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DROIDX Gingerbread (4.5.596) SBF File Released

Ahh, the trusty ol’ SBF file.  The file that can bring you back to a stock state should you do something drastic to your phone and actually screw up.  This DROIDX Gingerbread (4.5.596) version would be one that you’ll want to tuck away for safe keeping.  We should warn you though, that using this will drop you to a clean and unrooted official Android 2.3.3.  And that means you won’t be able to get root since 2.3.3 has not been rooted yet.

Download:  VRZ_MB810_4.5.596_1FF_01.sbf [mirror]

*File is super compressed and will need 7zip to unpack it.

Via:  XDA, MDW

  • Tripium

    I hope I can use this and I hope there is a root soon. As for crapple and tardroid.. both diff os. Diff market content. Two diff os runtime thoughts. Both have some huge weaknesses. Power to the ppl…let. them decide.

  • P Mbaba

    i think that android is good enough that apple doesn’t need to be brought up (well, brought down) every other post. *take the hint*

  • Edsanchez10

    can i flash this even though i just flashed the old froyo sbf? somehow i downloaded and installted froyo rather than this file….someone was messing with my files…..agh

  • Savanna

    This is so sad, I did the system update and now my droid looks so ugly, the dropdown is blue and the icons look 8bit :'( put it back!

  • Aaronvlo

    I have rooted my droid x and removed the stock text messaging app now I can’t get pictures or video can you help get me the messaging app back 🙂

  • Guest

    Can you PLEASE get a droid 2 gingerbread sbf file?

  • Alec

    are they making a patch for this? or what? i dont want to reboot my phone cause i dont want to lose all my numbers, and i never used my backup thing. 

    • Anonymous

      numbers are saved to your google account automatically. You can activate any new android phone and once you sign in to google all your contacts will be there 

  • whats the best way to install this?

  • Anonymous

    Please help!!!I have a droid x and was flashing a new ROM (which I think I flashed incorrectly, as in I flashed what I thought was a ROM but actually wasn’t). I can get to the Clockwork Recovery (by pressing volume up and power) however when I choose to wipe the phone I get an error. When I say to wipe the cache I also get a similar error. I tried using SBF (the FROYO Droid X build) and RSDLite (I am able to get to the boot loader menu, by pressing camera, volume down, power). After running RSDLite, correctly (I have done it before) everything works up until the reboot. It gives me a progress percentage as if it is working until it gets to 100%, where it stays at 100% for hours. In the entire reboot process, my phone flashes the boot logo, turns off, flashes the boot logo, turns off, etc. This also happens anytime I try to turn it on.Please, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'[

    • Anonymous

      dont know if you fixed it by now but try flashing this sbf file rather than the froyo sbf.

  • Is this a full .sbf as opposed to a system only?

  • Chris Dalton

    Can you update with the MD5?

  • Prickee

    Still waiting for SBF for the TB.  I never root until I have my SBF for the device.  I believe it’s the best practice for any phone you want to root.  Trust me I learned the hard way.

  • Skreemer311

    Any idea why I can’t use Gingerbreak to get root on my .595? Super user never shows up

    • Skreemer311


  • Geneadroid

    Is Gingerbread on any 7″ tablet yet?

  • Jlollar77

    is there any real difference between this official .596 and the leaked .588 (besides the root issue, I have the non rooted .588…i’m chicken.)  But as functionality goes, is there any difference between the official update and the .588? Thanks.

  • Wow hey look a comment not related to apple here —> This download for the DX GB SBF is going so slow. Anyone else having that issue? Oh, and it’s not my internet connection. This is the only file today that I have had any problems with. Probably the site he chose to use for upload or something. 

  • Br4dysays

    can i use this SBF to go from 2.3.340 to 4.5.596?

    it keeps saying update failed via OTA

    • Anonymous

      there are better ways to go to OTA than SBF… Go a few pages back on Droid life’s front page and they have links to rooted .596 from .340… You might want to SBF to .340 again though since you might have something wrong with your software…

      • Br4dysays

        it was my first time but i did an SBF from .320 to .340 and then a wipe data/factory reset and then tried the OTA, it will download but when it reboots to install…keeps saying it fails. what’s my best route? I need a stable phone for work!

    • Anonymous

      yes you can!  only one of my DXs pulled the OTA.  I used this SBF to get GB on my other one.  This worked just fine.  Good luck!

      • Br4dysays

        thanks! i guess i did it right, i didnt do a wipe after i did the GB SBF but all is working so I guess i’m good!


    Why is it that so many questions are asked thoroughout the DL website but nobody seems to have answers on 99% of the questions ? WHEN IS GINGERBREAD COMING OUT ? WHEN IS THIS WHEN IS THAT CAN I DO THIS CAN I DO THAT ETC ETC…..Somebody must know something. Come on people cough it up ! Start answering questions ! I know the forums are a great place for answers, but come on. If the comments section is just for comments then everyone that keeps asking questions there need to pull their head their heads out of their ass and stop and start posting them in the forums section. This is a great place for information and props to the people ivolved and getting us all the info that becomes available regarding ANDROID.  WHEW ! WHERES THE TYLENOL !    Peace out………….

  • Xgrinder911

    I want some Droid X2 love!!!!!!!

    • Nickabsinthe

      for real, i’m rooted with nothing to do here! want gb damn it!

  • Kakashiisagod

    Next big Apple invention is the “iLive Wallpaper”. Its nothing like that live wallpaper, it has “Magic”.

  • Can you please stop using wupload for crap 2 hours for a file is ridiculous

  • I am still on Froyo. Any advice on how to install this to get Gingerbread on my unrooted Dx?

  • I am still on Froyo. Any advice on how to install this to get Gingerbread on my unrooted Dx?

  • DroidX

    If I have .595…can I use RSD-Lite to use this sbf to upgrade to .596? Thanks!

  • Got it! Thank you!!!

  • Steve

    “Isn’t this AWESOME” ????

  • Ozzzmosis

    stupid question, so im running the .588 leak can i use this sbf to upgrade instead of sbf back to froyo then doing the ota?

  • Boblank84

    Don’t really see why this .sbf file is necessary.  IF the 2.3.34 sbf works with the new ota and can be rooted what would be the advantage of this?

    • DBK

      Because some people are obsessed with being completely up to date.

    • Anonymous

      if they ever figure out a way to root the OTA then it’ll save you the trouble of going back to 2.2 and having to install GB through clockwork

  • MC242

    Folks, keep the Apple bashing out of this forum. I don’t want to wade through your rants looking for posts relevant to this topc.

    • Steve

      see if you had iOS you could use the new “search” feature…..

      • MC242

        Would be nice to be able to search my Yahoo mail without using their crappy app though…

    • DBK

      You act like half the posts are anti-crapple. If you can’t ignore 4 or 5 anti-crapple posts (out of 44) then maybe you shouldn’t be reading the comments at all.

      • MC242

        Early on, it was half the posts. As a rooted DX owner, I was interested in what people had to say and feel like the childish Apple bashing should be somewhere esle (or not at all).

  • Why hasn’t this been rooted? Come on P3Droid!

    • Anonymous

      you act like what he does is super easy…you do realize he has a life and job outside of doing these things for US for FREE. The fact that he has been able to do so much so fast recently amazes me.  Anyways, have a little patience and P3droid, if you are reading this page thank you a ton and i look forward to whenever you are able tpo give us root again

  • Anonymous

    Droid 2 OTA 2.3.3? anyone? 😮

  • J. Gilbertson

    i’m actually shocked that this hasn’t been rooted yet. i wont point any fingers or anything since i’m not an android genius but wow, motorola must have done something impressive to lock it down this time.

    • no one feels the need to root the OTA post install apparently since you can install it pre-rooted.

      • Justin Everett

         The pre-rooted version is an earlier build than the OTA version.  So it’d actually be nice for them to find a way to root the official version now.

        • JagoX

          No there are .596 ROMS already that are pre-rooted but the install process is split into 2 parts.

        • Guest

          Not true. It is the official .596 from P3droid. He said so on his site. 

  • John


    Am I the only one who is surprised this build of GB hasn’t been rooted yet?

  • j-rock

    im running a droid x running 2.3.3  (4.5.588) is it worth upgrading to .596?

    • John

      *shrug* prob not…if you’re having any issues, you at least run the chance of them being fixed.

      What radio are you using? .12?

      settings > about

      • j-rock

        the radio im using is a .12  so far no issues with .588  guess i will leave it as if for now.  im hoping a leaked version of ICS will come out by Q4 of this year.

  • Just so EVERYBODY KNOWS. there is NO WAY TO GET ROOT IF YOU USE THIS SBF FILE (at this given time)

    • John

      ? ya says it in Kellex’s post

    • No way to get root post install, or no way to get it period?  IE, once you get the OTA or use this sbf, is there no way to use the .340 froyo sbf?

      • Dollyllama

        You can ALWAYS sbf back to a previous version…

        • Anonymous

          negative ghost rider. try to go back to 2.1 with an sbf released back then. good luck!

      • Dollyllama

        You can ALWAYS sbf back to a previous version…

      • Skeetch79

        you can still SBF back to 340 after applying stock OTA GB. will have to root froyo then apply P3Droids 2 part rooted updates to GB if you wish to keep root and have GB.

    • There’s no way to root it once it’s installed, I get that.  My question is this: can the .340 (froyo) sbf still be used after this one has been used?

      • Skeetch79


  • Poncherin

    OMG apple just invented the slide down notification panel!!!

    • They totally copied Android. And now Apple fanboys will think its “magic” and “revolutionary”

      • Poncherin

        it is revolutionary, your email, calendar and contacts can now be SYNCED across devices, for for.. OMG.. FREEEEE!!!!!!!!   

        Android you are SOOOooo slacking!

        • DBK

          lol Considering that Crapple only has one phone and one tablet, that’s not impressive at all, and rather sad really.

          • Ninadam

            Most all of android tablets are the exact same thing…

    • Poncherin

      And and they invented OTA updates, no tether to pc, and and snomg, unicorns!!!

    • EC8CH

      In order for iOS to move forward it needs to copy what Android has already done.

      What’s next… maybe something more than just shortcuts on the Homescreen?

      Proof they’ve fallen behind… at least in certain areas

  • You can’t just use GingerBreak to get root back?

    • Skeetch79

      The exploit Gingerbreak used watch patched by Google – want rooted 596 GB head to mydroidworld or DL using the TBH app. Need root and Droid2 Bootstrap to start.

      • Skeetch79

        “was patched” not “watch patched”, sorry

        • Anonymous

          you can edit your comment bro

          • DBK

            Not if you post as a guest.

          • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    maybe this is a good place to pose a few questions about GB on the DX..

    1.  Is there a netflix app that will work on the rooted .596 build?  I have an app but it tells me i need a newer version.  I tried to d/l another version from D-L but it won’t install (says installation failed).  Anybody know of a working version?2.  Why does the 3G symbol go from white to blue?  Is there any significance to why it’s white?

    3.  Is there still an IRC channel around for Droid-Life?  The link seems broken.

    • DroidzFX

      Did you uninstall old netflix before trying to install the new?

  • We REALLY need the DX2 one. Too many things need to be fixed and tweaked on this device and a lot of us are rolling the dice with some of the changes we’re making just trying to get the DX2 running as it should have been out of the box.

  • Now we just need the guys that do SBFportable to make an update.

  • Jimmy

    Unfortunately I got it from the slow download with the lazy gorilla. Hope it’s the same thing lol

  • Wait… I thought I read that p3droid already developed a method to achieve root on .596     Am I imagining things?

    • Skeetch79

      Stock OTA GB is not able to be rooted by the abg user – P3Droid is offering a 2 part Update Zip to GB via the TBH app or the mydroidworld website that will allow you to have root access while running the official OTA GB. He uses a Dev phone (no restrictions) – thus able to exploit the OTA GB update and obtain root. You need to be rooted and have Droid2 Bootstrap installed as a start to upgrade to the rooted OTA GB he has posted.

      • I got that. I want him to root the OTA with a more simple process not involving Froyo.

  • New bootloader?

  • DroidzFX

    YOU will lose the ROOT!

  • P3Droid


    • Guest