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Verizon’s Wireless Charging Pad Retails for $69.99, Shows Up in Stores

We’ve know for a few weeks now that wireless charging was about to take over Verizon’s Android lineup, but with battery covers arriving in stores this week along with the actual pad that they will charge on, we might be days away.  Thanks to our homie TheDroidGuy, we now know that in order to enjoy wireless powering juice, you’ll have to start with the $69.99 pad that you are seeing above, and then fork out anywhere from $29.99-$39.99 for the battery cover for your specific phone.  Is wireless charging worth $100?

Via:  TheDroidGuy

  • Edwards Staci

    I would get one of these because we have 3 cellphones. It’s convienant to place 3,phones on 1 mat than to take up 3 outlets in the house. To me, its a good buy.

  • Anonymous

    The jack on my droid doesn’t work anymore so this would save me from having to purchase a new phone?

  • Derrick

    I have to replace my Droid Charge this week.  Thankfully I’m within my 30 day warranty.  The phone constantly says USB connected even when it’s unplugged.  Did a hard reset and couldn’t get through the setup procedure due to this hardware problem.  Apparently the port is damaged.  I’ve been a smartphone user for 5 years and this is the fist time I’ve had a problem like this.  I felt from the beginning that this new kind of micro USB port was perhaps a bit more delicate than others so maybe I broke it despite my being extra careful, or maybe it was defective.  (insert flames here)   Regardless, I think based on this, I will invest in the power mat just so I can avoid using the port so much.  And since the battery life on this awesome phone is rather short, it would be AT LEAST a daily event.  I have a feeling I will be able to hook up some wires to the special cover so I can charge it without the mat.  Maybe I’ll report back on my success.

  • Anonymous

    Its only in 100$ ! I think this is quite good deal to get wireless charging pad here. I like this gadget very much.

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  • Jimp1947

    Not hardly! I have a dock that I park my baby in when not in use and it doubles as a clock. Great for a bedside clock.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Is wireless charging worth $100?”

    simply put… F*** no

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      And since it’s not really wireless, it’s really not worth it. Lame design.

  • I’m still wondering if this technology will be interchangeable with all those palm touchstones I own from my last phone.

  • JP

    Since I always put my phone in a protective case, inductive charging isn’t an option, right? Or am I missing something special about this versus the powermat setup?

  • Granted

    I love how Kellex asks the question at the end “is it worth it”, so it will seem like he cares about our opinion, and he isn’t just advertising for Verizon, like they give him a paycheck to do so. You corporate lackey, scrambling for scraps, and suckling the corporate teat, while you try to act relevant and as though you care about your readers thoughts past a check in the mail. What a sellout, and if you don’t believe me Kellogs, look at the response you get from everyone. Nobody could give a shit about this over priced charging cord, that you are trying to sell us on. Haha, it’s all advertising garbage, until the last line of the paragraph. It’s like you take their promo form they send you and barely reword it, and then ask i what we think about giving Verizon even more money for garbage we don’t need. Pathetic! The ongoing antics of a charlattan. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Droid

    What a waste. its pretty much the same thing as plugging in your phone..

  • Droid

    What a waste. its pretty much the same thing as plugging in your phone..

  • Andrew

    No way, not at that price point. I’ll charge it with the (free) charger my phone came with thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The $100 price tag is a complete slap in the face. I plug my Droid X in about a second. A fool and his money are easily parted, evidently. I can think of about a zillion other better ways to spend $100, like on beer…

    • Hamholla

      BEER!!!! XD

  • Vnvjeep

    First this… then 2012… I swear… this is the downfall of humanity, or at least the beginning of it!

  • Anonymous

    If I only have to buy the charging pad once and then I can just keep buying different back parts for my phones I would be fine with it. After about 4 to five phones it will only cost 15$/phone plus the back case. $45 doesn’t sound unreasonable.

  • don’t think it’s worth it….might wait for the price to drop

  • What an absolute, over priced, waste of an idea. Technically slick, functionally defunct, and priced just right, if by just right you mean people who walk into the store drunk with someone else’s credit card. No one in their right mind would pay $100 for this.

  • How Many Times Can You Use This Charging Pad Before It Need Recharging?

    • This pad doesn’t contain a battery at all. It will need to be plugged into the wall when ever you wish to use it.

  • Anonymous

    I can see it now:

    Some douche bag: “hey check out my new charging pad… All I have to do is lay my phone on it and it charges. But you have to stay in the stone ages and plug your phone in when you wanna charge it, loser.”

    Some douche bag’s friend: “well that’s kinda neat, I guess. How much did that cost you?”

    Some douche bag: (facepalm) “umm yeah I don’t really wanna talk about it, you obviously just don’t understand technology.”

  • Jester4281

    It would be nice to see some of these charging pads/docks be included into some of the case designs. You pretty much have to roll with no case on your phone, or spend the time to take the case off (ex. fishing your phone out of an otterbox).
    I’d drop 100 on this if I knew I could buy a 80 dollar case that would work with it and protect my phone and screen.

  • Anonymous

    My D1 droid fits perfectly in my car’s dashboard cubby when facing me. But, since the charge port is on the side, it doesn’t wire-in when in this position. For this reason, it would be wonderful to have this wirelessly charge in the car while in the cubby. So, in that application I certainly would… other phones might fit similarly as well, in which case, I would love to see wireless charging for those, too.

  • Kdkinc

    Not only that Johnny boy….. if you buy NOW we’ll double that order. That’s right !!!
    Also included are robust set of the famous Ginsu Steak knives.

    Just include the magic code words “I’m a sucker” on you VZW order form.

  • SugaShane

    Have we really become that lazy that we can’t plug in our phones to the charger? Unbelievable.

    • Griff

      If your charging port doesn’t work this could be a solution than waiting to getting a refurbished phone under the manufacturer’s warrenty.

  • Anonymous

    I would use this at work. I could leave my phone on it to stay charged when I’m not using it. Bluetooth to talk while charging would actually be very convenient for me. But it’s too expensive to replace my home charger which is included for free.

  • Sooo….I’m confused….I thought the TBolt already came with the proper battery door for this to work…

  • I’m confused…..I thought the TBolt already came with the proper battery door to make this work…

  • #Laziness

  • Buckgrad

    Nope. Not interested. LOL… what a waste.

  • Anonymous

    eff no.

  • urdaddi

    First they push the phones on the market that are getting horrible battery life. Then they want you to buy an extended battery or one of these things.

    No. I will not.

  • Here’s something to ponder, will our phones with the “official” back cover be usable with the powermat?

  • Fo

    Can you charge multiple phones with one pad?

  • Anonymous

    This might be worth it with my 35% discount. It’s too bad I would have to replace my body glove case for it too work.

  • Tesseract 3

    Unless inductive charging is way faster than normal cable charging, then it is a complete waste of money. 70 extra dollars for the charger plus 30 for the battery cover for each phone so you don’t have to plug in a cord? But what about the cord for the inductive charging station? I see no advantages and a loss of 100 dollars. This is stupid.

  • GoodNote

    Maybe I’m dumb but I don’t quite get it. Where does the charging pad itself get its power from? Either from AC (the wall socket) or from DC (its own battery). So what’s the advantage compared to having a phone you plug into the wall, or into your car’s charger, or a docking station, or for that matter a phone with a replaceable battery? I know that Nicolai Tesla was trying to invent a truly wireless way of transmitting power, but unless I missed it, he never succeeded in his quest.

  • i heard that they’re trying to develop battery technology that gives it an instant charge. i’ll save my money for that when it’s available.

    • Anonymous

      Its called carbon nanotubes and its not instant it just lasts a lot longer like a month from the first tests they ran.

      • the actual charge lasts a month?

        • Anonymous

          From the testing they hope it will.

          • where did you read about the battery lasting that long. i can’t find it. i hope they put that technology in our devices at least by the end of the year. that sounds amazing.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think it will be this year. They have been working on this for years
            if I remember. Ill try to dig up the mag my work got that had this in it.

  • “Is wireless charging worth $100?”

    For me? Yes. In fact, when I eventually upgrade – if there is a charging cover for whatever one I get – I might get two charging pads, one for my room and one for the living room.

  • Anonymous

    It’s cool for the sake of technology, but this isn’t saving me anything over reaching down and plugging the cable in. If I’m really frustrated by the cable falling off my nightstand I’ll tape it to the side of my nightstand first. Saving me that $100 towards supporting the developers of my favorite apps. Now if this thing charged when I put my thunderbolt on top of it while I had the kickstand out, so that I could see the clock in landscape mode like the D1 dock, I might appreciate this enought to consider searching for it on ebay in a few months for 1/2 price. However this doesnt do anything for me at all except waste my money. Pass.

  • garrett

    100 dollars? does it unlock the bootloader for you?

    • Anonymous

      Ill pay $100 for that!

  • i would rather watch Rosanne Bar take a shower than pay 100 to charge my phone.. !!!!!!!

    • ShoeSh1ne

      Liking this because of the VCU avatar. Go Rams!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it b4 & ill say it again. OEMs should spend their time working on incorporating better battery tech in2 mobile devices & not gimmicky stuff like this….its probably the one aspect of mobile tech that has barely improved in recent years & thats ridiculous bc battery life IS 1 of the most, if not the most important aspects of mobile, its a bit ironic

    • Anonymous

      If there WAS better tech to be had, then they would certainly have it. The cell companies don’t make the batteries, so they have no pull to make it better. There are some research ideas for improved batteries, but they are not manufacturable yet. The point is, don’t blame the companies for the bad battery tech… NO ONE knows how to do it… the reasearchers (universities, battery companies, etc) haven’t found a good way to improve the battery yet.

      With that in mind, I’m happy they are doing “whatever they can” to help improve the ability to charge the phone. Sloppy, loose, specialized connectors are just horrible… and they break over time (look at how many laptops have this problem). In that sense, at least wireless charging prevents the port from being damaged day by day.

      • Anonymous

        Um ok, pretty much why i said OEMS should be WORKING ON INCORPORATING better battery tech & not these gimmicks….i didnt say GIVE ME BETTER BATTERY LIFE NOW HTC/MOTO/etc…..more money/time spent working WITH battery tech makers/researchers & less on shitty gimmicks (just my opinion of the recent wireless charging products) is the way 2 go….ive yet 2 come across a “sloppy” or “loose” connection on any of my devices or chargers, have all worked just fine/reliable for me over the years & they all take a beating

        • Anonymous

          The implication of your statement was that battery manufacturers actually have a development division. They usually don’t… they are manufacturing houses. What your asking for is HTC/Moto/etc to fund research for better battery tech… as if they have the money/time to invest in this. My point is, there is no connection between the cell phone mfgs and the battery inventors. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but just that this is the way things are.

          Put it another way: What do you want the cell mfgs (HTC, etc) to do? Start a research project on alternative battery tech with a university? And when they come up with a way to make a better battery… should they then build the batteries themselves with no infrastructure to do so? Or maybe you want them to sell the tech to a battery mfg for manufacturing? That’s a whole mess that no company wants to get in the middle of – they have enough to deal with already.

          It’s like telling you, the customer at restaurant, for example, to invest in a new way to cook food so that you can eat it at your local restaurant. You don’t care how exactly the food is cooked, or the process behind it… you’re not going to invest in it. Someone else is going to come up with something new, and you may consider trying it at your local restaurant… but you’re not going to “create” it or “fund” it for the restaurant, are you? The restaurant (battery mfg) is just the place you get your food (batteries)… they are the production house for your product. They didn’t “invent” the product, nor are you about to pay money to have it invented, just to hand it off to the restaurant afterwards.

  • Mlbphillies20

    Not worth it. I would rather have a cord even if this was all free, think about it. You can’t hold yer phone if it has to be laying on the pad. With the cord you cam hold it and use it. I don’t get why people would like this.

    • Gobluelax

      this would fit perfectly in the console of my car, so I could just put the phone down while I drive and it will charge.  With the 8 hour battery life of my thunderbolt that is actually a very tempting idea.

  • Arthur

    Considering that it’s still plugged into the wall, and is limited to the location where it’s plugged in, it’s hard to consider this wireless. It’s not even that much different than just plugging my Droid X into the charger it came with. Gimmick.

  • thebigmann

    Cool technology, too expensive. I love my multimedia dock for my OG Droid – more functional, just as easy to drop it in, and I can see the desk clock from anywhere in the room. Maybe if I had a suite of devices that could use the pad simultaneously I’d consider it.

  • Robbery. Will not buy.

  • Geewiz2k1

    I got my Power Mat in my local Px for my DX for $45. I got the small mat, battery cover and the plug that still attaches it to the wall power. All this saves is having to plug in to the wall daily. The power adapter will no longer draw power when the phone is charged. I don’t understand the big deal about this wireless charging. I would not have paid $100 for this.

  • Buy the charge mat, and get the back cover for you’re phone free.

    thats how i would do it.

  • Anonymous

    all i can say is this: if they make it to where this is the only option to charge your phone…they better give us the pad for free

  • The Dave

    Is plugging in your phone honestly that much harder than this? 100 bucks is too much. 30 dollars total and maybe Ill think about it.

    Its not even saving you that much time or energy in the long run

  • Jim Dandy

    This is for uninformed people. You can get an individual charger plus multiple batteries on Ebay for under $20. Never charge your phone again 😀

    • Lies.

      • Jim Dandy

        Do your research dude.

        • i don’t trust ebay

          • Jim Dandy

            Then Big Red is the place for you :p

    • Anonymous

      you said it! Thats what I have always done with my electronic devices, especially with my phones… I dont even like to use my phone to charge because its a pain to not be able to use it

    • Anonymous

      you said it! Thats what I have always done with my electronic devices, especially with my phones… I dont even like to use my phone to charge because its a pain to not be able to use it

  • yea and i get 25% off accessories! can’t they make this fit with a seidio case? 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I want a wireless charger for my Droid X desk stand and windshield mount… it’s a bitch to get it plugged in sometimes!

  • Worth every penny! That’s a steal compared to what powermat offers and think of all the times your charger cord falls off your bed–you have to reach down and grab it…. this just makes things a little easier. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

    • Anonymous

      yea but with a power cord u can talk, text and surf while the phone is charging.. with that if it needs to charge ur SOL

      • Anonymous

        you can hold the pad and phone combo up and use it. i recommend some duct tape to facilitate this procedure.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I can definitely afford it, I think you need to read some of the posts above. Be smart aboput your purchase and think it through.

      • Anonymous

        1bad69z28 – you tell him! IMO power cords are WAY better than these stupid mats until they give us TRUE wireless power (which its still a few years away)

        • Gsxrplt

          Wireless charging may seem silly at first but I can tell you it can be really convenient.  Coming from the Palm Pre I had several touchstones, including one mounted in my car.  This was very cool because it would stick to the charger with magnets and display the phone in the car, no messing with wires.  For my LG Revolution,  I have found that due to the poor battery life, when I am at work not using the phone I just place it on the mat.  Now I never run out of battery.  Best of all, if somebody calls I do not have to scramble to unplug the phone or hurt my neck trying to stay plugged in while talking.  I am working on still using my touchstones by putting the palm charging sticker on myRevo.  that would be the best case. But for $70 this month, try the pad and back and see how convenient it is.

    • Doumb

      lame like your pic.

    • Anonymous

      “think of all the times your charger cord falls off your bed–you have to reach down and grab it”

      i’m thinking re-thinking and always come up with zero times 😉

  • Worth every penny! That’s a steal compared to what powermat offers and think of all the times your charger cord falls off your bed–you have to reach down and grab it…. this just makes things a little easier. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

    • Lakerzz

      I agree with you, but I just tie mine (my charger cord, lol) to my bed post, and all is well.

  • Corenojc

    Not with it at all. What does it really do besides saver you the half second it takes to plug a charger in your phone? Is that worth $100? No way in hell.

  • palomosan

    No way, give $30 for the total package and I’m in…by the way I think I’m first.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the whole “first comment” thing ended when people stopped making myspaces?

      • Football4lifeson

        First is a Droid-Life tradition man!

        • tanknspank

          And a pretty lame one at that..

      • Baked14

        I thought it started on YouTube. I’ve never seen it on MySpace.