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HTC Thunderbolt Update Starts Rolling Out Today

The HTC Thunderbolt update that we uncovered on Friday will be rolling out in stages starting today according to Verizon’s Support Twitter account.  They would also like to remind everyone that by checking your System Updates screen over and over again will not speed up the process.  When the update is pushed to your phone, you will be notified.  This isn’t like Motorola’s Blur that allows you to pull updates manually.

What does this update fix?  Well, afterwards you should have better 3G connectivity and your GPS updates will load much more quickly in Google Maps.  The rest of the update includes bug fixes, but we’re hoping that combined, they will drastically improve natural battery life.  More info here.

Via:  Twitter

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to love this phone, but god I had tons of issues I don’t see mentioned…

    Sense UI FC’ing on me all the time,
    Phone getting extremely slow to respond to touchscreen input, like a slow computer. Needed to reboot 2-3 times a day to make it useable.

    Its not just me, as I work Verizon retail and have seen several other customers with the same issues.

    Incredible 2 doesn’t seem to have any of these issues.

  • Links777

    will the update remove root?

    • Maxxmentum

      I am kind of curious about this too. I am rooted with the latest patch (fixed low volume on video record, allowed for bloatware removal), and not sure I really need the upgrade. Someone suggested this patch could perm lock the boot loader. Kind of a spooky statement, is it possible?

  • So should I accept the update if I am planning to root the phone? (My GPS doesn’t work properly, so would love the update for that alone!)

  • I’m planning to root before May 15. Should I not do the update?

  • Anonymous

    no update here in Pittsburgh, PA 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Anonymous

    no update here in Pittsburgh, PA 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • ricky

    where is system update not software update which is it

  • d-roids

    yea… this is pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t this fix the proximity sensor too?

    • I was wondering the same, because of the previous RUU leak. Does anybody know if it officially does?

  • viewthis66

    no update here. San Jose, CA.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    My Thunderbolt does not have a System Updates screen. Shows how much Verizon knows about their own device.

    • LionStone

      Yes there is: menu/settings/scroll down and just above “about phone”, what do you see?

      • Anonymous

        Yep, it’s there. I don’t know how I missed it. On my other two Android phones it shows up inside “about phone.”

  • Anonymous
  • tomNasty

    Las Vegas and NO

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure if this update ACTUALLY rolled out today, that there would be more people advertising it…. my guess: testers only today

  • Mawurks5

    Who has received this upgrade so far? I have not, in central Illinois.

  • Anonymous
  • d-roids

    did anybody actually get the update yet?

    • i’ve only heard of one person that got it. i’m patiently waiting

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Kellex – will you guys be making the update.zip available? Or is this too minor of an update to go thru the hassle? 🙂

  • rooted. wont get this 🙂

  • Guest

    Nothing here in Dallas yet

  • i am really wantting to know what this will do for that the battery cuz i have the og droid and i am up for an update and am stuck in the middle of the incrible 2 or the t-bold but i do a lot of web surfing e-mail txting stuff like that..and where i live we are suppose to get 4g soon for what i have heard around the web. if i can get a answer on what i should do that would be great!

    • Bwsanborn

      Get the T-Bolt. I was in the same situation and got it. Traveled to Phoenix and the 4G for web surfing was amazing. As fast as my cable modem at home. Not sure it will make a difference on texting and email. I can deal with the battery life, by making some adjustments it is manageable. But you do have to manage it.

  • JayDub

    Anybody out there get there updates yet ? If so how is the fix ? I live in the Metro Detroit area & have’nt gotten mine.

    • on androidforums, someone got it. location doesn’t matter

  • Man I really hope they made some changes to this from the radio that leaked a while ago with the same claims… That one really messed up my GPS and halved my battery life, had to revert back. 3G/4G handoffs were much better but it wasn’t worth it for it did to everything else…

    Here is what I get on Das Bamf 1.4 with the stock radio: http://twitpic.com/4sge5q

  • jb

    I wonder if they’ll fix the fact that when I take a picture with the front facing camera it’s a reflection-picture and not a normal picture.
    To see what I mean, hold your right hand up beside your face and take a picture with the front facing camera. Then, switch to the main camera and take another picture with your right hand up beside your face. Then go to your gallery and compare the two pics.
    I understand that it has mirror mode to fix this, but I don’t want to be forced to take pictures in landscape mode. Why can’t it just flip the image? P.I.T.A.

    • There is an option to turn off “mirror mode”

      • Axrobles

        I turned mirroe mode off and it flipped the picture upside down

  • Rt

    what about that non-blinking LED light for incoming unread text messages?? is there a fix or is it just happening to me? It blinks for other notifications but txt msg’s….

    • From the home screen, press Menu, then go to Settings, then Display, then Notification Flash and select which ones. Mine does flash for SMS like I have it set to do, but only for a few minutes. Although I’m sure this saves a few tiny drops of battery, I wish it would flash for a longer time… That’s probably an intentional setting from HTC, though, and not a bug.

      • Ace87

        It’s part of sense. They limit the led flashing to 5 min. I wish you had options to make it last longer too

        • Anonymous

          That is messed up. I am beginning to understand why a lot of people hate Sense.

          Another question – anyone know how to get the homescreen to automatically rotate? I know it’s possible because it does it in the car dock. But that’s the ONLY time it does it for me.

        • chris

          if u have handcent texting app which is free in market u can set reminders which will basically flash every few minutes depending on what u select.so sense doesnt have an option but it is possible

    • i have the same issue. not just you.

  • M9stevens

    i have no service ever… my battery lasts a few hours, and i cant send text messages. If this update doesnt fix these problems im gonna smash my phone.

    • did you switch to 3G only in only 3G areas?

      • M9stevens

        yea im getting a new device, i dont have 4g in my area so i switched to 3g using *#*$4636#*#* and that doesnt work either.

    • That sounds like a bad device. You should bring it in.

    • Shanenall

      I have the same issues. Verizon wont do anything. They won’t help until Google says there is a problem. Effing joke when I’m paying through the nose for the “amazing” new device.

      • Maxxmentum

        Ask to see manager or the manager’s manager.  Its insane to not want to try an resolve this issue.  Fo those of us who have 80% and up functionality ..okay wait for fix.  (Still a crappy answer)

      • Maxxmentum

        Ask to see manager or the manager’s manager.  Its insane to not want to try an resolve this issue.  Fo those of us who have 80% and up functionality ..okay wait for fix.  (Still a crappy answer)

  • Maurice97322

    I can’t believe I was using an iPhone I love my HTC thunder bolt 🙂

    • Nrojashbc

      I feel ya on this one had an iphone for month in a half never again

      • LionStone

        When I was on my way back from the East coast the other day, after we landed the guy next to me asked me which phone I have…I told him the TBolt and he said he really liked the screen…he has an ip, but probably not for long… 🙂

    • chris

      its really good to know that iphone users are finally realizing that iphones suck and understanding why android is alot better. and u picked a good device to switch over to


    @ kellex and everyone else…the only problems are gps sometimes locks on to somewhere no where’s near you or the 3g 4g switching…i realize the sense widgets update too much….by turning off data….when i don’t use it….my tbolt lasts me the whole day…i use the widget so in a sec i can be back on….and i use it heavily….

    • i honestly don’t think that the GPS on the phone was the main culprit. one day it said i was in honolulu, then i went and checked my incredible, and it also said honolulu. sounds fishy

      • MOTOX

        hmmm wiered….still i just want the update, lol. Ill probably be last for some reason though, lol.

      • Then it sounds like Sense rather than the Thunderbolt.

      • chris

        maybe u should invest in a map? you might be in honolulu and don’t even know it. cause my thunderbolt gps has always worked fine. its never been more then 2 miles wrong

      • Marty B

        The new update will fixed it

  • Looking forward to getting a faster GPS signal for Navigation.

  • Looking forward to getting a faster GPS signal for Navigation.

  • Jokerclownx

    II need more sense themes kellex

  • pezjono