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Speedtest.net Receives Android Overhaul, Appears to Handle Thunderbolt 4G LTE Tests Correctly

We just  got a hold of the new Speedtest.net HD app before it hits the market and wanted to show you guys the nice job they’ve done with its UI and also the fact that it now appears to correctly calculate 4G LTE results on the HTC Thunderbolt.  To test it, we ran (drove) all the way out to Portland’s airport, since the rest of the city isn’t covered at this time and put it through a whole series of tests.  The results, as you may have expected, are awesome.  And with Verizon announcing today that Thursday would mark the launch of a “mess” of new 4G LTE cities, this has got to turn you on.  


Update:  The update to the Speedtest.net app is now available to everyone.

Cheers Chris!


    Speedtest still acting like a speeddud on my Thunderbolt.

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  • Anonymous

    Too bad it won’t be here til 2020…. or whatever lol we’re always last in getting any new Tech, with a combined pop over 200~K We still don’t even have DTV Local HD’s… much less 4G…. and Yes 3G took a verrrry long time to get here… and it’s slower than ***T somedays/most days… like dial up speed. No the Fruit phone did not cause that, has been that way for a long time

  • Humpty4321

    wow this update sucks on the Mytouch4G im not getting any good speeds WiFi or 4G/3G since this update

  • Loganqberry

    The app just got updated.

  • Heathcliff

    I’m in Los Angeles, and the speed I’m getting is .08 mpbs download. That’s with 3 bars lit. The Verizon customer service person told me not to pay attention to that low number, because “smartphones” are tested differently than computers, whatever that means. I am also unable to call *228 on my Thunderbolt, which she told me is the case.

    • guest#1

      *228 doesnt work on any LTE device…

    • Nvcream

      Pressing *228 might mess up your sim card dude…don’t even try it

  • Anonymous

    this is how it looks on iOS.. finally this means apps while many times are as functional as their iOS counterparts, often times look drastically worse on android.. I would know since I have both, so this is an awesome step

  • Josh

    Might want to update, it appears this has been uploaded to the market

  • The updated app is now in the Market. http://goo.gl/G2UiC

  • OK… I know I’m still 3G, but why is it that my speed tests are about half what they were before I loaded Gingerbread last week? Am I on Verizon’s “We know you’re a rooted deviant so we’re going to throttle you back” list??

    Seriously, I was getting around 1.2-1.5Mbps before Gingerbread on my DX, but ever since I’ve been around 700-760Kbps. Coincidence? Any (constructive) opinions?

    • Ugadawg5779

      *228 and option 2 will get you back up to full speed

      • If only it were something that simple. Been there… no joy.
        Thanks though! 😛

        • Andrew

          You’re not being throttled. If you were you’d see an icon in your status bar. Probably just network fluctuation.

          • Good to know Andrew. Thanks!
            Just out of curiosity, what would the icon look like?

          • Andrew
          • Fortunately I have never seen that icon! Thanks again. 🙂

          • Andrew

            No problem! Really good info in this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/archive/index.php/t-987029.html

          • I can’t believe I read that whole thread. 😛
            It was interesting for sure… probably learned more than I wanted too. heheh
            So, the main thing I learned was: if Verizon *was* going to throttle you, they more than likely wouldn’t use the internal trigger in the Android OS (which would show that icon above), and would just silently do it from their end… Of course they claim they would notify you first. And, I can’t imagine I would be in the top 5% of downloaders since I average 1.5GB-2GB month.

            On topic: I really like the new graphics on this Speedtest.net update! 🙂

          • Andrew

            Yeah I don’t think they could throttle you without notification but who knows, I wouldn’t put it past them. But with your usage I’m sure your fine. And yes, the new graphics are nice!

    • Ugadawg5779

      *228 and option 2 will get you back up to full speed

  • WormDoes

    apk please??

  • Eric

    Nice leather seats!

  • Got 250ms/1993kbps-up/817kbps-down on DX 3G, location is between Orlando and Daytona Beach

  • Why not post the .apk?

  • Anonymous

    im getting 12.14 down and 24.01 up…

  • Anonymous


  • The speed is fine but the latency as in ping times is what one would get from a 56k POTS dial-up connection which is the problem with wireless internet, speed is only 1/2 of the equation, the ping times matter a lot since even a 1.5Mbps wired connection has 10ms ping times, 1000ms is 1 second.

  • 20+ mbps down and 10 mbps up still seems a bit fast. Did you run a tether or hotspot comparison from the same area to ensure accurate results?

    • I get 40/15 in the San Francisco and LA markets, and yes I tested it tethered using a browser as well as looking at actual file transfer speeds. Verizon 4g definitely rocks.

  • Had this running on my DX for just about 2 weeks now

    • Anonymous

      You are amazing. Whats your twitter, I want to follow you so I can read all the amazing things you write.

  • Anonymous

    Portland, Scmortland, I want it in Ukiah, CA!

  • MFG

    Ugh…I want a 4G on my XOOM now! And release the Targa/Bionic NAOW! 😛

    • then once thats here, youll forget about it in a week once you here about something newer coming out. why are people never happy with what they have?

      • MFG

        Hey Devin Jones…STFU and go back to Russia.

    • Gage006

      4G upgrade should be soon. It’s supposed to come out roughly 90 days from the release date.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder Twins and steve jobs have to battle and test network speed.
    jobs *whips out crapple 4*
    Wonder Twins *form of…….a Thunderbolt*
    jobs *bows head in shame*
    Wonder Twins *win!*

  • Pder

    Damn that’s fast. In boston I’m only getting 12 down and 2 up with the new app

    • Gage006

      Very few devices on the network here in Portland. There’s about a 10 mile radius that even has coverage and most of it is at the airport. I expect it to slow done a bit once it launches city-wide.

      • Pder

        Actually makes complete sense

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Droid said, “To test it, we ran all the way out to Portland’s airport…” Now that’s dedication! Don’t you have a car though?

    • Anonymous

      Bah…DROVE! 😛

      • While were on the subject of airports, I suggest you stop holding onto the outside of the plane when you fly. Getting into the plane is much safer and more convenient.

    • Yea! Get it right Kellex! 😛

      • Anonymous

        Is that really you, Tato? If so, get your ass back in here more often! 😉

        • Anonymous

          Yea, been missing the tato series interviews…..know your busy, but hook us up with some new 1s soon bro

          • tjhrulz

            Yeah we got some pretty cool info, but I can see why not to push them. If they go all out they would have every big name done in a few months. Maybe one every other week?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      he cant afford a car, he spends all his coin buying every new phone that comes out

  • Gage006

    God I hope Thursday brings LTE online in Portland. That’d make things so wonderful.

  • So I didn’t get 23mb down and 32mb up in Tacoma? Damn…… I was really happy with those results.