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Verizon’s Wireless Charging Pad Retails for $69.99, Shows Up in Stores

We’ve know for a few weeks now that wireless charging was about to take over Verizon’s Android lineup, but with battery covers arriving in stores this week along with the actual pad that they will charge on, we might be days away.  Thanks to our homie TheDroidGuy, we now know that in order to enjoy wireless powering juice, you’ll have to start with the $69.99 pad that you are seeing above, and then fork out anywhere from $29.99-$39.99 for the battery cover for your specific phone.  Is wireless charging worth $100?

Via:  TheDroidGuy

  • Edwards Staci

    I would get one of these because we have 3 cellphones. It’s convienant to place 3,phones on 1 mat than to take up 3 outlets in the house. To me, its a good buy.

  • Anonymous

    The jack on my droid doesn’t work anymore so this would save me from having to purchase a new phone?

  • Derrick

    I have to replace my Droid Charge this week.  Thankfully I’m within my 30 day warranty.  The phone constantly says USB connected even when it’s unplugged.  Did a hard reset and couldn’t get through the setup procedure due to this hardware problem.  Apparently the port is damaged.  I’ve been a smartphone user for 5 years and this is the fist time I’ve had a problem like this.  I felt from the beginning that this new kind of micro USB port was perhaps a bit more delicate than others so maybe I broke it despite my being extra careful, or maybe it was defective.  (insert flames here)   Regardless, I think based on this, I will invest in the power mat just so I can avoid using the port so much.  And since the battery life on this awesome phone is rather short, it would be AT LEAST a daily event.  I have a feeling I will be able to hook up some wires to the special cover so I can charge it without the mat.  Maybe I’ll report back on my success.

  • Anonymous

    Its only in 100$ ! I think this is quite good deal to get wireless charging pad here. I like this gadget very much.

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  • Jimp1947

    Not hardly! I have a dock that I park my baby in when not in use and it doubles as a clock. Great for a bedside clock.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Is wireless charging worth $100?”

    simply put… F*** no

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      And since it’s not really wireless, it’s really not worth it. Lame design.

  • I’m still wondering if this technology will be interchangeable with all those palm touchstones I own from my last phone.