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Samsung Fascinate Froyo Source Released…Wait What?

That’s right folks, the Samsung Fascinate source code of Froyo (Android 2.2) has been released, but that doesn’t mean you can have it on your phone yet.  Well, unless you’ve rooted it and can wait a few hours for developers to pounce on it.  For those of you that are running stock 2.1 though, you are still stuck waiting for Verizon to make it available to your phone.

And if you were wondering, this hasn’t been standard practice in the past by any means.  Normally an update comes out and the source is released weeks if not months later, so this is a great sign coming from Samsung.  Let’s also not forget that they released the DROID Charge source and that phone hasn’t even been made available yet.  +1 Sammie.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a notification from Verizon on an update.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Andrew!

  • Anonymous

    There seriously have got to be some stupid mother ****ers running these corporate companies. That is in my humble opinion of course.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I never knew how bad it was with samsung and their updates until I read his headline. I’m sorry samsung owners!

  • Brad

    Not too big of a deal since source from the Mesmerize has already been available for a while now (identical hardware, SCH-i500). Still nice to see that it truly is the carriers that are forcing the delay now, not Samsung. Oh, and btw, for those who care, supercurio has been going nuts on his twitter feed today due to an inside source he was in touch with at Samsung. Among other things, that source confirmed that Samsung has no intention of ever signing their bootloaders unless required to by Google. So, have fun with your locked down HTC and Motorola phones.

    I’ve been running Froyo on my Fascinate for quite a while now, thanks to leaked Froyo builds from Samsung, and we’ve also had AOSP and Cyanogenmod ROMs in the works for a while now too. And with full source available, once punk.kaos gets a break from real life, we should be seeing some solid CM7 development (first build has already been out for a couple months). For me, it’s all about hardware specs and openness, and Samsung wins on those. Software can always be fixed, provided it’s open, and Samsung is beginning to show signs of improvement in terms of community support. I’m willing to bet that Google chose Samsung for their current reference phone in part because Samsung doesn’t lock down their bootloaders, whereas HTC (manufacturer of the G1 and Nexus One) is now doing so. When I am in the market for a new phone again, I will have to see what the options look like, but I most likely won’t be buying any phone with signed bootloaders and kernels (not sure quite where Sony and LG stand on that issue).

  • Galaxys2?

    are people really going to buy galaxy S2 when there is such obvious lack of support for their older products?

  • I’ve never seen a more craptactular phone. My girlfriend has it and it freezes costantly, has gone into safe mode more then 3 times.. It looks nice makes a good paper weight.

  • Not Impressed probably BS because of the bad press us fascinate owners have been drumming up Samsung sucks I will believe it when I see it on my phone……. Oh wait I am using this piece of shit as a paper weight and just got another phone.

  • C0n57an71n3

    Isn’t CM7 already available for Galaxy phones?

    • Anonymous

      Available? Yes. But very, very beta. Nowhere near as ready as on most phones I know of.

  • Stephen D

    People in the IRC were saying that Google and Samsung came to an agreement for Samsung to release the source, as part of their anti-fragmentation doings.

  • I am excited for my wife…but then again I dont think she would know the difference anyways.

    • I had the same exact thought! On a day I just loaded gingerbread on my droid X I finally get word that I can update the wifes phone to the platform I just left! How very ridiculous of samsung…

    • I had the same exact thought! On a day I just loaded gingerbread on my droid X I finally get word that I can update the wifes phone to the platform I just left! How very ridiculous of samsung…

  • dannyjedi

    Just hopped out of my time traveling Delorian from mid 2010 when people gave a shit.

    • LOL

    • Anonymous

      Agree, at this point if its not a leak relating to GB its not impressive. Sure, this leak will help AOSP developers but it wont help the average consumer.

  • JP

    Wow, good timing! I just picked up a used Fascinate for my wife on ebay for super-cheap. There’s a lot of dissatisfied Fascinate owners willing to dump their phone right now. If it gets official Froyo, that’s great, but I’m more excited that the awesome community devs will have much better tools to work with to bring us sweet new ROMs!

  • Ofootprint

    I have origional droid… is this phone at all worth the switch its on “special” today for $99.00 just curious on throughts. Love my Droid..but wouldnt mind a sleeker phone with out a key board.


    • Fagagragh

      waaaay faster than OG Droid

    • Stephen D

      I would wait, but, it has the Hummingbird and as Fagagragh said, it’s way faster since the Hummingbird is the best cortex A8 SoC. I definitely loved the upgrade from my OG Droid.

  • Etxfire

    It’s about time!!!!

  • To late Samsung. I already moved to an HTC Thunderbolt because you took so long. You have officially lost my smartphone business forever. I simply no longer trust you to follow through in a timely fashion on things you promise.

    • Leehblanc

      Ditto. I’m pretty sure we’ll have official 2.3 on the Bolt before the Frustrate gets official 2.2 I’ve been shopping for a tablet, and everybody wants to show me the Galaxy tab. I tell them no thanks. Samsung will never see another dime of my money. It’s more a principle thing for me, since I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get dirty in ADB… but what about the millions who are at this awful company’s mercy? Suck Famsung.

  • KniteLyf

    Way to try to repair a piss poor history of updating right before u drop a new phone. Still not getting a CHARGE

  • Jim Dandy

    What are the odds GB will ever hit this phone?

    • …….When pigs fly. XD

    • Anonymous

      When you bake some gingerbread and beat your fascinate to death with it.

    • LivinFree

      Highly unlikely is my guess. But is shouldn’t be to long of a wait for it on the Charge tho as I know it is already being worked on even tho the device is not released yet

  • Joemega2010

    showing verizon whose boss, thataboy samsung

  • what is froyo?

  • Finally

  • DBK

    *ques up Twilight Zone music*

  • Anonymous

    That “+1 Sammie” only erases one of the numerous -1’s they’ve earned recently. They’ve got a long way to go before they earn any of my money again.

  • OMJ

    this source drop was more than just standard kernel source though. It includes platform source which could help solve some things for aosp builds.