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Verizon Enables New Wireless Tether Block, Asks That You Purchase a Plan

Your days of free tethering with a Verizon phone may have come to an end this weekend (at least on certain devices).  Our inbox filled up with reports of users who received a warning message (pictured above) in place of the website they were trying to reach while tethering.  We’re not surprised by this at all, especially after seeing Wireless Tether get the stiff arm from Big Red at the end of April, but that doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it.  If you want to use Wireless Tether going forward on a DROIDX or Thunderbolt with Gingerbread, you’ll have to fork out $20 a month for a 2GB plan.

And I’d go into arguments on why I think this move is garbage, but we all get it, don’t we? Most of us feel like we should be able to use our “unlimited” data any way we see fit and Verizon isn’t about to let us have that much control.  They will argue that using our devices to load up data-intensive web pages or streams would harm their network if done by a massive amount of people, but we all don’t care and want to do it anyway.  It’s an argument we can’t and never will win unfortunately.

Anyone tried any of the other tethering apps lately?

*Note – From what I can tell, this is only affecting Gingerbread builds that attempt to run Wireless Tether and not other tethering apps.  My Thunderbolt and DROIDX both popped up the message above and are running 2.3.  I also used the non-Market Wireless Tether.

*Note 2 – Barnacle appears to work still.

Cheers Mike, T and everyone else!

  • F1rehound

    Holy, enough legal debate. The important things is that the customer gets what is in their mind is guaranteed to them. In this case that would have to be the ability to use their unlimited data for multiple devices, For each and every person they should get unlimited ability to use data on pretty much any device. I propose that we are simply throttled for that extra usage if it happens to break a medium of overusage of data. Hash together average usage of a phone using data if anything exceeds it they should get throttled. Even considering that the best course of action is taking it up with the FCC, Verizon needs to rework their contract and plans to provide correctly what we expect. I also suggest that their tethering hotspots service charge be removed and all smart phones can simply just tether effortlessly, the only restriction should be for overusage, in that case throttle. That way we receive what we expect. No one gets boned, not really, and Verizon still provides its unlimited data that we are paying for, they get their money for the service.

    The problem is simply in their single device clause it needs to be changed but in a way everyone gets what they are looking for. Which probably wont happen in my eyes it’s a little to hopeful.

  • It’s a good thing you can just compile your own version and name it whatever you want. Also OpenGarden is a great open source version for those who can’t/don’t compile their own apps.

  • Jonathanaholmes12

    Barnacle is no longer working 🙁

  • Test

    As of 10/11/11 Banacle stopped working and nothing else seems to for me

  • None

    it appears that verizon is doing a DNS redirect on wireless tether.  If you know what Im saying. 🙂

  • Odestiny

    I bought the Verizon Samsung Facinate about a month ago. I opted to purchase the additional 3g hotspot which gives an additional 2G of data for $30 a month. The problem is that I can hardly ever get more than 2 bars of connnectivity on my phone. Verizon has changed it twice so this is my third phone in a month with no improvement. Even though this is a new phone, if they replace it they send you a reconditioned phone with no back or battery. When I can’t connect, my daughter and wife have other phones with four bars standing right next to me that connect great. BTW, when I call Verizon support, I first get someone working from home who has to try to help me first before finally forwarding the “the next level” which is actually Verizon support. I just ran a speed test and am getting .76 Mbps even though the phone is sitting in the window. Today I got a message on my phone that I had maxed out the allotted data allowance even though the phone app says I’ve only used .66 of the two megs original data. Billing at Verizon says they can’t see the usage for at least another couple of days when the bills come out. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Also none of these three phones I’ve received can connect with GPS ever. So the navigation app doesn’t work, nor does Google maps. Now I’m stuck with this fancy phone that won’t work and a two year contract with Verizon that can’t figure out what to do about it. BTW, I’m in the middle of a major California city.

  • Chaosnyx0

    I have Droid X with MIUI 1.9.9. Wireless Tether still works perfectly, when it does act retarded I used barnacle. Haha. Even if they do find a way to block free wireless tethering the community will not go long without finding a new way to do it.

  • Motoxer

    I just kept my DX on rooted Froyo. Who cares about GB when you can burn up 40 gigs a month…

  • bill lopez

    Barnacle does NOT work, you also get the popup

  • MR

    Is it possible that Verizon’s control over this issue is subject to your location?  I was in Chicago early this evening and could not wireless tether (redirect to verizon sign up).  I am now in Kansas City and tether works fine.  Droid X Rooted Stock GB

  • Walo2k5

    Barnicle gets the pop up too

  • Darrienk

    Barnacle Wifi doesnt work anymore either. I have a droid x. The only apps that work are PDA NET and EasyTether. I wish someone come up with something to fix this issue. (-_-) Follow me on [email protected]:twitter 

  • Lavidapura

    Is this true for rooted phones as well using a wifi tether? Do they block that now?