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Sneaky Deal: Official HTC Thunderbolt Replacement Batteries for $19.99

If replacement/backup batteries for your HTC Thunderbolt were something of interest to you then heading over to Verizon’s accessory site immediately would be a good idea.  The official OEM standard battery can be had for $19.99 after a mysterious “additional discount” has been automatically applied by their checkout system.  So yeah, you don’t need a coupon code or anything special.  All you have to do is add the $39.99 standard battery to your cart and once you check out it should show up as $19.99.  


Cheers Neal!

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  • onixblack

    Will this battery fit the EVO?

  • j2d2

    That’s great but where the hell is the 2800mAh? I’d take one of those for $20 in a heartbeat. I’m sorry, but it just is not feasible to remove the battery door and swap every 4hrs AND have to purchase yet another charger. No thanks!

    While we’re at it… where’s my Gingerbread? where’s my HDMI dock? Where’s my Netflix? Where’s my random reboot fix? Where’s my MyVerizon app? Where’s my Vcast Tones? 

    Hell of a flagship!! The 4G is truly amazing though, I hit 11Mbs down Saturday evening in Tampa.

    • cellorelio

      So, I’m not the only one for whom Thunderbolt spontaneously reboots.  Ugh!  As for the 2800mAH, I’ve found them for $20, but doubling the width of the phone is ridiculous.

  • Ron

    Just like with the Droid bundle a while back, you have to make sure you are logged out of your Verizon account in order to get the best discount. It worked for me after that.

  • Anonymous

    If this was for the 1700mAh battery i’d be all over it, but my battery usually lasts all day so it’s not a big deal for me..

  • Anonymous

    Nice you can bill it to your account too!

  • I think I’m going to go on eBay to get a standalone wall charger and then buy one of these batteries.   Sounds like a deal to me.

  • Eric

    We got a free battery from Verizon, my wife called and explained that the battery life for her thunderbolt was horrible, and they sent us a new battery free of charge.

  • I saw a post containing the word Thunderbolt and got all excited hoping for a gingerbread announcement…

    I honestly do not see what everyone is doing to eat up so much battery so fast. I unplug my phone at 6:00 am every day for work, between 6 am and noon I make 2-3 phone calls at approximately 10 minutes each. And I also send and receive ~100 text messages, check my RSS on Google Reader, check my gmail which has pushed about 10 messages by then and finally play some music through Google Music.

    By 1 pm I have about 60% battery life remaining, which seems pretty great to me seeing as though the phone has been up for 7 hours, with about 2 hours awake/in-use time. This far out-performs my much smaller screened Env Touch which by this time was already asking for battery number 2.

    The only real battery draining culprit I have found, is simply having too much stuff pushed to your phone! You don’t need facebook updates all the time just load them when you load the app, same goes for twitter and RSS and more. 

    Now the only gripe I have is that when the phone switches between antennas watch out, when I place my phone in my locker before going to grease gravel trains I’ll have easily 60-80% battery remaining, but when I close the door the phone instantly bumps to 1X which forces it to search for 3G constantly causing a ton of battery drain, I’ve come back to an 8% battery in 2 hours before which freaked me out until I realized what had happened. This same thing applies to 4G if you live in a non-4G area just turn it off! The constant searching sucks the battery away, as soon as you’re in a legit 4G coverage zone there are no battery problems I have found. But this has been the case with every phone I have owned since my nextel i730, when you lose service the constant searching eats battery life very quickly.

    Now on a side note, this is a great deal and since the Thunderbolts large and beautiful screen/features do tend to use quite a bit of battery if under heavy use.

    • NikonD300

      Excellent comments, Larry and right on!

    • j2d2

      My battery died reading all that! hahaha, jk.

    • Seth Rosenblum

      This is exactly why I find the battery life drain so infuriating, all it takes to avoid draining the T-bolts battery life is a little intelligence, so why isn’t it just built into the phone?

  • Too bad they are only 1450mah rated batteries.  I bought a 1700mah replacement.

    / debbie downer

  • Ace87

    Got one!

  • Devi8

    Honestly Whats it matter, with the Charging door in limbo, CM7 not going anywhere, and terrible 4g battery life, The Tbolt has become a lame duck…

  • Anonymous

    I’m going out of town tomorrow.  I wish I had found out about this a bit earlier.

  • Tgfree

    Funny,  mine came up with only a $10 discount..price $29.99.

    • Tgfree

      When I just went to their site without logging into my Verizon Account…I could get it for $19.99…Nice way to treat longtime customers!

  • Anonymous

    Latest average is 18-24 hours normal use, 15-18 hours with intermittent hotspot/normal use. I just do a battery pull every time is starts showing a drain. If I don’t do the pull, I get 4 hours tops, no matter what. The other day it drained to 36% in less than 4 hours. I pulled the battery, charged to 100%, then it lasted over 18 hours. Don’t know why. Don’t care why. Extra battery would be nice if I could carry it around with me fully charged though.

  • Totally awesome!! Thanks for posting this. I just ordered mine.

  • Mr.Joe

    You should have gotten one with the phone.

  • Actually, since I’ve started using the Juice Defender app, I can get through most of the work day on a single charge. The battery is my only real gripe with the Thunderbolt, but a pal who owns an EVO suggested Juice Defender, and I’ve been thanking him ever since.

  • Jester4281

    While I loved my ThunderBolt, with the constant reboots still happening, I wouldnt give you $19.99 for the damn phone, nevertheless a extra battery, lol.

  • Alex9483

    And 2 day shipping is free!
    Thanks for the heads up. God knows us Tbolt owners need an extra battery.
    Anyone know where I can get a good  out of phone charger at a decent price?

  • Famoustgun7

    didnt work for me…

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Just ordered the extended battery and cover for $37 +state tax 🙂

  • Sir Lancelot the Brave

    Just ordered mine. Awesome find!

  • AnnaMikk

    Went to Verizon It didn’t offer me the discount I guess I missed out…

    • Anonymous

      I just bought one. Try logging out and then going for it,,,

      • AnnaMikk

        Okay Dokey

  • PyroHoltz

    When I login and apply my corp discount the price comes to $29.99…haha. Some discount I get.  😉

  • Anonymous

    Be careful on the OEM part of this. Verizon just sent me 2 replacement batteries for the two Thunderbolts on my account and both were an aftermarket brand PCD (Personal Communications Device). Both were brand new in a Verizon box but still just an aftermarket battery. I am going to send them back since they are not OEM.

  • Rocktoonz

    Too bad those don’t come with a standalone charger to keep one charging while the other is in use.

    • LionStone

      Thats one of the first things I bought along with a 1600mAh backup battery. If the TB gets low, just pop in the fresh one and keep going, no need for a battery pack case or the mongo extended battery or the need to plug it in…works great especially when I’m traveling.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s a bulk discount since you have to buy about 7 of them just to get through a full day.

    • Anonymous

      If that’s true for you then you’re clearly doing something wrong.

      • cellorelio

        No, this is an issue for everyone who uses this phone as they should.  Larry Klemmer makes a great point about its constant searching for 4G.  To counter this, I added LTE OnOff to switch to CDMA when I’m not using data.  But it doesn’t do it automatically when not using the phone, kind of a flaw.

        Also, HTC loads a bunch of crap that always runs in the background (Stocks, for instance) that you can’t keep from loading automatically.  You can’t even uninstall them unless you root the phone.  For this reason alone, I’ll never buy another HTC again (unless iPhone does the same thing).

        • cellorelio

          Obviously, Gawker was being facetious about using seven batteries a day, but I bought two extra for those times I need to use a lot of data and can’t recharge for awhile.

  • guest


  • Must be the “TBolt battery life is atrocious” discount.

  • Anonymous

    Always good to have a backup for a battery hog. Nice find!