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Download: New Android Music Player 3.0.336

A test market somehow made its way onto the phone of a writer over Tech From 10 and embedded not-so-deeply in it was the new 3.0 Music player that mimics the version seen on Honeycomb, only it works flawlessly on your smaller smartphone.  As you can from the shot above, you now get the “Recent” section with album previews and a scrolling wheel feel, streaming music service that I can’t figure out how to unlock, and a much more finished experience than the previous leak.

Download:  com.google.android.music.apk

Download and install to your phone just as you would any other .apk file.

Apks for the new camera, clock and gallery app can be found here.

Cheers 0mie!

  • i cannot get the coverflow….

  • Thanks a lot for posting this.I really like what you said.I will definitely come back.

  • I love this new android player. It is more easy to use and looks also a lot better than the old one. Thanks a lot for posting this. You did a great job.

  • Laurens

    It crashes on start-up on my 2.3.3 Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • It doesn’t work on m D2G: Songs don’t appear nor I can link it w my google account.

  • Dm08b002

    not working on my samsung galaxy ace with android 2.2………player installs but then force close………never opend :((

  • Does not work on Stock DROID X.

  • Does not work on Stock DROID X.

  • rob

    i have bad news…this player doesn’t even work very well on the xoom. I doesn’t recognize wma files, so you have to convert everything to mp3….and then it wont see any album art …unless you load each jpeg individually. So now the snazzy 3d browse feature on my xoom…just shows me a bunch of blank album covers after I converted my entire 20 gig collection to mp3. ..using Iplayer. What a peice of cr$$p….

  • The older version will sync my music, but this one won’t. Neither of them seem to recognize FLAC files 🙁

  • deejay

    Nice taste of music. Now I know you guys aren’t nerds haha.

  • Discovery1021

    “works on smaller smartphones”
    Xperia X8(2.1) small enaugh 4 ya?
    as it turns out – no

  • Anonymous

    What does this do that the Amazon Mp3.CloudPlayer app doesn’t? Amazon’s app even let’s me play music on the device and merge playlists.

    I do buy Google Books, because I prefer their less proprietary format to Amazon’s. That said, the music front is different as Amazon doesn’t put DRM on their music like they do on their books.

    The longer Google waits to release their competitive solution, the more albums and tracks I will keep buying from Amazon, and the more likely they are to lose the ecosystem battle.

  • Dave

    It looks pretty, and works great on the Nexus One – apart from the continued problem that almost all music players have on my phone: It just pauses in the middle of playback. The only one I’ve found that doesn’t do that is Songbird.

  • Is it just me or that app crashes when you try playing a song?

  • Asd

    does it plays FLAC?

    • No, it doesn’t even recognize that my FLAC files exist. Guess I’m sticking with Winamp for now.

  • somebody

    Music player works on Nexus S (stock).
    gallery FC. didn’t have the courage to try the rest after that.

  • Just downloaded this, really nice player. A little more work to do since i couldn’t find the EQ or SRS/Dolby settings anywhere (unless i was looking in the wrong place) but otherwise i’m looking forward to this.

  • Works on the T-Mobile G2, looks nice.

    If you’re using the Last.fm for scrobbling, this will crash the app over and over, quit it before you start playing music using the new music app.

  • dma52691

    runing att htc ins[ire, installed it threw adb.exe with ease, crashes when pressing menu. ill stick with the HTC Music Player for now

  • Anonymous

    can this play flac yet?

  • Booboolala2000

    Music app works great on my TBolt. When you tap Google Accounts it just goes to a blank screen.

  • UniMurph

    Music app doesn’t install, used root explorer to move to /system/app to install, FC on open, reboot doesn’t fix.

    Same for Clock app.

    Gallery Installs, FC on open

    Camera app works but no shutter button (also no noticeable difference from Gingerbread camera app)

    Cube LW installs, frame rate seems off, makes 2 entries in LW chooser, open settings causes FC.

    Nexus One — Cyanogen Mod 7.0.0 RC1

    • UniMurph

      Music app works after update to Cyanogen Mod 7.0.0 RC2 wipe data and cache.

      I think the problem may have been to do with the install of the previously leaked music app 3.0

  • Works great on my Vibrant!

  • Anonymous

    works fine on my stock n1. widget works too.

  • Anonymous

    works fine on my stock n1. widget works too.

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty cool. I dig the 3.0 stuff. I found alot of info from a Facebook page actually…

  • HiMyNameIs__________

    It works for me and im using a tmobile g2 with villainrom. 😀

  • yte13

    Now I just wish they would update the browser.

  • yte13

    Now I just wish they would update the browser.

  • Anonymous

    works on Evo running CM7rc4

  • IAZ

    Anyone else having trouble running this in 2.2? The install is fine but the application closes as soon it’s opened. I’m running Megatron ROM (2.2) on an Optimus T.

  • Anonymous

    props for Gang Starr. thumbs down on most of that other sh*t. lol.

  • Works on my Vibrant with team whiskey’s most current bionix rom.

  • DroidBME

    Working great on my G-Tablet running VeganTab 5.1.1

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else not getting the recent screen? I love it on my Xoom and downloaded this apk to my EVO and can’t seem to find the recent screen! 🙁

  • josue

    Got installed on my lg optimus v but it didn’t open up..it send me to the home screen everytime I try to open it “/

    • IAZ

      Same on my Optimus T running 2.2

    • same here , tries to install and then says install failed…

  • Motorola milestone with TheFroyoMod 2.6.0 the new music player Works great!