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Verizon Notifies Employees of Impending Tiered Data Plans in Letter

Not that we needed more confirmation on our exclusive report from this morning that tiered data plans are on the way from Verizon, but we have some for you.  Employees are beginning to receive word of the changes from their regional VPs, who don’t necessarily get as specific as the dirty pricing details we revealed, but you’ll still get the point.  This letter does re-confirm our original report that 3G and 4G pricing will be exactly the same though, which is one of the few positives we are seeing from these impending changes.

So yeah, “structured” plans are on the way – we’re just hoping they introduce family share versions alongside them to help ease this pain because this letter isn’t going to brighten anyone’s day around this site.

Update:  Verizon’s Head of Communications has confirmed tiered data for July.

Letter after the break.   

The Next Generation of Data Pricing – Our Evolution Amidst an Industry Revolution

June 20, 2011

Greetings team, it’s [redacted], your Area Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations. As we approach the summer solstice, I wanted to reach out to the team and overview what I believe represents a significant and exciting evolution around how we package data solutions to our customers and the marketplace.

The Revolution is Upon Us…
In what has been a year of amazing performance by the [redacted] Area including company leading year-over-year churn improvement, successful introduction of the iPhone 4, strong post paid gross and net adds and industry leadership in launching our 4G LTE network; we find ourselves entering into a period of transformational innovation within Verizon Wireless and the wireless industry as a whole.

Our ability to out execute and deliver upon the promise of The Credo everyday has allowed us to maintain the industry leadership. At the same time, accelerated market expectations coupled with the introduction of many emerging solution categories has created new opportunities for us to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Data Pricing Evolution…The Present
Our legacy data pricing structure was designed to address a somewhat different customer need profile than what we are seeing and can expect in the future.

Consider this. Data usage has more than doubled over the last three years. Consumers and business users alike are doing more and more with their mobile devices. The notion of “send and end” has migrated to “managing multiple aspects of one’s lifestyle through mobility.” Whether it’s social media (85%+ of Smartphone users), mobile internet (88%+ of Smartphone users), or email/applications (71%+ of Smartphone users), this usage has one thing in common—dramatically increased demand for data and media consumption.

As a result, we are evolving our approach around how we package our data solutions and pricing to our customers. Coming soon, Verizon Wireless will move from our existing pricing format to a structure designed to allow customers to choose the right data solution that best aligns with their needs.

The Value Benefit Equation…
With the new usage based pricing plans, the vast majority of our customers will be able to enjoy their typical level of data consumption for the same value that they outlay today. Additionally, for those who have greater requirements for data, we will have solutions that they can tailor to their unique needs.

Perhaps more importantly, given our strong desire to continue to provide enhanced capability and value to our customers, the new data pricing will apply to both our 3G AND 4G LTE networks. So in essence, for those customers in our ever and rapidly expanding 4G LTE network coverage footprint, users will gain the benefit of the fastest and most advanced 4G LTE network in the U.S. all for the same usage based value. More speed. More functionality. Same value.

Let’s Do What WE Do…
Our expectation to extend our market leadership will be largely dependent on our demonstrated ability to “operationalize” in the face of an ever-changing environment. The successful launch of our new data pricing solutions represents a key milestone in our continued march to excellence.

Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving much more insight, information, and learning opportunities around this significant evolution in how we provide our industry leading best solutions, to the right customer, that best satisfies their needs.

I have every confidence in our ability to execute this flawlessly because it is the Verizon Wireless and South Area way. Our customers expect and deserve nothing less.
To paraphrase a quote from a favorite cinematic masterpiece of mine from the 80’s, Top Gun, “Verizon Wireless is engaged. The South Area has the lead…” Let’s do what we do.

Cheers desi!

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    Oh, phone plans suck.

  • NateDogg

    I hope streaming media companies like NetFlix & Slacker go after AT&T & Verizon. Sue them for millions in losses. Tiered data will greatly effect their profits.

  • Oinky

    I love how the suit tries to make it look like they’re ‘evolving’…lol…

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  • Anonymous

    Based on other articles on this site, it seems you get to keep unlimited if you have unlimited already, even if you upgrade to a new device.

  • Maxxmentum

    Wow, I have a thunderbolt, I can’t even use the vz app to see my min. Sheesh. It looks like a rolling contract will keep the data unlimited, is that wrong? If so, how is Sprint these days?

  • Anonymous

    Someone isn’t too good at redacting.  They redacted the “South” Area in the second paragraph but left it in the last paragraph.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    Someone isn’t too good at redacting.  They redacted the “South” Area in the second paragraph but left it in the last paragraph.  LOL

  • subtraho

    Every time someone uses “value” as a euphemism for “cost” I die a little inside.

    “Value” means what you GET for what you PAY. Since they’re now offering LESS data for the same price, it’s not “the same value”, it’s less value.

  • Steve Dittmar

    @Kellex …You redacted the specific name of the Area in the second paragraph (“[redacted] Area”), but left “South Area” in the closing statement…twice.  Or, was the redacted word not “South” in that first instance?

  • Anonymous


  • I have a current family plan and I have unlimited on my phone.  My fiancee is going to join my plan soon.  Should we hurry up and do that before this all hits the fan so she would be included in the grandfather clause?

  • Anonymous

    I really wish that someone would come in and argue for the end user. I understand that companies want to make money from people who use more data, but the way people want to use data I feel that the way they are going is totally WRONG. What needs to be done instead is to give everyone unlimited data and then regulate it more like the cable companies do by having a very high cap which most people won’t ever reach and bring the hammer down on those that are abusing data. With technology going the way it is it might be smarter for the cell phone companies to regulate speed rather then amount of data consumed.

    I don’t know if this would work at all but hey, it might!

    • Anonymous

      we really need a way for us to come together as a large group so that we can actually bargain with Verizon.  People keep saying to “vote with your wallet” but 10,000 customers threatening to leave at once makes a much bigger impact than 10,000 people leaving individually. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jnewman1991

    I am on T-Mobile at the moment and was thinking about jumping ship to Verizon if/when the merger with AT&T happens. However, that seems to have changed now that I found out about this. Looks like I’ll be going to Sprint :/

  • I work for verizon and this is horrible already!  Only good thing I personally will be getting out of this is everyone coming to renew their contracts before the official date, bad side….no more business, more angry customers, crap paycheck.  Onto a personal note F**K THESE PLANS!  I was reading saying okay 2gb a month plan so im going to save like 15$ possibly depending on the price….NOPE, same price as unlmited data $30 and thats the minimum, i cut close to 2gb a month already and they are going to charge me $10 a gb over my usage, thank goodness I upgraded couple weeks ago, as a verizon employee I’m officially going to sprint 2 years from now when my contract ends….their 4G is slower than verizon 4g yea, but I am going to be getting better battery life and almost just as good service for a cheaper price, plus I get unlimited.  As we can all see we can blame APPLE for this deffinatley I hope no other company gets this phone because it will be the end to them!

  • Ray Baker

    anyone know about grandfathering current people in?   Or is it carrier wide?

  • Jamner71477

    Most people that buy the higher end smartphone typically use it instead of computers or when their computer breaks down. While I can see want to make money, why not charge $15 for 2G of Data and $40 for unlimited with $10 for G overage? That would be sensible for any mobile carrierthat actually wants no make money.

    • Jammer71477

      * wants to make money.

  • Guesty

    If their also doing family data plans at the same time, this is not so bad.

  • Guesty

    If their also doing family data plans at the same time, this is not so bad.

  • HALP

    tender, pink hole sits exposed to air. Dried up and crusted feces litter the
    pubes around my ring. Around my legs sit my torn World of Warcraft boxers.
    Verizon Wireless anxiously undoes its belt and flops out its giant, red
    schlong. My butthole trembles at the fury about to enter it. Verizon grabs my
    hips, and hoists my ass closer to its huge cock. I scream in a combination of
    ecstasy and shame as its meaty member beings to savagely pound my cornhole.
    “$30 for 2GB?” I shout, but Verizon DOESN’T hear me now.

    I am an Android loving, assburger fanboy retard. And this has been my story of
    what Verizon has done to me this day.

  • Jim

    Unlimited plan for the smart phone, then charge extra for the hotspot feature. Now that there is no unlimited plan, what is the difference between using the phone or attaching a device?
    With the unlimited feature they can argue that using a phone will use much less data then using an tethered device like a laptop. Now that it doesn’t matter what device you use is now a tiered plan. Means that they will charge for the simple act of tethering, which is a software feature within the Android OS.

    What does this mean? Lawsuits.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon 4G LTE, so fast you’ll blow through your 2GB cap in a matter of minutes!

  • Guest23

    Sprint, here I come!!!

  • LAdroidder

    Do not worry, P3Droid will make a rom that lies about the amount of data were using.

  • James

    there is no mention of pricing, and no total confirmation on any of the “sky is falling” rhetoric I hear from all of you guys. 

  • The350zWolf

    If I were the developer of the app “DroidWall”, -are you out there?- I would start charging $1 for the app starting Jul 7th. Of course it would be way cooler if he just leaves it for free just so that people don’t get reamed by big red on going over. What a joke for people with LTE phones, they will go over the limit in two days. This is similar to the failed 150Mb/$15 that they tried not long ago.

  • Mike

     Plug in phone and stream movies over 3G non-stop for 24hrs until your contract is up..  i’m going to get every kb of my unlimited data while i still can..  =)

  • Buzzy Ya

    it is time for me and verizon 2 part ways they can go screw there self f u and bye bye…….

  • I love how they word this stuff to make it sound like they did us all a favor by “meeting our needs”  Uhhh… you met my needs by giving me unlimited internet… you know… So if one month I used little,. and the next month I spent a lot of time bored and watched movies or something I didnt end up paying more…

    I wish they offered some type of rollover data minutes or something… Its a sham that one month I can use 1/5 my allowance and the next month get charged extra because I barely went over…. Cell phone companies suck.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, they’ve always sucked, hard.  Apple and the iPhone being exclusive on AT&T did us all a favor by creating legitimate competition between the carriers so we finally saw things like unlimited data, the Droids and somewhat at least reduced pricing.  Well, not anymore!  The assholes are going back to their good old days of collaborating with each other to price fix and shove their sticks up our asses while raping our wallets.

  • Anonymous

    Its fun to sit here and vent your anger at Verizon. But if your really mad you have to vote with your wallet.

  • Anon should totally hack Verizon like they did Sony, and give everyone unlimited data and free tethering.

  • LET”S DO WHAT WE DO! Charging the S*** out of you! High phone prices. High monthly costs and now higher data charges.

  • Anonymous

    Goodbye Verizon, Hello Sprint. There’s no way I’m getting “dinged” for my 5-10 GB monthly usage.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I’m glad I had boots on, otherwise I’d be knee deep in bullsh*t after reading that letter.

    “accelerated market expectations coupled with the introduction of many
    emerging solution categories has created new opportunities for us to
    meet and exceed the needs of our customers.”

    How is charging me more to get less “meeting and exceeding” my needs? To advertise that ‘Droid Does’ and then swipe it out from under your customers is beneath contempt. Verizon Wireless: Rule the Wallet.

  • The350zWolf

    Dear customer, please bend over and let me plunder you… Can you hear me now?

    • Guest


    • John

      I can just see the customers feel the love for Verizon.

  • ChrisI

    I hope you guys are pissed off enough to cancel your service plans with Verizon, and take your business elsewhere. I find VZN to be incredibly overpriced…..it’s kind of a Ford-vs-Lexus brand name thing going on here. Yet another corporation abusing it’s “too big to fail” status to *uck their customers. I left a long time ago, and will never go back.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad Sprint isn’t much better (crappy coverage, speeds and only slightly less expensive).  Their only savior is unlimited data.

      • HolyGrail

        Yes…..but that is a Big savior.

  • so glad as of last week i dont work for this horrible company and its whiny ass customers anymore. having to deal with this i would have ended up on the news or somethin ~_~

  • TheAndroid1

    Next step: Charging for wifi data usage!

  • Travis Coleman

    might be time to drop Verizon… 

  • DJyoSNOW

    So they obviously need to change there: rule the air statement.  This is one reason I left the blue company as the yellow aint looking to bad. Also my mate pays $25 bucks (yes I said that right) for unlimited 3g & text with 300 min. through Virgin.  Anything other than VZW (&blue) is looking better.  Especially since my 1yr upgrade Charge cost me the most to date, $20 early upgrade and lost my $30 1yr credit which I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure VZW has me on my knees bent over…but um yeah THANKS “I think not”

    • Iceman84

      lets be real. you like being bent over and stroked that’s why have a mate

  • TheAndroid1

    I actually don’t have a problem with data caps. They keep people from downloading 10s-100s of gigs of data and slowing down the network for the rest of us. I think the problem is that Verizon’s pricing is absurd.

    Here’s a better plan, really simple:
    10$ per gigabyte of usage (3gb for 30$ is where most people are anyway)
    Tethering is free just counts towards that usage.

    It just seems like verizon is moving in the wrong direction with their pricing.  In a world where data is being consumed at faster rates, verizon is charging more.




  • Mike

    I looked at my 5 past billing statements when I had a Dinc. Less than 1GB of use per month. My first full cycle with my Tbolt, 27.5 GB.  I’m on my 13th day of my new cycle. 17 GB.

    • Anonymous

      Dude you use too much data, get a broadband service please

      • J. G.

        Seriously if he is using it on his phone then it is not a problem. You seem to be one of the people that this seriously stupid pricing plan is geared for. Some of us live and use technology from 2011. Instead of living in 2011 with a data/technology mindset of 2001.

        I am on 3G with my DroidX and I use anywhere from 15-28gigs a month just streaming pandora radio, streaming videos from playon and nextflix, and downloading purchased music from Amazon MP3 store. This is not counting what I download from the Amazon App store or Android Marketplace.

        Get a clue before you make statements like this…….

        • Anonymous

          Unfortunately, the mobile networks of 2011 are not ready for the “technology of 2011,” by your definition. The Tiered pricing isn’t “geared” toward anyone, it is done out of necessity because cheap D bags like you use 20 gigs of data and bog down the network for everyone else. I get your argument that you signed up for unlimited and that is what the specifics of your plan say, but if it is not feasible for the average smartphone user to use >10 gigs without there being network concessions. Charging for what you use is the way everything in life should be….but I do think these prices are way too high, a gig for 10$ is the spot I would have thought was reasonable, I might move to sprint or tmobile just out of principle

  • TheAndroid1

    Thank God I’m on a college campus with wifi everywhere next year.
    Right now I don’t even turn wifi on on my phone, I guess it’s time to start.

  • Barlog

    Over and out Iceman! HAHAHA! :–D What a moron 🙂

  • ray

    From the CEO of Sprint:

    “We can offer unlimited as long as the usage is reasonable. If you run an all-you-can-eat buffet, but you have the New England Patriots come in and the whole team spends a whole day there, I can’t afford to do that anymore.”


  • Rizzidy

    Ok, serious question.

    I am not eligible for an upgrade until 7/13.  Will I still get unlimited data on the upgrade or will I be forced into one of these crap tiers?

    • If you always pay your bills on time, talk to a CS rep, even a few if you have to. Verizon almost always lets customers use an upgrade a week or two early if you’ve been loyal and not a problem to them.

      • Rizzidy

        Just did.  No early upgrades for 4G or iPhone.

        • Guest

          Tell them your phone isn’t working properly and you really need a new phone asap! My wife did that and she got an early upgrade. You just can’t call and say “Hi, I want an early upgrade just because!” You need to have a reason and make it sound good and complain a lot and they will let you.

          • Rizzidy

            Man, that’s a whole lotta straw.

    • if you called customer service they would probably let you upgrade now

      • Rizzidy

        Nope, see re: lonnie

    • Anonymous

      Pay out the full price and don’t re-sign a contract. Then in a couple months they’ll change your data plan over anyway. I wouldn’t get locked into a contract with VZ right now.

      • Rizzidy

        I’m ready to move to Sprint but we don’t have WiMax here.