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Hacked Netflix on Android No Longer Working? Feel Free to Try the Real Market Version

The hacked Netflix app that was floating around a couple of weeks ago seems to have been shut down for good last night, so we thought this was a good time to remind everyone that you no longer need it on most phones.  We posted up the market version last Thursday for everyone to try because Netflix removed the device check, leaving it wide open to more than they list in the market.  That’s right, the stock DROIDX2 pictured above is running the untouched market version of the app and is not listed as a compatible device.  We’re pretty sure it still won’t work on the Thunderbolt, but people are having a fair amount of luck on other phones.

You can download it here. [mirror] [mirror]

Cheers @davekover for the reminder!

  • Swazar

    junk fix.  I was running netflix on my G Tablet and now nothing.. Dont do us any more favors till your prepaired to offer your services to EVERYONE with a android device

  • Mivvy

    This works fine with Mivvy droid H23. thanks

  • Kevin

    the app is awesome and this is the only working download I could find anywhere.
    however it has started saying that an update is available every time I try to stream a video, but the link doesn’t work, so now I can’t stream.


    • Kevin

      also tried the workaround posted by mecevans, that didn’t work either.

  • Harvey607

    works great on my rooted cdma htc desire, and it downloaded the latest update for netflix!  Make sure to edit you build.prop system file first!  Here is the link to the netflix app —> http://www.mediafire.com/?657c280vt7g98bu

  • Crazypinetree

    Wow! This works great on my X2, but everytime I change screens I get asked to update to the newest version, which then can’t be found for my device.
    It’s a mild annoyance, especially when compared to the major annoyance of needing a work-around for this app.
    Thanks for posting.

  • Generic123

    working on xperia arc – slight green bar across top

  • Superflyinpwrs

    Does this play on the evo? After the update, it disappeared from the market and the official app won’t stream.

  • Jpv190

    doesn’t stream on D2G Stock 2.2, lets see if ti works after GB update “later” on “today”

  • Anonymous

    June 12, still won’t stream on Inspire.  WTF.  Got my hopes up because I was no longer being told to try an update my app version in the Market.  I can open the app, navigate through my queue and selections but when I try to watch instantly, the player flashes on for about 2 seconds then shuts down and goes back to the home screen.  So I guess the Inspire is not “most” phones. Again, W-T-F????

  • Anonymous

    June 12, still won’t stream on Inspire.  WTF.  Got my hopes up because I was no longer being told to try an update my app version in the Market.  I can open the app, navigate through my queue and selections but when I try to watch instantly, the player flashes on for about 2 seconds then shuts down and goes back to the home screen.  So I guess the Inspire is not “most” phones. Again, W-T-F????

  • Anon

    Not working on TB….begins playing and immediately crashes.

  • Guest

    Yep, tried on Thunderbolt. Goes to “Loading” screen in landscape mode, then reverts to the list of movies in portrait mode. 🙁

  • Joshuamentor

    Works dx stock froyo 2.3.340. Spent two days looking for this. Thanks!

  • Mskimmyd

    This worked BEAUTIFULLY on my D2G without my needing to install anything else. YAY!

  • g4m3rchik829

    mine i can run app, it loads movie, plays 1 second, then goes back to home. droid 2 global

  • reversednormals

    Isn’t really working on my Samsung Infuse.  I downloaded the Netflix apk from above, and then downloaded the apkinstaller app to my phone.  Copied the netflix file to my sd card, and used the installer.  The Netflix app opened up fine, asked for my login.  I typed the wrong password at first (forgot I changed it so my gf could use it) and it told me so.  Typed the correct password, Netflix then crashed.  Tried a couple more times, and it keeps crashing after I enter my password everytime.

    (disclaimer: this is my first time on this website, and I just got my phone yesterday, which is my first android phone.  Sorry for any noobness.)

  • Buckgrad

    Working on my DX with the rooted .596 gingerbread. Used the mediaclient-2 link. NOT the mediaclkent-3.

  • Buckgrad

    Working on my DX with the rooted .596 gingerbread. Used the mediaclient-2 link. NOT the mediaclkent-3.

  • Doit2it42

    DX on GB is streaming once again!  Thanks!!

  • Wmduval

    Just installed this app on my new Archos 70 and almost fell off my chair.
    It worked perfect, just like my home pc.


  • jaysckap

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6791544/com….iaclient-2.apkThis is the newest netflix APK i have it working on my Tbolt running BAMF 2.0-5. Use Root Explorer to replace the netflix apk thats already on your phone, if you had it working before then change the permissions to rw-r-r and reboot.

  • Rioman9

    Works fine on my DroidX : )

  • Mhurst

    My Droid X has been disabled by Netflix!!!!!  Anyone know when I can watch it on Droid X

  • Peterg75

    Why the hell would those bastards not allow me to install it on my Droid 2 Global? I am sure it’s more than capable of playing movies.  So is Thunderbolt!  What’s with Netflix? You can stream movies to iPhone 3gs for Crap’s sake!!

  • works great now – DROID X NOT rooted Gingerbread 

  • Tcarney086

    worked perfect for me DX



  • Working on DX with Froyo Liberty 2.0.1

  • Bob

    DroidX with rooted 2.2 340 build works!

  • Buckgrad

    Have gone back and checked all the links that have been posted over the last few weeks…none of them will download since I upgraded to the .596 gingerbread last weekend.  Thanks a lot Moto.  Looks like WE were the ones to get “soaked.”

    • Buckgrad

      Correction…they will download; but they will not install.

      • Jim Dandy

        I’m running. 596 rooted, it works for me. Did you uninstall your old version of netflix?

        • Buckgrad

          I did. Does anyone know if we can flash back to froyo,from the official 596, then still get the rooted 596?

          • Jim Dandy

            I don’t see why not. Go for the root!

  • Buckgrad

    Just found the app when going into the Android Market from my PC–cannot find it from going in on my phone.  Started the download. It asked which device to load to. I chose my Droid X.  Then it gave me a message that it is not compatible with my device.  

    This really sucks.  Anyone working on a way for us to get this back??

  • Jmblum8

    Is there a compatible download for the droid2?

  • I get a “problem parsing the package” error on my Droid 2. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Prezb

    working on DX Leaked GB 2.3.3, uninstalled old app first
    Avoiding official OTA GB in fear after scrolling through comments section, looks hit and miss

  • jay2s

    yay, works on my DX

  • Add DX Froyo stock to the mix

  • Toneynola22

    does anyone know when it will work on my Tab????

  • Buckgrad

    Looks like something has happened to the links… parsing problem, or will not install after download. I have the X with the new 596 upgrade. VZW/NETFLIX/MOTO seem to be jerking us around with this one. Anyone know if we can still flash back to froyo, then still get one of the gingerbread leaks that worked???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have had and still have access to netflix on my thunderbolt….

  • CaptainHowdy

    Didnt seem to work on my stock D2

  • WTF is with the annoying green bar on the video?

  • Anonymous

    This is beyond annoying…I’m not interested in the how or why, I just want it to work. I bought a Xoom and a Droid 2 Global and expect the same custormer experience as anyone else running a premium Android phone. I’m tired of “works on this phone” but “not on this one”. Get it together Netflix!

  • Anonymous

    Man it acts like it wants to start playing on the ‘bolt and then it just doesn’t 🙁

  • dblj

    I just did a full factory reset in order to get ChevyNo1’s 5.4. Afterwards, I noticed that my netflix was missing so I tried the market download. It worked fine. I already watched part of a movie to test it.
    OG Droid

  • Matthewcook1 0

    This worked on the droid x. Yea.

  • Immolate

    Working perfectly on Thunderbolt BAMF 2.0.5 Gingerbread. Imagine it will work on any Gingerbread ROM at this point, including CM7 which is built on the Froyo radio and therefore not susceptible to the brick issue, although it is in pre-alpha and not a daily driver for most folks. 

  • Slowpok22

    Not working on stock Incredible 2, installed, logged in, search, but when trying to play it looks like it wants to start then goes back to the main home page that I logged into. Works fine for the Queue though

  • Leodiego1300

    How the hell do u get it to work on the damn droid x.this thing is pissing me off. I got the official ota update gingerbread and its still not working.

  • Jbrown

    Not working on xoom. Still showing device not suported. Darn

  • Harry

    auto closes on rooted 2.3.340

    • Harry


  • Elliott Kirby

    The market Netflix app works on rooted Droid 1 running liquid smooth, nook color running phire mod and Droid incredible. 🙂


    Thank you! It works great on the DX running 2.3!

  • Stanger

    yep, works on my DX rooted and running gingerbread

  • gjv003

    working on my DX rooted gingerbread

  • Gregory Votava

    working on my DX rooted gingerbread.

  • hoop762

    app doesnt work on droid charge. Goes back to home screen after login attempt…no force close or error messages

    • Galapagosriot

      Same thing for Fascinate

      • SFC Airborne51

        Yeah same for my wife’s Fascinate. I’ve tried every Netflix.apk I can find and none of them work on her phone. My D2 and OG Droid both working fine though.

  • I loved my Incredible, so the Thunderbolt seemed like a great choice when I wanted to upgrade to a 4G phone.  I mean, it’s a flagship device, right…?

    Or not.  Seems like not only do I have one of the few phones that Netflix doesn’t seem to work on, I get to watch year-old phones like the Droid X get a Gingerbread update before I do.  Maybe I should have made sure my Android phone fell under Verizon’s Droid label…

    • Anonymous

      But in the thunderbolt’s defense, isn’t it one of the few phones that can do Skype?

      • Anonymous

        video skype… yes

        • Pat Morton

          actually its one of the many phones that CANT do skype video

    • Maverick1276


    • Sooby96

      Got to think there a lot more of us on the DROID x then persons on a phone that just came out. Makes since to takethe care of the people who made you successful to make sure a new product that has yet to be determined of its success to get taken care of first. Agree though all the newer phones should launch with gingerbread though.

  • Mecevans

    Heres a trick that will bypass the update.

    Turn one airplane mode
    Launch netflix
    Press retry a few times
    Task switch to setting
    Turn off airplane mode
    Task switch to netflix
    Press Retry

    You should be able to watch one or two movies before it asks to update again.

  • Works on my Archos 70 which doesn’t even have the Android market on it, well officially. Nice!

  • Steelertown7

    Who would use Netflix when TV Now has just about every show on TV for 4.99?

    • Anonymous

      The people who already paid for Netflix.
      PS is that 4.99 a year or month or a 1 time fee?

    • Netflix rocks!!

    • I’d expect it to get removed like TV Shows Stream did recently.

  • Anonymous

    Thunderbolt!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I need Netflix!!!!  

  • Works for me, DX, running Zombiestomped 1.7 —> .595

  • It’s working on my Droid X – Gingerbread 2.3.3

    Thanks davekover and Droid-Life !!!

  • Bbcdmmdd

    How is anyone getting it to download. I’m on Gingerbread and the download bar from mediafire just sits there

    • Leodiego1300

      I have the same damn problem no one seems to know. Gggrrr

  • Anonymous

    working on my DroidX running stock gingerbread sweet thanks 

  • Working great on my stock Droid X running today’s release of Gingerbread….Netflix heaven!….

  • Fdecrescenzo

    I gotit working on my DX but cannot get it working on my Asus Transformer.

  • j2d2

    Everyday I wake up, get some coffee and come directly here with hopes of some Netflix for my Thunderbolt. 

    • Anonymous


    • Swoleman215

      Im beyond pissed that the evo has it, cuz i just got rid of mine and got the thunderbolt when i left sprint to join verizon

  • Jmstearns

    Droid 2. Installed without issues. Was able to log into account, see my queue and select a movie for playback. Video played for only a couple of seconds (audio only, no picture) and exited back to the main Netflix menu. I tried several movies several times, all with the same result.  🙁

  • Pa2ees

    works beautifully on DX running vanilla Gingerbread.
    I cleared the data and uninstalled the old app, then shut down, and pulled the battery.  Then installed new app and it works great.

  • Davros

    installed easily and works  good on leaked 596 rooted GB

  • Still does not work for Captivate running Firefly 3.0

  • Eklinger79

    Downloaded from market and working on OG running liquid smooth rom v1.9

  • Bryan Kremkau

    now the mirror is broken..geez

  • Bryan Kremkau

    now the mirror is broken..geez

  • Jeremy Gentry

    why the hell would it not work on the only phone that has a kick stand! WTF!! O_O

  • Thunderguy32

    Can someone fix the link above, please.  Thanks

  • Brandroid

    Im running zombiestomped 1.7 droid x .595 build. Ive run jrummy’s markefix.apk which is supposed to show all market apps. It seems everyone else posting here cant find it in the market either. What gives? Anyone know what the deal is?

  • Link not working for me

  • Link not working for me

  • any mirrors?

  • Danb

    can we get a new download link please

  • Billy

    mediafile mirror is dead so hit up this one. <3

    Netflix APK – http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta…3&d=1306894195
    How to install: 
    1) Clear data then uninstall original netflix.  (otherwise you may get a connectivity error when playing new netflix)
    2) Reboot phone/ pull battery
    3) Install new netflix and sign in.

    I tried installing without rebooting or clearing data and kept getting a connectivity error.  Once I did this, loaded fine.  Good luck

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Billy!  Works great on Dinc2

  • Agreed

  • Market still won’t let me download it onto my Fascinate.

  • Wireless Fool

    Works fine on my rooted DX 2.3.3 .596, no luck on rooted 2.2.2 G2X.

  • Anonymous

    Working fine on my just updated DX.

  • Mhurst

    link doesnt work

  • Scott in MA

    As others noted, the link does not work.  When I tried to run the one I had from the last post (which showed my Queue and all, but would not let me watch anything on my Froyo DX) I get a message I must update to use the app.  I press OK, but it flashes and comes back to the same update message suggesting that it is not working now.

    • Scott in MA

      The above was after I update to Gingerbread.

  • The official one you posted the other day is working on my Thunderbolt. Running Das BAMF 2.0.5

    • Mr. Joshua

      Man, I just can’t bring myself to take the bricking risk. I have my OG as a back-up, but I really don’t want to go backwards.

      • Yeah I went back to froyo for a couple days and couldn’t take it anymore. I love me some Gingerbread!

      • Brandroid

        There’s really not much risk involved so long as you have a computer and a USB cable. Just make sure you read up on everything.

        • Brandroid

          Actually you have to really try hard to screw up your phone so bad that you couldn’t recover it with an SBF.

        • Mr. Joshua

          Over at XDA, and here at Droid-Life, it has been posted that the Gingerbread
          builds are causing random bricking of Thunderbolts. As far as I know (I have
          kept up with it as much as I can because I loved the Sense 3.0 elements),
          there is NO coming back from this. If you have other information, please

          • Brandroid

            Sorry, assumed you were on a moto droid x.

    • Anonymous

      Post the APK for it so I can use it… thanks

  • silentmage

    Still no love for the Samsung Fascinate. Will they EVER get anything right with this phone?

  • silentmage

    Still no love for the Samsung Fascinate. Will they EVER get anything right with this phone?

  • Cory

    Can we get some mirrors? either media fire is down, or they killed the file host

  • Cory

    Can we get some mirrors? either media fire is down, or they killed the file host

  • Link no worky 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Mediafire is down.

  • Anonymous

    Mediafire is down.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    PLEASE I beg you, Photochop in another screenshot than Spike Lee.. ugh

  • FortitudineVincimus

    PLEASE I beg you, Photochop in another screenshot than Spike Lee.. ugh

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no longer works. Tried last night and it kept telling me I needed to update Netflix. Then I went ahead and found that one post, downloaded real market version and it worked fine.

    But for some reason, when I searched for Netflix in the market…I couldn’t find it. Very strange.

  • Billy

    Link is a no-go for me as well.  Any mirrors available?

  • adrian

    i tested this offical version works with droid x stock gingerbread, does not work now with droid charge or thunderbolt.  so those who updated today this works 🙂

  • cant even get to mediafire

  • cant even get to mediafire

    • Rain_king46


  • Anonymous

    Yup works just fine on my Droid X running official Gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    Yup works just fine on my Droid X running official Gingerbread

    • Anonymous

      Running great on Droid X stock. Hurray!

      Note: I had to uninstall the hacked version before this version would install.

      • Anonymous

        Must be my rom from mdw, market won’t let me install it.

        • I’m a guest

          I couldn’t find it in the market either, but using the file above it installed with no problems on the deodexed/rooted 596 from mdw.

    • Daboywonder164

      i have that and it jus says webpage not available

  • Kevin108

    We need some mirrors ASAP!

  • i can’t even download it: firefox/chrome

  • Treknologist

    I tried to get it on the market but it doesn’t allow me to download on the TBolt, so it must still not be compatible.

  • Zeeto9

    Does anyone know if it works on the Charge?

  • I would think tablets would be a Focus for Netflix but there are certainly more cellular users than tablet users so I suppose I just pout and wait..

  • XOOM>?

  • MFG

    No luck on the Droid Charge.

  • guest