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Download: Netflix for the DROIDX

Weren’t happy with news that Netflix was old made available to a handful of devices?  What if I were to tell you that it also works on the DROIDX running Gingerbread?  Download it below.  And I have a feeling that it’ll work on the DROID2 as well, but cannot test it at this time.  Feel free to let us know in the comments though!

Download:  Netflix.apk

*Note 1 – My DX is running Gingerbread.

*Note 2 – Did not work on my Thunderbolt, XOOM or Samsung Tab 10.1.

*Note 3 – We’re hearing that it definitely works on the DROID2 running Gingerbread, plus the original DROID running a variety of ROMs.

Via:  XDA

Cheers nepholex!

  • Chipgreene13

    well the good news is that after looking for all you who want to know the app realhdmi will stream your netflix to your hdmi port just follow the instruction and it works great 

  • Chipgreene13

    well the good news is that after looking for all you who want to know the app realhdmi will stream your netflix to your hdmi port just follow the instruction and it works great 

  • Momof2lttlmen

    My DROID x kept telling me to download the Netflix update, couldn’t get it to do an update. Found an update for the system from Verizon. Updated the system to 4.5.596.MB810.Verizon. en.US. My DROID x shows it is running Android version 2.3.3 now, was running 2.2. After updating the system, I was finally able to download the Netflix update. Install didn’t work correctly the 1st time. Uninstalled Netflix and then re-installed it. Works perfectly. Audio and video streaming simultaneously insync. Good luck!

  • Lmwmib

    Cannot get this app to work. Says it needs to be “updated” but when I try it won’t do it, let me sign on and/or work. Please help.

  • Boxerboy2796

    Dont work on my dc and iam running gingerbread it says I need to update to the new version….not found. In market

  • Indy0968

    did not work on my Droid X.  It loaded then says an update is required before use.  The problem is when you go to upgrade, it says the requested item could not be found

  • Gtn646

    Whenever I open it, it says that I have to download a new version. But netflix is not on the market foe thedtoid x!! So what do I do?

  • Jose

    I downloaded for my droid x but then it ell me there is a new version of the app that i must download before continuing, i go to ok and then it kicks me back. How do i fix?

  • Doclmkt

    My Droid X (gingerbread running) does not support Netflix (yet).  What’s your trick?

  • Freaksells

    Droid X for the comment below.

  • Freaksells

    Installed but said my device was not supported then that there was an update but it couldn’t download it when I hit cancel it kicks me out.

  • emmy

    i was running foyo on my driodX android market says the netflix app is incompatible. So I download and installed gingerbread and it still doesn’t work.

  • Richard

    ssays a newer version is found nd needed can u post upthe newer version thnx

  • Mattgst

    DX running GB. Unrooted. Downloaded and it says need to update app which isn’t available on the market. Suggestions?

  • Alexfeiluna

    It says on my DROID x it needs to update and it can’t find it

  • It installs on my droid x and the sign in form shows up but than a popup says i must update it but you can’t.

  • matt lepoff
  • matt lepoff

    downloaded netflix on my droidx after i got the 2.3 update. netflix says says new version of application is found,you must upgrade to be able to use application so i press ok and it says the requested item could not be found a little help pleasee 🙂

  • Melissa

    I have the droid x and it let me download the application but when I try to open it, it keeps saying that a ” new version is available, you must upgrade to be ableto use this application”, but when I try to upgrade it says, ” the requested item could not be found, you must upgrade to use this application.” Can someone please help me… Thanks…

  • Amtrainz

    I installed it  but it says i must install a newer version to use it…it then to took me to the market …then says no new version is avaiable. How do i get this to work?

  • Drillus1172

    My DX states new version available must upgrade to use but cannot find upgrade.

  • insider

    Worked great for me. Droid X Gingerbread .596.  3G a little pixelated. Wifi looked great.

  • Lscott027

    Just tried it on a DROID X with Froyo and brings up dialog box saying I must update the software. When I try it can’t find it. If I cancel it forces stop.

    • Lkarrowood

      I got the same message, when trying to run it on Gingerbread. Weird. 

  • Bro Dewayne

    wouldn’t work on my droidx with the new os

  • Anthony c

    I downloaded it tried using it and said I need a needed version of the Netflix app on the DROID x. I am using gingerbread. What’s happenening? And when I try to update there is an error. Help plz

    • Moguai

      Google “com.netflix.mediaclient-2.apk” uninstall netflix app then install the new file.

  • Tom

    I was able to install using the “com.netflis.mediaclient-2.apk” but now when i go to watch a movie it says ” the Netflix service is not available on your device. Is anyone else having this problem

    • Tom

      Fixed my own problem there is com.netflix.mediaclient-3.apk out now that worked

    • Moguai

      The  com.netflix.mediaclient-3.apk is actually the same file as the -2 I checked the MD3 and it shows it as the same at least the -3 that I downloaded.

  • Moguai

    Google and download this netflix .apk “com.netflix.mediaclient-2.apk” and remember to uninstall any other netflix app prior to installing this one.

    It works for me.

  • Ttas

    i installed th OTA GB update for DX yesterday . i install the netflix app. when i launched it said there was a update available .. and it works .. 
    just finished watching Star trek 

  • guest

    I downloaded the netflix app and installed on my Droid X running GB 596.  Upon start up of the the netflix app, it says there’s an update and you must update before running.  When I click ok to update, it can’t find it in the market.  So the bottom line is that is does not work on the Droid X running GB 596 (at least this version of the netflix app doesn’t, because it is apparently out of date).

  • Moguai

    Netflix has released thier own no device check version of the .apk. just Google  “com.netflix.mediaclient-2.apk”

    Works on my Droid X with Gingerbread .596

  • Pastorscottking

    Nothing here…stock DX with new GB update….netflix app simply says new update for application is found you must update to use this app….then it comes up application can’t be found

  • Randy

    Anyone find a update yet???