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Contest: Enter to Win a 16GB Asus Transformer!

Update:  Winner chosen here!

To kick off our first ever Reader Appreciation Week, we are giving away the Asus Transformer (16GB) which just so happens to be one of the hardest tablets on the planet to get a hold of.  This puppy will show up as “in stock” through an online retailer and disappear within minutes; it’s been wild.  It’s running stock Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), boasts a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 16GB of internal storage, front and back cameras, and one of the nicest 10″ screens you’ll ever see.  Oh, it also has this really nifty keyboard dock (sold separately) that can essentially turn your tablet into a fully working laptop.  Yep, it’s a beast of a tablet – arguably the best on the market today.

So how can you win it? You have to follow just a few simple rules…  

1.  You must be a U.S. resident.
2.  Then follow us on Twitter.
3.  Tweet the following:

.@droid_life is giving away an Asus Transformer 16GB tomorrow!  Check them out –  http://goo.gl/Ud0KZ #android #free #dltransformer

4.  And you are entered!
5.  A winner will be chosen at random from all entrants tomorrow at 2PM Pacific.

Easy enough, right?

Be sure to keep it close though, as we have so many other cool things to give away this week including a XOOM WiFi and an Acer Iconia tablet.  And as we reminded you this morning, subscribing to our feed and following us on Facebook and Twitter is going to set you up to hopefully walk away with some goodies.

Good luck everyone!

  • IsellDroids

    Android not only makes my life better through music and apps, but it’s probably saved my marriage thanks to navigation . . . no more arguing over whether or not we’re lost. Plus, Android pays the bills! (I manage a cell store lol)

  • Mjw0130

    Drum Roll please…

  • 9 Minutes. Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Darcmasta

    Asus ftw. 

  • Michael Haller84

    I could use some good news about now… Like maybe that I won this tablet!

  • Mrschains

    Would all of you whiny little bitches please STFU? Have you even bothered to look at the rest of this site? There are numerous contests that don’t require you to be on Twitter. Enter them. All you have to do is comment in the comments section, which you’re already doing now. You want something for free, but you don’t want to help them with their advertising? Grow up. If you are too dense to understand free publicity, then you are definitely too ignorant to own this device. 

  • Rachel Fisk

    Fingers crossed! I think a Droid-Life Appreciation Week is in order after this! 😉

  • GraveHypothesis

    so, I hope the fact that I only tweeted this once will get me a faith bonus from who ever judges.. #isabeliever

  • Greg ✓

    The fact that I’ve tweeted this 209 times since yesterday, been in Twitter jail twice, and lost more followers as a result.. hopefully I win. @ALSHARPTONGUE

  • Anonymous

    Ironic that I only have Twitter because.of Droid-Life LThey are also the only thing I follow.

  • Chad S

    I dont use twitter, but guess what?!?! I made an account(which took me 2 min) and entered. Some of you people act like little B!tches. Grow the F up. Thanks Droid life for making these contest. Most of us appreciate it.

    • Greg ✓

      Dont tell them nothing man. They’re naive.

  • To all the Twitter-haters… It all depends upon how you use it… for instance:
    I subscribe to news outlets, and local emergency ops (sheriff, state & local emergency, etc.).  This keeps me nearly real time updated on things that are happening….
    Of course I do subscribe to other stuff, but just for the fun of it.  
    My opinion is that if you don’t like it, don’t join, but don’t bash the good people that choose to do “Free Contests” on sites like that because YOU choose not to join.  Twitter is a real easy way to see all posts with hashtags, and a quick way to keep track of who has entered.
    Don’t like it? Don’t do it… leave more for those of us that do.
    Thanks all!!

  • have entered and invited many, many friends to enter also.

  • All those bitching about twitter or about how badly they need to win this should be smacked.  Just stop.  Twitter is free and we all want to win, but stop acting like a douche.

  • Anonymous

    How about a commment here Kellex?! thanks but I dont use Twitter…. 

  • WoodiE

    Entered! Thanks for the chance to win a cool prize.

  • I swear I will increase this site’s traffic TENFOLD if I get this tablet! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thing! My phone really wants a friend and OG Droid is lonely! :'(

  • Rogue_5

    I have to join twitter to enter 🙁 , I’ll pass. Please have an alternate way to enter these contests.

  • Kwh2121

    do you believe in magic?!

  • Jammer71477

    I love this site and frequently use twitter as well. I think it’s an awesome contest IMHO. It does suck that the people that don’t tweet get screwed, but it does try to give everyone a chance to enter.

  • Looking like a great day!

  • if i win this i will def be selling my XOOM and getting the dock best looking thing made so far i love asus products 

    cant wait to see who wins!!!

  • Treknologist

    So, has the winner been announced? 

  • Treknologist

    So, has the winner been announced? 

  • Jak_341…
    Twitter is ok…
    But why does everything revolve around USA?
    This is also the reason why, i come to this site less.

    • Droidlife focuses on Verizon products for the most part. Verizon is only in the US despite Vodaphone being  a major share holder. Android Life is the sister site and you could get news there that has more of global vibe. 

  • Jak_341…
    Twitter is ok…
    But why does everything revolve around USA?
    This is also the reason why, i come to this site less.

  • to everyone bitching about twitter

    Nuff Said

  • Anonymous

    Wish me luck ^_^

  • Bunie


  • 11knives

    I seriously need this

  • Thanks Kellllllll you are the man! Was great having drinks with you!

  • MrsBS27

    man i hope i win. i have a kid in advanced courses this fall and this could really help! 

  • Hope I win my luck has been so bad since last Thursday that I had a Judge place two of my businesses placed under receivership all due to an attorney that took me for a ride. Scared he may put a receiver on my DX at this point.

  • thats what im talking about… hopefully a true Droid-life reader wins these prizes instead of some fly by fan who just entered bc they found out something was being given away

  • Anonymous

    Stood Life Does!

  • No easy…I’m chinese, -_-!!!

  • Karnaj

    I would love an update of my OG Droid with LTE and a dual core processor, I love my phone 😉

  • carbon28

    I agree with the Anti-Twitter Nazi’s. I personally dont have/like twitter, but Im trying to sign up to be entered in this but there having network/overload issues it seems. Not downing you guys for this contest because Id do a backflip for one of these tablets, but hop off twitters leg…

  • oh man i hope its me.

  • oh man i hope its me.

  • Anonymous

    twitter is broke :

  • Anonymous

    twitter is broke :

  • palomosan

    2pm tomorrow and I just ordered mine on Saturday.

  • Awesome Giveaway! I would so love to get my mits on this puppy!

  • Anonymous

     is the period in the beginning a part of it? .@droid_life is giving away an Asus Transformer 16GB tomorrow!  Check them out –  http://goo.gl/Ud0KZ #android #free #dltransformer

    •  Yes. With the . at the beginning all your followers can see it, instead of Twitter treating it as a reply (which would mean only people following both you and @droid_life could see it).

      • Anonymous


      • Greg ✓

         Never knew that..

    •  Yes. With the . at the beginning all your followers can see it, instead of Twitter treating it as a reply (which would mean only people following both you and @droid_life could see it).

  • Ffisher

    Twitter Sucks – and is stupid- requing a twitter account reflects poorly on any claim of objectivity from Droid-Life and gives cause to wonder wether their reviews are equally objecitve or based on ad revenue-  kind of like the same attitude where Facebook is selling user data!

    •  Seriously…go suck on a lemon…you’re clearly not sour enough.

    •  Seriously…go suck on a lemon…you’re clearly not sour enough.

      • Ffisher

        Perhaps- but at least I know BS when I see i

        • DBK

          So you looked in a mirror, good for you.

  • CaptainHowdy

    Twitter *sigh* Maybe I’ll eventually make on…