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Did 3G Mobile Hotspot for DROID X and 2 Running Gingerbread Just Go Live for Free?

Earlier today we were poking fun at the official 3G mobile hotspot apps for the DROID X and 2 on Gingerbread because they erroneously told us to go sign-up at att.com/mywireless in order to use the service, but we should have dug deeper.  It’s now looking like the feature is free on both devices as long as you are on Gingerbread.  As far as I can tell, this hasn’t been the case up until now, so maybe with this version of Android 2.3 not being official, it’s possible that it had not been turned off yet?  As you can see in the screenshots above, I’ve successfully tethered my DX to my XOOM over 3G.

If you do decide to use this, understand that we have no idea how this could affect your bill.  What we do know is that tethering really gobbles up data, so you might want to be careful.

Anyone else?  Am I just out of the loop and this service has been free for a while?  Maybe they decided to make it free along with the Thunderbolt until May?

And we’re talking the official 3G mobile hotspot app, not a 3rd party app like Barnacle.

Cheers Robert!

  • Connected via bluetooth but no dice on being able to access internet. Keep getting “webpage not available” 

  • If any one decided to using this services then they can not imagine about how it will affect their bill. This 3G hotspot is  designed to providing a exclusive services of DROID X.
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  • Rafita2884

    I use to be alltell company then verizon bought it so i call last friday because i use hotspot in my dx and i dont wants to be charge for it then customer service could not block it from use it then just they ask me if i use, so if i do i will charge. But of couse i sey no. ..she could not see in her system if i use ir or not. So im guesaing, i just im using minutes of my time .

  • Sharif Youssef

    I have official Gingerbread on my Droid X and the feature works! It also doesn’t mention AT&T at all, just warning about heavy battery drainage. I’m wary of using it as I don’t want any surprise charges on my bill…

  • Mr. Hec

    I just called and the girl said it still costs $20. Going to root my phone instead…

  • JonathanAkaJD

    if i’m not mistaken verizon allows you to use hotspot but charge by every 10MB you use without a plan

  • Caranod

    So I activated a Thunderbolt on my line and still get full data and hotspot from my D2 Gingerbread…. OKAY

  • Neither Wifi Tether 3.0-pre12 nor 3G Mobile Hotspot work for me now on 2.3.3 rooted….I wonder if they got wise?

    When I enable Wifi Tether, it looks like it enables the Hotspot app, so I’m wondering what’s going on. I submitted a ticket to see if he can fix it.

  • Anonymous

    This could be another good (for them not us) reason for Verizon to reject the build.

  • Barlog

    Three days after the Thunderbolt came out I unrooted my DX gave it to my pops and went I got me a Thunderbolt. After showing him how to use a smartphone and playing with my new beast I noticed that my TB had wifi enabled on it and I told my Dad I’d have to root his DX to get his to work but after messing around I noticed his was turning on? He’s running stock 2.2.1 unrooted. I called Verizon to make shire they didn’t add it to our plans and they told me the TB gets it for free under some promo that they couldn’t find a expiration for. And the DX they said did not have the wifi feature activated on our account, and she didn’t know why it would be working on our DX. Has anyone stock been able to do this without gingerbread?

  • Larry

    Does this work only for the Droid X and Droid 2 on Gingerbread or did Verizon enable it for all DX and D2s on Froyo as well?

    • Barlog

      My DX stock unrooted froyo getting it for free now.

  • digsoreos

    Ha. Got to Droid-Life.com on my iPhone 3GS connected to my DX. (The iPhone 3GS is no longer connected to a wireless plan. Just using it on wifi.)

  • Anonymous

    I told you about the thunder bolt Hotspot being free until may

  • Mrichards86

    Yeah I am getting the Verizon page, can’t load anything else. I don’t want to use 3G Hotspot, just trying to use the market but my 3G connection is on lock down right now, how do I cancel this subscription request?

  • Yeah, it allows me to configure & connect to the hotspot on my stock D2 (Froyo), but I can’t go anywhere. I’m not even getting that walled garden page that some folks are getting.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on froyo DX. I can start 3G and connect my xoom but I can’t surf. I can’t tell from your screen shots. Can you surf internet? When I try, I get a verizon page asking to enable the 3G hotspot service.

    • dgshore

      Yesterday I connected my Wifi Xoo and Droid X Froyo via bluetooth and was able to access internet. The Xoom gave me the option of tethering to my droid…

      • dgshore

        By the way, non rooted…

        • dgshore

          Turn on bluetooth on the Droid…make discoverable. Go to Settings/Wireless on Xoom. Turn Bluetooth on, then push Bluetooth settings. There are two headings, Device settings and Paired devices. Go to Paired devices…your Droid should show up there and say”paired but not connected”. Push wrench and there should be two headings. The second is Profiles and should say “Tethering- use for internet access”. Push that and it should say “connecting”, then VOILA. you should be on!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks. For some reason I haven’t had any luck with that. Rooted DX and wifi xoom. Connected via bluetooth but no dice on being able to access internet. Keep getting “webpage not available” for google.com and droid-life.com.

  • Anonymous

    I mean we pay enough for our data plans anyways. Should have been free to start. I guess that’s the good thing about root.

  • Angelrod111

    OK yeah it works…I can tether successfully, and then I get this window as soon as I open a browser on my laptop. LOL https://dunsp.vzw.com/newSelfProvisioning/SelfProvisioning

  • StuntinX

    Well I couldn’t wireless tether … it said I had to manually allow a device to connect but never allowed the button to be pressed to allow it to connect lol im screwed. I’m sure when its rooted the tbh 3g hack will work…

    • Angelrod111

      Had the same issue…

  • Angelrod111

    What am I doing wrong…the app says its working and the phone says its active…but i cant even see the network name from any device in my house.

  • Mr. Joe

    It must be free cause the bill goes to AT&T =)

  • Clay

    I have a non rooted 2.2 DX, just checked and sure enough, 3G Hotspot is suddenly working. Sweet.

    • Anonymous

      Can you get a webpage in the browser or do you get a verizon stop page?

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this straight. VZW is offering free mobile hotspots via AT&T’s 3G service on a leaked version of Gingerbread, that it rejected from Moto? 😛

    Free hotspots until May? It sounds like VZW went to a crack dealer marketing seminar…

  • I didn’t realize that this was free, but before I flashed Gingerbread on my DX, i ran the TBH 3G Hotspot hack, and then i loaded GB on there. I haven’t had any problems yet with it, and I’ve downloaded over 3gigs using the hotspot

  • mikex

    Sweet! And gingerbread just got rooted. Its a good day to be a drooiiiid.

    • Bill H

      where/how was it rooted?

      • P3Droid has said he will be posting a rooting method soon on his twitter account.

        • Wyveryx

          interesting, just found that as well

    • Wyveryx

      Yeah, I’d like to know as well where did you see it was rooted? I went back to the droidworld site and so far nothing is showing about root access…

    • Teamgreen1021

      Where is the root. ???

  • kellex have you read anywhere that the d2 rom works on d2g? i dont wanna flash and have to sbf lol

    • Anonymous

      D2 Gingerbread does NOT work on D2G.

      • thank you very much, guess ill just wait like the rest

      • thank you very much, guess ill just wait like the rest

  • I have had free 3G Mobile Hotspot on my DX for months now.

  • I have had free 3G Mobile Hotspot on my DX for months now.

  • Robert M

    I actually got something posted I’m sure this will get us by till gingerbread is officially out and rooted

  • Anonymous

    Like a 25% off coupon I’m sure you’ll get this shut down quick. 😉

  • Been following you on twitter. Verizon informed me tonight that its only until May 20th.

    • Anonymous

      They said it’s free for the DROIDX and 2?

      • Correct. They said its the same promo that the TBOLT is on right now also.

        • Anonymous

          Well that’s good to know.

          • also the lady said “I didn’t think they were rolling that update out until the 31st”. Not sure if that means anything.

          • Anonymous

            when I tether it still asks me to pay on stock unrooted droid x

          • also the lady said “I didn’t think they were rolling that update out until the 31st”. Not sure if that means anything.

  • Azilla

    I noticed that after I put it on my D2 tethered my HC running Nook Color and Macbook Pro to it with no problems then did some adbwireless, really surprised it never asked me to sign up or anything

    • nadewad

      I tried tethering and once I connected my laptop to the mobile hotspot it took me to a Verizon page telling me to subscribe to wireless tethering service for $20 a month for 2gb and an extra $20 for ever GB over that