • Aaa

      Called asurion yesterday and talked to a manager….they are sending out a dx2…

  • Thejimib

    They must have gotten a new batch of DX’s in because I did not get an DX2, I assume this perfectly good DX that I put a claim on is now usless and should never be activated again, correct?

  • Anonymous

    I just submitted a claim and nothing about the X being out of stock came up. Unless an X2 shows up tomorrow this story seems to be bogus.

    • Rperez076


      • Anonymous

        Explain how I received a Droid X then?

        • Rperez076

          Guess they stocked back up then. I can tell u tho that this x2 needs gingerbread BADLY!!

  • Jhmurphy96

    Is Verizon replacing the Droid X with Droid X2 on warranty issues as well?

    • Tazdummer

      Today is 8-13-11 and I received. My DROIDX 2 under paying the warranty only not insurance part.. sent new phone straight from the bow new plug battery and everything…….. I was shocked cuz when I saw the order it showed DROID x 2but on screen I kept my mouth shut lol and when it finally came… shiiiiit.. was happy.. but all people saying screen is crappy…. is correct…. same size yes but … quality not as good… pixels noticeable ….

  • How lucky some people are, my DX took a dump, won’t connect (usb) to my PC,etc., so I called ass…u.  A rion & two reps were going to charge me $99. for another DX, used, I flipped, so I called Red & the rep is sending me a DX2 (complete) for $199 (plus tax), w/a another 2 year contract. I know another 2 yrs w/a a phone none of the dev’s have opened up yet.  Oh well , that’s my 2 cents worth today @ least it will have dual core. Hope it’s worth it.

  • Segway56

    Can confirm with the rest. Ordered my insurance replacement yesterday for my Droid X, and got a Droid X2 today

  • DX2

    I CAN CONFIRM – JUST GOT HOME AND ITS A DX2!!! another memory card, another batter…. retail box and brand-spaknin’ new