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DROID X/2/Milestone Bootloaders About to be Unlocked? Keys for SBF Files Released (Updated)

Things are about to get really interesting on the DROIDX and DROID2 bootloader fronts.  @nenolod, one of the few Motorola community members to continue to pursue cracking it, has possibly come through with keys to unlock and sign SBF files for flashing recoveries, system images, etc.  To let you understand how big this is, just know that within minutes of releasing these keys, a C&D was sent from Moto.  This could be the real deal.

Update:  We’re pretty sure this is all one big giant pile of fake garbage (yes, that’s me trying to keep it clean).  This shouldn’t surprise anyone though, it’s not like this nenolod character has ever been right before.  Lame.  Lame.  Ridiculously lame.  It’s time that hackers stop taking to Twitter with their theories and instead show some proof.

Update 2:  Yeah, it was definitely fake.

More info on his key leak can be found here.

FreeMyMoto will be taking over work on the project going forward.

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess we know which developer to completely ignore for now on.

  • Boblank84

    man what a let down…i guess im back to buying a thunderbolt off contract… 🙁

  • JeffR714

    Oh well! Can I ask a simple question after locking the Droids down why make the Xoom a easy root???

    • Yo momma like it

      rooting and unlocking the bootloader are two different realms…

    • DBK

      @ Yo momma: The Xoom is unlockable (and lockable) as well.

      @ Guest: It was a forced requirement by Google, other wise it would have never gotten Honeycomb.

  • I is sad

  • Ghghgfh

    What a crock. Check your sources.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex is right. Why did we believe nenolod?! I guess we were just searching for an answer, and we jumped on him. No harm done to any phones, but our spirits are pretty beat up 🙁

  • seriously!

  • Yo momma like it

    what a dick

  • Ericfranca

    Ouch, trolling hurts so bad. Tweet from Koush:
    “You all got trolled. Hats off to @nenolod. I could learn a thing or two from him about trolling 🙂 yfrog.com/h2l8spp”

  • Anonymous

    It’s fake. Completely fake. The keys “work” but they don’t do what they should. @nenolod was just guessing the whole time. He found the keys legitly, but he just guessed what they could accomplish. I need to get wasted…

  • Yo momma like it

    its not looking good droidians….

  • Therobotcow

    Hopefully these awesome devs will unlock the bootloader for the Droid 2 global.
    can’t wait to see an awesome rom in the future

  • Yo momma like it

    well until a signed CDT file is presented….I will call BS on this….but I certainly hope im wrong.

  • looks like clockworkmod is working on the recovery……seems to be legit!

    • Adam Metzner

      Can you link where you saw that? Last i saw, he said it was as real as santa.

  • GoNoles

    If this is true, it ensures that my Droid X will never get another OTA upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    this made me finally break down and start a twitter acct. I’ll be watching DL, CM, and freemoto. Thanks, maybe.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhhhh sooooo gooooood!!! Now I can stop bothering my wife by flashing the latest and greatest CM to her OGD and stealing it so I can I can play. Well, I’ll probably still do that. N/M

  • Iamnoni

    I think Motorola should shut the *BEEP* up!!! They have made a phone that doesn’t do what it should do: enabling me to use it when I need it! Instead of crashing and rebooting from day one (with the original Eclair!).

    In my opinion they failed to deliver what they promised so they should back off and let the real geniuses make this phone acceptable for the many buyers.

  • Cyanogen and Birdman are both saying this is fake or unusable now. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      then why is moto all p’ed off?

    • Krweby

      Where did birdman post anything on this? I’ve seen posts from b16a2smith, freemymoto, and koush. But nothing from birdman.

  • Nicholas Foote

    I am sick of not having Cyanogen Mod on my DX, please happen faster.

  • Son of a Gun!! I traded my dad’s Droid 1 with my Droid X because I was sick of the locked boot loader!!! >:O


    To late lol


    YOU GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS, I would want this phone unlocked even if it came out 5 years ago! It’s just the point that we want are phones open to do what we want with them.

  • Anonymous

    How can a company tell someone what to do w/ a phone they own?

    • Adam Metzner

      Its not the “doing” that is the problem. There are laws about bypassing securities that are in place to protect a companies interests. I think the line is very blurry when it comes to mobile devices. You can hack the crap out of your own stuff, its when you start distributing your hacks to the masses is when they have a problem.

      • phoneBfree

        Ironically, no, publishing information a company doesn’t want disclosed is fairly pain-free as far as life in the US is concerned. The DMCA abomination is applicable to individuals messing with their own stuff in certain cases. I don’t know whether or not it applies to smartphones, and in any case, an unconstitutional law is not a law anyway (see Norton vs Shelby County).

  • Anonymous

    Greatest news I have ever heard. Screw Motorola.

  • Anonymous

    Best DL news of 2011 considering hardly anyone thought we would see this day so soon.

    Motorola wants to be the Apple of Android – fine. How does it feel to get not 1 but 2 fingers back? That goes with ensuring that my next device will be one that is UNLOCKED from now on. WE refuse to have limits forced on us, then told what to do with our personal devices and on top of that wait for constantly delayed crap @$$ updates. WE are fed up with your $#!%.

    Your flagship phone with all it’s bugs and engraved MotoLAG sucks if it weren’t for these hard working, selfless devs.

    So a BIG shout out of appreciation must go to ALL the devs that continually push AOSP forward! Thank you!!!

    • rruready

      Well said, sir.

  • Djspikezz

    wow looks like this who thing could end up being a big pile of BS now :(.


    • Djspikezz

      I mean “whole thing” .

      Clockworkmod and Birdman aren’t seeing any validity in the code keys now. These guys are huge. Total bummer.

  • Bassdj

    lets hope my weird droid 2 update 34.0.113.en.us is made workable because of this

  • Bassdj

    i wonder if that mysterious droid 2 update i have on my phone 34.0.113.en.us will work with this key…im reverting back to stock in anticipation

  • Unfortunately there are some people that don’t believe this is true:


    And Kabaldan, from Cyanogem…

  • Mr.Joe


    We’ll be able to unlock the bootloader but then Moto will just enhance it for the next release.

    The smart thing to do would be to keep this in the deepest darkest corners of the internet. Allowing Moto to think it’s got a good thing and continue keeping the same bootloader for more phones.