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DROID Bionic Axed from Motorola Site, the “Enhancements” have Begun

Well, not completely axed.  If you stop by Motorola.com, you can see the image we featured above, but clicking through just takes you to a generic mobile phone page with no mention of the DROID Bionic.  You can even try using Google to find a cached version of the old Bionic spot, but you’ll likely come up empty unless you do some serious digging.  Here is the link to the previous page for it.  It’s gone, right?

It looks like we are officially in “enhancement” mode then.  And as we pointed out last week, the device was originally scheduled for a May 12 release, but after rumors of it being cancelled in favor of the much beastlier Targa surfaced, we knew this day was coming.  So wave goodbye to the Bionic you are seeing above, as you will be introduced to a much different version by this summer.  Something semi-similar to this, but hopefully with some of that original Bionic look.

Cheers Dave!

  • Anonymous

    If not Bionic, then Targa seems the way to go.

  • The Dave

    completely off the site now. gone from the frontpage carousel even.

    They better announce something soon, otherwise they wont have any potential customers left that didnt get a TB or Charge. Or switched and nabbed a Sensation / G2X etc.

    Motorola is kinda dumb, but theyre not completely stupid.

  • drinksprite

    even with these amazing specs i bet it’s still gonna lag when browsing through homescreens

  • Donkey never felt in the hole. Droid Life already felt in the hole and now Droid Life want felt again to same hole. That’s more stupid than donkey. Wait and see.

    • Rpd111995


    • You need to update your translation software.

      • Read where I am from. I am from INDONESIA.
        How about if you says in INDONESIA Language, can you?
        I am not using translation software.

  • Dont get wrong information. In fact; Motorola Developer => http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-bionic Remember what Motorola Spokeperson says about Motorola Droid Bionic will change to be more advance feature

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  • JCastle482

    I hope they don’t go with the DX style, it just seems too big for a phone. I guess i would like a 4.3″ phone if the screen went to the edge (no bezel) but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen by the time I’m due for an upgrade. I’d like to see a 4″, 4g, dual core phone, that is slim (>.4″), and runs stock android by the time my upgrade comes around in July (crosses fingers).

  • Bigsike

    Hey Moto! this will only enhance the fact that I now will be getting a Thunderbolt instead 😮

  • Arthur

    Well, seeing as Apple just sued Sammy for iPhone patent infringement, and Moto’s Bionic had an iPhone-ish shape with an iPhone-ish dock, I’m not surprised it was pulled. Haven’t seen the new Gingerblur ota hit the DX officially yet either, wonder if it’s cause it sports a similar dock to the Bionic. Easy solution, put vanilla Gingerbread on the whatever replaces the Bionic, I won’t hold my breath though. Anyway, I hated that the Bionic strayed from the whole 2001 Monolith look, so I’m glad it’s dead.

  • faber

    probably locked up anyway

  • Anonymous

    That buh-lows

  • “http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-BIONIC-US-EN” is still there for me. it could be my cache but doubt it for some reason

  • Vnvjeep

    Lets hope its got 1GB of RAM this time around so it can compete with the other dogs on the porch…

  • Tmax224

    good the og bionic looked like a none slide out motorola cliq

  • Industrializeme

    Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap *Crying* Nooooooo, NOOOOO BIONIC….WHY?! *crying* Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap

  • DanSke

    Sooooo, ironic. The end to all conversations was the Bionic this and the Bionic that, followed by “amazing” and “just wait you’ll see”….and it goes belly up. Classic. Haha

    But, thats how it goes with the waiting game.

  • EC8CH

    I’d say this is good news. The “Targa” Bionic at least won’t be a 6 month late Atrix copy with less memory.

  • Nooooooooooooooooo*takes a deep breath*oooooooooooooooooooo!

    Damn…that sucks. Well, I guess the Bionic was a bit too good to be true, or not good enough by Motorola’s high standards.

    I was still looking forward to getting the Bionic, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for something even better, like the Droid X2(but not the Thunderbolt, sorry). Or the Targa.

    By the way, now that the Bionic looks like it’s no more, when can we see a Bionic System Dump? Alright, alright..probably never.

    • Industrializeme

      We’re probably better off without it releasing. Chances are it was laggy, buggy and raped the battery. Why else would they put such a big battery in it. It sure as hell wasn’t for the consumer. They knew it wasn’t optimized and would need all the possible juice to stay up and running for a decent amount of time. I’m beating thats why it got axed.

  • Coriolis

    I honestly hope it comes out this summer like planned, I’ve had an upgrade since February of last year. I’ve been holding out for so long.

    • but um…

      I’m in the same boat, I’ve had the upgrade offer since March of last year. It’s just sitting there, wasting away. I should have just gone for the og incredible but the droid x looked promising. Figured I could hold off. When that ended up being solid but not spectacular, I thought they’d have something great out for Christmas. Then it was ‘you might as well wait for dual core and 4g’. Unfortunately I’m still waiting. Ugh… this whole ordeal might be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      • Coriolis

        That is exactly what I did. I hope this extra waiting is worth it.

  • Better be a better version I’ve been waiting so long for the bionic…..

  • Mike

    Verizon continues to be left behind. They’ll most likely be the last carrier with a dual core device. If not for their great network and being the only ones with LTE, I’d consider going elseware.

    • But it’s got an iPhone now! May even get a white one. Isn’t it wonderful?

      • Anonymous

        OMG is there is white iPhone>>>??? No FN wayyy!


  • Sjm614

    Don’t you get it people. Motorola is the worst phone company that ever existed. The only good phone they have is the original droid. They should re-release it with a new keyboard and a dual core processor.

  • Anonymous

    I was talking to a Verizon Corporate Rep this past Sunday and he mentioned that the Bionic ws probably going to be pulled. Due to Verizon seeing that other cariers are getting better phones with better specs.

    I didn’t think that was going to happen and low and behold lol I should trust my Verizon Rep more lol He also stated tha Verizon “IS” ntoicing that customers want Vanilla Android and No Bloatware. I told him if Verizon did those two things Verizon will be sitting pretty in th mobile phone space. 🙂

  • NewsWorthy

    So much for “The End Of Waiting.”
    ~ Slim ~

  • Anonymous

    And by “enhancement” they mean getting a Snapdragon dual core processor…

  • T.J.
  • Man, so bummed. I LOVE the look of the Bionic. I’m not a big fan of the Droid X look/feel personally.

  • Anonymous

    “cancelled in favor of the much beastlier Targa”

    Did I miss something? What about the Targa is beastlier than a dual core device with a 4.3 inch screen, 8MP camera, and a > 1900mAh battery?

    Does it do laundry or something?

    • Anonymous

      How about a quad-core phone??

      • Anonymous

        That would certainly be interesting, but it ain’t happening.

        • Quad-core phones are most definitely on the way. I believe I read we will see them late 2011/early 2012.

          • Anonymous

            I’m aware of that. I meant that a quad core wouldn’t be replacing the Bionic.

          • Al

            you wont see quad for awhile. they need to focus on getting dual core right first.

  • RW-1

    Hmmm, vaporware device, promised but only seen once, now gone ….

    Who cares?

    Everyone waiting for eh bionic, then the next big thing that is announced … then the next thing …

    They are all being waited on until they are physically available, until that point … again, who cares? Plenty of other devices you may now switch to to await …

    It’s a awaiting game. I’ll continue to use the phone I have now until my selected new available phone is awaiting me at the store, etc. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I waited for the BIONIC until last week…. Had an OG droid and upgraded to the TBolt…. Couldnt be happier. When the next big thing comes out, ill just add a line. Way to go Moto!

  • Anonymous

    I waited for the BIONIC until last week…. Had an OG droid and upgraded to the TBolt…. Couldnt be happier. When the next big thing comes out, ill just add a line. Way to go Moto!

  • I guess the question that I really want to know (and others might have too) is: I have the OG Droid right now and am looking for an upgrade. We started talking about how the Bionic was the next Droid, so should I wait for the Bionic in hopes for an early summer release? What phones are you guys using now? Kellex – you? Any extra thoughts on upgrading to a very good phone that will see many system upgrades in the future? Thanks!

    • JDub

      I would second this post. I’m in the same spot. Was waiting on the Bionic, am due for an upgrade this year. Of course, as soon as the Bionic comes out there will be sneak peaks at better phones…oh technology.

      • Bkn0x

        Same! I was sold on Bionic but now considering TB. My OG Droid is just getting so fussy now

        • Lmatador15

          I was waiting on the Bionic, but I decided to go with the Thunderbolt. Enough is enough! We had enough drama with the Motorola Xoom and now this? The only way I’d make an effot to get this new “Bionic” is if it has a completely different design than the Droid X or other similar phones. So in the end, I think the TB is a great phone to replace the OG Droid.

    • Karena Crawford

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sticking it out until this phone is released. I have looked around and viewed different phones, and I’m just not a fan of HTC phones. I’m working with an outdated Samsung Rogue and I don’t want any other Samsung phones being released now. The DB/Targa will be my first Smartphone.

  • Is this what Moores law is coming to? Devices becoming obsolete BEFORE they’re even released? Half way down the assembly line they’ve inserted a garbage can. Wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    kellex, can you elaborate at all on why the targa is “beastlier”? I mean, from what we’ve heard it seems like the same specs but an uglier casing. is it unlocked? that one concept photo suggested motoblur, so it’s not stock. more ram or something? better camera? what is it?

  • Anonymous

    I guess the issues of the Tegra 2 & LTE not working to well together are worse then let on.

  • Anonymous

    “The end of waiting.” Shouldn’t that read, “You can’t stop waiting, it ain’t coming.”

  • )v(urphy

    I guess this wasn’t the Droid we were looking for?

    • Anonymous

      Thread over.

    • Anonymous

      Click on the Compatibility page and see where it takes you. 🙂

      But yes, it is on Motodev.

      • I don’t even know why I pointed that out. Troll mood I guess, sorry haha. Thanks for the info Kellex, you’ve been the best since the very beginning. Hope the enhancement news comes rolling in soon.

  • Wctaylor79

    Thunderbolt all the way.. ok thats out of the way.. for those that were and are waiting for the Bionic I guess this is great news.. They are clearing the path for the new.. I sure hope that Moto pulls out a big one for those waiting as this has now officially became what the TB was looking to be.. vapor ware.. I am sure the Targa will be a beast, but glad I am enjoying my LTE now..

  • The Dave


    Sad to see it go, but heres to the new improvements making it even better and worth the wait

  • Money

    Enhancement = unlocked bootloader?